endless pools


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“I’ve lost the use of my heart
But I’m still alive
Still looking for the light
And the endless pool on the other side
It’s the wild wild west
I’m doing my best
I’m at the borderline of my faith
I’m at hinterland of my devotion
I’m in the front line of this battle of mine
But I’m still alive … ” - Soldier of love , Sade.

Dave Strider Style Rating

Honestly, there are a lot of good Daves. I think the sunglasses help to make a lot of styles work well for him. I had to use far fewer images than I saved. 

The sprite- not my favorite. the hair is better drawn with fewer lines, left to the imagination. His sunglasses are cuter round imo but the vague aviator look here isn’t bad. 2/10

Replacement- the replacement to the sprite looks pretty good. Dave is very simplified, and I think the lack of mouth in some scenes looks cool. 7/10

Scared- this is a good boy. I want lots of people to look at this boy. He is not actually an endless pool of cool with no genuine emotion mixed in, he just likes to seem that way. Here, he’s scared. Showing his eyes was a nice touch. 9/10

Dead- speaking of making the shades transparent enough to show Dave’s eyes, it was definitely not done in this dramatic scene, so we just stare at Dave for a second, while, presumably, his eyes go white in what is, presumably, an emotional moment. It did make me laugh tho. 2/10

Anime Mood Boy- they really got the anime look down pat in this scene of act 7. I feel like he is going to lock eyes with our bright young protagonist across a crowded room, and eventually leave his friends to look down at his much shorter love interest, hair ruffling lightly in the breeze. 5/10

Storybook- this Dave seems to come straight out of a children’s picture book. Points for him looking young, as he is 13. 4/10

Tense- this Dave was really good. He has nice shapes. Returns to the aviator look of the sprite, as opposed to the rounder look of the replacement.  8/10

Sketch- This Dave is cute. His hair looks nice. 7/10

Milton- the eyebrows suggest, to me, a plotting young antagonist. He wears nice clothes and has the things he wants but is never happy, only ever content to stand behind our protagonists and glower. Someday he will be part of the team, those eyebrows will relax (both of them, milhouse) and we will watch past episodes and laugh about how he was once the antag. 6/10

Heroic- my favorite Dave. He looks sweet, and his hair sticks up in a really cute manner in the back. The shapes are nice, and his face is long enough to suggest that a nose exists. 10/10

what is home?

home is the yellow of his hair
golden as the sun
and soft like the rays that fall from it
home is the dotting of freckles across his nose
like sprinkled stardust on his skin
in constellations yet to be discovered
home is the broadness of his shoulders
strong and sturdy
built from the weight of his country’s name that he carries with resilient pride
home is the blue of his eyes
pools of endless sky
searching for his next horizon and yearning to cross it into uncharted waves
home is the pink of his lips
two rose petals pressed together
softer than silk as they brush across a lover’s mouth
bruising at even the hint of a gentle kiss
home is the boy he used to be
the punk who fought in back alleys
an underground patriot that sought justice before justice had the decency to find him

home is everything he is
everything he was
and everything he will ever be

—  my heart dwells in the church of his name (j.b.b)
DAY 3204(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai               Jan 5, 2017            Thu  11:12 pm

Birthday - EF - Manish Parmar  

Friday, January 6, 2017

.. and we wish you a very happy birthday Manish .. with love and more from your Ef .. enjoy

Stagnancy reigns .. in stagnant pools .. of endless nothings .. the entire day .. a habit that may never be permitted to hibernate within .. a curse in many aspects of life .. a delusion that needs to be driven into the skies for fresh breaths of air .. breathe then the freshness of still motionless demeanour .. and bring to realization that the impending effects of it, shall be large enough to drown a swimmer in a bowl of the acqua ..!

But there is cheer too .. as the moving symbol of time eats into the clock before me, demanding that this - this absurd writing that I do from day 3203 onwards  - be over in a jiffy and the retire be initiated, so, the gym rehab in the morning does not give me questioning looks of disapproval ..

Rapid moves in several directions gets us no where .. singular effort in one path gives way to achievement, even if it be nominal and insignificant in the eyes of the other .. nothing ever is insignificant .. it may be for another, but never face any generalisation .. for, insignificance to one could well be significant for the other .. we were all made unequal in many ways .. except in our construct .. and blessed are they that know the intricacies of our construct from birth till death, from the moment of delivery to the moment of deliverance ..

I know not why I put this oft repeated picture up on this platform .. but recent incidents .. recent disturbing incidents and its disgusting visuals, coerce one to refer to every sentence uttered by Deepak Saigal, that intrepid bi polar aged retired and out, Lawyer, of limited acumen in the film .. to just listen in to all the discussions and arguments that now prevail, to no avail .. hehehe .. 

That be not laughter or snigger of amusement .. it be the cynicism of the obvious .. for most of such developments give immense credence to that harshly used adage : ‘raat gayi, baat gayi’  ..

NO .. raat toh gayi, par baat nahin .. baat chalti rehni chahiye .. baat hi badalti hai samaj aur vaishiyat ko ..

Increase the water intake, sleep well and ice the muscle aberrations .. if not shall face the wrath tomorrow by 6 am ..

Good night and love ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Warning: Contains smut. read at your own risk.

TF character: Liam Dunbar.

Summary: You are in heat and need Liam to help you because you don’t really know anyone else.

(a/n:) I know I already did one for Liam but this came to be and i had to write it!

You were knew at this whole werewolf thing, being only turned two months ago you had no idea what you were in store for, with the constant changing, having to control your anger, and right now the endless pool of arousal in your pants. Not only were you begging for relief, your body started feeling a physical tole, as if you were being skinned alive. This was awkward, waiting for Liam to return, you sitting on his bed. It’s not like you meant to show up uninvited, but know one else came to mind that was trustworthy or whom you would feel comfortable around.

Every second spent there burned, your skin hot, the puddle between your legs making you have to squeeze your thighs together for some kind of friction or release. Laying against the bed, you let out a whine,  with the pain and aching of your core. Being so lost, you barely noticed the door swinging open, and the moment it did, Liam didn’t know what hit him. He has heard of heating, but never has been around a female influenced by the charm. The smell over filled him, goose bumps rising against the olive skin, and his cock hardening instantly. His cold glare made you fidget, once against squeezing your thighs, sending another sweet aroma towards Liam.

With that he clenched onto the corner of the desk, darkily staring toward the Beta in heat, his cock twitching against the rough material of the kakhi shorts. “Liam it hurts so bad.” You whimper, his knuckles now turning white due to his grip against the wood, it was so hard not to take you there and right now but he couldn’t; he knew he couldn’t. “Liam help me please.”

The way you begged his name left him shivering. “I-I can’t.” He barely chokes out, his dark pupils watching your every move. “Scott is the Alpha, you’re the beta, you must mate with him.” You shake your head, the heat of your skin making you moan out loud, tears of frustration running down your cheeks. 

“No, I can’t. I don’t want to.” You growl, making him sigh, “I want you Liam please, I can choose whoever I want.” That wasn’t true, you belonged to be mated with the Alpha, not some omega. Liam held his ground, standing up straight, trying to hide the fact that he needed you, he wanted you so bad.

“Liam please.” You beg once again, spreading your legs letting your scent run across the room, to reach Liam, the heavenly smell making him gasp. He couldn’t control this, deep down inside his wolf wanted her, wanted to knot her, to mate her, but then the other half didn’t want to betray his Alpha.

The fire that danced across your skin, reached your stinging, soaked, swollen core. The cry being the last straw for Liam as he feel to his knees in front of you, his rough hand pulling the grey shorts down your legs, throwing them wherever. “You smell so good.” He finally says, “I can’t take it anymore..”

And with puckered lips he met with your shinning heat, a real moan finally let off into the air. Taking his arms, and wrapping them around your thighs as a way to secure you from moving too much or away from the relief he was finally giving you, of course it was a good thing but you were just so sensitive. Removing his right arm, to sink two fingers into your heat, groaning at the tightness around him, before roughly bringing back and thrusting deepily into your pussy.

“Liam.” The name falling effortlessly as the pale, white fingers play with the golden locks of hair watching him devour her pussy, and beat it along with his fingers. He feels the tightening of your walls again his fingers and he licks a stride against your clit before looking up at you. His finger soaked in your heat, your pussy juice staining the bed sheets, as he continues the brutal assault. “Look at me.” You couldn’t find yourself to, as the heat inside your stomach grew hotter and hotter. “I said look at me.” His free hand cups your chin, making you whine looking into the eyes of Liam. “This is my pussy.” He growls, “You’re mine now.”

Your nails dug deep into the clothed shoulder of the teenager as a hot wave approached, Liam milking you over your cum, his fingers covered in sticky, white cum. “Move up on the bed.” He commands and of course you follow.

Part 2? (;

i want to more than kiss you
i want to press your existence into mine
melt into the fabric of our causation
by segue of fire
meet me where the water grasps the bank
soothingly swim in the endless pool
of my light under night sky
i want you to emanate
from the core of my being
as one, i want to feel you
with our limbs entwined

I want to be serenaded, I want beautiful flowers, I want to be showered with rose petals from the rooftops, I want to be told that my eyes are endless pools of warm water, I want to be spun into a soft garment of gold thread, I want to be loved so hard my heart shatters into a million tiny hearts, one to love each hair on your body, I want to dance around your bed until my feet are numb and my eyes out of focus, I want I want I want I want!

With testing soon approaching and cars coming to light soon, I think if Ferrari’s car this year is shitty again, Seb should not renew his contract. Like there you’ve achieved your dream and drove a red car for three years and even won a few races, now please leave and find yourself a fast car because time is passing and you’re not getting any younger. I’d seriously question a whole lot of things about him if he still stays, honestly. Like what do you want? What are you waiting for? You’re not a magician and the team is obviously dysfunctional. Literally an endless pool of money and recourses and zero results for nearly a decade.

Request: The Right Choice

Request: I was wondering if I could have a one shot where you are sam and dean’s half sister (around fourteen years old) who meets a boy and it kinda goes along the lines of young sam and amy in the episode “The Girl Next Door” except the boy is bad and she has to kill him? Thanks!

Word Count: 1193

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

“Don’t worry, I’ll check it out.” You say softly, trapping the phone between your ear and your shoulder as you reach up to find a book, “No problem. I’ll get back to you as soon as I – shit! Sorry!”

Your attention is diverted from your brother on the other end of the phone to the guy you just dropped the book on. He’s laughing, though, so apparently he can’t be that hurt.

He seems to be about your age, with dark brown eyes that look like endless pools of almost-black and dark red hair.

“I’ll call you back.” You hang up on Sam, and turn to the guy.

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” You ask, bending down to pick the book up from the floor. He offers a reassuring smile.

“I’m fine. It’s not that heavy.” He grins brightly, and you can’t help but laugh, nonetheless apologetic, “I’m James.”

“Y/N,” You introduce yourself, and he holds out a hand. You take it hesitantly, but rather than shaking it, he lifts your hand to his lips and kisses your knuckles.

“Suck up.” You tease, but he only laughs, rolling his eyes.

“You love it. So, what are you reading?” He enquires, looking at the spine of the book in your hand. “Lycanthrope Mythology?”

“It’s for a school thing.” You lie seamlessly, topping it off with a smile, “A project.”

“Which school? I haven’t seen you around here before.” He asks, narrowing his eyes. You shrug.

“I’m homeschooled. My family travel with work, you see.” You explain.

“Oh, I see. How long are you in town for?”

“Depends how long it takes to get the job done. They’re in extermination, so we’ll see.” You grin, and he laughs.

“So, are you the leading expert on termites?”

“I wish. They give me the shivers, nasty little things.” You giggle, making him laugh. Your conversation is gaining dirty looks from the other people in the library and he seems to notice too. He lowers his voice, leaning in closer to you.

“I live not far from here, and my family are out all day. Want to head back there, get a drink? Nothing funny, I promise.”

“I’m down for that.” You grin, and he smiles brightly.

“Awesome, let’s go.” He celebrates. You shove the book back on the shelf and follow him out. An hour away from the research won’t do any harm.

It’s a gorgeous summer day, the sun beating down on the small town from it’s perch in the azure sky. You can’t help but look up in wonder.

“I love the summer.” You muse, running a hand down your bare arm. James smiles.

“Tell me about it.” He agrees, turning a corner. You follow, matching his longer footsteps with relative ease. You walk along, chatting meaninglessly – you make up lies about your schoolwork, and he tells you about his. You can’t help but feel a little bad – he seems so genuine and kind – but you know it’s what you have to do. That’s just the way it is.

“Here we are.” He swerves suddenly into a small garden, leading you down the path and towards a prettily painted red door, marked with the number 15. You follow as he opens the door and lets you in – it’s a gorgeous house, decorated only recently with the smell of paint still lingering on the air.

“Coke alright?” He asks, heading for the kitchen, “Or are you looking for something… a little more exotic?” He wiggles his eyebrows in jest and you laugh.

“Coke it great, thank you.”

You spend the next hour talking on and on, and you don’t even realise that the time has passed until your phone rings in your pocket. Dean’s name flashes on the screen, and you sigh.

“I gotta take this, I’m sorry.”

“No worries,” James smiles, “I’m gonna head to the bathroom, anyway. Just a minute.”

He leaves and you answer the phone.


“Y/N? Good, hey, we got our guys. Meet us there?” He asks, and you run a hand through your hair.

“Sure. Where am I headed?”

“Fifteen, Elm Grove. Bright red door.” You wince at the informations, “We’re gonna bag these wolves and get the hell outta here, okay? Sammy found a ghost case a state over, and I want to be there by morning.”

“Elm Grove… next to the park?”

“That’s the one. Got your silver blade? I’ll bring bullets, don’t worry.”

“Y-Yeah. Alright. See you there.”

You hang up shakily. This is fifteen, Elm Grove – which means, he’s one of them. He must be.

“So you know, then.” The voice comes from behind you and you turn sharply, your hand reaching for the blade in your boot. You nod slowly, and James sighs.

“I knew you had to be a hunter. I just… didn’t want to believe it, you know? You seemed so genuine.”

“I am genuine.” You shove the blade in your pocket and his attention moves back to your face.

“No, you’re not.” He doesn’t look angry… oh, no. An angry teenage werewolf… you can deal with that. But a sad one? That’s another story.

“James, I’m not going to hurt you.” You say softly. He looks up with wide brown eyes, in total shock.

“You’re not?”

“No.” You take a slow step towards him, holding your arms out. He smiles – a true smile that lights up his eyes and makes you smile too. He moves forward, pulling you into a trusting embrace.

And you slide the silver up, through his ribs, and straight into his heart.

He cries out, the silver searing into his skin. He claws desperately at the blade as if its removal can stop the oncoming tide of darkness.

“I’m so sorry.” You whisper, tears springing to your eyes as he stares at you in utter disbelief, before collapsing to the ground.


“Y/N, you had to do it.” Sam assures you. You’ve been all but silent for the past hour of driving and your brothers are both worried, “I swear, you had no other option.”

“He’s right,” Dean agrees for the billionth time, “You did good. He hardly felt a thing, I swear.”

“It was the bravest thing to do.”

“The best thing to do.”

“If it hadn’t been you, he’d have spent his last moments terrified.”

They keep spouting these bullshit reassurances until you finally, after twenty minutes, snap.

“I know it was the damn right thing! That doesn’t mean it feels good to know that there’s a corpse lying dead in the woods, wherever you dumped it, and he’s dead because he trusted me! It doesn’t mean it’s good to know there’s a teenager running around Purgatory, terrified, because he trusted me!” You turn around, curling yourself into a ball in the back seat and closing your eyes. Maybe some sleep will help.

  • Aries: Blatantly sexual with anyone despite their sexuality
  • Taurus: Cuties and actual rays of sunshine and goodness
  • Gemini: Booooooooty for days
  • Cancer: Endless pool of innocence
  • Leo: I can see my reflection in ur eyes
  • Virgo: Way more fun than ur zodiac sign name implies
  • Libra: Cuties w big booties (always)
  • Scorpio: Sacrifice me to satan and i'll still love u
  • Sagittarius: Hoe u crazy...I like it
  • Capricorn: My biggest mistake and the one that got away
  • Aquarius: Soulmate and other half
  • Pisces: I loved u for so long but u always took it for granted
Happy New Years

Dear 2014

Hey it’s me! I know we didn’t get along to well this year however you did teach me quite a lot. I will admit there were many times if you took physical form I wanted to punch you repeatedly in the face. And maybe even throw you into endless pool of whip cream trapping you within it’s fluff of tastiness to be forever lost or shoot you with a charged proton pack. I’m basically writing to tell you it’s over! I found myself a New Year and it’s promising to treat everyone much nicer! It’s name is 2015! Yes that one! The one that stole all the pretzels from 2013. Point in case I don’t think we will be in touch. I left a brown paper bag on your door step it contains all you bestowed on me and many others….it’s a hefty size turd. Goodbye 2014. 

Sincerely and with no love,

Happy New Years Everyone!! 

I dug my fingers into the ground in hopes it would stabilize me
. I dug violently in the hopes that my fingers were my roots, something I could control.
I dug at the beach pushing the sand away,only to find more, 
I dug at the park only to find endless dirt and worms
. I dug in the rain just to discover an endless pool of mud. 
The mud slipped through my fingers as I tried to hold tight, 
I dug different shades and textures only to find  that I was still digging in the same ground.
—  hijabiyonce