endless ocean fandom

Enter name: Moist Shipwrecked

How dare you! You should be thrown out to see and never seen again. Try Again.

Enter Name: Endless Ocean Fandom

You are the ENDLESS OCEAN FANDOM; but most people can call you Endless Ocean. In some ways you are DEAD but others may simply say you are caught in a ROUGH TIDE. Your hobbies include SWIMMING, SCUBA DIVING, FISHING, AND MAKING MAPS. Even if your design is based off someone who can’t swim, you CAN. It would be rather inconvenient to live on a BOAT if you couldn’t. 

Your chumhandle is echostystemOutcast [EO] and you speak in a rafter odd wave. You can’t help but add in a nautical themed jokes.

But for the time being you are rather cramp in inside your ship. Move along.

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