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Endless struggles of malec fans..

Fans: We want a proper scene of Malec first time.. nothing overly graphic ofc.. but~ a normal proper one.

#Freeform / #Shadowhunters : No worries! You guys gonna love what we prepared for you~! (;●∀●)ゝ”

*proceed to give some ‘faded to black before any actual consent is clearly given’ scene*

Fans: We want more soft!boyfriends #malec~…. please and thank you~

Freeform/Shadowhunters: We got ya back, fam~! (*^∀゚)ъ 

*proceed to…

- Practically show this scene from a galaxy so far away that one needs a high power telescope to see it..

- Deleted this scene completely..

Fans: wth! no no.. as in more casual intimate touching/kissing between them.. nothing over the top ofc~.. just like any other normal couple, y’know~ 

Freeform/Shadowhunters: Ah~..ofc..ofc.. totally got it! ~(^з^)-♡

*proceed to give us Alec being the sweetest most loving boyfriend ever!!!…. to Valentine!Magnus*

Fans:….. Okay you know what, just…fine.. *sigh tiredly*.. could we at least get some sweet hand holding.. this time with REAL Magnus, please~..

Freeform/Shadowhunters: Ofc you could, love~.. (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

Freeform/Shadowhunters: See how much we love you~~ 

♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪


@magnusandalexander our endless struggles.. amirite or amirite? lol.. ^^;;;

#malec #shadowhunters

i just got to say i really appreciate how much time and effort and thinking pixelberry put into making endless summer. like each character is really well developed, and with the whole system of liking/disliking points and how each character you have to get a a certain amount of points to like you makes them seem like actual people

like how estela has to like you a certain amount to let you see the gun and how your relationship with each character determines how they treat you

not to mention all the thinking that has gone into this and the mystery aspect with just a hint of romance…no wonder its my favorite book

Life is Strange 2, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Minecraft Story Mode Season 2, The Walking Dead (game) Season 4, Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 3, Endless Summer 2, Borderlands 3, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, 13 Reasons Why Season 2… 

couldn’t be happier. ♥

As the current head of the New York Institute,” Maryse said, with an attempt at firmness, “if there is illegal Downworlder activity happening, it should be reported to me.”

“I do not talk to Nephilim about Downworlder business,” Lily said severely.

The Lightwood parents stared at her, and then swung their heads in sync to stare at their son.

Lily waved a dismissive hand in their direction. “Except for Alec, he’s a special case. The rest of you Shadowhunters just come in, lay down your precious Law, and chop off people’s heads. We Downworlders can handle our business ourselves. You Nephilim can stick to chopping off demons’ heads and I will consult with you as soon as the next great evil occurs, instead of the next great annoyance, which will occur probably on Tuesday, and which I, Maia, and Alec will deal with. Thank you. Please stop interrupting me. Alec, can these people even be trusted?”

“They’re my parents,” said Alec.

—  Cassandra Clare. “Born to Endless Night.”

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Blackpink and twice reaction to their s/o getting into a bad crash please thank you!

im doing twice first hehe

Nayeon: pretend that theyre actually fighting not play fighting i feel like nayeon would be really mad. she’d probably think things like, “i could have protected him/her…” and put herself down. she’d probably take her anger out on her members.

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Jeongyeon: when she heard the news, she’d literally be in shock…what if she lost you forever?

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Momo: she’d try her hardest to keep a smile on yours and her face. she tried hard to be happy. she’d visit you with a fake smile, trying to cheer you up. she just wasnt ready to lose you.

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Sana: like momo, she’d try hard to keep a smile on her face for you. she gets emotional very easily, so i feel that’d be a hard task for her to do if she were sad. she, once again, did not want to lose you.

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Jihyo: as a leader, she is very mature and knows what to do and when to do it. she’d most likely do aegyo for you to keep you happy through this hard time.

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Mina: she’d be buying you gifts, giving you endless hugs, altogether making you feel safe. she loved you, and she needed you.

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Dahyun: okay, but just imagine her laying down in the hospital bed next to you, hugging you, making sure not to hurt you anymore. she’d be so devastated, and would want you to get better quickly

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Chaeyoung: she’d stay up late at night for you, hoping you’d get better quickly.

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Tzuyu: she’d be so sad omg…she’d probably cry & rant to her members. she’d show endless love to you.

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this was kind of hard i feel like i was repeating myself grrr

reaction requests are open for; seventeen, 2ne1, exo(o12), bts, got7, and blackpink.

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what would be their fave non-sexual activity to do with mc? :D

• He loves just going on drives with you. The two most important things are combined - cars and love.
• Help him wash his cars. He’ll die. He’s so excited. You don’t even need to do the cliché water fights. He takes his cars seriously.
• Cars cars cars.
• Go with him to buy new cars.
• Car cruises!!!! Car shows!!! Cars!!!!

• Of course he loves playing LOLOL with you. Join the same guild as him. Don’t tell him you have another profile on a rival guild.
• He really just loves doing anything REMOTELY relationship-y with you. Taking walks, coffee shops, movie dates.
• He also, believe it or not, is a big fan of decorating the house. It takes him a lot of motivation to clean, but he just thoroughly enjoys decorating the house with you. It makes him feel like you two are married.
• Take him to the humane society. Oh my gosh, take him to the human society. Volunteer there with him. Talk to him about all the dogs you two are going to own when you get older.

• Coffee dates, of course. Every coffee shop within a twenty mile radius, you two have gone to.
• She doesn’t get much time off, but when she does, she really just loves bringing home takeout and sitting at home, eating with you.
• She loves when you do the laundry with her. Help her get all of Elizabeth 3rd’s hair off her clothes.

• He takes you on trips with him whenever he can. Normally it’s business trips, but oh my god if he wouldn’t rent an island out just for you two.
• He loves coming home from a busy day at work and just listening to you talk about your day and what you thought about what was happening with the company.
• Grooming Elizabeth 3rd together. Of course, anything Elizabeth 3rd related. You pick out the cutest collars.

• When you surprise him at rehearsal, he legitimately thinks he is going to faint. He pretends he does.
• You bring him flowers after all of his performances. He presses at least one from the bouquets in a book.
• He loves taking you out shopping. He could watch you try on clothes for hours. (of course, he tries on clothes with you. it would be a tragedy if you didn’t get to see him modeling as well.)
• Get on his motorcycle. It messes up both of your hair but you can go home and fix each other.