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These have been the best years of my life, and they are mine. Tomorrow is promised to no one, Doctor, but I insist upon my past. I am entitled to that. It’s mine.

Reckless Endangerment

Summary:  Rose Tyler’s smile was a drug, and he was addicted. Like any addict, he’d do anything to get his fix.

12/Rose, rated M for swearing (like, a lot of swearing) and eventual smut, chapter 1 rated T. for @timepetalsprompts​ weekly prompt. Fanart by the amazing and talented @rishidiams

Written after a sequel to China Rose was requested. 

Beta’s by RishiDiams and @tenroseforeverandever - thank you!

World’s biggest ‘thank you’s to the ladies of Leather Fetish - @beth51276, @rishidiams, @wipedcleanbysummer - for putting up with my endless fixation on this project. <3

Chapter 1

16 December, 2016

He sat in his office, staring at the two small boxes, trying to figure out how he found himself in this position. He had no idea what had possessed him.

Well, that was a lie. He knew exactly what had possessed him. It was the same thing that possessed him every time he saw it. He was a powerful man, but Rose Tyler’s smile was his weakness, and he wanted to see it all the time. Preferably directed at him. That was terribly unlikely, though.

Ian Docherty was a bastard.

That wasn’t an insult to his character, merely a descriptor. One he didn’t mind, just as he didn’t mind his nickname, ‘the Oncoming Storm’. He was well aware of the fact that he was a bastard and made no apologies for that fact. As a Queen’s Counsel to the Crown Court, a barrister and a litigator, being an arsehole was a vital part of his makeup, necessary to his career.

But Ian had his soft spots, too.

When he’d first heard nearly eleven months ago that Sarah Jane wanted to take on a new pupil, he’d rolled his eyes. The nine partners in the firm - three senior and six junior - had been called on to vote whether or not to bring this person in. The ‘Smith’ of Stewart, Docherty, and Smith, Sarah Jane, had a habit of taking young prospective solicitors under her wing. Though he’d always scoffed at his friend and partner, even he had to admit that she had a knack for picking out exceptionally talented solicitors-to-be. More than half had been hired on permanently by the firm at the end of their pupilage year.

Still, he had no patience for them fumbling around with wide doe eyes and searching for the spare fucking copy paper and all of the other trappings of new hires. Leave that shit to someone else, thanks ever so.

It had been clear to Ian that Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, the other senior partner besides himself and Sarah Jane, was in favor of hiring this Rose Tyler, and the junior partners would vote as they felt prudent, which was to say that they wouldn’t be voting against the senior partners.

Ian had known it was a losing battle and he’d backed down into a ‘yea’ vote, but not before making his position clear: “I don’t give a fuck. Just don’t expect me to be leading this chit around by the fucking hand, alright?”

Alistair had chuckled and assured him that nobody expected any such thing, then instructed Sarah Jane to bring the girl in to meet the partners of her new workplace.

Rose had come in, looking as shy as they all did, but absolutely gorgeous. Blonde, with a wide, lush mouth, generous curves, and topaz eyes, she’d arrested his attention from the moment he’d seen her.

He’d shaken his head to clear it. So what? She was gorgeous, yes, but he was forty-five years old. He’d had his head turned by a woman before, more than once.

Then she’d given the room a shy smile, and that’s when it happened. On 26 January, 2016, Rose Tyler smiled, and Ian Docherty discovered that he had a weakness big enough to drive a lorry through.

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Last chance! Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture, featuring work by Mies van der Rohe, Frank Gehry, Louise Bourgeois, Rachel Whiteread, and others, closes Sunday. 

[Frederick Kiesler. Endless House. Project, 1950–60. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Photograph: George Barrows]

Project Rikleimt Universe

“You should come with me to the capital.” Lexa forcibly swallowed to keep her composure and turned to the blonde. Maybe she could reveal to Clarke another side of her people.  “Polis will change the way you think about us.”

Polis, though, was only the beginning of the world Lexa would show Clarke. Roads bustling with people, only moving aside for horse-drawn carts to pass. Just outside the city walls, farmers were working in the waning heat of the autumn sun, harvesting the last of their produce. Behind the city, you could see the far end of the harbour with small wooden rowboats unloading crates from merchants of the Floudonkru.

There is so much world building potential for this story just with the interactions of the twelve clans alone. Think about it, clashing cultures and an exchange of traditions. A place where the people could flourish under a peaceful rule. The possibilities are endless, and with this project, we want to explore the territories of the twelve clans. We want to meet the different clans and discover how they survived, what their cities look like, and their food tastes like. We want to explore everything - the history, traditions and economics, the landscape of their territories, the weather during the seasons and how nature evolved from what we would consider normal butterflies to ones that glow in the dark.

Are you ready to explore this world with us?

Our vision

This world building team forms the backbone of the writers, in giving it a strong basis in which the Clexa Rikleimt adventures take place. The team will explore in detail the places that the story will take us and slowly build the world around it. There will also be a list of advisors that may be called upon by the writers to give their input on specific subjects. A military advisor may be able to give input on battles and strategies to add more realism to the writing. A medical advisor may be able to advise on procedures and wounds, what is fatal and how long some wounds take to heal.

This team of world builders, mainly consisting of those interested in expanding the world and experts in chosen fields, will be assisted with a team of writers who will write about these features, sites and cultures. Ideally, together, this team would make several informative writings on the Rikleimt universe. One of those writings would contain all the info on the history and workings of the 12 clans. To complement these articles, the team of artists may be able to work on creating sketches, landscapes and/or scenes of the subjects.

Another writing may be more scientific in nature, written by specialists on the subjects of how the apocalypse changed the world. From the nuclear winter to the climate changing effects in the span of 97 years. How nature slowly adapted, sometimes with strange results like the glowing butterflies and the ongoing effects near hot zones, where radioactive material is still highly concentrated. Articles with subjects relatable to past events may teach us more on the effects of radiation, think of Hiroshima and how it might relate to the early years in the fictional world after the first bombs dropped, or how the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl could relate to radioactive hot zones still present in the Clexa Rikleimt story.

The writings, depending on demand, could possibly be made into physical copies, much like the Clexa artbook and the proceeds going to a queer oriented charity. Or we could make a digital copy of it in a pdf document which can be read on your laptop or phone. A third medium is to use the Clexa Rikleimt website where the story can be read and incorporate it there in some way. 

A different final product would be an interactive map of the whole region with all the locations the world building team created, including borders dividing the region into the clans. Perhaps it could even feature common routes and the possibility to calculate how long it would take to move from one city to another per horse, car (skaikru), or just walking.


While all the above is related to the territories of the twelve clans, that region is not the only one affected by the apocalypse with surviving people. Eventually, regions outside of the coalition’s reach may threaten a newfound stability. There may be nomads or banished people crossing the southern borders into the lands of the 12 clans, causing a severe uprising - prompting Clarke & Lexa to become involved in yet another threat to their peace.

The story may lead us eventually in this direction, but a second world building team could already start building this region with unique groups of survivors with different histories and resulting cultures, perhaps even related to old local traditions and belief systems. Also, imagine a post-apocalyptic world with queer/POC/etc. leaders at the top around the world.

(The gay agenda homophobic people fear so much; “the gays take over the world”)

Our vision

The world is large and has room for so many more interesting stories. And one by one we can add to that. We can write the sorely needed representation for each person in the community and see them rise to power, or try to hold on to their seat. This isn’t just about queer representation, but other types of minorities too. Mainstream media is still failing many groups, we’re here to do them justice, not just the LGBTQ+ community. We’re strong, we’re able and we definitely can lead.

Similar to how the first world building team is set up, a second team of experts, interested people, and writers will delve into these regions and create a playground where we can shape a new story, with a whole new cast, perhaps even experiment with a new medium in which the story is told.

Again, there might be an interactive map of the regions and a book on the history and workings of these other regions to accompany the main narrative of another LGBTQ+ leader.


Fill in a form to become world builder here.


You need to be interested and you need to be able to work in a team. That means a willingness to resolve any arising conflicts, be they project related or otherwise, in a reasonable manner.

You need to have enough time on your hands to participate and not be too busy already. We would like to deliver the fandom new content in a timely manner. We understand that situations may arise where you might be more busy for some period of time. We certainly are not asking you to sacrifice important professional or personal commitments. All we ask is that you be willing to commit to this as an ongoing project for the duration your part takes, the details and schedules of which would be discussed.

Obviously individual circumstances will be taken into account and we will try our best to accommodate everybody. This is meant to be a fun experience, not a dictatorship.

'Brain Culture': How Neuroscience Became a Pop Culture Fixation
A book looks at how the cerebral cortex has become a 21st-century version of Warhol's soup cans or Marilyn Monroes
By Maria Popova

“According to this popular neuroscience, because the brain is the source of literally all human thought, emotion, and behavior, willful efforts to improve the brain will naturally lead to superior intelligence, greater emotional stability, and improved performance in the home, at the gym, and in the workplace. [If] one wants to become better in some aspect of life – smarter, fitter, more sociable, or more competitive – the key to improvement is always the brain, regardless of the specific kind of improvement desired. Want a better body? Work on your brain. Want better children? Work on your brain (and theirs). Want a better job? Work on your brain. In this context, having a healthy brain is not simple a matter of avoiding injuries and illness, but rather is tied to endless projects of self-optimization in which individuals are responsible for continuously working on their own brains to produce themselves as better parents, workers, and citizens." 

We’ve been taking advantage of the oh.so many rainy days to get some burn piles going. The sugar shack on the farm was abandoned many years ago and there is lots of stuff around it we have to clear before we can fix it up into a little cabin for farm apprentices to come live in. Hoping to have it ready to go for 2014. 

Now on view: Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture explores how artists have used the house as a means to explore universal topics, and how architects have tackled the design of residences to expand their discipline in new ways. 

[Frederick Kiesler. Endless House. Project 1950–60; model 1958. Department of Architecture and Design Study Center. Photo: George Barrows]