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princess and the pauper | pt.5

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. And if the universe tells me otherwise, I will defy all laws of gravity that tries to pull me away from you, because without you, I don’t know what the taste of life is anymore.

pairing: jimin | reader ; royalty!au pauper!jimin
words: 4.9k
genre: angst with potential fluff (okay this is just gonna make you relieved) 
summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist.
a/n: i’m so fucking sorry for this oNE MONTH LATE UPDATE i drafted this 81273021847 too many times but thank you @yoongsigh for actually being an actual angel and support my late nights to commit to this. so here it is, the…..nOT FINAL CHAPTER.

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The house felt quieter, a little more grueling with the silent self-abhorrence reeking the atmosphere and a little less hopeful with shattering dreams scattering at the foot of the door of the bedroom down the hall of the cottage.

It used to hold sonorous symphonies of endless laughter and melodies with mellifluous singing that bounced off the walls, the sweet giggles and contagious laughter that spread life to this flower cottage. It was the very voice that Jimin fell in love with, the one that he learns in hushed whispers as they spoke arbitrary declarations and confessions together under the night blue sky. The very one that he listens to lovingly as you ramble on and on about your hopes and dreams. It’s the very one he heard in all sorts of pitches and timbres, echoing in the back of his head like an unforgettable memory he couldn’t ignore.

It’s the very thing he heard broke in utter devastation as he watches you whisper goodbye, faint and weak, your figure disappearing in the nefarious mischief of the night.

Jimin doesn’t remember what heartbreak feels like. He recalls the first flowers he plants in the garden, as he sobs quietly at the dying roses in his hands because he didn’t take care of it enough. It was difficult to forget - the numbing feeling, the regret and unbearable thought of loss. Jimin particularly doesn’t remember what the side effect was but now he does feel it, right to the bones, piercing and spreading in him like a toxic poison, injecting his heart and soul in all the right and wrong places. Its like something in him withered because he just didn’t take care of it enough.

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The Dance of the Butterfly

     The hall was alive with high-spirited festivities and the enjoyment of company. Golden lights adorned the deep red beams of the Tsutsujigasaki palace and music flowed through the crisp, autumn air somewhere between the conversation and laughter. The clatter of dishes being carried to and from the main hall as well as the clinking of sake bottles seemed to punctuate the music in its own creative way.
      You had been busy at work, your long hair tied back in order to keep it out of the meals that you had been preparing. To your relief, there were fewer dishes going out at this point in time, which meant that soon you would be finished with your work and able to get some air. Despite the chill of the late autumn air, it tended to get hot in the kitchens. The other maids had already joined the party in the main hall, but you didn’t mind, afterall they had promised that they would take care of the clean-up afterwards. You put away the rest of the unused ingredients before stopping in front of the wide window above the stoves.
     You gazed out the window longingly, even though you would have some time to yourself, you wouldn’t be able to spend it with who you wished to the most. Your thoughts ghosted to the memories of him. Standing in the snow, his long scarf fluttering in the wind elegantly like butterfly wings, his breath small clouds as he gazed at you, a look of adoration clear in his bright eyes. Your heart longed to see him so badly that it made your chest tighten with the weight of your yearning heart.
     Something shifted in the darkness beyond the window, just outside of the lantern’s gentle glow. Your eyes flitted to the mysterious movement.
     That’s impossible, you half-mocked yourself for the hope even alighting in your mind.Your hands gripped your kimono as silent tears welled in your eyes, blurring your vision. What am I thinking? He told me he wanted me to be happy, so why am I-
     Hastily you wiped away the tears, before taking a deep breath and turning to resume your work.
     As you turned away from the window, out of the corner of your eye you could have sworn you saw a tall figure looming in the doorway. You whirled back around, gazing wide-eyed at where it had been just a moment ago. It was gone. The tears seemed to flow anew, staining your kimono and falling down your cheeks as painful sobs began to wrack your body.
     "Why are you crying?“ A low, familiar voice spoke as you felt warm arms pull you into an embrace, your bodies fitting together perfectly.
         You gazed up in disbelief, there was no way-
     But there he stood, sending all your disbelieving thoughts into the void.
     "Hotaru?” Your tears increased, but the bitterness was gone, all that remained was their sweetness. He kiss them away, warming your cheeks and sending ripples of warmth through you like drops of water on the surface of a calm lake.
     "Shh… It’s okay, I’m here, so please don’t cry.“ Hotaru smiled sadly, that smile that held a thousand emotions.
      You wrapped your arms tightly around his neck as he leaned down to press his forehead gently against yours. You wished this moment would last forever, that time would stand still, the rest of the world be damned, just let the two of you hold each other within the embrace of tranquility.
     "I- I missed you so much.” Your voice was barely a hoarse whisper as your eyes met his gentle ones. They were so deep you felt you could get lost in them.
     "I missed you too.“ He murmured as his hand gently caressed your face, the pads of his fingers tickling your cheeks affectionately while his other hand let your hair down,” I thought I would die if I didn’t see you again.“
     "Hotaru-” your voice broke, tears threatening to return, but his lips chased away all of your thoughts, gently, lovingly, passionately. Your eyelids fluttered shut as his warmth enveloped you and you became lost in his familiar scent. The smell of the hearth, of fire, ash, and the heat that seemed to linger like burning coals within his amber eyes. He was your universe, your timelines intertwining in this moment to become the braided strands of fate that united the two of you over and over again.
     He broke the kiss gently,“I want to show you something.”
      You simply nodded in reply, the flushed color of your cheeks gilding your affectionate smile.
     The two of you ran down the halls, hand in hand, like two young deer bounding after one-another in the meadows. His footsteps were soundless, like snow falling, your footfalls eagerly rushing after him with childlike glee. As the two of you neared the edge of the engawa he suddenly stopped, you practically collided with him laughing, your hair cascading around the two of you. His eyes narrowed mischievously as he swept you up into his arms effortlessly and swung the two of you up onto the rooftop with expert skill. You clung to him tightly as your heart leapt into your throat, the two of you were so high up, you could see all of the Tsutsujigasaki’s palace grounds from here.
     "It’s alright, I’ve got you, and I don’t plan on letting go.“ He gazed at you warmly as you did your best to relax in his arms, the hammering of your heart was not entirely from the excitement. You could hear his heartbeat hammering as your head moved with the rise and fall of his chest.
     "Look.” He whispered, his breath tickling the shell of your ear.
     You raised your chin skywards. The sky was simply breathtaking. So vast, the stars more numerous than grains of sand on a seashore, shining brighter than beacons on the mountain peaks. The clouds shifted so that the moon shone on the two of you as you basked in its ethereal radiance.
     "Hotaru, it’s beautiful-“ Your words caught in your mouth as you saw the stars reflected in his keen eyes, millions of galaxies all contained within his amber irises.
      He smiled again, and you felt as if your heart would take flight from your very chest.
      "That’s not all-” He squeezed your thigh affectionately before leaping from the rooftop. You held on tight, trusting him with your very life as the two of you plummeted towards the earth. Hotaru’s arm left your legs to grasp you firmly with his other arm. You squeezed your eyes shut, the wind roaring in your ears. But the impact never came, you slowly opened your eyes to see Hotaru smiling down at you as the two of you swung from a silver chain that gleamed with metallic vibrance in the moonlight.
     When your bare feet finally touched the ground again, the two of you were in a secluded forest glen within the castle grounds. The only presence watching the two of you was the moon itself as it traced its course across the endless, starry sky. The melodious music from the castle seemed to float on the wind down to where the two of you stood.
     Wordlessly he knelt down on one knee, grasping both of your hands gently in his own larger ones.
      “May I have this dance?” He bowed his head to place a soft kiss on your hand.
      Your heart fluttered at the gentle caress of his lips,“Yes…”
     He grinned broadly, an expression he rarely wore due to his more reserved expressions. You returned his smile, glowing with happiness as he rose and began to guide you through the steps.
      The two of you moved as one, with the grace of butterflies fluttering to meet each other over and over again in the sky. He twirled you around, letting your hair alight on the wind freely as you laughed with joyous mirth. He tugged you back to him and you once more met his chest, your free hand coming to rest on his broad shoulder. As the music increased in momentum, the two of you danced in synchronization with the rising and falling of the notes. Your breaths mingled together in little warm clouds as the dance continued to sway your forms back and forth as if you two were under a spell. Hotaru picked you up by your waist and raised you up to the night sky as you spread your arms laughing. He brought you back down to earth and ran one of his hands through your hair as you continued to dance around him. A great wind came through the trees, circling through the clearing where the two of you were dancing. And then it happened. As if they fell from the trees like fall leaves, hundreds of swallowtail butterflies soared through the air around the two of you, alighting on Hotaru’s scarf and your hair as the two of you danced in the clearing. They circled around the two of you, their vibrant, sapphire wings reflecting the moonlight causing an azure glow to hang in the air.
     As they flew off into the night, Hotaru closed the space between the two of you, his lips melding with yours passionately, stealing your breath away. He lightly tugged at your lower lip with his teeth, asking, begging for entrance. You opened your mouth and his tongue explored your mouth with a hunger unlike any you had ever experienced before.
      When you both finally came up for air, he was now nose-to-nose with you as he gazed into your eyes panting heavily,“ I love you.”
      You felt the color blossom in your cheeks as you smiled,“I love you too. I can’t live without you.” Your shoulders began to shake as you realized that you didn’t know when he was leaving, or how much time you would have together. He seemed to understand, leaning in to place a slow, gentle kiss on your forehead.
     "I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying here for a good long time.“ His voice reassured you gently as his lean body drew closer to yours, his voice rumbling gently in his chest as he nuzzled into the crook of your neck.

~          ~           ~            ~             ~            ~              ~            ~           ~         ~
      That night the two of you slept snuggled up together in your futon, his scarf wrapped around you and your arms around each-other.

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Could you give some examples of the sweet nothings QN and STARISH would say to their s/o?

Natsuki: You’re easily the most wonderful thing in my life

Tokiya: I treasure you, every bit of you

Cecil: You are my endless melody

Ren: I think that dress should come off

Otoya: You’re the best thing that ever happened to me

Syo: Thank you for being so good to me  

Masato: If you were cheese, I’d want to be your macaroni #StopMasato2K15

Reiji: My favorite place to be is inside one of your hugs

Camus: You’re the one - the only one - that I want.

Ranmaru: You drive me crazy

Ai: I miss you when you’re not around, cant you stay longer?

Silm (re)read 01: The Ainulindale

Some thoughts:

One of the things that intrigues me most about this chapter (and about the Silm in general) is that it is meant to be told by an in-universe narrator, with all of the bias and inaccuracy that implies. In terms of the rest of the Silm, you wouldn’t know that unless you had read through the HoME, but here it is stated right here at the end of the chapter that “what has here been declared is come from the Valar themselves, with whom the Eldalie spoke in the land of Valinor”.

and so given that the Valar are like, these huge elemental forces of nature trying to narrate the story of creation to the elves, who are naturally not going to be able to understand it as the Valar do and will come to the story with preconceived ideas and values which shape how they retell it, what was it really like? How much of the story is accurate?

I feel like this kind of thing leaves people a lot of opportunity to play around with canon and reinterpret things from different perspectives, which is a kind of engagement with the text that I really enjoy.

Other things:

  • as a musician I really appreciate that Tolkien’s entire universe is founded on music?
  • I feel kind of sorry for Melkor! The narrative condemns him for wanting to add things of his own to the Music, but if all of the Ainur are parts of the mind of Iluvatar, then surely he was meant to be that way. I mean, who knows how much we can really ascribe human thought processes and motives to Iluvatar, but making a being like that and then telling him that everything he does will eventually turn out to be part of the grand plan seems like a recipe for disaster
  • gosh some of Tolkien’s prose in this chapter is absolutely gorgeous. Two examples:
    • “Iluvatar arose a third time and his face was terrible to behold. Then he raised up both his hands and in one chord, deeper than the Abyss, higher than the Firmament, piercing as the light of the eye of Iluvatar, the music ceased.”
    • “Then the voices of the Ainur, like unto harps and lutes, and pipes and trumpets, and viols and organs, and like unto countless choirs singing with words, began to fashion the theme of Iluvatar to a great music; and a sound arose of endless interchanging melodies woven in harmony that passed beyond hearing into the depths and into the heights, and the places of the dwelling of Iluvatar were filled to overflowing, and the music and the echo of the music went out into the Void, and it was not void”
  • I’ve always found it really interesting how not all of the Ainur descend into Arda to become the Valar – like, if all of the Ainur had their own part in the music and therefore their own contribution to the world, which parts of the world are not represented by one of the Valar?
  • Also, if each of the Ainur can only comprehend fully the part of the mind of Iluvatar from whence they came, then I would expect the Valar to have some gaps in their knowledge of the world, given that they don’t comprise all of the Ainur.
  • Did the Music only create our world, or did it create everything else in the Universe too? Are there other beings like Iluvatar with their own Ainur? Might Iluvatar have sent the leftover Ainur down into other worlds to watch over them?
  • “But the shapes wherein the Great Ones array themselves are not at all times like to the shapes of the kings and queens of the children of Iluvatar; for at times they may clothe themselves in their own thought, made visible in forms of majesty and dread” more inhuman depictions of the Ainur please.
  • “of all these water they most greatly praised” guys Ulmo is the best singer in the choir
  • but actually though, I find the fact that the sea echos the Music of the Ainur more than anywhere else simultaneously really cool and really freaky. Basically, in Tolkien, the sea is tied back to the fabric of creation itself.
  • I think that this is more relevant to the next chapter, but I’ve always been really curious as to what familial relationships between the Ainur actually mean? If Manwe is the brother of Melkor, that has to mean something different than it does to regular humans, given that the Ainur are sort of like angels sprung fully formed from the mind of God, so what exactly does that term imply for the relationship between them?

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When you pray to a god or goddess do you just think it or say it out loud or what? I guess I'm asking how you pray, in general?

I am going to try to answer your question, sweet Anon, but I need to talk about the difference between prayers and hymns first. Probably the best definition of ‘prayer’ I have ever happened upon was by William D. Fuley, who says: “prayers (and hymns) are attempts by men and women to communicate with gods by means of the voice”. It is simple, elegant, and accurate. Especially in the ancient Hellenic religion, it was important to raise one’s voice when hymns were sung, and especially so when prayers were made.

I am going to generalize here and say that a hymn was sung to the Theoi, with the aim to please the God in question. They have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning contains two things: a note that the hymn is about to begin, and an announcement of whom the speaker/singer is addressing. In the Orphic hymn to Pan, this is beautifully done:

“I Call strong Pan, the substance of the whole, etherial, marine, earthly, general soul, Immortal fire; for all the world is thine, and all are parts of thee, O pow’r divine. Come, blessed Pan, whom rural haunts delight, come, leaping, agile, wand’ring, starry light;”

The middle part tends to focus on why the God or Goddess in question is not only the best in solving the problem that will be posed to Them later on in prayer, but why they are the best, period. The middle section contains all the wonderful things the deity in question has done, His or Her greatest accomplishments, and above all, it contains a description of the deity. For Pan:

“The Hours and Seasons [Horai], wait thy high command, and round thy throne in graceful order stand. Goat-footed, horned, Bacchanalian Pan, fanatic pow’r, from whom the world began, Whose various parts by thee inspir’d, combine in endless dance and melody divine. In thee a refuge from our fears we find, those fears peculiar to the human kind. Thee shepherds, streams of water, goats rejoice, thou lov’st the chace, and Echo’s secret voice: The sportive nymphs, thy ev’ry step attend, and all thy works fulfill their destin’d end.O all-producing pow’r, much-fam’d, divine, the world’s great ruler, rich increase is thine. All-fertile Pæan, heav’nly splendor pure, in fruits rejoicing, and in caves obscure. True serpent-horned Jove [Zeus], whose dreadful rage when rous’d, ‘tis hard for mortals to asswage. By thee the earth wide-bosom’d deep and long, stands on a basis permanent and strong. Th’ unwearied waters of the rolling sea, profoundly spreading, yield to thy decree. Old Ocean too reveres thy high command, whose liquid arms begirt the solid land.The spacious air, whose nutrimental fire, and vivid blasts, the heat of life inspire the lighter frame of fire, whose sparkling eye shines on the summit of the azure sky, Submit alike to thee, whole general sway all parts of matter, various form’d obey. All nature’s change thro’ thy protecting care, and all mankind thy lib’ral bounties share: For these where’er dispers’d thro’ boundless space, still find thy providence support their race.”

The end is a prayer onto itself. The surviving hymns often conclude with a call to the deity in question to listen to the request that follows, and to grant it, should They be so inclined. The hymn to Pan concludes:

"Come, Bacchanalian, blessed power draw near, fanatic Pan, thy humble suppliant hear, Propitious to these holy rites attend, and grant my life may meet a prosp’rous end; Drive panic Fury too, wherever found, from human kind, to earth’s remotest bound.”

Hymns were sung to please, to bring forth. It was a way to celebrate the Deity in question, but also to make Him or Her more inclined to grant the following request. Hymns were accompanied with music and dancing; they were true celebrations in that regard. They were performed to establish existing kharis and built upon it: when the Orphic Hymns ask for ‘a hymn’ instead of incense, they request a show that entertains the Gods.

A prayer was carefully formulated to convey a message as persuasively as possible to the God, and was thus often spoken. The idea was not to please, but to request. They made use of the established and just now strengthened kharis to petition the Gods for aid. Where the hymn is an offering to go along with material sacrifice, the prayer is not an offering at all.

Hellenic prayer and hymn-singing is not a private thing; unlike the Christian type of praying we are used to today—a praying that is intimate, calm, and very much private—the Hellenic form of praying did and does everything it can to draw attention to itself as a public display. It is a form of heightened expression which claims the attention of a God. Hymns are a means to get a divine spotlight upon you, because without it, your prayer will fall upon deaf ears. This is why hymns and prayers always go together in the typical structure of (ancient) Hellenic ritual: one is useless without the other.

Ancient Hellenic prayers were made standing up, with arms raised. If you were the one pouring libations, the arms needn’t be raised as high, but the libation-bowl was poised. For the Ouranic deities, the palms faced upwards, to the sky. For the Khthonic deities, the palms faced downwards, to the earth. To both, the voice is raised, so as to draw as much attention as possible. In general, that is how you pray in Hellenismos.

1. I’m 5’ built of the remains of the universe. Galaxies run through my veins. My bones are sculpted of gold. I shimmer. I shine. Tiny but mighty. I was always born from better things it just took me awhile to break the porcelain concealing it all away and find the sun resting right at my core. 

2. Ever since I was small as soon as I hit the ground I’d pick myself back up and keep on running. It’s just my way of being. I never stop going, even when the rest of the see through world constructed of glass and fragile things around me begins to shatter. I pick up every single piece and try to turn it into something new.  

3. Every single person I’ve come across says differently about what color my eyes are. Blue, green, gray, hazel. All of the above. Multiple choice. They change. The first person who loved me told me I had oceans in my eyes. My family always said it switched depending on the lighting or the weather or what I was wearing like some sort of mood ring. I still haven’t settled on an actual share and I quite like that.

4. My lips have met with 19 (ish) other pairs. Yet I’ve only ever spilled confessions of love to 1 out of the 19. I think I’ve forgotten what it feels like to want to breathe another human in until they’ve replaced all the oxygen with them. Til my rib cages break, so everything I feel for them and everything they feel for me consumes us both. Leaving us with heavy hearts and light heads. 

5. I carry the entire world on my shoulders. I offer to lighten others loads only to increase my own. I’ve always been like this. Until my back begins to bend and I crumble for everyone else. I’m atlas. I keep the sky above everyone's heads because If I let go  it call comes crashing down.

6. Music has always kept my soul going. It’s my fire. It’s my fuel. Rough finger tips and worn down strings. Secretly lyrics and endless melodies. I’m sorry for the stories I’ve confessed. I’m sorry for the things I’ve not spoken but sang. To the world. I’m also not sorry because they were mine to tell. If you don’t want the last word then I’ll snatch it up without hesitation.

7. I used to pour my heart out to anyone who would listen. I would throw it into shaking hands because it was just too heavy for me. I couldn’t take it along with the sky on my shoulders. But that’s not how you handle a heart. You don’t toss it to the first person who smiles at you on the street or offers an umbrella in the storm. You have someone lock their fingers into your own and carry theirs along side you.

8.  I’m a patchwork person. I have so many different sides to me. I don’t think any one of them is the ‘REAL’ one. Every single stitch makes up who I am. Sometimes I show one side more then the others. Sometimes I hide certain parts that I don’t think people are ready to see yet or understand. It doesn’t make me fake. It makes me cautious.

9. I’ve always hated being stuck in one place for too long. I’m a wanderer. Even if I can’t get that far I will run and run and run until my legs give out and my lungs burn just to feel alive again. If I stay dormant for too long I bubble up and I burst. I’m a volcano. I’m a mountain. I’ve got to stay on my toes or else everything becomes too blurry to understand.

10. I’ve always felt like I had a clear idea of who I am. A strong sense of self. Now I realize that I’m constantly in a state of flux. I will never ever be my 'TRUE’ self because whoever I am right now is who I am. Tomorrow I may be a completely different person. I may have my ideas or views changed. Growths is a part of life. It’s okay not to be 100% sure of myself every step of the way. I’ve never been much for street signs or maps. I’m much more a landmarks person. But I will get there, I just got to do it my way.

—  10 Facts About Myself Part 3
The Final Pitch
A.R. Rahman
The Final Pitch

so I was listening to the track tolkienreadalong used for the readalong trailer

and I suddenly got hit with all these feels. and i don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but there are three main themes in the final pitch

there are three main themes in ainulindale.

“Then the voices of the Ainur […] began to fashion the theme of Iluvatar to a great music; and a sound arose of endless interchanging melodies woven in harmony. […] Iluvatar sat and hearkened, and for a great while it seemed good to him, for in the music there were no flaws.”


with the piano and the strings and that one little triangle and everything else and justjkglfjd

But as the theme progressed, it came into the heart of Melkor to interweave matters of his own imagining that were not in accord with the theme of Iluvatar […] and straightaway discord arose around him […] but Iluvatar sat and hearkened until it seemed that about his throne there was a raging storm, as of dark waters thaat made war upon one another in an endless wrath that would not be assuaged. The Iluvatar arose […] and he lifted up his hand, and a new theme began amid the storm, like and yet unlike to the former theme, and it gathered power and had new beauty.

but then the second theme starts and it’s still the same as the beginning but it’s built on it but also kinda discordant and threatening and you’re like “this isn’t right” and it just builds up (but it’s also balanced out) and the vocals are there but it’s not what you typically associate with soundtracks, ‘cause they sound more like the call to prayer you hear associated with mosques(? i think, m'sorry if i’m wrong, please lemme know) than anything? like it’s a new idea but also something you can rely on

Then again Iluvatar arose {…} and behold! a third theme grew amid the confusion, and it was unlike the others.[…] The other had now achieved a unity of its own […] and it essayed to drown out the other music by the violence of its voice, but it seemed that its most triumphant notes were taken by the other and woven into its own solemn pattern.

and then the third movement starts and there’s a break of … stunned silence, kinda? and then it’s just “everything has gone to hell” but there’s still the counter-melodies that you heard in the beginning and the vocals get more intense and chant-like? and there’s new ideas that are introduced and built on but everything new eventually gets woven back into the main theme that’s going on originally but it’s mostly in the background at this point? except it slowly grows again and comes back to the forefront
and i just

“In the midst of this strife, wheat the halls of Iluvatar shook and a tremor ran out into the silences yet unmoved, Iluvatar arose a third time, and his face was terrible to behold. The he raised up both his hands, and in one chord, deeper than the Abyss, higher than the Firmament, piercing as the eye of Iluvatar, the Music ceased.”

I DUNNO MAN IT JUST KINDA STRUCK ME AND NOW I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT I dunno if it was intentionally chosen for that reason (AND I MEAN IT’S A FANTASTIC TRAILER IT REALLY IS OMG 'cause perf use of scenes and images and it gives me so many feels plus it’s an awesome track) but yeah. any thoughts?

Endless Melody - Clarensau

I really like this band… their music is slow, but it’s touching. And their vocals… man :)