endless love forever

You give me that feeling I will never find words for, but something I know is that everytime I am with you I feel so complete.
—  Melwowz
I want you to be mine forever.
—  Poets Love Her
Gründe für Selbstmord
  • man muss nicht mehr kämpfen
  • man muss nicht mehr so tun als wäre man glücklich
  • es gibt Menschen, die würden sich freuen
  • es wäre endlich alles vorbei
  • man ist keine Last mehr für andere Menschen
  • manche Menschen würden merken was sie vielleicht anders machen hätten können
  • manche Menschen würden vielleicht darüber nachdenken wieso du das getan hast
  • manche Menschen würden merken wie es ohne dich ist
  • man kommt nachhause
It’s hard to believe that I’ve found someone like you; someone who has saved me and changed me into a better person, a more lively one. This won’t be enough to thank you for everything you’ve given me, and there won’t be anything I can do in the future to make you see how perfect you are. And yes when I say perfect I mean perfect in every single way, including your flaws.
—  Poets Love Her
When I realized you weren’t perfect and had your flaws, it just made me love you even more.
—  Melwowz
You changed my life in so many ways; You gave me a reason to live, you filled my emptiness and replaced it with so many good things that no one else could’ve wished for. I cannot wish myself anyone better than you. You have made the previous things in my life mean nothing compared to what you have given me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I still feel that way every single day even if we are arguing with each other from time to time, because I know the truth deep down in my heart. I will always take care of you, look after you and always be there for you through everything.
—  Poets Love Her