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What the espada would order at Starbucks

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that the espada enjoyed frequenting Starbucks. What kinds of coffee would they order?

1. Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: The woman told me to order a cappuccino.

Ulquiorra: Apparently they can make a heart in the foam.

Ulquiorra: So I got the heart.

Ulquiorra: Then I watched as it slowly became deformed and finally fade away to nothing as I drank it.

Orihime: C-cute things may not be for you, Ulquiorra-kun!

Ulquiorra: What do you mean? It was perfect.

2. Zommari: Pumpkin spice latte

Gin: A pumpkin latte? Isn’t that (whispers) cannibalism?


Gin: Because you’re a pumpkin?

Zommari: Yes. I got it.

Gin: You must really hate yourself.

Zommari: I SAID I GOT IT

Yammy: Trenta-sized coffee

Yammy: Don’t care what.

Yammy: What matters is that it’s GIANT.

Yammy: That’s how you know it’s good!

4. Starrk: Triple shot espresso

Starrk: It’s pretty strong, I guess.

Starrk: Kept me up for almost twenty minutes the other day.

5. Grimmjow: Passion fruit iced tea with soy milk and vanilla syrup

Ichigo: Um…

Grimmjow: What? It’s the blue drink from the secret menu.

Grimmjow: My aesthetic is very important me.

Ichigo: But…that’s a different shade of blue from your hair. And your eye shadow.

Grimmjow: Matching isn’t part of my aesthetic.


Ichigo: Every time I think I understand you…

6. Luppi: Eight caramel frappuccinos

Luppi: No one but me can handle EIGHT of these SUPER SWEET DRINKS!

Grimmjow: You gonna be so sick later.


7. Aaroniero: Half sweet tea lemonade, half caramel waffle cone frappuccino

Aaroniero: Well, one of my heads likes tart drinks.

Aaroniero: And the other likes really sweet drinks.

Aaroniero: So we mix the two together and then just sorta pour it into our head tank.

Rukia: That sounds…….really disgusting.

Aaroniero: We’re not really coffee people.

8. Nel: Cotton candy frappuccino

Nel: It’s really sweet!

Nel: After I drink it, I can play endless pursuit endlessly!

Pesche: Which is why we only let her drink three a day!

Nel: The baristas know me by name!

9. Nnoitra: Cotton candy frappuccino

Nnoitra: I want whatever Nel got, only BIGGER!

Nel: You want a bright-pink cotton drink?

Nnoitra: ………yes.

Nel: Awesome!


10. Halibel: Short iced coffee

Halibel: It is refreshing to have a short iced coffee.


Halibel: …it’s not always about you.

11. Barragan: Black coffee

Barragan: All of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Barragan: Getting such fancy, sweet, fruity drinks.

Barragan: A real espada drinks black, bitter coffee and likes it.

12. Szayel: Venti, half-caff, no foam latte, half whole milk, half almond milk, extra hot, with whipped cream, 2 packets raw sugar, 3 pumps of chocolate syrup, and cinnamon on top


Szayel: What? If it’s not perfect, why am I drinking it?

Barragan: I hate you all.

ayyitsame  asked:

I know INTPs are sometimes related with Ravenclaw, but how do you think the INTP Slytherins would be?

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The INTP Slytherin is a little less outwardly eccentric than their Ravenclaw counterparts. They are interested in knowledge both for knowledge’s sake AND because they know it will be useful to them in the long run. The INTP Slytherin is more direct and readily comes up with plans of action pertaining to their many inventive and creative ideas, and definitely defy the ‘lazy INTP’ stereotype. Resourceful and witty, the INTP Slytherin enjoys the company of small groups of friends to big parties but can rouse themselves to a charming demeanour if the situation calls for it. They’re more image-conscious than they let on, and secretly care a lot about how people perceive them. At the same time, if you cross an INTP or betray them in some way, they won’t have qualms about cutting you from their life. On the other end of the spectrum, the INTP Slytherin will remain irrevocably loyal and protective of the friends who have gained their trust and companionship until the day they die. They come across as selective of their friends, so those who manage to befriend an INTP Slytherin are cherished and valued highly, with a never ending supply of respect and gratitude. They naturally apply their endless intellectual pursuits to practical matters, and unknowingly impart great wisdom on those they choose to associate with. Deep and mysterious, the INTP Slytherin can also be playful and charming once coaxed out of their shell and in the company of trusted friends. Their peers delight in this light hearted side as well as their moments of serene profundity.

The INTP Slytherin enjoys the art of recreational debate with their peers and sees it as a way of both understanding an issue more concisely as well as a means of exercising and improving their reasoning skills. INTP Slytherins would probably excel in subjects such as potions, charms, and transfiguration. Although some people who don’t know them very well might think that they come across as high-minded and a bit pretentious, they are actually quite humbled by the knowledge they gain and are acutely aware of the vast and endless amount of knowledge there is in the world. They understand and comprehend complex issues succinctly and speak in concise, clear, to-the-point language. Accomplished devil’s advocates, INTP Slytherins can take any argument and make it appear stronger than it may actually be. However despite this talent, the INTP Slytherin values truth over the cogency of argument.

The INTP Slytherin searches in others for traits they admire such as wit, innovation and a love of learning, but may become discouraged if their peers don’t share their passion. That is why once they meet someone who is of a like-mind, they cleave to them happily and value them with great reverence. The INTP Slytherin is the student everybody goes to when they need help solving a problem, because their cool detachment from emotional concerns makes them honest but helpful with their careful observations. They love a challenge and approach them with vivacity and excitement, and rarely do they fail when they’ve set their powerful minds to a task.

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Tyler Seguin is still being Tyler and hooking up with multiple women, but Ali is not one of them! She burned her last bridge this past summer and Tyler is cordial to her because of her family but he wants nothing to do with her otherwise. She's somewhat of a joke to him now because of her endless pursuit of him and inability to move on wth her life.

maybe its good that they go their separate ways.

Max and Furiosa - A Madness Shared by Two

The titular Max Rockatansky of the Mad Max franchise is described (obviously) as ‘mad,’ and in Fury Road, he exhibits the trait of madness in both senses - that is, he is angry and insane, filled with fury and plagued by hallucinations that make it difficult for him to keep a grasp on reality. Little wonder, then, that his female counterpart is called Furiosa, a Latin adjective which, like the English word ‘mad,’ can mean both ‘angry’ and ‘insane.’

Fury Road borrows from Latin and often makes classical allusions, from the imperators to the aptly named Rictus Erectus, Nux and Corpus Callosum. For this reason, I believe it would be useful to deconstruct the meaning behind Furiosa’s name.

In Ancient Rome, a man strove at all times for self-control, or continentia, and anger represented a threat to his equilibrium. They thought of unbridled anger and fury as a kind of disease, an insanity or a madness that was capable of visiting destruction upon the self, upon others, upon cities, and upon civilisation as a whole. Anger and madness were twin concepts, often inseparable, and this idea was expressed linguistically.

Furor is the noun that describes anger/madness. Furor represents that foaming, raging, uncontrollable anger, one so blinding it might lead a man to murder his own children; for instance, Hercules Furens (Raging/raving Hercules, furens being the participle form) is the name of a Senecan tragedy that recounts the sad scene where Juno blights Hercules with a madness and a battle-fury that causes him to kill his wife and children. Furiosus/a/um is the adjectival form of furor; Furiosa is thus named after the feminine form of an adjective that combines anger and madness. The best way to translate it (in my humble opinion) is ‘raving,’ although ‘angry,’ ‘mad,’ ‘furious,’ etc. are perfectly acceptable.

This idea of anger/madness (or furor as we’ll call it) is very subtle and comes with a whole host of associations. So let’s take a look at some dictionary definitions:

Furor (noun)

1.     Violent madness, delirium, brainstorm. b possession by a god, prophetic or poetic ecstasy, inspiration. c (personified) Madness, also, an avenging deity, a Fury (Furia).

2.     A frenzied or distraught state of mind, frenzy, madness. b hostile rage, fury, anger, also an object of fury.

3.     Passionate desire, furious longing. b an object of passion.

4.     Conduct resulting from madness or frenzy, violent behaviour.

5.     Rage, fury (of storms, etc.)

Furiosus/a/um (adjective)

1.     (of persons) Out of one’s wits, mad, frenzied; (leg.) lunatic, raving mad. b (as sb) a madman (madwoman), raving lunatic.

2.     (of actions, etc.) Characteristic of a madman, mad, wild, uncontrolled.

In Fury Road, Max and Furiosa are two halves of a whole; they are never stronger than when they are working together. Among many other things, they have a shared furor. Both are as angry and terrifying as they are insane. The past haunts both of them, try as they might to flee from it. True, Max’s insanity is more pronounced than Furiosa’s, but hers is still there. The way they are pursued by the demons of their past and the way they crave redemption, forgiveness, and solace may be likened to the association that furor has with the Furies, or the Erinyes, the winged avenging angels who visited divine retribution on mortals. The Furies (Furiae) were immensely feared, and they were inescapable. No matter where you went, what you did, or how far you ran, you could never escape them; they would chase you to the ends of the earth and plague you until your death. 

Max and Furiosa, therefore, embody furor as much as they are plagued by it. Their respective pasts and their crimes haunt them like the Furies, and Immortan Joe and his war boys pursue them endlessly like Furies too. The war boys are blighted with furor, many of them knowing nothing but anger, a thirst for blood and the madness brought on by drug use and the ecstasies of their battle cult.

Let’s look at some of the ways Romans conceived of anger in context.

Horace speaks of anger as a curse and describes it as vis insani leonis – ‘the force/violence of a frenzied lion.’ He names it as the primary reason for which cities are destroyed and armies overrun towns.

In his work De Ira (On Anger), Seneca describes anger in the following ways:

“The most hideous and frenzied of all emotions.”

“Certain wise men have thus said that anger is a brief insanity.”

“You only have to look upon one possessed by anger to know they are insane.”

“No pestilence has cost the human race more dearly.”

“Behold the noblest cities with foundations barely able to be seen; anger cast them down. Behold the deserted wildernesses stretching for many miles without inhabitants; anger emptied them. Behold all the leaders handed to posterity as examples of evil fate. Anger stabbed one in his bed, anger struck down this one at the table of a sacred feast, anger tore this one to pieces in the home of the law and in full view of the forum…”

For Seneca, anger was deadly, dangerous and uncontrollable. It was something shared with animals, likened to a foaming, bristling boar or a lion. Reason was the enemy of anger, self-control its cure. He argues that anger must be mastered at all times, and that acts of justice, warfare and revenge should be performed not in a violent passion, but with a calm, clear head.

In Seneca’s tragedies, furor is the chief cause of much tragedy and horror. As Medea contemplates revenge and murder to spite her faithless husband, she says:

My furor shall never cease, but strive always for revenge… no raging river, no stormy sea, no savage Pontus with its northwest wind, nor the violence of fire fanned by the gale, could restrain the assault of my rage: I will raze and destroy everything.

Medea’s furor is raging, elemental, and unstoppable. It leads her to murder her own children, as well as many other people, in her quest for vengeance.

In Thyestes, King Atreus desires to take revenge on his brother Thyestes. To do this, he kills Thyestes’ children and serves them to him in a meal he prepares himself. In describing the slaughter and cooking of the children, the word furor, and its related forms, are often applied to Atreus. Furor is all-consuming, and it pushes men and women to commit heinous crimes and stray far from the bounds of the socially acceptable. It is closely tied to the idea of vengeance, in the sense that Medea and Atreus become like wicked avenging Furies as furor takes hold of them.

In Agamemnon, it is a curse. This play follows the murder of Agamemnon and his mistress, the seer Cassandra, by his wife Clytaemnestra and her lover Aegisthus. Bold to the last, Cassandra refuses to go quietly, and spits insults at the murderers. The last two lines are thus: Clytaemnestra says: Furiosa, morere! (Raving, die!). Cassandra concludes, chillingly: veniet et vobis furor (furor shall also come upon both of you). This line is a threat, a curse, and a prophecy, for Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra will soon be murdered by Clytaemnestra’s son Orestes, who then in turn will be pursued and tormented by the Furies.

Furor and revenge were thus wedded concepts; and one could be pursued by Furies as easily as one might seek revenge and become like a Fury oneself, just as Immortan Joe and Furiosa were locked in an endless struggle for revenge in an endless pursuit across the desert.

To sum up, anger was considered an animalistic trait. To be angry was to be less than human. It was to be insane, to be gnashing and foaming, to be out of one’s mind. It was to be cursed by the gods, to be tormented by the Furies, and furor was seen as dangerous enough to raze entire cities to the ground and usurp kings from their thrones. It was associated with revenge and divine vengeance. In this sense, the Roman conception – and fear – of furor exactly parallels the way madness is presented in Mad Max. Our two protagonists, Mad Max himself and Furiosa, are named after and embody the idea of furor, though the trait manifests a little differently in them, for while Max takes more of the insanity, Furiosa adopts more of the plain, raw fury. And while Max tends to exhibit that grunting, animalistic, sub-human anger, Furiosa represents the anger of vengeance, and becomes an avenging goddess in her own right.

Interestingly, the concept of furor also embraces the idea of uncontrollable passion, lust, or love, one that is consuming and destructive. Such an idea is comparable to the way Max and his wife exchanged the phrase “Crazy about you” in the first Mad Max. By the end of the movie, that statement had adopted a cruel irony, for Max really was crazy about her. Her death, and his child’s death, made him mad in every sense.

In Fury Road, we do not catch any glimpse of Jessie’s death, nor are we given any hint that he had a wife, except through the assumption that the dead child we see him cradling must have had a mother. Instead, the idea of being crazy about someone extends to Furiosa. She is the object of his furor in the passionate longing sense, and he is hers. The final chase scene is one declaration of love after the other, as they rage and kill and hallucinate and save each other’s lives, tit-for-tat, over and over and over again.

Thus, madness in Mad Max is constructed in the classical way, and in Fury Road a madness shared by two is shown to be strong enough to quake armies, bring down entire cities, kill tyrants, raise the dead, and transform the entire world.



Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Phil Hester

Colorist: Mark Englert

Inker: Eric Gapstur

Regular Cover Artist: Phil Hester

Dr Jonathan Shipwright, sole survivor of a very unusual and very secret shipwreck, doesn’t know where he is. Seemingly trapped on an endless road, in pursuit of a saboteur who holds the key to his salvation – or doom.

Industry legend WARREN ELLIS joins AfterShock comics with this mysterious and captivating tale full of shock, secrets and surprises.

an excerpt:

The next time Naruto appears randomly in her life, she’s sparring with Tenten.

Tenten has become her weapons trainer of sorts, ever since Neji—ever since the war. There’s a certain kind of protectiveness between them, one that runs equally strong both ways. They both lost someone that made up large portions of their hearts, and because they can share that kind of devastation, so similar yet so different, they grow together.

“That’s right,” Tenten praises, as Hinata twirls a kunai in the palm of her dominant hand only to deceptively fling another in her left, so close to actually getting Tenten not even her barrage of shuriken were enough to knock the blade far from its course. It flies in an arc towards her liver and Tenten only manages to evade it by dislodging her battleaxe with a twist of her body, the flat edge of it covering her skin in the nick of time.

Hinata straightens, wide-eyed and panting, and Tenten looks up with wide-eyed stare of her own.

“Holy shit,” she breathes, and Hinata can appreciate how contained her breathing is, even after heaving so many incredibly hefty weapons and scrolls around. “That was close. Nicely done.”

“You’re a great teacher,” Hinata returns genuinely, smiling around her insistent breaths. The sun beats down on them, heavy and oppressive, and Hinata lifts a finger to hold Tenten steady while she cords her hair into a thickly braided tail down her back. She tucks the fly-aways that don’t obey her restraint behind her ears, rubbing at her forehead and bangs with the back of her hand. Her bangs stick up in strange angles but she doesn’t pay them any mind, only refocuses in on Tenten with her Byakugan reactivating—it brings heat and pressure in waves, a living, pulsing creature she tames with self-control and determination.

She’s about to settle into a defensive stance when she sees him, the wildly burning chakra that races within him, and hesitates. It’s enough of an opening for Tenten, who cannot see or sense Naruto up in the canopy of a nearby tree. This distraction nearly costs Hinata her arm.

Tenten’s thrown battleaxe is a feint even a distracted Hinata can dodge, but the following fuuma shuriken is not. She manages to tear her focus away from Naruto and the sudden spike in his charka (concern—fearaction) as the shuriken’s massive arc rises over her and pierces the skin of her forearm, driving her down until the blades pierce through flesh and bone and earth. Hinata screams through clenched teeth, eyes squinting shut as pain sears through the right side of her body.

Tenten is at her side a moment before Naruto is, and Hinata opens her eyes right as Tenten seems to recognize his presence. She only spares him a moment to be shocked that he’s here, and then her hands are hovering over Hinata in concern.

“I’m so sorry,” she’s saying, and Hinata can see the genuine fear in her eyes. She knows without having to pry that Tenten is thinking about Neji, and about loss.

“My fault,” Naruto says through gritted teeth, hands already sliding underneath Hinata’s body. Her vision swims and she tries to shake her head but that just makes the world spin, too. “I surprised her.”

You surprised her?” Tenten scoffs, hands shaking. “I pierced her with a fuuma shuriken.”

“Don’t lift me,” Hinata grits out, voice low. She gestures to the shuriken and says, “I’m pinned to the ground.”

Tenten makes a sound like a wheeze, something between regret and despair, and Hinata reaches out with her free hand to comfort her.

“Hey, it’s not so bad,” she promises, even while the pain leeches away at her consciousness. “I’ll live.”

“Yeah,” Tenten sniffs, and Hinata’s surprised to see glassy eyes. She’s only ever seen Tenten cry once, and that was when—

“But that doesn’t mean this doesn’t hurt. That I didn’t hurt you.”

“It was an accident,” Hinata soothes, even as her consciousness swims. She hears Naruto tell Tenten to grasp the shuriken and pull it enough to dislodge it from the earth, and wonders when her eyes had closed.

Tenten argues, saying, “If we remove it from her arm she could bleed out.”

Naruto doesn’t even hesitate.

“Remove the shuriken, Tenten,” he says, voice harder than Hinata has ever heard it. It reminds her of Sasuke, of his unyielding confidence and the exceptional, prodigious knowledge he had gained through tragedy. She hates hearing it in Naruto’s voice; she wonders why that tone even resides in him at all. What had he suffered through, and what kind of reward had been worth the pain?

His next words tell her everything she needs to know; she thinks of his dedicated training with Sasuke and how dangerous it must be, of him fighting for his life every day, of him trying to better himself through exertion and exhaustion and endless pursuit.

He says, “I’ve gotten faster.”

Stargate SG-1: Samantha Carter [INTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Sam is a scientific genius and inventor, whose primary interest in entering new worlds is to discover and analyze new technology. She is eager to take things apart, and reassemble them, to understand how they work, she can improve on and invent more advanced systems, as well as expand her scientific knowledge of the universe. Whenever they are stuck in a bad situation, everyone turns to Sam for the answer – and given enough time, she can get them out of just about any jam.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Like Daniel, she’s interested in theorizing endlessly about new possibilities. She finds it effortless to switch from one theory to the next, whenever discussing potential options or problem solving. Sam is in no hurry to shut down her options, or dismiss ideas. She brainstorms with Daniel to provide answers. She is curious about new worlds, and the endless scientific pursuits and possibilities they open up. Sam doesn’t have a fixed worldview; she is eager, and easily excited, when a discovery challenges everything she thought was true before.

Introverted Sensing (Si): The more time she spends with her team, the more fixed her sensory impressions of them become. Sam uses former experiences, information, and ideas, as launching boards for new ones; she expects similar behavior from their enemies as they have manifested in the past. Sam can become sentimental at times, and find it difficult to move on; she is content in her line of work, which enables her to have adventures but also return to her lab for further exploration.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): She is pleasant, good-natured, and rarely rude. Once, when caught in a society in which women are treated as property, Sam tries to inspire the other women to share her feminist ideals and free themselves; she finds it more comfortable when they are in emotional harmony with her. She becomes offended when Rodney makes underhanded remarks about her intelligence.

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Remus Lupin was put into Gryffindor? And Hermione?

As for Hermione, after years its finally become incredibly obvious to me why. While I was growing up and reading Harry Potter for the first time I was under the impression that I was a Ravenclaw and that Hermione was to. She and I have like a million things in common, especially when I was that age. 

I generally assumed JK had put Hermione in Gryffindor so that she would be in the same house as Harry. Its generally easier to deal with a group of friends in a story when they would be living near each other and taking classes together and all that. I figured she’d done it for plot reasons and it never really bothered me, but I was sure that if Hermione wasn’t important to the plot she would have been put into Ravenclaw.

Jump forward to 2012. Pottermore comes out. I sign up. I get sorted into Gryffindor. I have a bit of a meltdown and re-read the series and read up on everything I could get my hands on about the houses to understand what happened. Which sounds like a very Ravenclaw thing to do right? Pursuing knowledge to better understand. It certainly sounds that way doesn’t it.

Well here’s the deal. For 14 years I had been completely wrong about Ravenclaw. For so long I had been told I was a smart kid, so I did what I had to do to make the grades to live up to that. I constantly focused on the grades and on being RIGHT. Not understanding. Not absorbing information about my universe to feel closer to it. Just picking up facts so that I could be the best A+ student I could be.

I was smart (well I mean I am still, but whatever) and so is Hermione, but that intelligence isn’t connected to a desire to learn for the sake of learning. Its about never being wrong. Factual correctness regardless of the heart of the matter isn’t Ravenclaw. Its Gryffindor. A sort of subset of Gryffindor, but not Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws don’t mind discovering they were wrong. It means that they are still learning and that there is so much in this universe to understand. So much to be excited about. An endless pursuit of knowledge.

I know I’ve rambled for quite a bit, but this is something I’m very passionate about and is quite honestly a good chunk of how I ended up making this blog. House identities are just super important to me okay.

So now lets focus specifically on Hermione….

Hermione was probably quite intelligent prior to attending Hogwarts, but what we see throughout the series is her building an established understanding in her new life as a witch. She studies so hard and makes sure she has the best grades because of a constant need to ensure that she gets to stay a part of this world. A world of adventure and excitement. A world with far more to offer her than she saw as the muggle daughter of a couple dentists. This is where she belongs and she sure as shit is not going to lose it. 

Thorughout the series there’s lots of tidbits about Hermione’s identity as a Gryffindor. If you look into it its pretty clear that she knew just about everything one could know about the houses and decided that Gryffindor is where she wanted to be before she even arrived. We’ve discussed theories before about merely having the bravery to tell the sorting hat what you want helps push you towards Gryffindor, so that’s a possibility in her case. 

And honestly, after growing up the bookworm that she was and reading about characters who were brave and bold and changed the world into a better place, I don’t blame her in the slightest for wanting to join their ranks. How could you really? Its quite likely that she was picked on for being geeky in muggle school and she probably spent a lot of time struggling to speak up and fight back against it. When she discovered her magical abilities and was transported to a whole different life full of magic, it makes perfect sense that she would want to reinvent herself a bit and finally see a way to be the person she longed to become.

Which for me just makes her getting picked on in her first year just so much more upsetting to me. Like she found this new world of magic and immediately found herself being bullied for being a bossy bookworm just like in her boring muggle life. Like that’s got to suck man. You think you’ve gotten out of hell and moved on to something better just to see its shit there too.

UGH. I just have a lot of Hermione feels okay…

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

I would assume the same is true for Lupin as well.  He’s more than just intelligent and witty, he’s brave and values friendship and practicality over knowledge and cleverness.  Lockhart and Quirrell are two professors we know were in Ravenclaw and they both have a very different philosophy on teaching and life than Lupin does; They both tend to favor books.

I think, for Lupin, the tipping point that put him in Gryffindor is that he puts his friends first before learning. That and he does enjoy adventures and doing things for the sake of doing them, whereas Ravenclaws, I feel, do things for the sake of what they can learn from it or because of the impact it will have on their lives.

Basically, though, I think it does come down to what Lupin and Hermione value. They’re both smart and good at school, but they both value friendship and camaraderie more than doing well in school or knowledge.

-Amy (Hufflepuff)


Haven by miss_grey
Rating: M/light NC-17 (for violence)
Word Count: 59,900
Summary: The world is ending again.  It’s nothing new.  What IS new, though, is its weapon of choice.  The dead walk, swarming the earth in their endless, mindless pursuit of living flesh.  Unable to stop the catastrophe before it starts, Team Free Will does their best to minimize damages.  During their mission, they encounter a ragged group of survivors led by a man named Rick Grimes. Together, they may be humanity’s last hope for survival, but there are other pressing needs as well.  Like safety, and shelter.  And figuring out how to do more than just survive in this new, crazy world.
SPN/Walking Dead Crossover.

Given what we know about the Croatoan virus, I am really surprised it took this long to see an epic length story that brings together the characters of the Walking Dead and Supernatural. I am a late comer to the Walking Dead and have only seen the first season. That said, these characters were made for each other! The themes of found family and responsibility that course through both narratives blended perfectly. Yet at its heart, this is a Dean/Cas story.

The relationship between Dean and Cas is everything I could have wanted. The author has created alternate timelines that mix the glory days season 4/5 with elements of season 8 and 9 to create a story with Team Free Will facing the End of Days. One of my favorite things was Cas. Castiel is an Angel of the Lord, a cunning tactician and a BAMF. Stories like this bring those elements front and center:

Cas moved through them like water, every single movement intentional, graceful. His trench coat fanned out behind him, and to the sides when he spun to lay hands on more of the walking dead. He was a force of nature. Unstoppable. Epic.

It may be the end of the world, the dead are walking the earth, Heaven and Hell have closed up shop, but the author still ended the story in a way I really enjoyed.  And ya know…those fuckers gonna cuddle!

okay but genderqueer nobby nobbs

and no one really finds out until nobby starts talking to some of the watchmen about the gender thing and ends up telling people it doesn’t matter, it’s a societal construct, innit

and the watch are a) surprised nobby knows what that means and b) not quite understanding but supportive of one of their own

course, not everyone has that support system, and nobby ends up dragging the rest of the watch into it after hate crimes against non cisgender/non hetero people actually end up being reported

and the watch are pissed, because cheri is bi and sam is demi and carrot isn’t sure what he is, but he knows it’s not right

soon angua’s threatening harassers and cheri’s making it clear to the ankh morpork grags that protecting abusers will have consequences and sam is living up to his reputation of endless pursuit

The Hunger Games: Caesar Flickerman [ESFJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Caesar’s entire job is to whip the crowd up into a state of emotional oneness with the various competitors, to pull on their emotions, to coax vibrant personalities out of the competitors, in order to gain them sponsorships, sympathy, and emotional support. He finds Katniss frustrating because she refuses to emote, and cannot share her feelings; instead of try and work with her, after awhile, Caesar gives up and turns to Peeta’s outburst of emotional warmth and intensity instead, aiming to find and exploit any emotional tactic he can, to keep viewers coming back for more. He can easily emote for himself, becoming emotionally involved with people’s situations, though this also has a dark side…

Introverted Sensing (Si): …because this is how it is in the Capital, so Caesar doesn’t question it; this is how life works, the society he’s famous in, and he sees no real reason to challenge it, until everything falls apart. Katniss remarks that Caesar fails to change much over time, although he’s very sensory-aware (concerned with his appearance, and using a flamboyant attitude, hair, etc., to self-express). Caesar is practical and efficient, caring more about the contestants’ needs inside the arena than the larger implications of the games themselves.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): He sees the big picture, and the greater potential as the story unfolds, but confines his intuition to tangible topics and subjects, to what’s going on around him, rather than endless theorizing or pursuit of new greater ideas. Caesar understands, as Peeta does, that if Katniss is going to survive, the audience has to care about her, emotionally; he seeks to find a greater truth about each opponent in order to make them unique among their peers.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Has Caesar analyzed the games, their purpose, their intention, the larger implications, or the morals inferred, or does he defer to others and accept things as they are? It seems to be the latter, but he does understand enough about human nature (having analyzed what works, what doesn’t, what makes people like someone, etc) to be a talented, effective, and powerful talk show host.

Bleach characters play (Bleach) Cards Against Humanity

As requested by anon. :)

Man, I just don’t know if this list works at all. See, I just posted a Bleach version of CAH that I made. It’s just 20 black cards and 50 white cards. And now Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, Rukia, Ishida and Renji are going to play it. Sort of. I just picked everything randomly. So….like I said. I don’t know how it will work. But here it is! Bleach characters playing the Bleach version of CAH!

1. Ichigo plays: “Yhwach is hiring a new Stern Ritter, the Quincy of _____.”

And the cards he’s handed are…

  • Complimenting another dude’s eyebrows during battle because the eyebrows are cool, dude. (Orihime)
  • Healing mucus (Ishida)
  • Endless Pursuit (Chad)
  • Unohana with her hair down (Rukia)
  • A sword that releases into an EVEN BIGGER SWORD (Renji)

Ichigo: Well, as much as I like swords that release into even bigger swords, I’m gonna have to go with “The Quincy of complimenting another dude’s eyebrows during battle because the eyebrows are cool, dude.”

Ichigo: Even though I guess that’s not a *new* Stern Ritter.

Orihime: Yay I get the point!

2. Orihime plays: “What is the heart?”

And the cards she’s handed are…

  • The empty chair in the sky (Ishida)
  • Flash step (Chad)
  • A hand that doubles as a drill (Rukia)
  • Screaming Kurosaki Ichigo’s name (Renji)
  • A hell butterfly (Ichigo)

Orihime: Obviously the heart is screaming Kurosaki Ichigo’s name!!

Renji: I KNEW IT

Ichigo: Wait what?

3. Ishida plays: “The other visored were shocked to learn that Lisa’s magazines are actually filled with pictures of ______.”

And the cards he’s handed are…

  • Admiral Seaweed (Chad)
  • Tea (Rukia)
  • Perfect hypnosis (Renji)
  • A caterpillar baby with poisonous chest spikes (Ichigo)
  • Boobs (Orihime)

Ishida: Well, boobs would not be shocking. 

Ishida: The others would,  but I think the most shocking would be a magazine filled with pictures of a caterpillar baby with poisonous chest spikes.

Ichigo: I’m so good!

4. Chad plays: “Grimmjow hasn’t yet joined the battle because he is distracted by _____.”

And the cards he’s handed are…

  • Endless Pursuit (Rukia)
  • A pink flowered kimono (Renji)
  • Getting a tattoo on your face because you once saw a dude with the same tattoo on his chest. (Ichigo)
  • My pride (Orihime)
  • Ichigo’s closet (Ishida)

Chad: I like to think Grimmjow is busy playing Eternal Pursuit. That is a very cute image.

Rukia: I knew cute was a good choice for you!!

5. Rukia plays: “Kurosaki Ichigo has every power. Except the power of _____.”

And the cards she’s handed are…

  • Screaming Kurosaki Ichigo’s name (Renji)
  • Admiral Seaweed (Ichigo)
  • Plushies that are alive (Orihime)
  • A sword that releases into an EVEN BIGGER SWORD (Ishida)
  • A bucket worn on the head like a helmet (Chad)

Rukia: It is true that Ichigo doesn’t have the power of Admiral Seaweed, so I choose that!

Ichigo: Well this does seem like one I really needed to win.

6. Renji plays: “What was the name of Ichigo’s fullbring?”

And the cards he’s handed are…

  • Eyebrows that are, just, freakishly long (Ichigo)
  • A nickname from Yachiru (Orihime)
  • Aizen getting high on Ulquiorra’s eye sparkles (Ishida)
  • A noble scarf (Chad)
  • Flash step (Rukia)

Renji: I like to think Ichigo’s fullbring would be named “A noble scarf”!

Chad: Okay.

7. Ichigo plays: “Gin might have beaten Aizen, if only he had used _____”

And the cards he’s handed are…

  • Grimmjow’s abs (Orihime)
  • Ichigo’s closet (Ishida)
  • Perfect hypnosis (Chad)
  • Zombie slaves (Rukia)
  • My inner hollow (Renji)

Ichigo: Well… “perfect hypnosis” is probably true, but “Grimmjow’s abs” are funnier, so I’m going with that!

Orihime: I know you so well!

8. Orihime plays: “Why is Soul Society in trouble?”

And the cards she’s handed are…

  • A nickname from Yachiru (Ishida)
  • Unohana with her hair down (Chad)
  • Aizen’s bondage chair (Rukia)
  • The Quincy watching you masturbate from the shadows (Renji)
  • A caterpillar baby with poisonous chest spikes (Ichigo)

Orihime: Um…I think Unohana with her hair down is pretty dangerous!

Chad: Can’t believe that worked.

9. Ishida plays: “What will the Soul King use to woo Ichigo?”

And the cards he’s handed are…

  • A bucket worn on the head like a helmet (Chad)
  • A bunny named Chappy (Rukia)
  • My inner hollow (Renji)
  • Grimmjow’s abs (Ichigo)
  • Tite Kubo’s fetish for cutting off arms (Orihime)

Ishida: Well, since clearly Kurosaki likes Grimmjow’s abs…

Ichigo: I won, but I’m still mad.

10. Chad plays: “As a teenager, Byakuya was obsessed with ______.”

And the cards he’s handed are…

  • Admiral Seaweed (Rukia)
  • Talking to a guitar like it’s sentient (Renji)
  • Getting a tattoo on your face because you once saw a dude with the same tattoo on his chest. (Ichigo)
  • A  hand that doubles as a drill (Orihime)
  • Perfect hypnosis (Ishida)

Chad: Admiral Seaweed is too obvious.

Chad: I like the guitar one.

Renji: Yes!!

11. Rukia plays: “Soi Fon refused to fight alongside Hachigen, at least until he offered her _____.”

And the cards she’s handed are…

  • My pride (Renji)
  • An obscene tattoo (Ichigo)
  • A hot, hot werewolf guy (Orihime)
  • Urahara’s hat (Ishida)
  • The despair squad (Chad)

Rukia: Urahara’s hat, of course! Presumably with his severed head still in it.

Ishida: …what the fuck

12. Renji plays: “What would I create if I had Aizen’s hogyoku?”

And the cards he’s handed are…

  • Ishida wearing Ichigo’s sword like a hat (Ichigo)
  • Eyebrows that are, just, freakishly long (Orihime)
  • Putting Urahara into a box for an entire month (Ishida)
  • A stray dog, down to my bones (Chad)
  • Justice (Rukia)

Renji: I know it’s not even grammatical, but I gotta give it to the stray dog. I gotta.

Chad: Yup.

And the winner is….Chad and Ichigo tied with three points each!

Pursuer and the Pursued.

Genesis 3 is often boldly stated as the story where sin enters the World, and it also defines the purpose of Jesus coming to this Earth.  Through the sin, chasm was created between God and humanity, but Jesus paid the price of sin on the cross so that God & humanity can be one once again.  But, many live lives today thinking the great chasm still exists, and there is no way to be one with God again.  In fact, we all do fall into lies of the enemy and struggle to fight the lie, because it is so much to believe in something that is accepted by the society.  When Adam and Eve first sinned, they fell under the lies of enemy, because enemy made them feel “out of the circle” when they were part of great royalty under God.  Pastor Danny gave a sermon on Fall of Man today, and he spoke about the 3 ways the enemy lied to Adam & Eve, and 3 ways they responded to it.

The first lie was, “Are you sure He said you can’t eat from any tree?” which is alteration of God’s word, because God clearly said “You can eat from any tree EXCEPT from the tree of knowledge good & evil.”  The second lie was “you will not die from eating the fruit,” when God boldly says “You will die from eating the fruit.”  The third & last lie was “You will be like God once you eat the fruit,” when God has already made Adam & Eve according to HIS image.  So how did respond to God after sinning?  They respond by being ashamed of who they are, hide from who they were, and blame each other for what they did.  Just like all of us today.  We tend to point fingers or try to escape from conflicts when something goes wrong, because of our actions.  I testify to that.  Pastor Danny ended his sermon with comparing Adam, the first man, to Jesus, the second man.  Oh by the way, Adam means man in Hebrew.  

1st Adam – does not speak a word
2nd Adam Jesus – Speaks out Himself
Adam – Allows God’s word to be misquoted
Jesus – Does not allow the Word to be misquoted, and replies with the truth.
Adam – puts the blame on someone else
Jesus – Takes all the blame himself on the cross
Adam – hides behind a tree to cover sin
Jesus – is crucified before a tree to expose sin
Adam – through his disobedience death was brought
Jesus – through his obedience life was brought

After the sermon, God went beyond, and gave me a story: a story of endless pursuit and the definition/purpose of endless love, AGAPAE.  In other words, while I was repenting God for blaming and pointing fingers my wrongs, He convicted me with a beautiful story behind Genesis 3.  

First, God reminded me of magnet.  Yes, random, but I started thinking of magnet.  Incase you don’t know how magnets work, magnets are attracted to unlike poles, while attracted poles repel from each other. Well God reminded me of how it was us, not God, that tried to “repel” away.  For example, even though we were made in God’s image, we wanted something more: we wanted same position as God.  So we ended up having same pole as God, but instead of being one, we repelled from God.  Get it?  Magnet is a magnet no matter what pole it is.  In other words, we were God’s, are God’s, and was God’s, but we simply wanted more: we wanted it to be Your Name Here’s God not God’s Your Name Here.  But when Jesus came, he flipped upside down what the enemy has created, which made a way for us to be one with God once again.  Just like you flip the magnet to have opposite poles, and if you bring it close enough, magnets become one.  

Lastly, God reminded me the passage Matthew 6:25-34.  It says,

  25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?  28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

How does that passage relate to Genesis 3?  Often times when we read Genesis 3 or the bible, we tend to pay attention to what God says, but if you read the passage carefully, especially verse 21, it says, “The LORD God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.”  Wait..what? Did I read that correctly?  Genesis 3 sound like God was angry with Adam & Eve for their sins, but God’s action spoke otherwise.  In fact, God still showed love to Adam and Eve by clothing them so they will no longer feel ashamed.  This goes back to Matthew 6 where Jesus talks about how God provides.  I think Jesus was basically saying, “Brothers. Sisters. How could you say God will not provide when you are so valuable to God?”  God decided to show love to Adam and Eve not because they were correct, but because they were so valuable to God.  So valuable because they were only creatures made in His image.  In other words, we are so valuable to God because we are created in His image. Genesis 3 is not only a story of our fall but it is also a story of this endless pursuit.  It’s like a high speed chase, except God is our pursuer with LOVE as his badge, and we are the one being pursued by God.  Not the other way around. Apostles caught this concept and the idea, which made them go beyond what their limits were.  Apostle John testifies to this endless pursuit in 1 John 4:19 saying, “We love because he first loved us.”   

I don’t know about ya’ll but I felt so secure, and still feel so secure as I write & share this with ya’ll.  I feel secure knowing that depth of my fall is not deep enough for LOVE to pull me back out.  I will never have to be measured upon my doing but what has been done already for me. And here’s the most beautiful thing about being pursued, in my mind. Once you know you are pursued, you can’t help but to pursue the one who pursued you, because of the curiosity.  Curious, marked by desire to investigate and learn, of what God has instore for us.      

I’m Alex, a finalist at Oxford University in the UK shooting primarily on 35mm film with a focus on candid and travel photography. My underlying philosophy in my photography is the constant quest to be able to produce an engaging photograph of an ordinary thing - as well as the endless pursuit of great natural lighting.

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How Orihime passed the time in Hueco Mundo (the most recent time)

As requested by anon. :)

In the most recent Bleach arc, while Ichigo was busy getting himself trapped in a sphere and then fighting, Urahara, Orihime, Chad and some arrancars stayed behind in Hueco Mundo. Then Urahara left, and it was just Orihime, Chad, Nel, and probably Grimmjow. For, I don’t know, a week or so? Time is hard to tell in this arc. So what did Orihime do to pass the time during that week?

1. Chase Nel around

Since Nel likes to play Endless Pursuit, and Orihime seems like someone who would like to play with Nel, it seems like this must have happened: Orihime chasing Nel all over the desert.


Orihime: N-Nel! I keep telling you, you don’t have to take something to get me to chase you! Nel!

2. Come up with potato-thing recipes

We saw Orihime eating some sort of potato-thing that Urahara gave the Hueco Mundo crew. Orihime seemed to like it fine, but since Orihime likes coming up with weird recipes, she probably came with all sorts of ways to dress it up!

Orihime: I just wish we had butter! Butter is great on potatoes! Or chocolate syrup!

Chad: You have, um, interesting ideas, Inoue.

3. Train

I believe this is actually just canon.

Chad: This brings me back.

Orihime: Yeah! Remember when we both trained with Yoruichi?

Chad: Yeah.

Chad: And now here we are, training with a kitty once again.

Grimmjow: I AM NOT A KITTY

4. Stop Grimmjow from sneaking away

I don’t know why Grimmjow hasn’t shown up yet, but I choose to believe that it’s because Urahara had something else for him to do. Not that Grimmjow wouldn’t keep trying to sneak away, since that’s what he does.

Orihime: Where are you going, Grimmjow?

Grimmjow: Nowhere. A walk.

Orihime: Please don’t make us use the duct tape again, Grimmjow!

Grimmjow: …

Grimmjow: I hate the duct tape.

5. Teach Grimmjow to play “Patty-cake”

Orihime thought it might be a good way to channel his punching impulses into something positive!

Grimmjow: So….how do you win at this, again?

Orihime: Everybody’s a winner in “Patty-cake,” Grimmjow!

6. Work up a comedy routine with Pesche and Dondochakka

Orihime likes comedy routines. Pesche and Dondochakka view themselves as comedians….well, mostly Pesche. So maybe Orihime could work up a comedy routine with them! And then perform it for Nel.



Orihime: Y-you’re so nice, Nel-chan!

7. Bond with Chad

Chad doesn’t like to talk much. But surely he and Orihime still had some bonding time.

Orihime: So you fought together with Renji, right? What was that like?

Chad: Nice.

Orihime: I feel so much closer to you now!

8. Plan cool entrances

Knowing that she and Chad would be brought to Soul Society at some point, Orihime surely spent some time imagining the coolest possible entrance.

Orihime: I come in….and IMMEDIATELY save Kuorsaki-kun from an attack!!!

Orihime: Nah. That’s probably not going to happen!

9. Explore Hueco Mundo

Like, apparently there are ruins and stuff? I guess maybe Hueco Mundo has some sights.

Nel: And THIS? This is my favorite rock!

Orihime: A-about being my tour guide, Nel…

10. Make Ulquiorra a grave memorial

It is the first time she’s been back to Hueco Mundo since his death, after all.

Orihime: Hey, Ulquiorra-kun.

Orihime: It’s been a while, huh?