I have an old friend.  Her mom used to ask us what our ‘dream man’ was like.  We would conjure up extravagant ramblings of our prince charming.  Her response one late night has stuck with me forever.  She said, “Ok, now what do you girls have to do to be women who deserve men like that?”  I have tried to carry this philosophy over into all of my relationships.  Do I love my friends, my family in a way that is capable of receiving the kind of love I wish to.  Today, my dream man, came home with this little surprise.  My exhortation today is to be the kind of person that my husband is!  For the men, learn the things that make the hearts around you come alive.  Flowers, a coffee, a kind word-it means more knowing that somebody who is such a secure, safe, strong place listens to the little details too.  Ladies, be kind, be soft and just because we are equal, just because we have rights, don’t be so proud as to kill chivalry.  As you can see here, it is still very alive <3


I administrate a medium sized dedicated Minecraft server capable of holding 100+ clients across multiple worlds.
Its got a strong close-knit EXPERIENCED Staff team.
Geared towards survival builds (gather your supplies by hand and build from scratch, individually or as teams, thats entirely up to you) whilst avoiding getting eaten by mobs (note: creeper destruction has been disabled to avoid harming your builds)

As its a bukkit server the usual economy and shop plug-ins as well as anti-grief and management plug-ins are installed (anything gets demolished by an asshole and we simply roll their edits)

We also routinely add and remove ‘fun’ plug-ins as the community dictates.
Currently we’re running McMMO, Spleef, Mob Arena, Treasure Hunt, craftbook and disguise plug-ins with some additional frivolity. But are open to suggestions on the forums.
We have occasionally ran PVP worlds and Hunger Games worlds but these tend to attract a different clientèle from the chilled out friendly mature builders we’re used to. (if you’ve never tried to herd 50+ 8yr olds hopped up on sugar looking to demolish everything in sight, spilling over into the survival world you’ve never known real pain)

We’ve essentially just reset the maps across several of our worlds, so nows your chance to get involved at a grass roots level, meet some like-minded people and build some monumental structures with us.

Its running 24/7/365 with downtime restricted to essential maintenance (sometimes i need to patch the kernel or do background SQL work or make security adjustments, or there are game updates, plug-ins needing installed) outside of that we aim for 100% uptime.

So if you play Minecraft and are in the market for a mature server ran by friendly experienced staff (all of us have several years at this under our belt and most write code and know each plug-in intimately) with a community built from friendly players, check us out.
If not but know someone on your dash who might be?
Hit me a reblog and let them know!
I don’t normally advertise but i figure some of you might be interested.


Server: mc.endlesshorizons.co.uk
Forum: http://endlesshorizons.co.uk

Endless Horizons

There was a period time here on Earth
Long before the existence of computers and automobiles,
When we human beings would scour the land,
Where we would explore every horizon,
Where we wouldn’t only embrace the gifts of nature
But worship them with an unceasing passion,
There was a time when nature was our aphrodisiac,
Our muse,
Our driving force to survive the tempests,
All we had when everything was to lose.

There was a time when Nature was eternal,
Like God,
Like Gods,
Omnipotent, Full of Grace,
Never wrong and never failed,
Always right and always present.

There was a time when Nature was overflowing with relentless rage,
Unceasing wrath,
A time when mistakes were easily corrected,
When destruction was inevitable,
And Extinction was as common as atoms.

But where have you gone nature?
Have you lost your reverent splendor!?
Have you become vexed or even bored!?
Or are we a virus or bacteria that have killed you off?
O’ Please let us know,
Our hearts cry out for a sign!

Or are you just Silent?
Do you ignore our every call?
While we cry out like children
Whining and crying just craving for your want.
We are a collective,
One egocentric child,
Begging for attention,
While our imagination runs wild.

Endless Horizons,
We must pursue,
To find the answers we wish to view,
From the beginning to the end
It is our vulnerable, delicate human minds,
We must mend,
If we are to find our beginning before our end.

Where did it all begin?
Why did it all begin?
Not when. Not how.
Just where,
Just why.

From 5.14.13

“What happens to the human heart when it is debilitated and broken into believing it is nothing?  There are two options when the spirit is broken…Total brokenness or strength that surpassed the hearts original state.  As cheesy as it is, the saying is true, "what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. 

Two years ago, before I ever met him, the man of my dreams nearly died.  Martin has always been passionate in pursuing his dreams.  Stories have been told of how when he was a boy, he would take up the whole road with skate jumps and ramps.  Growing up on the Isle of Skye gave Marty the perfect playground.  All of his childhood adventures eventually led him to Mammoth. 

Friday the 13th, 2011, Marty was snowboarding in Mammoth.  He over-shot a jump and broke his C-2.  He should have died.  Through terrifying and heart-breaking circumstances, my love came back to Mammoth March of last year to snowboard again, and that is where we met.  

I think back to where my life was when Marty broke his neck; as Marty’s body was broken, my spirit was being rebuilt.  From half way around the world, we were in the same place.  My mother always said that’s how it would happen, this love thing.  She said my husband and I would both be running towards Jesus-to wholeness and we would look over and say, “You!  You are the partner I’ve been waiting for!”

I didn’t get to walk through the hardest part of Marty’s journey with him.  For a long time, that made me sad.  Now I see though, that two years after his accident, a little over a year after we got together- we met at exactly the right time.  Neither of us are perfect but we are strong enough to be partners-to be friends.  We don’t need each other, we’re capable of being on our own-but we choose to be strong together. 

So here I sit, after years of ups and downs, surprises and disappointments, and I am happy.  It all makes sense now.  I don’t have to wonder, “why?” anymore.  There is peace and contentment.  Now, don’t get me wrong, our lives are not perfect.  Unexpected things still happen, Marty and I sometimes disagree, people we love still die-however, with two of us, the burden is half as heavy and we are twice as strong.  So I can say confidently, everything we went through was worth it and we are exactly where we are meant to be-and today, that’s in front of a camp fire" <3

don't leave me here alone

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by endlesshorizons

From ages three to fifteen, Erik treasures the name scribbled on the skin over his heart: Charles.

Then, his mother is shot and killed in front of him, and everything changes.

Words: 789, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1GykGRp