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KLangst Week is here!!! I’m so excited. Today was Unrequited love/unrequited pining. I am a sucker for pining Keith, so here we are. @klangst-week

Rating: T+ for mild swearing

WC: 1,331

AU: Modern, wherein Keith pines over his best friend and is guilty for it

         It was windy. So windy that Keith wondered how Lance stood upright as he did.

    Well, okay, disclaimer. It’s pretty typical of Oklahoma to be windy, and as someone who grew up in the area, Lance was a bit experienced in high winds, Keith supposed. It was crazy, downright insane weather and winds so powerful that Keith wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it was enough to pull brick buildings up off of their foundations.

    In all honestly, Keith was a little afraid that that might just be the case, and Lance’s parent’s house would be blown clean away.

    When Lance roped Keith into watching his parent’s house with him, Keith thought that it would be a fun time; it would just be Keith and his best friend, hanging out in Lance’s childhood home. There were plenty of snacks, the bed Lance put him up in was pure heaven, and the flatscreen they used frequently was fantastic. It was going to be a good time. Hell, it was going to be great!

Well, that’s what Keith tried to trick himself into believing.

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In My Element

Now that I’m back home from my holiday in Ireland, I have time to catch up on all my online stuff and process the photos I took. I don’t do normal holiday photos, but I do do pictures of the sea. 

One of the loveliest things we did was spend a day at my parents’ caravan next to this beautiful beach where I remember seemingly endless days playing, exploring, swimming and rowing boats when I was a child. Caravans are not what I remember them being though! The one my parents have now is bigger than the apartment my husband and I lived in when we first moved to Edinburgh. It has double glazing, central heating and a huge fridge freezer, all things our first apartment in Edinburgh didn’t have. I feel like if I lived in a warmer country, I’d be 100% happy to live in a caravan all year round.

We were so lucky with the weather last week! The ferry crossings in both directions were perfectly calm. I never object to rolling waves but it’s great to be able to sit out on deck and soak up the sun. I hadn’t played with Snapseed, my favourite mobile photo editing app, for ages so I had some fun with these two pictures of the Scottish coast. We were blessed with some very photogenic clouds.

Because I spent so much time sitting on deck, I noticed a lot of details of the boat itself that it’s hard to pay attention to when the wind is whipping your hair around your face. I had my phone with my anyway, so I snapped a few bits of boat too.


word count: 2722

||  It’s been two years since Kim Seokjin died in the arms of his lover, so what was he doing on a dating website?


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“Stop her, Yoongi.”

“Wait-!” Yoongi heard the click, his body shaking with immediate rage as he threw his phone across the room, hearing a loud thud as it bounced on the carpet floor. Burying his face in his hands, Yoongi’s breathing became heavy, the weight of the world crushing him.

I can’t stop her, Yoongi thought as he gripped locks of his brown hair, holding it in place away from his eyes. There’s no way for me to stop her.

Gripping her purse’s strap tightly, Y/N inhaled sharply before sliding past the glass revolving doors. Eyeing the large Jeon Enterprises sign attached to the front desk, Y/N gulped as she took her cautious steps. The little lady at the desk noticed her presence, immediately sending her a smile and a little head tilt, a smooth hello echoing in the lobby.

“I’m looking for Jeon Jungkook?” Y/N cleared her throat before speaking, her hands shaking as the words fell off her tongue.

Her pink nails flipped through a schedule book, pushing her glasses up higher on her nose bridge while her eyes scanned for an appointment. Her eyebrows wrinkled as she looked up at Y/N, her lips parting slightly.

“What’s your name, ma’am?”

A sheepish smile spread across Y/N’s face as her hands waved off the question, “I didn’t make an appointment.”

“Ma’am, anyone who wishes to speak with Mr. Jeon is required to set up an appointment.” She said sternly as her dainty fingers closed the schedule. Biting down on her lip, Y/N’s heart began to pick up the pace.

“I’m a close friend of his; I was told to just show up.” Y/N’s voice shook with apprehension, her hands clasping together. Slowly nodding, the receptionist picked up the phone, dialing a single digit as she held up one finger at Y/N.

Listening intently, Y/N could hear the sound of a man on the other end, and she was sure she had caught Jin this time. Smiling almost triumphantly, Y/N stepped away from the desk after the receptionist gave her a smile and a nod, a gentle he’ll be right down leaving her throat. As Y/N wandered around the small lobby, her ears pricked up after hearing faint footsteps – expensive shoes tapping down on the marble floors.

Inhaling, Y/N whirled her head around with a beaming smile that fell hard as her eyes focused on the raven-haired man before her. The young looking boy bowed, his bunny-like teeth shining at her.

He wasn’t Jin.

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In celebration of finishing our 10-day summer job for GARC (Global Alliance for Rabies Control), we went on a much-awaited trip to a resort within town to wrap-up and have fun for the last time with our colleagues. The day was filled with so much swimming, endless photo shoots, and infectious laughter. I will definitely miss how much fun we have whenever we all are together. What a way to kick off the month of May! ♡

D&D Day 16

Favorite Monster (Aberration)


I LOVE ABOLETHS!!!  They’re the D&D monster that inspired my lovely Tumblr name! (no duh)  Ancient and alien, powerful and vile, vast and horrific; the aboleths dragged their hulking bodies through the waters of the ancient world and enslaved all lesser beings before them.  Sounds fun, right?

Born from the spores of basically D&D Cthulu (Piscaethces), the aboleths remember everything about the dark, lifeless, drowned world before gods or men were made.  Every single ability they have at their disposal is used to enslave and control.  Their slimy tentacles corrupt mortal flesh–forcing characters to keep their new slimy flesh constantly wet.  Their enslave abilities keep beings bound to them with no hope of escape.  Their psionic abilities showcase just how vast and endless their intellects are.  Swim too close and their mucus will keep you unable to breathe above water–keeping you in their sights to wear you down.

Second only to the Elder Evil that spawned them, the aboleths are way more interesting than other classic D&D aberrations to me.  My current campaign is actually based on the Aboleth mythos–the aboleths creating most of the mortal races, dying out and leaving behind ancient secrets and worship of their Blood Queen.  Their endless evil and long-dead desire for power over all really inspired my biggest campaign to date, and the party just now realized that aboleths were involved the entire time.  

I adore these terrifying, eldritch horrors.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  To learn more about these ancient beings in all their hulking, slimy glory; visit your local Dungeon Master and pick up a copy of Lords of Madness today!   *[Insert Reading Rainbow noise here]*