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Laurent Rosset Defies The Laws Of Gravity and Endless Horizons With Masterful Photo Manipulations

Laurent Rosset , digital artist and architect, is a magician who tricks the mind with surreal digital photo manipulations that pull the landscape up from the horizon, transforming the sky into another plane for people to walk on and create waves of valleys so masterfully edited, it is indecipherable to the human eye. Relying mostly on his own photographs, the artist plots his own map to compose landscape images which, with a simple editing trick, can maneuver the course of the entire photograph and alter the meaning of the land.

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Getting the Inside Scoop with @jacobwfrank

To explore Glacier National Park along with Jacob, follow @jacobwfrank on Instagram. Check out #LifeOnEarthWWIM13 to learn more about this year’s Worldwide InstaMeet, taking place this weekend, where people explore and share photographic tips while taking photos and videos together.

Landscapes stretching across endless horizons make up Jacob W. Frank’s (@jacobwfrank) office. He works as a visual information specialist (aka park photographer) at Glacier National Park in Montana. After seeing a flier for a national parks internship in college, Jacob changed his major: “I realized, wow, you can get paid to work in national parks. I didn’t even realize that was a thing.” Jacob headed out to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, taking a camera along for the journey — only after his mother’s insistence.

For this weekend’s Worldwide InstaMeet, Jacob will host photographers and nature lovers for a sunset meet at Lake McDonald, one of his favorite spots in the park. “I think a lot of people are drawn to the idea of getting to take a picture with the park photographer,” he says about sharing the best locations. “They feel like we’re giving them the inside scoop.” #LifeOnEarthWWIM13


Breathing the Sea Air on Sylt, Germany’s Northernmost Island

To sample some North Frisian atmosphere, explore the Sylt location page and browse the hashtags Hörnum and Nordseeliebe.

Sylt, Germany’s northernmost island, may be connected to the mainland by rail, but many travelers flock to the “Queen of the North Sea” in order to disconnect. Sylt’s major draw is its picturesque places: think thatch-roofed houses, sandy beaches and tidelands.

For Hamburg-based Instagrammer Anja Sauer (@anja.sauer), Sylt is the perfect escape from the city. “Rough sea air, beach as far as the eye can see and wonderful variegated dune landscapes — there I find the width and the endless horizon I need to completely switch off.” Even though Sylt is a mere 38 square miles (99 square km), its offerings are diverse. One can tour the island by bicycle, surf off of Westerland’s Brandenburg Beach, visit a gallery opening in Kampen or simply relax in one of the iconic white and blue painted two-seater beach chairs that are scattered along the island’s beaches.

You are precious. You are a star, you will sparkle in everyone’s eyes. You are a supernova, the brightest among them all. You are a masterpiece made by the Creator. The birthmark on your face symbolizes a constellation of dreams, beauty and reality. No one in the entire universe can outshine your light. It’s enough to make all those Centauris a little dimmer than they should be. You are my favorite part of this endless horizon. And your smile can make a distant sphere alive for a lifetime. That’s who you really are, outside of our habitable planet. You are the most important matter in this universe. Don’t you forget that, you are precious.
—  baekebyan
Let go of your insecurities. They will hold you back. Your life isn’t meant for hating your body. It’s for that road trip across the country, laughing until your stomach hurts, sitting outside until the sun peeks above the horizon, and endless self love
—  Something that should be taught to everyone

Light, space and time make us aware of what surrounds us. For JCJ Vanderheyden, this concept is at once both the starting point and the conclusion. Vanderheyden focuses on reality and art history, examining what our eye sees and what we take in. A clear blue sky, an endless horizon or the world as a stage. Throughout his body of work over the years, set themes recur, which the artist reuses and rearranges in new ways, adding a level of significance to the temporal aspect of his work.

JCJ Vanderheyden, After Hieronymus Bosch (1998)

All rights are reserved. Photography by Peter Cox. 
Rabo Art Collection


Jess grits her teeth, going for a running start. The gravel on the trail crunches under her feet, the wind rushes through her hair, and she can taste success. This time. This time, she’s gonna make it.

The canyon is streaked with color, warm in the afternoon light; golden striations race across the signature rusty reds of the landscape. The sky is a gorgeous, impossible blue, and clouds flutter down the endless horizon, a perfect backdrop for a first flight.

Every step resounds in her body, and her heart races. Blood pounds in her ears.


One of the rarest of abilities. Jess’ dad can fly, and her older sister inherited the gene. Why not Jess?

Why not me? I could be a hero, Jess thinks as she picks up speed.

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