Fun Times during a Full Moon

Diagnosed a man with REALLY ACTIVE TB and now my team and I all have to get PPDs in eight weeks. Awesome.

Had to hide a medicine wards intern and med student in the ID workroom from a discharged patient who was stalking them in the hospital. And had to teach him and his co-intern and their med student how to contact the sheriff and get this person detained. I texted my old ER co-intern and DZ because the ER handles wild shit like this on the daily to make sure I didn’t miss anything. DZ thought I was the one in trouble, aww. Thankfully the guy got caught!

Patient refused to open his mouth to confirm a diagnosis of esophageal candidiasis until we got him Dilaudid. We had to start treatment with fluconazole empirically.

I swear we had like five consults all for endocarditis and they are all crashing in the ICU what the hell.

Connective Tissue Diseases: SLE

  • Diagnostic Criteria
  •  Drug-induced Lupus
  • Pearls:
  1. Unlike RA, arthritis NOT erosive.
  2. Non-infective endocarditis observed in SLE pateints = Libman-Sacks syndrome
  3. ANA screening test: sensitive but not specific
  4. AntiDS DNA, Anti-SM: most specific
  5. Ro (SS-A) and La (SS-B) associated with neonatal lupus (with congenital heart block)
  6. Gives false-positive test result for syphilis