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Description: based on the song ‘Endlessly’ by The Cabs. Bucky makes a quick decision that will change both of your lives :3

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Bucky held your hand as you walked back to your apartment from the restaurant. 

No matter how many times he’d held it, he still loved the feeling of your smaller hand in his. It felt as though the contact was a physical bond that couldn’t be broken, that you couldn’t be torn apart as long as you held hands. He knew it was silly but it brought him comfort and reassurance, so whenever he got the chance he would reach over and hold hands with you, usually entwinning his fingers with yours. 

Sometimes it wasn’t always the oputune moment to start hand holding, especially when he was driving, or taking out hydra agents on missions, but you didn’t have the heart to let go when it brought him so much comfort.

“I love holding your hand.” He spoke up, swinging your hands a little.

You chuckled, “I noticed.” You leant over and kissed his clothed shoulder quickly. “I love holding your hand too.”

He smiled at you, dimples appearing in his stubbled cheeks.

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Simon and Baz- You Need Me

So this is just something i’ve been working on. I made it for @magicathstewart because she loves this song, and because snowbaz is life.

please excuse my very poor video editing skills. i just really wanted to do this because i dont think anyone who is qualified enough to edit videos would do it. soooooo this happened.


cover art by shootaimedstars

a “coffee stains and cigarettes” playlist i made for @cellard00rs ​♥

the reason why // the click five | endlessly // the cab | afraid // the neighbourhoood | i wouldn’t mind // he is we | let it roll // secondhand serenade | all about us // he is we | first day of my life // anna scouten | youtopia // owl city | sweater weather // the neighbourhood 

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Musical Tag!

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle, and list the first 10 songs, and tag 10 people.

(just so everyone knows i downloaded a bunch of homestuck music that just sits in my playlist and clogs it up but i don’t really care)

  1. The Scratch Before the Calm - Homestuck Fan Musicians - Beforus Album
  2. Castle of Glass - Linkin Park - Nightcore edition. I HAD A PHASE OKAY (jk i still love nightcore)
  3. Ohgodwhat remix - Homestuck Vol.3 
  4. Failure at Love - Jay Chou (i blame @thelifeditch​, but go listen. its so good)
  5. Creatures - Shannon Sauders ( @yunika-the-unicorn introduced it to me and i love it)
  6. O Come to the Altar - Elevation Worship (really great worship song. its really calming)
  7. Endlessly - The Cab 
  8. Losing - Tenth Avenue North 
  9. Tsunaida Te - Lil’B (fmab ed3. one of the best eds next to uso, fight me)
  10. I Need U - BTS (okay this was the 13th one but i had other songs from the beforus album in my playlist and they dont represent my taste in music that much)

i tag @thelifeditch, @mrs-linny-universe, @yunika-the-unicorn, @cubepenguin1, @stupid-altean-pools, @suyuza, @expressiveontheinternet, @need-the-speed, @argo2-crew if you guys want to do it

i mean that’s 9 but

♥  TEENAGE DREAM  ♥  | An Owain/Inigo Fanmix 

Teenage Dream (Acoustic) - Glee | Dare You to Move - Switchfoot | Diplomat’s Son - Vampire Weekend | Oh, Calamity! - All Time Low | Run to Me - Clarence Coffee Jr. | Hurricane - Panic! At the Disco | Alone Together - Fall Out Boy | Truth Or Dare - Marianas Trench | Endlessly - The Cab

[ listen here ] [ art credit ]

scream my lungs out ; oikawa/iwaizumi fanmix

yellowcard - only one; artist vs poet - stay; all time low - backseat serenade; sum 41 - with me; secondhand serenade - why; boys like girls - the great escape; quietdrive - feel alive; safetysuit - anywhere with you; every avenue - only place i call home; all time low - time bomb; the cab - endlessly; sum 41 - pieces; the maine - into your arms; you me at six - crash

From the bottom of my heart...

1. Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Camila Cabello) // “I can’t explain it I love the pain and I love the way that your breath numbs me like novocain”

2. Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur // “I’m so in love with you and I hope you know darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold”

3. Versace on The Floor by Bruno Mars // “Above us all the stars are watchin’ there’s no place I’d rather be in this world your eyes are where I’m lost in”

4. Endlessly by The Cab // “There’s no guarantee that this will be easy it’s not a miracle ya need, believe me yeah, I’m no angel, I’m just me but I will love you endlessly”

5. Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy // “You’re the fire and the flood and I’ll always feel you in my blood everything is fine when your hand is resting next to mine”

6. All of Me by John Legend // “Cause all of me loves all of you love your curves and all your edges all your perfect imperfections give your all to me I’ll give my all to you”

7. She Sets The City On Fire by Gavin DeGraw // “Everybody knows she’s a perfect ten and I’m hanging on tight til the whole thing ends ‘cause New York sky don’t get much brighter she sets the city on fire”

8. Close by Nick Jonas (ft. Tove Lo) // “Cause if I want you, and I want you, babe ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space cause space was just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too close”

9. Carry Your Throne by Jon Bellion // “If you’re lost in this darkness I’ll carry your throne no, I won’t let it swallow you whole”

10. COMA by Issues // “I wanna be all you think about anything and everything you dream about as if I had it all figured out I wanna be the one you can’t breathe without”

sing me to sleep - here

5 seconds of summer-amnesia // you me at six-crash // jimmy eat world-23 // birdy-tee shirt // 5 seconds of summer-i miss you(cover) // demi lovato-catch me // dodie clark-she // ed sheeran-little bird // coldplay-fix you // sleeping with sirens-iris // joe brooks-superman // parachute-she is love // one direction- fool’s gold // the 1975-sex // miley cyrus-summertime sadness(cover) // the cab-endlessly // paramore-the only exception // we the kings-sad song // maroon 5-beautiful goodbye // calum hood-windows(cover)