endless flailing

“I’d always hoped that when I finally said ‘I love you’ to a girl, she’d say ‘I know’ back, like Leia did to Han in Return of the Jedi.”

- Simon Lewis, City of Bones

“It doesn’t matter if I get my memories back or not,” Simon said. “It doesn’t matter if another demon gives me amnesia tomorrow. I know you: You’ll come find me again, you’ll rescue me no matter what happens. You’ll come for me, and I’ll discover you all over again. I love you. I love you without the memories. I love you right now.” […]

Isabelle said in a calm voice: “I know.”

- Born to Endless Night

Wednesday schedule:

8-9p: Watch Blindspot

9-11pm: Rewatch kiss and promo on endless repeat while simultaneously flailing on whatsapp. Use only capital letters, emojis, and exclamation points when texting. Use duplicate vowels eveeeeeeeeeerywheeeeeeeere to adequately convey depths of emoooooootion. 

“You know what I hate?” Prying the tacky leather purse in hand open, the pad of her thumb marvelled briefly over the ladybug red of the clasp before she continued. “Capitalism. Here I am, sat on a fucking half rotten bench, starving like Orphan Annie praying for a single sprout to gnaw on to fill my endless void. Joan?” Flailing the accessory around, she whipped out a few notes tucked inside in the height of her liquor induced ramble. “Maybe Margaret. Dorothy. Whatever. She doesn’t even need all this cash and I bet you anything if I return this ugly lump of leather with a few notes missing she’ll scream like an elderly beaver. Doesn’t even care if the youth of today are starving. How fucked up is that?”

you are gold and silver (1/2)

@clairelutra, what was once a drabble has grown so far beyond that, i am honestly embarrassed at my utter lack of control. here is the first half of this goddamn fic, because the second half is incomplete and not anywhere NEAR as ladrien as the first and also this technically covers your “almost-kiss” prompt, PLEASE ENJOY!!

special thanks to my beta @kickassfu for patiently putting up with my endless flailing over writing this, to @mirthalia for introducing me to the glory that is draftin, to @vaisraviina for their inspirational headcanon, and to hugh grant for his ridiculously catchy psuedo-80’s vocals. and before anyone asks, no, it is not a ddr machine.

In which Ladybug learns something that leads her to making some very bad decisions, up to, and including, thinking that Adrien Agreste was ever cool.


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I can’t believe the blood colors used on them got ruined.

As promised, the fantroll requests I’ve taken! in order, from @robot-bomber-bunnie, @sparkledragons, @thespritelady and a pal of hers, @j4ck-of-4ll-f4ndoms and @kalkallico! I’m sorry about the huge amount of variation between these, I did them on different days and in different moods.

If anybody would like to request something like this, I still accept some!

So I sort of completely skipped my 1k (combination of oops and laziness), but I reached 2k followers recently and IDK how the hell it happened so I just have to say how much I love each and every one of you, whether or not we’ve talked (my inbox is ALWAYS open––I promise I don’t bite). I’ve been on here for almost a year now and it’s been endless flailing fun and ridiculousness and hilarity and being inspired by gorgeous edits and fics and meta and everything else.

Now, here are some truly wonderful blogs I drool over on the reg. For those of you in the OUAT fandom, no matter what you ship or stan for, at least check them out and follow them if you’re not already. Some absolutely stunning graphic/gif-makers, fic and meta writers, spoilery bts info and just insightful and hilarious people I can’t gush about enough.

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