endless nights of rain

Wrong Brother (Fili X Reader)

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Request for @thealbersclan   Hi hi hi!! Love your stuff!! Could I please do a request?? How about reader x Fili. Fili wants to get reader a present to show his affections and he is unsure if reader likes him. He has no idea what to get her so Kili tries to talk her up to get ideas. Reader Gets the wrong idea and tells Kili she’s not interested in him(Kili) and she actually likes his brother! ❤️  

Authors Note: FOR @thealbersclan SO SORRY this took so long, I’m in the middle of exams and have been stressing out. But I did promise I would get this done, so I’ve taken a break from studying to finish this. Hope you like it

Word Count: 1,254

Fili was a Prince. Heir to the throne of Erebor. A member of the First Company who reclaimed the mountain from a Dragon, for crying out loud! So why did he find this so difficult? Was it just not meant to be? Why did her heart seem so out of reach?

Fili sighed loudly and his shoulders dropped slightly as he maneuvered his body to rest more comfortably in the tree. Yes, you heard correctly, Fili was currently perched in a tree, waiting for his brother to walk through with (Y/N), the young dwarrow that had stolen his heart.

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Under the midnight sky, she whispered these words to me…

I didn’t become
This beautiful overnight.
I was broken,
Bruised by life’s unexpected
Hate for me.
There was a time
I dwelled in darkness
Simply because the pain
Felt too good,
But I could no longer take
The endless nights of tears
Raining upon my pillow case,
Nor the loneliness that dwelled
Within my heart.
I could no longer take
The emptiness
That drained my soul
Each day.
And so,
I became the other part of myself.
The part I knew could emerge
From the darkness
With a bursting light.
So, like I said, I didn’t become
This beautiful overnight.

—  @cjdexter
Forced - Request

Requested by anon: Dean x Reader OS about it. It’s basically the Reader gets raped but is too ashamed to tell anyone, but the boys figure it out eventually and comfort her.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 2,212

Warnings: Rape, gore.

A/N: This is such a hard topic. Please, guys, if it’s your case you have to look for help. I know it can be embarrassing to admit, and to scary, but please look for help. It is the only way to fight back, and to stop that awful people. Sadly, in real life, there’s no such thing as a Dean Winchester ready to kill for us, so please defend yourself by telling the police or any figure of authority in charge of that.


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Running away in that endless street, and the night is darker than ever, and the rain is heavy but not enough to hide her footsteps.  She can sense him coming closer, but she can’t tell where he’s coming from.

She knew it was a bad idea to go after him alone, she knew she had to ask for help from another hunter, but her pride was far too big and she had decided to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all.

If she had only known what kind of monster he was, maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t have tried to stop him. Maybe she would’ve avoided the town or called the cops, or maybe she would’ve sent someone else – a male hunter – to kill him on his sleep. Because, truth was, humans were far worse than any other Supernatural creature.

He was morbid, insane, vulgar, disgusting. The kind of man one changes to the other side of the street, just so one doesn’t walk by his side. The vibe he expelled at plain sight was enough to reject whoever saw him.

So he decided that, to get his way, he would have to take it without permission.

In his brain, he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He would break into women’s houses and apartments, he would capture them on the streets and drag them to dark alleys, or even so, get them so drunk at the bars they wouldn’t remember their name the next day – not that there’s ever a next day.

He was a supernatural fanatic. If one entered his house they would find all kinds of books, amulets, sigils, and other things related to the life (Y/N) and the rest of the hunters lived. Thankfully, he was still ignorant to the existence of such things.

Because of his fanaticism, the way he “got rid” of his victims seemed to be like some kind of monster had done it, hence, (Y/N) had target him as his next hunt.

When she arrived in town, she found out exactly who he was. She thought it would be an easy hunt, everyone blamed him for the murderers, and everyone ran away from him so, if he got killed, no one would care.

Humans can be real monsters.

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.03) blue begin(nings)- jjk(m)

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just 2 kids below 2000 stars.

(m)- mature | 2.7k words | .01)- pjm / .02)- myg / .03)- jjk | (x) (x)

“We’re going to die out here,” you whisper, shivering against the cold of night.

“No,” he says, rigid, determined, “we won’t.”

“We are sitting ducks out here Jungkook,” you move from the warmth of his arms and sit with your back to him, “your three walled house in the woods won’t protect us from what’s out there. Or from the cold.”

“This ‘three walled house’ is all I have,” he snaps, kicking the blanket from his legs and standing up. You swallow, turning your head so you can see him out of your peripheral, the strong lines of his back filling out his long sleeve shirt, fists curling and uncurling with agitation or desperation.

“Fuck,” he kicks a bucket close to him in rage, the cylinder flying out through the missing wall and clunking in the forest, its rolling echoing for a moment before stopping at the base of the nearest tree, moonlight glinting off of its chipped surface, “this is tragic. Earth is tragic, this house is tragic, humanity is tragic,” his voice cracks, “but it’s all I have. All I have.”

Licking your chapped lips, you sigh and stand up, fighting against the cold with the mere will of your thoughts. Touching his shoulder gingerly, you press your lips against his shoulder blade, “I know,” you concede, “I know, I’m sorry.” He turns to you at the feeling of your fingers on his chin, eyelashes downcast in the night.

“But hey,” you crack a small smile, eyes alight with compassion, “you have me too.”

Jungkook looks at you, nodding minutely, a muscle feathering along his jaw.

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I meant to publish this a long time ago.  Under the cut are 180 quotes from the most popular movies & albums of 2014.  You can use these for bios, graphics, para titles, starters, sidebars, descriptions, or anything else you can come up with.  If you find this helpful, I would really appreciate a like or reblog.  Thanks so much for another fantastic year, I love you all!

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Cecil walked into the house. He was wearing a raincoat, and a rain hat, and he had a cane
  • Cecil: Ahh! One feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet! And when one feels like a duck, one is happy!
  • Carlos: Ooh, ducklings!
  • Cecil: Too old to be a duckling! Quack quack
Under The Wing Of A King


Summary: Thorin suddenly goes all mama bear on Bilbo and the hobbit is confused. He turns to Balin for advice, but ends up getting some interesting information from Fili and Kili instead. Apparently there is a difference between protecting your people and protecting someone you love.

Words: 1 541

Bilbo Baggins noticed, after miles and miles of traveling by ponies and by foot and by eagles, after having flirted with death countless of times, after endless nights of rain and cold and exhaustion, that Thorin Oakenshield was an actual mama bear.

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Imagine having a one night stand with Spencer. (Part 2)

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[Part 1]

Warnings: Some cursing

I don’t have much to give, but I don’t care for gold
What use is money, when you need someone to hold?
Don’t have direction, I’m just rolling down this road
Waiting for you to bring me in from out the cold
You’ll never know the endless nights, the rhyming of the rain,
Or how it feels to fall behind and watch you call his name…

The awkward night went on as you watched everyone dance, leaving you and Spencer alone at the table. You were not feeling well and decided to just sit for a moment. To your surprise, Spencer stayed too.

“So.. how are you?” Spencer said, breaking the awkward silence after a few minutes.

“I’ve… been alright. How about you?” You didn’t know what you were supposed to answer to that.

“I’m swell,” he answered and took a sip of his drink. “How long have you known Morgan?” He met your eyes, and his face was hard.

“Um, we met about two weeks ago,” you began. “We’ve gone out four times already. Mostly out for drinks and dancing.” You weren’t sure why you felt the need to explain to Spencer about your relationship with Derek. He wasn’t your boyfriend, or even your friend.

“Have you slept with him?” Spencer asked, casually and your eyes went wide.

“Excuse me?” you asked, almost spilling your drink on the table.

“Oh I’m sorry… was that too personal?” Spencer asked, looking innocent.

“Yes it was, Spencer.” You frowned at him and he shrugged. “What does that mean exactly?”

“I mean, you did it with me, I figured it could have also happened with Morgan.” He gave you a smug look and your heart sank. You didn’t think he would be this way.

“So now I’m slut?” you asked, your voice low. You bit your lip and hopped off the chair you were on. “You know what, fuck you Reid.” With that you turned on your heel and headed towards Derek. You grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the crowd of people dancing. You told him you weren’t feeling good and that you just wanted to go home. He said goodbye to Penelope, Emily and JJ and then went back to the table where Spencer was. Derek whispered something and Spencer’s eyes fell on you. He frowned and nodded at his friend. Derek headed your way and walked you outside.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, once you were outside.

“Yeah I’m sorry, Derek. I think I drank more than I should have.” You blushed and Derek pulled you close to him, kissing your forehead.

“It’s alright (Y/N),” he said, lovingly. “Come on, I’ll take you home.”


Pack up and leave everything,
Don’t you see what I can bring
Can’t keep this beating heart at bay
Set my midnight sorrow free,
I will give you all of me
Just leave your lover, leave him for me
Leave your lover, leave him for me…

The weeks went by and you had been seeing Derek almost every day. He was sweet to you and you liked that. But you were still thinking about what happened with Spencer the night at the bar. Did he really have that low of an opinion about you? You knew that you didn’t have much to offer him, but that was a little harsh coming from someone who didn’t really know you. And on top of everything, you wanted to be honest to Derek about what had happened with, apparently, one of his best friends and co-worker. You just couldn’t bring yourself to tell him the truth, not really knowing how he’d react.

You had been to the BAU as Derek had requested to meet up for lunch or for going on dates, always trying to ignore Spencer’s eyes on you. He always tried to cross paths, “accidentally” bumping into you and trying to start a conversation. He had mentioned the night at the bar once, but you walked away before he could get any further. You weren’t interested in anything he had to say about that night anymore. You were still hurt at his comment and weren’t sure if it was worth it to even consider talking at all.

“Are you okay (Y/N)?” Derek asked you, one night when you had gone out dancing.

“Yeah, I’m alright,” you said and smiled at him. That night, you had decided that maybe it was time to take your relationship further with Derek. You had talked to his friend Penelope and she had told you that Derek would always talk about you. You figured if he had told his friends about you, he must like you a lot. 

He drove you home and walked you to your door. “Did you want to come in?” you asked, softly.

“Really?” Derek asked, slightly confused and then he smiled. “Yes, I would.”

“Come on.” You took his hand and guided him inside. You watched a movie for a while on your couch, and he had his arm wrapped tightly around your waist. You glanced at him and stared at him as he watched the movie. He looked down at you with a confused face.


“Nothing .. I’m just, I’m not sure.” You bit your lip, blushing as he turned to look directly at you. “I was just admiring you, I guess.” 

“You’re so cute,” Derek said, kissing your lips. He pulled you close and you felt his hand slide under your shirt slightly. You kissed him back and wrapped your arms around his neck. He pushed you down on the couch and got on top of you, his lips never leaving yours. Both of his hands were under your shirt and started to slowly slide up your body. You smiled against his lips as he kissed you deeper.

You were just enjoying the moment when suddenly you heard your doorbell ring. Your eyes opened and you pulled away from Derek slightly. He looked at you, making a face. “Are you waiting for someone?” he asked, softly. You shook your head and he got off you. He headed to the door and opened it. “Uh hey .. what are you doing here, Reid?”

“Reid?” you asked softly, getting off the couch and heading to the door. You saw Spencer standing at your door, shifting awkwardly as he avoided Derek’s eye. What the hell?

Him and Her

A/N: Gruvia angst set during the one year timeskip and also including a short fluffy memory in-between just to lighten the mood ^.^…kinda >.>
Words: 1525
Summary: What was once a home, filled with so much joy and laughter, was now an empty house.

It was raining.

Pellets of rain poured down from the sky in heavy bursts, the sound now a resonating, whirring noise that she’d grown accustomed to over time.

She wondered how some people could ever think of the rain as anything but a teller of misery. How could something that fell so heavily be described as beautiful? Rain and sorrow was all she’d ever known for so long; as far as she was concerned, the two went hand in hand.

Juvia sat beside the window, one hand following the trail of a raindrop making its path down to the ledge, the other curled around the silver chain of his necklace, cold to the touch, the spike of the cross digging into her palm and piercing her in a way that still wasn’t nearly as painful as the realisation that he had left her.

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tony of all people can understand having blood on your hands and so he and bucky get on well because they understand that part of each other and as understanding turns into love, the other avengers especially steve dont understand it until they see both of them comforting the other one night and after that, they dont ever bother the two when it comes to their relationship

It’s not that Steve disapproves.

He doesn’t, you know, approve, but he’s not completely full of himself. He knows it’s not his choice and it’s not his place. And honestly, it’s not even like he thinks they’re bad for each other. Bucky is his brother and Tony is his partner and they’re both two of the best men he’s ever known. He just never expected them to actually like each other, that’s all.

And he worries, a little. Tony is so… flippant sometimes. And Bucky can be terribly sensitive, so easily reminded of the things that the Winter Soldier did - the things they made him do all those years when Steve was gone. Steve doesn’t think Tony would deliberately hurt Bucky (well, maybe, in an argument Tony does know how to go for the jugular but then so does Bucky. Hell, so does Steve and he’s not proud of it) but he does worry, sometimes, that Tony will be a smartass at exactly the wrong moment and Bucky will… well. Not hurt him, but. Yeah. 

Steve worries. A little.

But they mostly keep it between themselves. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that his two best friends are apparently in a relationship because they don’t really act like it. They snap and snarl and snark at one another, a near ceaseless volley of verbal warfare that pauses only when a better target enters the crossfire - Clint, mostly, or Fury. Steve himself is a favorite target. 

There’s no gentleness there. No care. And Steve bites back the urge to step in, to try and quell the bickering, because it’s not his place. But he sees them slap each other on the back of the head nearly every day when he’s never seen them hold hands and.

He worries.


It’s raining one night. A constant, endless downpour that’s been going on for hours. The windows are awash with it, and the near-constant roll of thunder is almost completely unlike artillery fire.

Steve doesn’t sleep much, on nights like these.

So he rolls out of bed around two in the morning when he’s had his fill of staring at the ceiling. He dresses and grabs whatever comes to hand first; a sketchbook, a bottle of water, his cellphone. No pencils, but he won’t be able to draw anything tonight anyway. He just needs his hands full so he can do something, even if it’s only flipping through the pages and composing endless texts that he deletes before sending.

(Most of the people he’s texting aren’t alive anymore, anyway)

He spends nights like these in the library, ensconced in a high-backed chair, his back to the corner so he can keep the windows where he can see them. He doesn’t know what he’s standing guard for, but every flash of lightning out of the corner of his eye makes him flinch so instead he faces it head on.

But this night something makes him pause in the hallway outside the television room.

There’s no sound he can identify. No movement that he recognizes. But he stops anyway and waits, just for a few heartbeats. And then he hears it.

An exhale. Rough. Shaken. An inhale, almost frantic.

“Breathe,” Bucky says and he sounds as rough as Steve feels. “Breathe.”

He edges into the room as silently as possible. If something is wrong, he wants to offer help, but all he sees is Bucky and Tony curled into each other on Clint’s second favorite couch.

Their foreheads are pressed together and the way they watch each other makes Steve feel worse than if he’d walked in on them in bed.

“I’m breathing,” Tony says. One of Bucky’s hands is pressed against his chest, palm flat over the arc reactor. “Don’t let go.”

“I’m holding on,” Bucky says and Tony turns his head a little to kiss him. Just a press of lips, mouths still against each other for several long, shaky breaths.

“I’ll keep breathing,” Tony says quietly into the dark, “as long as you hold on.”

Bucky’s free hand curls around the back of Tony’s neck. “I’m holding on to you.”

He slips away as silently as he came. He doesn’t ever bring it up.

But he sees it, after that. The gentleness. The care. The way Bucky’s eyes linger on Tony’s face after a battle. The way Tony’s fingers skim along Bucky’s metal arm when he leaves for work in the mornings. Bucky’s head on Tony’s chest during movie night, where he can hear his heartbeat and count his breaths. Tony’s voice, reaching out to Bucky in combat, giving him something to hold on to.

He doesn’t worry anymore.

Not about them.

Leave Your Lover

Omg Thank you for 34 followers! Its really great considering im a new fanfic blog so, thank you guys so much!

Word Count: 
4497 words

“You’ll never know the endless nights, the rhyming of the rain, or how it feels to fall behind and watch you call his name. Pack up and leave everything, don’t you see what I can bring? Can’t keep, this beating heart at bay. Set my midnight sorrow free, I will give you all of me, just leave your lover, leave him for me…”

Unrequited love, it’s such a funny thing isn’t it? How you can be totally in love with someone but they don’t love you back. Its heart breaking. Sometimes you watch the person you love, love someone else. You’re happy that they’re happy, but you wish that they could just love you back, but they don’t, they can’t.

Dan’s P.O.V

“Is it okay if Matthew comes too?” (y/n)’s voice sounded through the phone. Right now I was making plans with one of my best friends, and she wanted to invite her boyfriend of 16 months. (y/n) and I haven’t hung out together in a while, and when I mean together, I mean just the two of us, she always wants to invite her boyfriend, and I’ll admit, I can’t stand the guy, but at the same time, he makes her happy, extremely happy. Honestly, I felt…… disappointed that she wanted to invite him. I mean, I had to say yes otherwise she wouldn’t come, but god!, he’s like a fucking leech, constantly with her or near her, he never gives her any space, like seriously, it makes me sick. It’s not fair, I loved her first, I loved her first…

“Yeah I guess, Matthew could come too, I don’t see the problem” I basically lied through my teeth. I didn’t want him to be with us ‘but he’s her boyfriend, not you’ my subconscious kept telling me. Dammit. Matthew wasn’t one of those stereotypical ‘best friends boyfriend’ We’ve never gotten into an argument, he’s never confronted me about spending too much time with her, never told me to stay away from her. He’s a genuine nice guy. The only reason why I couldn’t stand him is because he has her, and it’s heart shattering

“Yay! We’ll see you on Saturday then, Dan. Love you!” She squealed through the phone and then hung up

“I love you too” I said even though she couldn’t hear me, there was no chance in her hearing me say those three words to her without meaning. The difference between us is when we say we love each other, she means it in a friendly way, and well, I mean it with every ounce of my broken heart. She doesn’t mean it the way that I do, and she never will.

I drag my heart broken and sorrow-filled butt to bed, knowing I’m not going to get much sleep tonight, if not any. ‘(Y/N) is your best friend, Dan. Move on already’ I swear to god my subconscious tells me that every single night, and has been for the past 2 years. To distract my mind, I decide to go onto twitter, and just tweet something, because I can.

@danisnotonfire: Set my midnight sorrow free, I will give you all of me. Just leave your lover, leave him for me…


After tweeting that thing a couple of nights ago, the phandom went fucking crazy, like holy shit, calm your tits. It’s currently 11am and I’m supposed to meet (Y/N) and Matthew in the park in about an hour. Great. Maybe if I’m lucky, they won’t snog in front of me like they did last time, I still have nightmares.

Today I realized that it was the day that i got to hang out with (Y/N)! oh and Matthew, I look over at the time and realize that it’s 11:15 am. Shit. I’m supposed to be meeting them at the park at noon. God fucking damn it!

To be honest, I don’t even want to go anymore, It’s just gonna hurt too much to see them together again, it’s just a reminder that I wasn’t good enough for her ‘but Dan, she’s one of your best friends, I’m sure she would love to see you’  my subconscious says to me.

I sigh as i get up out of bed and do my morning routine as I usually would, which consists of showering, finding clothes, getting dressed, straightening my hair and what not. I start to head over to the park, and immediately see (Y/N) and Matthew sitting together on a park bench, holding hands and looking at each other, the way I supposedly look at Phil, making my heart break even more by the second. I get lost in thought for a little while, and get pulled out when i hear someone yell at me

“Hey Howell! You’re finally here!” I hear Matthews voice as he comes towards me with (Y/N), I averted my eyes from the ground to their staring gazes. Matthew never really called my by my first name, only by my last.

“Oh Matt, be quiet. At least he’s here” I hear (Y/N) stick up for me. I smirk a little at that comment, I actually hadn’t realized that I was like 15 minutes late until i got here. Dammit. But when (Y/N) was sticking up for me, she wasn’t saying it as a joke like she usually would, it actually sounded like she snapped angrily at him. Or maybe i’m just overthinking things, yep, probably overthinking things. sigh.

“Sorry I’m late guys, I woke up late. I’m extremely sorry” I say apologetically. (Y/N) just gave me a look saying ‘it’s okay Dan, I understand’ whereas Matthew looked disappointed in me. Well, he probably doesn’t want to be here anyways, so i don’t know why he looks so upset and angry that I’m late. I mean I’m always late.

“It’s okay, Dan. So what shall we go and get for lunch?” (Y/N) asks smiling her beautiful smile at me. I could just stare at her smiling at me all day….. Okay, wow Dan, that was creepy even for you. Okay, focus, what was she talking about? Oh yeah, uhh FOOD.  We start to head over to Nandos. I don’t know why we agreed on Nandos, but we’re heading over there. We were seated in a booth with (Y/N) sitting next to Matthew and me sitting opposite her, being a third wheel and lonered. Sigh. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a sudden weird question coming from Matthew

“So, Howell, You got a girl yet?” Matthew asks with his hands behind his back and a smug look on his face. Oh god. I go bright red. ‘no i don’t have a girlfriend. but i want one’ I thought, but the one i wanted was sitting right there in front of me, waiting eagerly for me to answer

“Uhhh, n-no I don’t have a girlfriend” I stuttered looking at Matthew who still had a smug look on his face. I don’t know why but i find this really embarrassing and awkward. I averted my eyes down to my hands too embarrassed to even fathom why Matthew would ask that. I mean, why would he care? Is he trying to degrade me or something? I don’t even know. I avert my eyes back up to Matthews stare, to see him giggling and then eventually erupting into laughter about the answer that I gave him.

“Matthew stop being inappropriate! It’s none of your business whether or not Dan has a girlfriend or not, since when did you care?” (Y/N) scolds him, looking at him with disappointment, and also hitting him on the shoulder, and not in a playful way. I smiled at her gesture of her sticking up for me. Matthew just rolled his eyes at (Y/N) as they started to bicker which eventually turned into a (quiet) argument in the middle of Nando’s, words and sentences were being thrown around.

“Maybe I wanted to hook him up with somebody?”

“It’s obvious you’re lying Matthew!”

And eventually, insults and names were being thrown around

“Why are you being such a bitch? It was just a fucking question!”

“Maybe I care about my friends feelings! Unlike you, you’re just an asshole who doesn’t care about anything or anyone!”

In those moments all i could think about was how quickly everything around me was escalating, and how fast everything around me was moving, it was kind of like a blur as I just sit there, not really paying attention but picking up on words and insults that they were throwing at each other, in my opinion, I was slightly appalled at the words and insults that they were saying to each other, I’ve never ever EVER in my life seen (Y/N) in an argument, and i definitely haven’t heard of them being in an argument either.

“Guys! Guys calm down, I just want us to have a good time, please” I intervene. (Y/N) looks at me apologetically, whereas Matthew carries on his bitch fit, as he stands up banging his hands on the table in front of us as he does so, with a look of frustration set upon his fair face.

“No, I’m not gonna calm down, you know what? Fuck this, I’m fucking leaving” He says angrily and then storms out of the restaurant. I look over to (Y/N) to see her eyes averted to her hands underneath the wooden table, looking extremely upset by this ordeal.

“I’m so so so sorry about this, Dan. He’s been like this for a couple of weeks. I never should have invited him, this is all my fault. I’m sorry I ruined your day” (Y/N) rambles, with a pang of sorrow in her voice. I look at her until she averts her eyes to meet my gaze.

“(Y/N), it’s not your fault, It’s nowhere near your fault. I guess you were just trying to stick up for me, and I appreciate that, Matthew just didn’t see it that way. There’s no need to apologise” I say as I look into those beautiful eyes of hers that you could get lost in forever. I quickly snap out of my trance as i laugh nervously about what i just did. God, why did i have to be so awkward? Why did you make me this way?

“Thanks Dan, but i still apologise. I have to go now and try and talk to Matthew, but hey, do you maybe want to meet up on Wednesday? Just us two, without Matthew?” (Y/N) asks, looking guilty about this whole situation. Just us two? Without Matthew. I’M IN! *ahem* I mean, that sounds cool…

“Yeah, uh that’d be great. See you on Wednesday” I say as I wave goodbye to her as she walks down the street heading towards her flat to sort Matthew out. God, when I woke up this morning I never thought that today would end up like this, never in a million years. To be very honest I was quite gobsmacked when they erupted into that argument. It. was. shocking.

I start heading back to my empty flat, considering Phil went on a family holiday to Florida last week and left me behind, to think about what happened today, and the fact that I get to hang out with (Y/N) on my own on Wednesday. ‘Dan., you know nothings going to happen right? She’s just your best friend, it’s time to move on…’ But how can I when she’s so perfect? Look, it’s not my fault I chose her as the one I love, you can’t help who you love people, it just happens, I just wish i could control who I fell in love with, it would make life so much easier on my behalf.


Ever since Saturday, (Y/N) has been keeping me up to date with everything between her and Matthew, she says that Matthew is deeply sorry for his behavior on Saturday and that he didn’t mean to make me feel awkward. I call bull shit to be honest. I don’t know, but ever since Saturday, It’s almost as if Matthew’s given me an actual legit excuse to hate him, and that is because he was being an absolute twat, not just to me, but also to his girlfriend, to supposedly the “love of his life” his “soul mate” as he has called her on many occasions. (Y/N) and I decided that we would hang out at my flat for a little while, then we’d go to her flat for dinner later on tonight

*ding dong*

That must be her at the door. I run down the stairs to the front door of the apartment, and open the door to be met with her beautiful and perfect face, and her eyes that can just make you melt with just one look and…. wow okay, i need to stop, this is getting super creepy now.

“Hey (Y/N), hows everything been going with Matthew?” I ask as she walks into the flight, making her descent up the stairs to the lounge. I follow her through the doorway, patiently awaiting her answer to my question. She takes off her coat and hangs it over the arm of the couch and sits in my ‘sofa crease’ spot while I sit next to her, giving her all the time in the world. She take a deep breath in before answering

“I guess everything’s been alright. He hasn’t had any other bitch fits since, so i would hope that he’s back to normal, and won’t bother you, or be rude to you again” She says looking at me and then averting her eyes back down to her hands, her eyes still filled with guilt. She was still feeling guilty about Saturday, I mean, like i said it wasn’t her fault, there really is no need for her to be feeling guilty about this.

“It wasn’t really rude what he asked me, it just made me feel awkward that he asked if i had a girlfriend or not, i don’t know why though” I explained with a giggle about the situation, and my awkwardness. I hear a giggle coming from (Y/N) as i bring up how awkward i am

“It reminds me of this one time in high school, when Brendan asked who you were taking to the end of year dance, and instead of replying and saying you were going solo, you just stuttered, choked on your words, and then said ‘Oh god is that the bell, well see ya’ and then ran off”(Y/N) reminisces about our high school life. Brendan was a good friend of Mine and (Y/N)’s. I was sooo embarrassed that I would be the only one in my friendship group that would be going without someone. Everybody that I thought of asking was already going with someone else.

“Oh god, yes I remember that! I was so embarrassed, and then I showed up to the dance saying that my ‘date’ had a massive stomach bug and was vomiting everywhere, instead of just fessing up that I had no date” I cringed thinking of the past and the position I put myself in back then. I laughed at it now because looking back at it now it was absolutely hilarious, but back then it was one of the most awkward moments of my life, but not as awkward as that time I sold an axe to a 12 year old…. never forget.

The whole day was just shared with us telling old stories and inside jokes that we shared during school, there was a lot of laughter and a lot of tears from the laughter, today was a really good day and I was glad I got to spend it alone with one of my best friends.

“Alright, Daniel, shall we start heading over to my apartment?” (Y/N) asked as she grabbed her coat off of the arm of the couch and slipped it on, I agreed that we should start heading towards her flat for dinner…… with Matthew. Dammit.

(Y/N)’s flat is about a 30 minute walk from mine, we decided to walk instead catching a taxi, we walked in silence for a little why and it got me thinking, why is she with someone like Matthew, I mean, I would never call her a bitch or anything like he did on Friday, that’s just unacceptable, in my opinion. A little while later, we talked about our lives and things we never got to talk about on Saturday or today, and then we were there standing in front of her apartment complex. We got into the elevator and (Y/N) pressed the button for the 12th floor, the floor her flat was on. Not so long later, we stepped out of the elevator and walked down a long hallway. About 2 minutes later, (Y/N) was unlocking the door to her apartment and we walked right in, immediately greeted by Matthew, a confused Matthew that is

“Howell? Didn’t expect to see you here?” Matthew questioned, we both shot (Y/N) looks to say ‘what the fuck is happening?’ I look at her as she goes wide eyed, realizing that she probably forgot to tell Matthew that I was staying for dinner

“Oh shit, sorry I forgot to tell you. Dan will be staying for dinner tonight.” She says as she puts her stuff in her room. While she was gone Matthew kept on giving me weird looks, and i’m not entirely sure why, but it made me extremely uncomfortable, and nervous. With the looks he was giving me, I was terrified that he was going to pull a knife out of the kitchen drawer and shank me with it. Soon later (Y/N) returned and she set the table for dinner, I offered to help but she just shushed me and ordered me to sit down, she could be so bossy but that’s what I love about her, and I find it hilarious how bossy she is. I just laughed it off and seated myself at the dining table. She brought me over a plate of spaghetti bolognese, and it looked orgasmic, and my eyesight did not deceive me at all. I made some sort of a groaning noise as i took my fork with the food on it and put it in my mouth. All of a sudden (Y/N) bursts out laughing as Matthew looked at the both of us, once again very confused.

“Your face, it reminds me of that one time in high school when you made out with that apple, oh god that was hilarious” (Y/N) tried to say as she had erupted into laughter, with tears almost coming out of her eyes, Matthew looked purely weirded out and disgusted but I just cringed, that was something that i had tried to repress and I just mentally face palmed myself, thinking of that memory.

“Oh god, did you really have to bring that up?” I asked still cringing at the horrifying memory. I can remember it vividly, it was still there, etched in the back of my head.

(Y/N) just erupted into more giggles as her eyes lit up, probably at another memory of us back in high school. “Do you remember that joke that we had about cake?” She asked in between giggles my eyes just went wide as i shook my head knowing that she was going to tell the story to Matthew who was already disgusted with me about me making out with an apple. Basically, (Y/N) and I were in Maths together, and the bell was about to go off, so we started packing up, but then we started comparing accents for some odd reason


“But like, we all pronounce thing differently, so like, we would say cake, like ‘cake’ but somebody out there would say it like ‘cock’” I said as I tried to pronounce cake in a completely different accent. (Y/N) erupted into laughter as she realized what I said, and then i realized what I said

“Oh god what have I done?” I said as i went as bright red as a tomato and cringed at my choice of words earlier.

“Well done, Daniel, you truly are something” (Y/N) says as she starts gathering up her things, and then the bell rings

“See ya later, Daniel, try not to eat too much cake” She says with a wink and then laughs at herself while walking home, as i just cringed and walked the opposite way home”


I cringed once again as (Y/N) told the story to Matthew, he didn’t look amused, in fact, he looked angered, going red in the face, and i’m pretty sure some smoke was coming out of his ears. He stood up slamming his fists on the table as he did on Saturday, but this time, he was a lot more angry

“Are you cheating on me?” Matthew all of a sudden bursts. Wut? I looked over to (Y/N) and she looked just as confused as I was, and she looked as angry as Matthew was, angry that he would even assume that. She stood up and faced him

“What the fuck Matthew? Why the fuck would you even think that? why would you even think that? I love you and only you!” She yells at him trying to explain. I will admit that last part kinda hurt, no actually it really hurt. Sigh.

“All of your inside joke with Howell over here! You’re cheating on me with him! You’re cheating on me with that fag? That’s probably what you guys got up today isn’t it?” Matthew shouted, trying to get me involved. Okay first of all. No, i wish though, but no. Second of all YOU DID NOT JUST CALL ME A FAG. Time to intervene, considering i just got dragged into this argument

“Uhhh, excuse me! I don’t know who the fuck you think you are to be yelling all of these accusations at her, but listen tough guy, I am not a fag, and I am also not cheating with (Y/N). I couldn’t do that to her, I love her too much to do that to her, because it would break her heart doing that, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Plus, she probably doesn’t have time to cheat even if she wanted. You’re too busy being stuck to her like a fucking leech. Grow the fuck up Matthew!” I spat at him, sick and tired of his bull shit, and just like that he stormed out.

I gave (Y/N) sometime to calm down before i even talked to her. “Hey, you alright?” I asked her, she looked at me wide eyed, almost like she’s trying to study me

“You said you loved me?” She asks, trying to process what just happened. For like the thousandth time tonight I cringed

“Y-yeah, of course i love you. I love you so much. I-I don’t want to see you hurt: I stutter as i also try to comfort her. She gets up and runs her hands through her hair looking frustrated. She turns to me, trying to study the emotions on my face.

“D-Dan, do you think you could leave? I need to sort shit out with Matthew. I-I’ll call you tomorrow” She says and instantly i feel my heart break. I knew this was all a bad idea. I look at her with sadness in my eyes, trying not to let it show, and I can feel a lump forming in my throat.

“Y-yeah, sure, okay. See ya soon” I say as i grab my coat and walk out of her flat. I walk back home with tears running down my face. To think that she might actually say she loved me back. ‘It can’t always be like the movies, Dan. This isn’t like in the books where the guy gets the girl and everything is perfect’ My subconscious was right though, it wasn’t like the books and the movies, not everything could be perfect.

The fact that I was going back home to an empty flat just upset me even more, this is one of the moments where I really need Phil there for comfort, he’s probably asleep with him being in Florida and all.

As soon as i get into my flat i lock the door and let myself be consumed by my warm bed and blankets and ready to just cry. Honestly? I was completely heart broken. Unrequited love was the worst thing on earth, and i just had to be experiencing it.


I still haven’t heard from (Y/N) since that night where Matthew accused her of cheating with me, and i accidentally confessed my love for her. Phil came back about 2 weeks ago, and was extremely worried about me. But i couldn’t help it I was just really upset. I’ve tried calling and texting but i got nothing back.

“Dan, do you wanna know a secret?” Phil asks as he sat next to me on my bed trying to comfort me? I groan as my answer, not really wanting to say anything at the moment. “(Y/N) and Matthew broke up a month ago? You know that night that they had that argument where he accused her of cheating on him with you? Yeah well, after you left, she went to go find him, and then broke up with him”

I sit up and look at him with a look of confusion on my face. I tell Phil that i needed to go for a walk and clear my mind. I get changed and ready to head out of the flat when all of a sudden the doorbell rings, outside the front door is a tear streaked and soaking wet (Y/N).

“(Y/N), w-what are doi-” I was cut off with a pair of lips on mine. I was shocked at first but then eased into it in no time. (Y/N)’s lips just moulded perfectly with mine, and the kiss was blissful, it was like we’ve already kissed hundreds of times before. My hand cups her cheek and then a few seconds later we pull back

“I’m sorry it took me so long to realise this, but Dan, I love you, I love you so much” And with that I just engulfed her in the biggest hug ever and then I just knew that everything would be okay

“I will give you all of me just leave your lover, leave him for me. Leave your lover, leave him for me…”

anonymous asked:

10, 18, or 26 with gruvia?

18. From very far away.
26. Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave.

A/N: I decided to incorporate two of the prompts for this one!! Based on the one year time skip when Gray left Juvia in the house on her own. :)

If I close my eyes and imagine you are here
it’ll last for a while before you disappear.
So I close my eyes ‘cause the only thing I fear
is waking up one day forgetting you were ever here. 


Rain pounded the windows, filling the house with a gloom that only seemed to fester as the days passed on. Every now and then she would think back to her parents, and of the times she’d spent sitting in the rain, alone. She was alone now, but her heart wasn’t filled with hatred. This wasn’t like those times before, when clouds sat at her feet instead of shadows and rain came to wash away her tears. Instead, worry held her tight in its vice-like grip, refusing to let her go, refusing to let her cry. Her heart ached for the man she loved – for his safety, and for his return. 

Waning hope kept Juvia sitting there on the window ledge day in, day out, fists cold and trembling as his absence went on. A veil of mist hung low in the horizon, making it difficult to see anything beyond the wind-borne rain. Dark shapes shifted in and out of focus in the distance. Every now and then Juvia would press her face against the cool window as she watched the shapes change and grow. She prayed with all her might that some day he might be among them.

Time had become nothing but a distant memory to Juvia now. She knew only night and day, and even they were becoming a mystery in the constant swirl of rain. Waiting for Gray to come home was like waiting for sunrise in a world plagued by endless nights. 

The rain is gloomy, he’d once said. She remembered that day as vividly as if it were happening in that very moment. The way he’d look at her. The way he’d taken her seriously as his enemy. The way he’d saved her – not just literally, but emotionally as well. The sun had been so beautiful then.

‘I’m home,’ a voice said from the doorway.

Hair whipped around her face as Juvia turned towards the sound. She scrambled from the window ledge when she saw him, hair slicked back with the rain, eyes dark and filled with affection.

She staggered towards him, legs numb from lack of use. Her stomach roiled with a distant cry of hunger. She ignored it, just as she ignored it the day before and the day before that. 

Throwing her arms around his neck, Juvia pressed herself tight against him, familiarising herself with his scent. Ice mage or not, Juvia thought Gray smelled like the bloom of Spring. He was always so warm. 

‘Juvia knew you’d return!’ she sobbed.

Gray didn’t react to her tears. He didn’t react at all. He simply stood there, raindrops dribbling from the ends of his hair, clothes tight and wrinkled against his chest. She pressed herself tighter against him, searching for warmth in a never-ending blizzard. 

‘I’m leaving, Juvia,’ he said.

Juvia blinked up at him in disbelief. ‘What?’

‘I’m tired of living in this house with you.’ His voice was so cold, so dark, she thought it might swallow her up. ‘All you do is annoy me.’

‘Please! Don’t leave me!’ she begged.

‘You’re just a nuisance, Juvia.’

‘I love you!’ she cried. ‘Gray-Sama! Juvia has always loved you!’

Juvia’s heart gave a beat of longing that seemed to bleed poison through her veins. She grasped the sleeve of his jacket as he turned towards the doorway. He let it fall from his back and into her arms, where he left it to gather the remainder of her tears. She watched him leave, her legs rigid, her heat broken. 

He took the sun with him.

Jolted awake by a clap of thunder in the distance, Juvia wiped the tears from her cheeks and let out a quiet moan. She’d fallen asleep again. Her neck ached from the endless nights of sleeping on the window ledge. 

Juvia clung to the jacket in her lap, the jacket he’d left behind all those weeks ago. He’d never even said goodbye. It was the only thing she could find that still smelled like him.

A flash of lightning cleaved through the mist outside, scattering shadows across the garden they’d been growing together. For a time, as the shadows danced across their ruined crops, the land seemed to come alive again. 

‘I love you,’ she whispered, tears trickling down her cheeks.

The storm wasn’t over yet. But, little did she know, somewhere in the distance, a certain dragon slayer was wreaking havoc in the flower capital, igniting hope for a new dawn.

The wait would soon be over.