endless grove

Every summer of my life has been a feast of bees and ripe figs, endless olive groves and vineyards.Thyme honey flowing. White linen everything, salt on hair, salt on skin, the smell of sunscreen and rosemary on my sheets. Cicada symphonies, jasmine bushes blooming, the August full moon and ancient ruins. Family meals in countryhouses, rural weddings, dusty sandals.

Lately I’ve been longing for a different type of summer. Berry and mushroom picking and adventures in mystical forests. I want to carve on tree trunks, caress baby bears, spend a rainy night in a forest refuge, drinking hot tea and hearing fables. Discover a hut and befriend the old lady who feeds her ducklings. Bathe in a silent lake, dance around a bonfire wearing a flower wraith on Midsummer Day. I want sudden summer storms, forget-me-not bouquets, days and days of silence.

Ikon x Mistletoe pt.1

(Hanbin, Jinhwan, Donghyuk)

Part 2: Bobby, Chanwoo, Yunhyeong, Junhoe

First time I’ve done anything like this so it kinda suck but I figure it’ll be fitting with Christmas in less than a week!!!


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  • Busy burying himself under a mountain of work.
  • Completely oblivious that you’ve been sitting there making faces at him for the last 10 minutes
    • Oh my God, you scared me!
    • Hanbin, you promised me ~
    • Yea. I promised to Christmas shop for our families on Tues— Oh shit! I’m so sorry, baby ~ *whine*
    • 5 more minutes. I swear *whine some more*
    • *10 minutes later* still working
    • 5 min! last time *whine to the max*
  • You’re vexed but it’s understandable he’s so distracted since Ikon had been given to green light for comeback
  • Pull you the mistletoe you were planning to use to decorate their dorm for their Christmas party.
    • Baby, why’d you bring me leaves and why are they bundle up in a bow? Don’t bring trash into my studio!!
    • Yah! it’s not trash, you freak.
  • Nervously text Jiwon a picture of said “trash” after you pout and huffed away grumpily
    • Hyung, she gave me a bunch of leaves then get mad. What do I do?
    • That’s mistletoe you big dummy!
    • What’s a mistletoe and how does that help me with the raging ball of fury sitting in the corner over there? *text Jiwon a picture of you glaring at him*
    • Google it, I’m busy *absolutely no help given*
  • Face palm hard after 5 minutes of Google-ing
  • Feel guilty AF then shy AF
    • Oh, she wanted to kiss me… hehe… *Giggle on his own like a creep*
  • Racking brain trying to figure out how to talk to you
    • Oh no, she’s looking at me. Quick, do something Hanbin before she looks away
    • *dance weird wiggle squid dance + shoulder dance combo* Great, smooth you dummy.
    • She’s laughing YESSS!
  • Hey little lady, so this little birdy just informed me what this is. Definitely not trash.
  • Go away!
  • Awe, It’s been really cold lately you know. It’s snowing and everything. I spent 2 months on tour alone, all by my lonesome, so lonely.
    • You got Jiwon and the boys
    • Damn it, stop ruining my moment.
    • Presses his finger onto your lips.
    • shhhhh! don’t speak!
  • Anyways, it’s so isolated and unwanted without your touch baby. *pull out the pout, the fake dismal cry, the dramatic heart clutching + ultimate whining combo*
  • *Grin smugly when you give in and hug him*
  • *Hold mistletoe above your head and wink seductively* I love you, baby. Merry Christmas!
  • You lean in for a soft kiss but got ambush with a fervid make out session instead
  • Throw the mistletoe away then pin you down on the couch
  • Totally late for Christmas shopping because he can’t let go of you.

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  • Heard about the Christmas village event the park nearby puts on for the holiday
    • Immediately buy two tickets.
  • Jinhwan ah, I have exams!! I can’t promise you I’ll even be awake after.
    • Come on, cutie. I don’t get break around the holiday often. We’ll just make sure you sleep a lot the day before
    • Breaks out every trick and cute faces he got in his arsenal
    • Resorts to aegyo because he knows it’s your weakness.
    • How are you the oldest in Ikon huh? Damn it, fine!
  • Kiss storm once you said yes.
  • Text you at 6 AM that day
    • Good luck on your exam. No matter what happen, I’ll be here for you!
    • Nervously pacing the dorm, not focusing on his task because he’s worry for you.
    • Want to text you but scare he’ll distract you.
    • Go shopping to buy you extra presents instead to distract himself.
  • Picking you up looking like Santa with all the presents he got.
    • No! you’re not opening them until Christmas
    • But you got so many…
    • NO! we’re dropping this off at your house.
    • You’re so smol but you’re such a big meanie.
    • What’re you talking about, I’m a manly cutie boyfriend.
    • That make no sense boy.
  • Confidently drag you toward the park like he knows where he’s going.
    • Crap.
    • We’re lost, aren’t we?
    • No… Yes…
    • You spent the next half hour trying to figure out where you’re going.
  • Finally made it inside the park.
    • See! I knew we’d make it.
    • Cue eye rolling from you.
  • Similar to Donghyuk. You’d be checking out all the decoration, giddy at how festive everything is but he’s only staring at you.
    • Loving how your eyes twinkle with excitement.
    • Secretly gloating to himself that he made the right choice.
    • Who knows her the best?
    • This guy right here!
  • Magically find a mistletoe.
    • Look, we have to kiss.
  • Buys you all the food you want because he knows you’re tired
    • Baby, you want a sandwich?
    • Spaghetti? No? What about hot cocoa?
    • Wait by the mistletoe, I’m gonna go get us coffee.
  • Take 10 million pictures of you doing stupidly mundane things
    • What? This is you festively drinking your coffee.
    • This is you under a mistletoe.
    • But you got one of us kissing under one earlier.
    • I know, but this is a different one.
    • Why can’t I take pictures of my cute girlfriend. I need it for tour purposes.
  • Nearly passed out going snow tubbing.
    • Let’s not do that again, that fake hill is scarier than I thought.
    • Oh my heart. Oh let’s go calm down by that mistletoe over there.
  • How are you finding so many mistletoe when you couldn’t even find the park?
    • nervously chuckle and drag you along
    • haha oh look what is this mistletoe doing here right above your head.
  • Both of you have a lot of fun regardless of the constant dragging you endure whenever he spots a mistletoe.
  • Ending the night with you in his arm, both of you resting on the couch chatting away.
    • How was your exam, baby?
    • I’m glad you had fun tonight.
    • I wish I can do this for you more often.
    • I just want to make you happy all the time. I’m so happy for once you’re not spending the holiday alone.
  • You totally picked this park because of all the mistletoe, didn’t you?
    • Finally confessing that the park’s map has all the points where mistletoe would be located.
    • I was going to do it at home but I’m not tall enough to hide the mistletoe.
    • The boys wouldn’t put it up for me
    • I’M SORRY.
  • You laugh at him before sealing the night with another kiss.

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  • Been planning your Christmas surprise for months now.
  • Complete nervous wreck since it’s your first Christmas together.
  • Rant and ramble to a point of driving everyone insane
    • What if she doesn’t like Christmas?
    • What if she doesn’t like cabin or snow?
    • What if I tripped and like i don’t know, push her off the cliff or something?
    • What if something tragic in her life happen around Christmas and I don’t know about and now she’ll hate me forever. I saw it in a drama once.
    • *Ikon collectively* Shut up Donghyuk. She’ll love you no matter what so stop bothering us.
  • 20 tabs open on his internet search engines at once because he takes his researching way too serious.
  • Worries about every little details.
    • Beach would be too cold now. She’ll get sick.
    • Camping wouldn’t be good. She complained her back hurt.
    • Ice skating is too cliche. Plus it’ll be so busy, she hates crowd.
    • Nervous wreck trying to find a way to ask you to go on a trip with him
  • Hey baby. Wanna go on a date with me?
    • What’s wrong, Donghyuk? you never ask to take me on a date, you just show up and whisk me away.
    • Laugh because he doesn’t know what else to do.
  • Showing up to the date looking like a total badass
    • Leather jacket, flannel, t-shirt, Jeans, boots (think badass Dumb and Dumber era)
    • Smiling sweetly holding a bouquet of flowers.
    • Swoon you with just a simple “hey babe”
  • I know we haven’t been together even a year but I was hoping you’ll go on a trip with me
    • So nervous he rapped the whole sentence. (Bobby and B.I would be proud)
    • Nearly fainted when you said yes
  • Practically pack for you since he worries too much about your health
    • Donggie~ I know how to pack
    • No but did you bring jackets? Thick ones.
  • Hold your hands the whole trip up to the mountain, let you sleep on his shoulder.
  • Relieves seeing your eyes light up when you guys arrived to the wooden cabin covers with snow in front of endless groves of trees.
    • You’re staring at the scenery, he’s staring at you
  • Spends most of the day playing in the snow
    • snow angel, snowman, snowball fight
    • managed to find a frozen lake to ice-skate on
      • You have to catch me if I fall okay? I don’t know how to skate
      • Somehow you don’t believe him…
      • Skate better than a freaking Olympian
      • pPut your ass to shame even though he said he doesn’t know how to skate
  • Watch sunset together
    • Whispering “I love you” for the first time
  • Fight you over how to light the fireplace.
  • Fight you over cooking dinner.
  • Fight you over who can make better hot chocolate.
  • Fight you over making a fort in front of the fireplace.
    • Sneakily put up mistletoe when you’re not paying attention
  • Finally calm down enough to relax, soaking in the warm fire and sweet hot chocolate.
    • Shyly smile
    • Baby, look up!
    • Timidly caressing your cheek
    • Cheeks red from the thought of what the small mistletoe implies
  • Promise me you’ll be here next Christmas and all the one after that.
  • Stares deep into your eyes before planting the sweetest kiss on your lips.
    • You grab his face in place when he pulls away, stealing another kiss from him
      • Wow, I should keep that thing around more often
      • You don’t need that to kiss me anytime, Donghyuk.

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