endless favs

my favorite fics [38/?]

Love Endless (The Path to Permanence) by @wubwubnparmaham​; 241k, read on ao3

Summary: So now Louis’ finally done the love thing, and it’s already in jeopardy? Just his luck.

Harry’s evil twin is back, and that can’t mean anything good. It never has.

Even with the help of friends, will Harry and Louis be able to keep him at bay? And is Auron really who they should be worried out?

…Only one way to find out.

sequel to my favorite fic 32: Love Endless (The Road to Recollection) // manip by @avocadolouie


“In despair, he left that farm and came to Bone Gap when it was a huge expanse of empty fields, drawn here by the grass and the bees and the strange sensation that this was a magical place, that the bones of the world were little looser here, double-jointed, twisting back on themselves, leaving spaces one could slip into and hide.”

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Never endless list of favourite characters: 2/??? L-elf Karlstein.

He is Dorssian’s one man army.

Happiness isn’t something you can split in halves.”

“There is nothing worse than the wishes of the talentless.”

“Laugh at me if you want.. but I love you, Lieselotte.”

“You..you are my friend, Tokishima Haruto!”