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  • Who said “I love you” first:

I really like the thought of this being Iwaizumi because Daichi’s pretty darn good with his words, he knows the right things to say at the right time even if he doesn’t quite realize it himself - his coach says it so and his teammates unconsciously look forward to his speeches to fire them up because their captain is reliable that way. But just when it comes to Iwaizumi, strong reliable steady and beautiful, he never has enough words for him and he stumbles every single time but god knows how much Daichi tries, but Iwaizumi is always there to strip him down easily. He feels like he blunders whenever he has to talk to Iwaizumi, but when he sees the fond look in Iwaizumi’s eyes, he stops and lets him talk, listens and hears the words clearly, even reads his lips just to make sure. That stuns him into silence, and he’s never been happier to be rendered speechless this time. And that’s when he says it back.

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Daichi secretly has his wallpaper photo set with Iwaizumi’s photo - it’s one of his favorites. It’s a candid photo of Iwaizumi sitting by the window of their apartment, perfectly washed golden in the afternoon sunlight filtering through their curtains. He has their dog, still a pup then, cradled in his arms and he’s just turned slightly away from Daichi, and Daichi adores it. Second to the endless number of favorite Iwa photos is one of Iwaizumi snuggled in bed with his face squashed in his pillow and his mouth open just a little. Iwaizumi has a picture of their dog as his wallpaper and his lockscreen is his phone’s default because he can’t be bothered honestly. Daichi doesn’t take it personally.

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Iwaizumi leaves messy notes scrawled on the mirror for Daichi to see when it’s his turn in the bathroom, things like “please don’t forget to brush your teeth” or “the shaving cream is in the bottom left corner of the cabinet” or the cheesiest things like “I love you even if you drool on my pillow” and “let’s have dinner out tonight!” but Daichi sometimes completely misses the writings because he wakes up so late and by the time he gets his ass into the bathroom, the fog has disappeared and the messages have been watered down and have turned runny. (He still takes his precious time deciphering them though)

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

I think they’re both really thoughtful when it comes to gifting each other, and they put a lot of effort into making each other happy even if they tell each other every year that they’re not aiming for the materialistic and yet they do it anyway. Except for that one time that Daichi can’t forget because Iwaizumi went out of his way to track down the brand he used to have way back in high school - those white gym shoes with black accents - as a gift for his birthday (belated Christmas gift too), for nostalgia’s sake.

  • Who initiated the first kiss

UMMM HMM It’s a mix between Daichi and Iwaizumi. I say this because I love imagining Daichi just having this late realization that they haven’t kissed yet and he would really, really love to kiss Iwaizumi right now. Except he doesn’t know how to tell??? Does he just ask for it or would that be far too forward and fast for their relationship?? He spends a few days mulling over it and finds himself staring at Iwaizumi’s lips at an alarming frequency, and Iwaizumi would be stupid not to notice. So he decides to play devil’s advocate and waits for the perfect opportunity (that is to say the moment when Daichi snaps) which presents itself during breakfast one day and Daichi has rice on the side of his cheek, and Iwaizumi reaches out to pick it and makes a complete show of taking it in his mouth. Which astounds Daichi. And that breaks the camel’s back as Iwaizumi watches Daichi’s eyes travel down and fixate on his mouth and he quirks his lips, says, “what?” just to fuck with him. “I really want to kiss you right now.” Of course they end up being late for whatever appointments they had that day.

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Like I said, I headcanon Daichi to be a terrible morning person so it’s Iwaizumi who gets to see him helpless with sleep and still find him beautiful enough to want to wake him up with kisses every morning. That doesn’t mean Iwaizumi doesn’t get his fair share of morning kisses on the rare times Daichi is awake before he is.

  • Who starts tickle fights

I’d say it’s Daichi who wages war on Iwaizumi because he knows that Iwaizumi is extremely ticklish and he loves making him laugh without restraints. Iwaizumi’s weakest and most sensitive spot is just under his chin, so that’s where he targets. In the end, Daichi doesn’t mind losing on purpose because he certainly loves being pinned underneath the solid and warm weight of Iwaizumi above him. And then it quickly turns out to be something else entirely hahaha

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Both of them do. It’s a rather effective way to save on water (it’s not, really. They end up spending way more time in the shower when they do it together and engage in activities that require second wash).  

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Hmmm. All-around reliable with housechores Iwaizumi does hahahaha he loves experimenting with his cooking (I also like to think he’s a mama’s boy and spent time learning how to cook as a kid with her) so he surprises Daichi with his avant garde takes on traditional Japanese bento boxes. Also speaking of bento boxes can you imagine Iwaizumi carefully and intricately designing these little onigiri shapes omigod

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

DAICHIIIII. He couldn’t even dare to look at Iwaizumi the first time because the first date was one set up by their friends, and Iwaizumi was one of the top three aces in their area after all and he’s just so goddamn handsome. But Iwaizumi quickly made things less tense with his small talk that wasn’t at all awkward and soon enough Daichi was having easy conversation with him but inside he was kicking himself for making such a fuss. All he needed to do was be himself, because Iwaizumi seems to like him enough anyway (Iwaizumi in fact, likes him a lot)

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

Both of them do because they’re big boys who’ve got no time to be scared shitless by spiders.

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

I like to imagine Iwaizumi is a pretty loud drunk, but he’s pretty harmless but every single time they’re out with friends, he ends up declaring how much he loves Daichi and how he loves him no matter how he looks like because even when he’s drunk Daichi’s insecurities are in the back of his mind. Which the Seijou third years take the brunt of but they definitely don’t mind because they love Hajime and him and Daichi deserve each other and if they have to endure proclamations of love from their ace as a testament of their undying friendship then so be it. (On the other hand, Daichi is a quiet and sleepy drunk, but he gets pretty handsy hahahah)