Feelin gold today~ time to get that tummy out to see the sun. I’m already pale, but look at the contrast between my arms and stomach ha. But I’m getting dem abs slowly and surely. Trying to exercise some self love today after the rollercoaster I went through yesterday.

“It’s not polite to talk about menstrual problems. Nobody wants to hear about that.”
This type of stigma is what kept so many doctors from listening to me about my endometriosis, so you bet your ass I’m going to share it all to protect young girls from years of suffering and help those women out there who are still being silenced, because if it would’ve been “polite” to talk about it then maybe I could’ve gotten help at the early stages of this disease. We need to end this notion of “nobody wants to hear it” because it relates to women’s reproductive health.
Our health matters.
MY HEALTH MATTERS. I do NOT deserve to live in chronic pain simply because you get squeamish talking about uteruses and vaginas, and if you can’t handle that then that’s your problem not mine or the millions of women suffering in silence.

Sto immaginando me e te, vicino ad una chiesa che ricordo, nella campagna francese.
Proprio al centro di un campo di lavanda. Ho sempre pensato che sarebbe stato il luogo perfetto in cui sposarti.
E dopo il nostro matrimonio avremmo ballato e ti avrei detto quanto ti amo.
E ti avrei detto l'assoluta verità e cioè che sono l'uomo più fortunato sulla faccia della terra.
—  Enzo, The Vampire Diaries

clusterfunky  asked:

Do you have a lining tutorial ?? If not, can you make one? Your lines are 10/10 and I am st ruggli ng

The first thing I’ll address:

P R A C T I C E   U S I N G   F O R E S H O R T E N I N G !

Foreshortening isn’t a requirement, however! It can make lineart pop and feel less flat by opening up the opportunity to thicken the lines of closer objects and thin the lines of those farther away. This is a good chance to utilize it for this tutorial; I’ll be using my persona as the example!

First get your sketch down!

It’s easier to build a house when you have blueprints; starting the lineart without a sketch to build on can be tricky! 

Here’s the fun part: the lineart!

Making the lines thicker and thinner for me is a mix of both using smaller + bigger brush sizes as well as adjusting how firmly or gently I press on the brush. Take your time, undo and redo lines as much as you like!

Lastly, color in your piece and create a clipping mask layer over your lineart!

Clipping mask is a super nifty tool that lets you directly color whatever layer is underneath it without affecting any other layers!

Here are a few other pieces from my gallery that utilize foreshortening!

They differ to varying degrees, but still practice thickening and thinning lines to pop out the closer bits! Try implementing different sizes for objects and brushes to make a lineart that feels right to you!

And remember, this is just a quick series of suggestions! Techniques + skills + methods come organically over time with studying others, self-teaching, and practice! I’m still learning too! Feel free to follow or stray from this as loosely as pleases you!

Just have fun!