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I really like that you do a reaction for me (cause I'm an Italian ARMY.) and I want ask you if you want do a Brothers!BTS very angst. If you won't,don't worry,it's okay and you're free of do what you want do. Baci ed abbracci dall'Italia. (Kisses and hugs from Italy.) ❤️

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Protects you with all his heart

Enjoys the fact that you are a foodie like him

You call him Mr. World Wide Handsome when he’s angry so he’ll forgive you

Likes when you visit the studio to show you off to the boys

You help him when he’s feeling down

Likes it when you cook for the others after and extremely tiring day


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You both dance like idiots in the middle of the dorm

Doesn’t like the fact Jungkook and you are best friends

Your a huge geek like your elder brother

He teaches you English in his free time

You both hang out by the Han River

Reading books after books with one another


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Little rap legend yourself and he couldn’t be happier

Both curl up to watch Stranger Things

You cried with him after MAMA 2016 because of how proud you were of him

Sass battles happen often and they get nasty

Quickly apologizes when he notices how much the last insult hurt

Gummy smiles 24/7 when you’re around


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Sunshine 2.0

you both drive the boys crazy but they adore you both

Rap Line is very protective of sunshine 2.0

Rap Line doesn’t like it when the makneas are flirting with you

Very innocent when it comes to not noticing it

Dancing machine just like your brother


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Squishy cheeks just like him

beast mode activated if anyone hurts you

best friends with J-hope’s oppa sister

hates it when you call the other boys oppa

you both dance against one another to see whose better

likes braiding your hair in his free time


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Best Oppa in the world

Both of you annoy the rap line by rapping cyphers all the time

posting stupid videos all the time

you style his hair in bandanas

gets annoyed when you do it

likes it when you fee him a lot of food


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Both of you are extremely competitive

Like out doing each other

You get your creative side from him

BTS’s personal photographer when Jungkook is to lazy

fangirling over Big Band together

Encouraging him endlessly  

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I started this tumblr blog quite reluctantly after I deleted all social media because the mainstream digital communities I was facing gave me immense anxiety and I saw it becoming a contrived popularity contest for so many i knew… I needed a break in order to regain focus of who I was and stop comparing myself to other people. I’ve always loved writing, it’s my everything, and a friend suggested I create an outlet to share my work. And now here we are, just over a month later and 1,000 of you wonderful beautiful inspiring remarkably gifted souls are following me. I am in such utter shock that I can’t stop smiling and checking my phone to see if it’s really real. I love you all. Thank you thank you thank you… endlessly.

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Whatever happens from here in out, we all need to remember. We all need to stay woke. Because there will come a time (and it will come) when they'll play it up again, 'cause they have a product to sell, we just need to stay strong and not buy into it anymore. Share vids once if need be, but no need to endlessly gif and squee. They don't deserve it and we more than anything need to break this stupid cycle we're in. Every1 has had enough, fans across the board. Our loudest voice is our silence.

“We more than anything need to break this stupid cycle were in” Yes to this!! Every single time we get something good, it’s tainted and ruined by negativity. It’s been a pattern ever since I can remember. We need to be strong enough to say enough is enough and try not to slip back into old habits. I for one will not be fangirling over anything to do with Outlander or Sam or Cait. I don’t have it in me anymore. I think I’m past the anger stage now and I’m just completely apathetic. Not telling anyone else what to do and I certainly won’t judge anyone who can still be happy with the little things, but I refuse to put myself through this again. It’s not worth it.

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What are your favourite moments in Sh?

Oh wow, that is a really hard question in general but also… I mostly remember all the Malec scenes since I mostly re-watched them for giffing purposes. I need to re-watch s1 and s2 again at one point. So yeah, sorry for so much Malec. Okay, I am not sorry but you know… lol

I am trying to keep this “short” even though there are a lot of other scenes I like and love but if I am naming them all, this would have no end so….

  • first the eye-squinting and then the proud smirk when Magnus calls Alec “pretty boy”
  • the shoot of Alec “hunting” in the backyard in 1x05 because fuck, that is so aesthetically pleasing although awful to color, I love it so much
  • the Lightwood siblings hug at the end of 1x10 because a) Lightwood siblings feels and b) beautiful shoot again
  • “I do you pro bono.” ICONIC I really missed these kinda light, sassy moments in s2, I hope they’ll make a return in s3. (Also Magnus mimicking that older Clave guy. ICONIC #2)
  • “Enough!” and the wedding kiss. Goodbye, y’all.
  • Magnus and Alec talking in the hallway in the end, two adults having a mature conversation is what I live for; same goes for 2x05
  • “Get off my docks!” + “It’s not about Clary!” –> badass alpha Luke is what I am here for
  • a disaster to color but the whole balcony scene in 2x01 (Magnus throwing a magic ball in Alec’s directions… ajsjashjahs)
  • the parabatai oath (when I thought they would finally go and fix that bond from there on….)
  • Magnus hustling Alec…. PRICELESS (Magnus pouted once and Alec is like… oh, shit. lmao)
  • bamf!Magnus (I am on the floor!) and figuring shit out in like 0.02 seconds while single-handedly saving 2x08
  • Malec forehead touch after saying the L-word 
  • 2x13 in general because that ep is SO GOOD (minus the panning away from the Malec kiss tho…..)
  • Mr Lightwood / Mr Bane and Raphael teasing Magnus once again at the Cabinet meeting because he is “totally unbiased” lmao
  • Meliorn’s “They all look the same to me.” akjssakj ICONIC
  • Magnus telling Alec about his past, minus the panning away or like oops, there is the pillar again 
  • two petty boyfriends in 2x17, there faces and Alec hushing Magnus… I can’t lmao
  • 2x18!!!! (flashback to 1x06, giggly boyfriends having their first time, cat eyes reveal, Magnus touching Alec’s cheek, the whole goodbye for now scene in general because fuck… SO BEAUTIFUL)
  • Magnus pretending he didn’t see Alec in 2x20, looool
  • battle!couple Malec, nuff said
  • “I don’t think I can live without you.” <3
A Little Too Much Pleasure. (Michael Clifford)

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Rating: R

Request: Nope!

Contains: Over stimulation, Daddy kink, Pet names, Dominance

Word Count: 3,583

A/N: Oh. My. Lord. I just, I apologize in advance for this one. Tbh after writing this I legit needed to take a bath in some holy water?¿? So, erm, hehe, good luck. (I fucking hate long titles like this, but it ties along with the story? Oops) -Emma

I sigh and flick my eyes up at the top of my screen, the small bolded numbers reading 3:37 PM. I frown and realize that I had pretty much 4 more hours until my boyfriend, Michael, came home from work.

It was pretty hard having a celebrity as a lover, just because he was either away in another continent, or never home. Right now he was at the studio with his band, and I missed him like crazy.

I cuddle up to my knees, the hem of his my tshirt pooling at my thighs. I exit out of Twitter and open my Tumblr app, smiling softly as I see a picture of Mikey on my dash.

I begin to scroll, and I couldn’t help but stop as I catch a porn gif on my feed. I shift uncomfortably as I watch it loop, letting out a soft sigh. Why not?

Soon enough I find myself endlessly going through gif by gif, a wetness begging to pool between my thighs. I finally stop after a while, clicking the button on my iPhone to lock it and softly resting my head back on the headboard. Fuck, I really needed Michael right about now.

I sit up and unlock my phone, opening our messages.

≫ Sent: mikkeeeyyyyy :(

Michael 🎸🎶: Yes, my love? What’s wrong, baby?

≫ Sent: you’re gonna kill me, but.. i know you have your rules about not touching myself while you’re not here but i was watching some porn and now i’m really fucking horny & i need you so bad right now

Michael 🎸🎶: (Y/N)..

≫ Sent: mikey please, i’m so wet for you.. i can’t even think straight

Michael 🎸🎶: I’ll be home in a couple hours. Be patient, baby girl. I’ll give you all the pleasure you want when I get there.

≫ Sent: but i can’t wait that long..

I bite down on my bottom lip as I finally have enough, now growing desperate for some relief. Throwing my legs over the edge of our shared bed, I walk over to our bedside drawer. I shiver as my body screamed in excitement, grabbing my vibrator. I’ve never used it, but now would be a really great time.

I anxiously plug it into the outlet by our bed, chewing on the inside of my cheek as I grabbed my phone. I pull off my panties and climb back into bed, unlocking my phone and opening Michael’s messages.

I smile somewhat deviously as I hold down the microphone, now recording an audio message. I use my free hand to switch on the toy, a rush of excitement traveling through my blood as I heard the satisfying buzz.

I squeak as I press the wand on my clit, letting out a long moan as I finally feel the relief I was craving for. I moan out Mikey’s name into the phone as I begin to rub the vibrator in circles, tilting my head back.

Michael 🎸🎶: (Y/N), you better not be touching yourself.

I smile and moan again, slowly silencing it with a bite at my bottom lip. I release my thumb from the record button and press the arrow, sending the audio. I place my phone down and put all of my focus on the pleasure that this toy was giving me, letting out another loud moan.

I grip my breast through my shirt and switch the vibrator to a higher setting, immediately letting out a loud squeal. I shut my eyes tight and moan with every breath I take, involuntarily bucking up my hips.

“Oh my god, fuck Michael.” I moan out, not really caring that I said his name. It was pretty much a habit when I was in this much pleasure. I felt my legs begin to tremble, my stomach begging to tighten.

I moan out strings of profanities as I grow closer and closer to my peak, my back arching off of the mattress.

My toes begin to curl and I feel my orgasm approaching, trying to hold it back so the pleasure would last. My moans are now extremely loud at this point, my hand holding a death grip on the sheet.

Suddenly I felt the toy getting ripped away from my dripping core, my orgasm flushing away completely. My eyes shoot open, nervousness chilling my spine as my angry boyfriend now stands with the buzzing vibrator in his hand.

I squeeze my thighs together and push myself up to the headboard, chewing on my bottom lip as I could clearly read the emotions on his face. He quickly flicked the toy off and threw it across the room, my body flinching as it harshly collided with the wall.

“How dare you disobey my rules.” His Australian accent was deep and husky as he spoke, his eyes now dark with lust and anger. “And your little audio? I almost crashed the car speeding home.” He growled, swallowing the nervous lump in my throat.

“I-I’m sorry,” I partially lie, my palms sweaty at his sudden roughness.

“Oh, you’ll be sorry after I’m done with you, baby girl.” His words rolled off of his tongue with ease, rasp tangled in his throat as he spoke. He quickly threw off his shirt, his fingers ruffling up his dark blue hair once more before he threw himself onto me.

“Okay, so first you break my rules, but you break them while in my shirt? Oh baby, you really like to test me, don’t you?” His hot breath traveled up to my ear and I shivered, gnawing on my bottom lip.

I was about to respond but I was quickly cut off by an involuntary gasp, his thumb pressing down hard on my throbbing clit.

“You think a stupid little toy can give you more pleasure than I can, baby?” He spoke lowly, his eyes dark. His thumb stayed in place over my bundle of nerves and my chest rapidly rose and fell, considering how incredibly close I was to my last orgasm.

“N-No, never.” I admit breathlessly, swallowing the nervous lump that somehow managed to build back up in my throat.

“Mm, I think you’re lying to Daddy. Maybe I should show you just how good I can make you feel, yeah?” His words were slick, like he knew exactly what he was doing. I suddenly suck in a sharp breath as I felt his fingers move lower, keeping eye contact as he spread my wetness around.

“It looked like you were pretty close to releasing before I walked in on you, hmm?” He hummed as he ever so slowly started to rub circles over my clit, “Do you want to cum, princess? Do you want to come all over Daddy’s fingers?”

“Oh my god, yes- fuck, please.” I whimper breathlessly, the desperation clearly heard in my voice. He smirked and began to move his fingers faster, my breath getting caught in my throat.

“Oh my, fuck, M-Mikey don’t stop.” I moan loudly, the tightness in my stomach coming back almost immediately.

“Oh I won’t be stopping for a while, baby.” He whispered to himself, a devious smirk plastered across his lips. My hands gripped the sheets as I was growing closer and closer to my release.

“Do you like it when I rub your clit, kitten? Feels a lot better when I do it rather than you, hmm?” He smirked as he nipped my inner thigh, my hips uninvitingly bucking up.

“D-Daddy, I’m g-gonna cum.” I warn, my moans growing shorter as the pleasure built up. As if my words set off a lightbulb, Mikey quickly dipped his head and replaced his fingers with his mouth, lapping his tongue fast at my clit.

“Jesus.” I cry out loudly, my back arching. The pit in my stomach begins to burn, my hand desperately gripping onto Michael’s hair. I push my head back into the mattress, a string of profanities leaving me as I finally let go.

I saw him smile as he collected my juices onto his tongue, my heart beating faster. “You taste so amazing, baby girl.” He moaned, keeping his head buried in my core as his tongue didn’t stop its movements.

“Oh no, Mikey, please stop, I-I’m too sensitive.” I cry out pleadingly, my legs trying to pry him away. He simply shook his head and he took my clit in his mouth, sucking at it. A scream tore through my throat, my hands uninvitingly pushing him away. It was no use, though, he was way too strong.

“Stop moving.” He instructed lowly, making me shiver at his tone. My teeth latched onto my bottom lip roughly as I tried not to focus on the intense pleasure I was given, but it was really, really difficult.

“Fucking hell, Michael.” I whimper finally, my moans transferring to somewhat whines of pleasure. He giggled cheekily, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. I let out another scream at the vibrations and my chest was now moving rapidly at this point.

“I-I’m gonna cum again.” I manage to choke out, feeling his tongue move faster- if that was even humanly possible.

“Let go, baby.” He encouraged, shutting my eyes tight as I began to see stars. I pulled the sheets up with me as I arched my back, letting out a long and loud moan as I felt my juices spill onto his tongue once more. He moaned and cleaned me up to the best of his abilities, my bare back falling onto the mattress as he finally pulled away.

“I just can’t seem to get enough of your taste, baby girl.” He moaned as his lips collided with mine, automatically able to taste myself on his tongue. I wrapped my hand around his neck and pulled him in closer, tugging at the nape of his neck.

He pulled away after a while and I rested back on the pillow, catching my breath as he stripped off his black skinny jeans, gulping as I saw a very evident boner in his boxers.

“Are you gonna be a good girl for Daddy and sit on my face?” He purred as he picked me up, now swapping places with me.

“W-What?” I whimpered, watching him prop himself up on his elbows. If I wasn’t sensitive enough then, I was really fucking sensitive now. I don’t know if I could handle another orgasm so suddenly.

“Come. Sit. Now. Or I will boost your orgasms up to ten.” His words scared me, and they sent an ache to my core. I hesitated but eventually nodded, crawling over to him and lowering my heat onto his lips.

I gripped onto the headboard and squealed as I felt his tongue run over my slit, bucking my hips up away from his face. There was no way I could do this. He used one of his arms to wrap around my thigh, his free hand ever so slowly moving to my middle and curling his middle finger inside of me.

“Now (Y/N).” He said slowly with a bit of rasp, “I’m going to need you to stay still, alright? Hold onto the headboard and just relax, princess..” He placed a soft kiss on my swollen clit after he spoke, my hands immediately gripping the top of the headboard as I let out a shaky breath.

His dark green eyes gazed up into mine and I slightly nodded, a smile curling onto his lips as he replaced his finger with his tongue, both of my thighs now being held down to his face.

“Fuck.” I managed to sigh out, my knuckles slowly turning white as I kept a deadly grip on the wood. My head was thrown back as I felt his tongue do its magic, moans quickly erupting from my throat.

I tried to rock my hips but I was stopped by his large arms, a faint whimper leaving my lips. I felt my stomach clench as I was already close to my third orgasm of the night, a loud groan bouncing off the walls.

“Mikey, oh my god.” I almost screamed, one of my hands flying down to grip at his blueberry hair. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” I felt myself begging, now desperate to release onto his tongue.

“Mmm,” He smirked, the vibrations sending me over the edge. I threw my head forwards and leaned onto the headboard, my hips rising as I let go. I tried to calm my breathing as I blinked my eyes open, still seeing colors.

“You’re so fucking hot.” He moaned as he picked me up again, tossing me onto the springy mattress as I came down from another high. I bit my lip and smiled, shutting my eyes as I calmed down a bit.

“Okay, darling. Go grab your vibrator.” He sighed as he stood up, my eyebrows furring together. Not again. “Just do it.” He whispered as he kissed under my ear, dropping his boxers down to the floor.

I bit my lip and stood up, my legs feeling like jello. Once I got some feeling back into them, I cautiously walked over to where he threw the toy earlier, hearing footsteps behind me.

“Okay, baby girl. I want you to blow Daddy, okay? Keep the vibrator on your clit while you do so. Can you do that for me?” He ran his thumb over my bottom lip, looking down into my eyes.

I was going to argue but there was no use, so I might as well just obey his commands. “Y-Yes, Daddy.” I said innocently, dropping down to my knees.

I smirked softly at his state, his tip now red and dripping with precum from being hard for so long. I reach one of my hands up and take him into my palm, ever so slowly begging to stroke him as I cleaned up his tip.

“Mm, fuck.” He sighed quietly as he gently tossed his head back, his fingers ghosting over my hair. I wrapped my lips around his member and slowly began to bob my head, spreading my legs a bit as I placed the vibrator onto my sensitive bud. I flicked the toy on and immediately moaned into his member, hearing him suck in a sharp breath.

I swirled my tongue around his tip and sunk my head further down his length, my hand still pumping what I haven’t reached. I shut my eyes tight at the vibrations from the toy, involuntarily moaning again.

I began to speed up my actions, his hand guiding me down his length. “Shh, baby.” He soothed as he fought back a groan, my moans now escaping my throat with ease.

I felt myself growing closer to my peak so I backed away, flicking my wrist fast as I let out short but loud moans.

“Shh.. It’s okay, baby girl. Calm down.” His voice was somewhat calm, my legs beginning to shake as I sucked one of his balls into my mouth.

“Fuck, princess.” He moaned, his grip on my hair tightening as I placed my lips back onto him. I hollowed out my cheeks and I began to buck my hips, my fourth orgasm of the night about to hit.

I squealed as I felt myself releasing, my toes curling. “Keep it there, baby. Keep it there. Fuck.” He groaned, moaning out a profanity. I groan as I felt my legs begin to shake again, obeying his command and not moving the toy from my heat.

“That’s my good girl..” He purred as he ran his fingers through my hair, gulping. “I’m almost there, kitten. Keep going.” He moaned softly. I picked up my speed, letting him slide down my throat.

My thighs tighten around the vibrator and I arch my back, flicking my tongue around his base as I sucked harder. “Fuck, oh my god.” I heard him loudly cry, his head falling back in pure bliss.

He let out a final moan, his warm and salty load getting spilled out over my tongue. I moaned and managed to swallow it all, letting him fall from my mouth with a ‘pop.’ I looked up at him through my lashes, running my tongue over my lips.

“God, c’mere, baby girl.” He groaned, trying to calm his breaths. I turn off the toy and toss it behind me, him quickly pulling me up. I instantly fell into his arms, melting onto his chest as he kissed me again. Our tongues fought roughly and I moaned, deepening the kiss.

“Go onto the bed and get on all fours.” He mumbled against my lips, reaching behind me and grasping my ass. I whimpered and nodded, pulling away slowly and catching my breath.

I turned towards the direction of the bed, making my way over to it. I climbed onto it and flicked my eyes over to his figure, his teeth gnawing on his bottom lip. He eventually made his way over to me, standing at the end of the bed. I felt him pull me up, wrapping his hand around my neck.

“You think you can handle two more, baby?” He smirked as he kissed the shell of my ear, my head falling back onto his shoulder. I opened my mouth to say something but it was replaced with a moan, his lips attacking my neck.

I gasped loudly as I felt him slide into me, waiting no time to start thrusting. “Oh my god.” I moaned, my eyes shutting as I reached behind him, gripping onto his sides.

“You’re being such a good girl for Daddy tonight, I’m so proud of you.” He moaned into my ear, his grip on my neck tightening as he kissed me. I mumbled out a moan and rolled my hips in a circle, pulling back so I could breathe.

I jerked a bit as I felt his free hand come down and rub my clit, squealing.

“Fuck, Michael!” I scream, my back arching. He moved his fingers faster, his thrusts still at a steady pace.

“Cum for me. I know you can do it.” He grunted, nipping under my ear. My moans grew shorter and breathier, feeling myself let go for the fifth time.

I felt my legs grow weak as I came, Mikey’s name loudly falling from my throat. I went back on all fours as I caught my breath, my mind practically spinning.

“I didn’t come yet, princess. You’ve still got one more.” He growled, pulling out and hauling me to my feet. “I want you to ride me.” He whispered lowly, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.

I whine at his words, watching him sprawl himself out on the mattress. “Daddy doesn’t like to wait, sweetheart. Come ride me.” He commanded darkly, making me gulp. I bite my lip and walk over to him, swinging one of my legs over his torso so I was straddling him.

I take his member in my hand and line it up with my entrance, both of us letting out a sigh as I sunk down onto him. He immediately dug his nails into my hips, rolling my hips into figure 8’s.

“Fucking shit.” He moaned, throwing his head back as I began to bounce on his member. I held onto his shoulders as I grind on his stomach, moaning a bit loudly.

“You’re tight little pussy feels so good around my cock, holy hell.” He whimpered, his words encouraging me to go faster.

“Daddy.” I moan, arching my back as I dug my fingernails into his shoulders. “I, I’m gonna cum.”

“Hold it.” He growled, gripping onto my hips as he helped me bounce on his length. “No, please, I can’t.” I cry, my walls tightly clenching around him.

“You can, and you will. Be a good girl for me, princess.” He tilted his head back and moaned, bucking his hips up as he started to reluctantly pound into me.

“M-M-Mikey.” My whole body began to tremble, my nails leaving small crescent marks on his sides. I began to see stars as I tried my best to hold back my release, my body growing weak.

“Okay, sweetheart. Cum with me.” He grunted, his thrusts sloppy. His words were music to my ears, my hips hauling it’s movements and I shut my eyes tight.

Our moans mixed together in harmony as we came, my sweaty body collapsing onto his chest. My breath was heavy as I felt my heart beat out of my chest, gasping softly as he pulled out.

He wrapped his arms around me and lay me on my side, his chest rising and falling as he tried to calm himself down as well. He pulled me into his chest, my eyes automatically flicking up to his.

“You okay?” He whispered breathlessly, raking his fingers through my probably sweaty hair. I smiled softly and nodded, forcing my eyes to stay open.

“More than okay.” I faintly giggle, snuggling up to his chest. “A bit tired, but I feel amazing.” I admit, tilting my head back so I could lazily smile up at him.

“Good.” He smiled, kissing my forehead. “Now get some rest, baby girl.” He cooed, his muscular arms pulling me back into his chest.

“Yes, Daddy.” I tease, letting out a giggle as he tapped my ass.

“I love you, (Y/N).” He whispered, his palm running up and down my back.

“I love you too.” My voice was soft, and my eyes fluttered closed as I drifted off into a well-needed sleep.