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D&D Day 16

Favorite Monster (Aberration)


I LOVE ABOLETHS!!!  They’re the D&D monster that inspired my lovely Tumblr name! (no duh)  Ancient and alien, powerful and vile, vast and horrific; the aboleths dragged their hulking bodies through the waters of the ancient world and enslaved all lesser beings before them.  Sounds fun, right?

Born from the spores of basically D&D Cthulu (Piscaethces), the aboleths remember everything about the dark, lifeless, drowned world before gods or men were made.  Every single ability they have at their disposal is used to enslave and control.  Their slimy tentacles corrupt mortal flesh–forcing characters to keep their new slimy flesh constantly wet.  Their enslave abilities keep beings bound to them with no hope of escape.  Their psionic abilities showcase just how vast and endless their intellects are.  Swim too close and their mucus will keep you unable to breathe above water–keeping you in their sights to wear you down.

Second only to the Elder Evil that spawned them, the aboleths are way more interesting than other classic D&D aberrations to me.  My current campaign is actually based on the Aboleth mythos–the aboleths creating most of the mortal races, dying out and leaving behind ancient secrets and worship of their Blood Queen.  Their endless evil and long-dead desire for power over all really inspired my biggest campaign to date, and the party just now realized that aboleths were involved the entire time.  

I adore these terrifying, eldritch horrors.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  To learn more about these ancient beings in all their hulking, slimy glory; visit your local Dungeon Master and pick up a copy of Lords of Madness today!   *[Insert Reading Rainbow noise here]*