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Seraph Christmas Gifts Pt. 2! It’s the season 2 disc(s)! (Includes eng dub & sub, owaranai seraph omakes, and trailers/promo stuff)

Bonus: I showed the mikayuu disc/inside cover to my little brother and had the following exchange

Me: What do you think of this art?
Brother: ???
Me: What are the characters doing in this picture?
Bro: cuddling
Me: What do you think their relationship is? Are they friends?
Bro: No
Me: What are they, then?
Bro: Married?
Me: …well, you’re not exactly wrong

marvel fandom: you don’t have to pick a side! tony and steve both think they’re in the right!

me, surrounded by my endless captain america merch: listen


Lana’s show was postponed because of the tornado warnings & weather. Lana wanted to go on, but she couldnt! She uploaded a video of the thunder storm in Dallas (reason why the venue cancelled the show). I am very sorry for all the fans who waited for Lana but she will may do another show for people who alredy bought tHe tickets and couldnt see her.


  • Ultraviolence T-Shirt 
  • Lana Del Rey lyrics book (with exclusive Honeymoon lyrics) 30$