“It’s nice getting older. A lot of people have been saying to me, ‘You are so much more confident and comfortable.’ There was a lot of energy being thrust at me then. I’m not someone who was solely desirous of becoming rich and famous. I can sit here and talk about my movies all day long. It’s what I’m most interested in — as selfish as that sounds. There was just something about the way everything was being ingested by people back then. There were aspects of it I wasn’t even aware of. Now I’ve learned to take it and have it be my own thing.”



Tribute to Echotale by @yoralim

It was one of the first AUs I fell in love with ;u; Thank you for such an amazing story!

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Dom & Matt’s Christmas Greetings (via shadowhunterstv.com)


The enemy of your enemy, right?


Editorial Fashion Photographs Are Transformed Into Hauntingly Beautiful GIFSs by Legally Blind Artist

George Redhawk has found an outlook that reflects his inner frustrations perfectly - the endlessly looping series of GIFS integrates computer technology with an aesthetic approach, letting the legally blind artist produce deeply emotional content. Science and technology have advanced so far as to make the most improbable circumstances be realized. This visually impaired artist can now create artwork based on high-quality graphics and transform them into stunning GIFS - which many years ago people would have thought impossible.

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