endless mansion

The MBTI Types as Buildings

ISTJ: The Courthouse ~ organized, decisive, strong, prominent influence from past designs, detail oriented

ISFJ: The Welcoming Inn ~ caring, attentive, provides comfort and familiarity, inviting

ESTJ: The Fortress ~ strong, powerful, commanding, in tune with sensory environment, hosts power

ESFJ: The Suburban Family Home ~ welcoming of guests, good host, attentive to all needs of family members and friends 

ISTP: The Houseboat ~ experimental, adventurous, functional, aware of and works with physical environment

ISFP: The Mountain Cabin ~ solitary, peaceful, surrounded by inspiring physical environment

ESTP: The International Airport ~ bustling, full of diversity and many people, the starting place for countless adventures 

ESFP: The Expansive Mall ~ endless possibilities for sensory excitement, great for social fun, inviting

INTP: The House on Wheels ~ creative, experimental, open for endless changes and search for a perfect spot

INTJ: The Castle ~ commanding, solitary, full of endless interesting corridors, decisive

ENTP: The World Trade Center ~ a place of debate and diverse possibilities, many varying people, and a big picture, global view

ENTJ: The Skyscraper ~ high reaching, central in bustling and thriving cities, pushes limits of building technology

INFP: The Extensive Library ~ holds intricate maze of knowledge and imagination, many cozy and unique areas, endless exploration

INFJ: The Old Mansion ~ mysterious and hard to see behind gates, caring and protective of few residents, deep concern for quality, creative grounds

ENFP: The Expansive Museum ~ wide variety, invites discovery and thought, offers glimpses into many different times and cultures

ENFJ: The University Building ~ brings people together, inspires, teaches, pushes conventional limits, creative environment 

anonymous asked:

how does the endless hallway work

Scrims and a mirror.

I’m no artist, but I made you a diagram to illustrate how it works.

As you are looking into the Endless Hallway from your Doom Buggy, you are looking through scrims, which are basically a thin gauze that you can see through when the light is behind them.

At the very back is a mirror, and in front of the mirror is the “floating” candelabra, which is hanging from thin black wires. The back of the candelabra is painted black so that you don’t’ see the reflection as clearly as you otherwise would.

As you look through each scrim, the image that you see gets just a little hazy (the level of haze depends on how long it’s been since the scrims have been cleaned).You then look into the mirror, which reflects the hall back at you, but since the mirror covers the whole area from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, it appears that the hallway continues. You even see the reflections of the hanging light fixtures, which appear to extend down the hallway.

And since you are looking back through the scrims again, the image gets a little less clear. And finally, your Doom Buggy is in the dark, so you don’t see it at all in the reflection. It just looks as if the hallway is disappearing off into the distance.

(image from DoomBuggies.com forums)

anonymous asked:

May I please have Claude's reaction to finding his human s/o locked outside in the pouring rain? I love your blog so much<3

I’m not sure if that’s what you got in mind but I hope you like it! I adore that idea so much so I kinda let if flow.

Heavy droplets were falling down on an empty road, now all muddy after rain pouring for so long. You couldn’t see the stars from under the dark clouds, hanging above you almost dangerously and the lightnings shining brightly from time to time on the night sky sounded as if they were laughing at your poor situation. Wandering for many miles, your legs grew tired of it, boots dirtied with soaked ground, sliding on the wet stones which built the narrow path leading somewhere far, far away from the city. Cold wind hit your face and caused you to embrace yourself a little bit more, covering your trembling arms with a cloak, already way heavier from the rain.

Actually, you weren’t sure if there was a single part of your clothes which weren’t currently soaked. Everything felt so harsh and uncomfortable on your body and fixing your hair from falling on the eyes, you wondered if maybe you should try to go back because you were more than surely lost. You still remembered the little path you traveled the forest through, so in those weather conditions you probably couldn’t find it back, especially in the middle of the night. It was way safer to move along the road, after all there have to be a village nearby and being lost between humans seemed way more encouraging than wandering in the dark forest all alone.

You sneezed loudly and muttered a curse, hoping that you won’t catch a cold. Not bothering yourself with covering from the rain anymore, you just wandered further, this time faster than before, keeping in mind that there was no point of thinking about how tired you were, what was the most important was to find a shelter. Walking on the peak of the little hill, you almost twisted the ankle on the slippery stones yet you managed to keep straight and after wiping your hands on the cloak to get rid of the dirt, you trotted down to the grove which grew right in front of you. Fortunately, the path was rather wide, enough to let the carriage ride on it and hidden under the trees, the pouring rain couldn’t reach you. Following the path, as expected you reached to the end of the grove which was right at the metal gates with majestic ornaments and the sight itself made you sigh in relief. There had to be a mansion on the other side and if you were lucky enough, people who could help you survive the night.

Pushing the gates, you realized that it wasn’t closed so you easily slipped inside the gardens. Neatly trimmed bushes growing on the both sides of the path seemed as if they were observing your every move, silently, embraced by the darkness of the night. Rain haven’t stopped even for a single while, droplets hitting on the leafs creating a wild music, similiar to a murmur, a whisper when the plants were commenting on your presence in this place. Mud made your steps sound loudly in the puddles but nevertheless you were walking further, in an endless way to the mansion, which bricked walls were clearly visible now, thanks to the warm lights in the countless windows, reminding you abou how cozy the insides had to be.

You walked on the few steps before standing in front of the wooden double door. Adjusting your clothes and hair so it wouldn’t made you look like a beggar, eventually you let the fate decide about your future since nothing but a warm bath and fresh clothes could fix your appearance now. After knocking loudly three times, the sound made you shiver in anticipation, hoping that even though it was late, some servants were still up to at least let you sleep inside and maybe give a towel. Thinking about any way possible to convince the person who could greet you into helping you, you were surprised when the door finally opened revealing a tall man dressed in a black tailcoat which only made him appear slimmer and taller than he already was. When your eyes met his golden gaze placed on you, an impassive, bored even expression painted on his face, you suddenly felt sure that there was absolutely no way to convince this man into your idea.

“Excuse me,” you started before he could close the door in front of you. “I didn’t mean to interrupt but I got lost and I am looking for a shelter, at least until it will stop raining.”

He blinked and this simple gesture made you feel like a fool even though your words made so much more sense when you were thinking about it.

“My master doesn’t wish to have any guests tonight, I am afraid,” he announced and his low, calm voice caused you to gulp. “However…”

The butler, as you assumed, stepped back and with a single motion showed you to follow him. At first you weren’t sure if you understood him well, but the cold blow of the wind made you change your mind permanently and so you quickly went inside. The main hall was even more breathtaking than you imagined and while looking around you didn’t even hear when the man closing the door, causing the peaceful silence to surround you along with the scent of freshly cut flowers in the vases. Pouring rain played its music on the surface of the windows.

“You are not a pauper, aren’t you?”

Turning around, you saw the man waiting for your answer, the gaze of his golden eyes never leaving your frame and suddenly you felt relieved that he was wearing glasses because you weren’t sure if you could stand the intense of his stare if he didn’t have them.

“No, I am not. I just got lost but I can assure you that I will leave as soon as the weather will change.”

“No need to hurry, I do not think the weather will change anytime soon.”

He passed by you not giving you a chance to reply and walked to the main stairs.

“Follow me,” he ordered and you did as you were told. “What is your name?”

He seemed to think a little bit longer than needed when you answered him, moreover you were almost sure that he whispered something inaudiable, as if he was repeating your name and tasting how it sounds on his tongue.

“My name is Claude Faustus and I am the butler of this household,” he introduced himself, keeping the formal tone. “As I said before, my master doesn’t wish to have any guests tonight but since you are no beggar, there won’t be any harm if you stay there for the night. Nevertheless, I expect you to behave and not take our hospitality for granted as I have the best rights to simply throw you out if you try anything suspicious. Do you understand?” Claude asked, peeking at you over the shoulder when you followed him on an empty corridor.

“Of course, I didn’t mean to-“

“Good,” he interrupted and stopped right in front of the doors at your right, making you almost bump into his toned back. After opening it, you quickly realized that it had to be a guest bedroom; neatly made bed looked so inviting, the whole room kept in a colour of noble, deep green and gold, few candles standing on the windowsill already which caused it all to look as if the butler was expecting to have you there.

“You need to change into dry clothes,” Claude said and went to the huge wardrobe, opening it so you could see all the dresses which were inside. “But before that, I recommend you to take a hot bath, you will find the bathroom and everything which needed behind these doors.”

Your gaze followed his open hand which pointed to the said room and when you wanted to turn back to him, you realized that he wasn’t standing by the wardrobe anymore, instead the butler appeared right in front of you, soundlessly approaching you and still observing you with an attentive manner. He took a strand of your wet hair between his gloved fingers and gently placed it behind your ear, the corners of his mouth twiching slightly as if he wanted to smile.

“After that, come down to the main hall, I will lead you to the dining room and serve you a meal,” he almost whispered in such caring, soft tone, you felt yourself melting underneath his presence.

And suddenly you wanted to kiss him.

“You must be hungry after walking for so long, aren’t you?”

Claude leaned closer to you, tips of his fingers trailing now the line of your jaw and neck. From this distance, you could clearly see his long, dark eyelashes throwing shades on his mesmerizing eyes. The line of his thin lips curved a bit in amused manner and you found yourself standing on your toes, only to reach him more.

“I wouldn’t want to have you on my conscience, after all…”

You weren’t sure what he was talking about anymore, the only thing that mettered was his voice filling your mind, hand ghosting on your vulnerable skin and those perfect lips, barely touching yours, only an inch away which felt like endless miles.

Just when you were reaching him, almost feeling his taste on your mouth, he suddenly stepped back, fixed his tailcoat which still layed perfectly on his frame and bowed to you as if nothing happened.

“I am waiting for you downstairs then,” he muttered and turned around, leaving you all alone in the bedroom with heart pounding wildly and the head full of unanswered questions.



Endless Mansion “Dawn in the Greenhouse - Unexpected Bloomer Rises” Original Artwork - A4, Colored Pencil & mildly creamy paper.

Comes with Endless Mansion catalogues containing the entire body of work submitted by Simon Hanselmann & HTMLflowers for the show Endless Mansion in Madrid 2013. 


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Endless Mansions “Leave The Patients 2 The Woods - The Caterpillars Will Keep Them” Original Artwork - A4, Colored Pencil & mildly creamy paper.

Endless Mansion catalogues containing the entire body of work submitted by Simon Hanselmann & HTMLflowers for the show Endless Mansion in Madrid 2013. 2 books, 36 pages, full color, limited to 200 numbered copies.


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10 Sonic Tracks that when I listen, honestly make me feel like I might ascend

Listen: Endless Mine - Mystic Mansion - Crisis City (Modern) - Multi Attack - The Doom - Egg Dragoon - Splash Canyon - Planet Wisp (Modern) - Holoska Cool Edge Night - Spring Yard Zone (bonus: a good classic remix)


Endless Mansions “Remembering Chair - Cold Blue Light” Original Artwork - A4, Colored Pencil & mildly creamy paper.

Comes with Endless Mansion catalogues containing the entire body of work submitted by Simon Hanselmann & HTMLflowers for the show Endless Mansion in Madrid 2013. 2 books, 36 pages, full color, limited to 200 numbered copies. 

* Saliva Covered Cold Pizza Included

contact me if you want this @ sunsetgradient@gmail.com

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Sea Foam

for @loquaciousquark, who sent me a prompt a while ago for Fenris/Hawke and a kiss on the hand

There are times he thinks of the sea.

Endless waves invade Danarius’ mansion, throwing themselves against the unyielding walls.

Ostentatious furniture becomes driftwood. Residue of spilled blood and magic scrubbed away. Freezing water curls around his legs, trying to pull him under. He stands as immovable as a mountain, chained to the ground. Sea foam caresses his neck, his lips. Salt fills his senses.

The tide is relentless, inevitable. He stands naked and watches the ocean corrode the lyrium on his body.

He’s left smooth and cold as stone in an empty mansion as the water retreats.

He is free.

He hopes and he fears the water will return until the pieces of everything he is break apart and dissolve into sand.

The sun has just disappeared, though it is a reluctant parting and the dying light casts everything in a rusty gleam. The heat stays, lingering in the air, clinging to the stones underneath his feet. He feels it, even in Hightown where it’s always colder.

He lingers, too.

A drop of sweat runs down Hawke’s face and his eyes follow its path along her cheek, her neck, until it disappears beyond her shirt. He wants to lean in and breathe out against the wet line to raise goosebumps on her skin, reenacting something that might have happened once. A memory, a dream. He doesn’t know. He never knows.

His fingers hurt these days, bursting at the seams with longing.

“Fenris.” The skin around her eyes crinkles as one corner of her mouth curves upwards. “You can come in, if you want.”

He has long accepted that he won’t stop wanting.

Elation and remorse entwine around his chest.

Her finger brushes against the red cloth around his wrist.

He wants…

His hand closes around hers and he lifts it to his face. His eyes on hers as he presses his lips to the inside of her hand. The taste of sea foam.

“Good night, Hawke.”

She lets out a shivering breath as he lets go of her hand and then laughs as she disappears inside her home.


i have the wonderful opportunity to attend SMALL PRESS EXPO 2014 for the very first time and work the PIGEON PRESS table (W 51-52) with nick maandag for alvin buenaventura. PIGEON PRESS is hosting the charles burns signing for the advance release of SUGAR SKULL, the third and final volume of the NIT NIT trilogy from PANTHEON BOOKS. PIGEON PRESS is offering many rare out of print books from charles burns along with a limited-edition signed and numbered gicleé printed bookplate of 200 made especially for SPX along with promotional NIT NIT masks.  PIGEON PRESS will also offer originals from charles burns, simon hanselmann, joseph remnant and nick maandag among other exclusive items. PIGEON PRESS is also reissuing nick maandag’s hilarious THE LIBERTARIAN, which debuts at SPX. see you there this saturday and sunday! photos by chris anthony diaz

***burns will be on 2 panels during the weekend***

saturday — alt-weekly comics roundtable — Noon - 1:00pm (white oak room)

sunday — charles burns spotlight/q + a — 2:00 - 3:00pm (white oak room)

the PIGEON PRESS artist signing times will be posted shortly

from 2013’s Endless Mansion show in Madrid, Spain with Simon Hanselmann “Please Don’t Go - Floating Tears” Original Artwork - A4, Colored Pencil, Watercolors & mildly creamy paper.