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Seraph Christmas Gifts Pt. 2! It’s the season 2 disc(s)! (Includes eng dub & sub, owaranai seraph omakes, and trailers/promo stuff)

Bonus: I showed the mikayuu disc/inside cover to my little brother and had the following exchange

Me: What do you think of this art?
Brother: ???
Me: What are the characters doing in this picture?
Bro: cuddling
Me: What do you think their relationship is? Are they friends?
Bro: No
Me: What are they, then?
Bro: Married?
Me: …well, you’re not exactly wrong

Sexy BTS

An Hour Late

There’s something about Christmas that gets everyone in the best of moods. Everywhere you go it’s festivity follows you. Smiles are seen on every face, endless Christmas songs put on a loop, stacks of gifts piled under the tree, the musky scent of the pine tree. The list goes on and on.

It had taken her an hour to find the perfect dress for the Christmas party. They were either too red or too tight or too sparkly. She had to get it right because it was going to be the first time she meets his friends. And it didn’t help that he was the oldest in the group. It only puts on more pressure to show his younger peers she was good enough for him.

“Jagiya…you look amazing in everything. Don’t worry too much. The boys will like you even if you have sweatpants on,” Jin said soothingly.

He was perched on the edge of the bed, watching intently as she slips in and out of the dresses. There were a few times where he had to clear his throat and look away. Be patient, he said to himself, he can wait till after the party.

“I guess this is fine,” she sighs as she checks the mirror. Jin’s head nodded subconsciously as his eyes roam her body. “Help me with the zipper please.”

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Only Make Believe // Chapter 6: A Frostback Jaunt

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December 18th

With no set plan in place and a fresh layer of thick snow on the ground, Cullen considered only briefly the options open to him for the day. Spending time around the cabin would be fine if there was more to do, but watching endless Christmas specials, movies and repetitive countdowns of Christmas songs or Christmas films did not appeal.

There was only so much festive spirit he could take and the lists never changed, anyway.

He decided to make the most of his time up in the mountains, and following a short conversation with Nevena about what her plans were, they agreed to venture into town and take the cable car up to the ski lodges in the Frostbacks.

Cullen could only recall skiing once in his life, and he wasn’t sure if it he could really call it skiing. He had been nine at the time and the winter had been harsh with days of constant snow. He and his older sister, Mia, had made their own skis out of planks they broke off a wooden pallet. They’d roughly sanded them down, used thick string to keep their feet in place, and spent two days sharing the skis between themselves and their younger siblings until the snow grew too icy and their parents considered it too dangerous to continue.

The memory of that winter was a fond one. Cullen smiled remembering their fake skiing escapades and he had no intention of giving up the opportunity to try it for real. He stood in the cable car station with Nevena, waiting for it to return from the other station at the top of the mountain. Aside from the cable car operator there were only three other people waiting

“Have you been skiing before?” he asked Nevena. He hoped they might have a day without incident– a day of relaxation with no sisters, parents, or other issues. This was, at least, in part, a vacation for him and while Nevena was his client and he was technically working, Cullen didn’t see why that should mean he could not enjoy himself.

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clawing through
an ocean of clay
trying to find a single piece of glass

one cut would open a world
of possibility and pestilence

any redness
any wire
any hands

they pour out of my clay-clogged wounds
gripping my scabs
my only supports
the only signs i’ve healed at all

how dare they
take my milestones
that I offer up
like we do for gods
but the sacrifices
slit their own throats
and spill their blood
on the floor of my shrine to you

jumbled twenty sixths
intentional misspellings
pick shadows from an endless grid
of christmas lights

grasping for that piece of glass
with hands I can’t hold onto

anonymous asked:

could you please explain me the whole vday video? like the things he said and everything,, if the things he said happened. please.

(if you dont wanna know about the valentines day video dont read this)

im not sure if i should be doing this but i got like ten asks about it. im afraid phil lester will take my blog down. sighs

ok. so the video starts with phil saying ‘awrf hi dan’ its something they used to say when they were trying to be cute. (especially phil) 

here are some tweets and a dailybooth showing that phil actually used to say that, i know its not that important but im trying to mention everything i can.

dan posted this picture on dailybooth:

phil commented on it:

and then phil says: “i know you said we weren’t gonna do anything for valentine’s day, but you had to go to bed, leaving me for five hours with nothing to do”

i know it sounds weird that dan went to bed 5 hours earlier than phil, but thats because dan was in india when phil filmed it. he left for india on february 5th or 6th and came back on the 19th. then went to see phil and stayed at his house until the 24th. dan and phil would often spend their evenings talking to each other on skype, so the ‘leaving me for five hours with nothing to do’ comes from that. but why was it important to point out if the video ‘was just a joke’?

dan in india. (intro and outro)

dan coming back from india.

before leaving for india:

this was the morning after phil posted the video. dan had probably just seen it.

sunday - february 21.

(video of the pancake making) (1:35)

phil tweeted this on valentine’s day:

(keep in mind that the video was posted on february 13th)

‘holding my thoughts in my heart’ is the name of a song from final fantasy VII. it plays at the end of the video. phil has tweeted the song, posted about it on dailybooth and liked it on youtube.


you got me loads of awesome birthday presentes and i wanted to repay you, somehow, because it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me”

phil’s birthday: 2 weeks before valentine’s day.

“the first time we met […] and then, when we were on the big wheel, i was like, “i really hope he likes me too.” and then you kissed me, and my heart did that flippy-over thing, and, it’d never done that before, so… that was nice.” you all know dan and phil were internet best friends and then they met for the first time in october 19th, 2009 at manchester picadilly station. so i dont need to get into detail. they went to starbucks, apple store and manchester skybar.

(i wonder why *cough cough*)

phil’s drawing for the valentine’s day video when he said ‘and then you kissed me’:

dan and phil when they met for the first time: (notice the similar clothing)

(in 2012 phil got really sad because people wanted to take down the manchester wheel ‘dont take my wheel away’)

“and over the next few months we saw each other a lot and I slowly fell in love with you.” and they really did saw each other a lot after the first time they met. october 19 to october 22. october 31. november 6 to 9. november 29 to december 4. december 10 to 14. december 22 to 24. december 30 to january 2. january 15 to 17. january 15 to 17. january 22 to 24.

‘[…] so the first one is on the snowiest day ever, when we were walking through the abandoned hospital. and you had your hat on, and you lay down in the snow, and looked at the stars. and I lay next to you, and kissed you, and wrote “i love dan” in the snow.” phil recalls some of their moments together. dan went to visit phil from december 22 to 24. there was a massive snowstorm that week.

INTERACTIVE CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE  (you can see how much snow there is)

ZOMG RED PANDA!!?  (phil talks about the snowstorm)

(they filmed the christmas adventure on december 24.)

phils drawing for the vday video when he said ‘and you had your hat on, and you lay down in the snow, and looked at the stars. and i lay next to you, and kissed you..’ (notice the similar clothing)

(screenshot from christmas adventure)

‘endless coffee in starbucks, caramel macchiato, and our starbucks sofa…’

dan’s live show he mentions that caramel macchiato is his favorite starbucks drink.

dans live show again mentions that cm is his favorite.

a day in the life of phil and dan when dan gets his caramel macchiato phil calls it ‘the best’ and they both have caramel macchiatos on the sofa. they go to starbucks a lot.

‘the week we spent together in my house was amazing, i think that’s when i properly fell in love with you..’

dans formspring: 

that ‘<’ means that the week he spent with phil was better than anything else he had done that year.

that week was from november 29, 2009 to december 4.

(look how much he spent with dan wtf)

(they got out of bed pretty late….)

their dailybooths were full of love stuff that week. i wonder why..

‘and when we watched wall-e on my sofa, and then cried.’

(and that night the uma thurman thing happened)

‘all the cuddles in bed, and three-hour breakfasts’


‘and lying in my bed, and funny times in my bed (omg so much cherry everywhere)’

lmao. the “cherry" he’s talking about is a flavor of lube. yea.

‘at the halloween gathering when we realized that no other youtubers actually eat, so we went and got some food and then sat on the fountain. at that point, i kind of realized that i didn’t really care about the other youtubers, i just wanted to be spending time with you. and we held hands, and then kissed, and looked at the stars.’

dan and phil at the halloween gathering part 1 

dan and phil at the halloween gathering part 2 (5:07 you can see them sat on the fountain. they show up other times too)

another one 

another one 

‘and when we can’t be together, all the hundreds of hours of skype calls that we’ve had have made me eight million times happier.’

skype calls. 

talked on skype often, but they still posted about missing each other.

dan tweets about phil coming to see him at his parent’s house:

‘we might just want to zzz’ aww

‘and all our manchester days, and watching avatar in 3d, and kissing in 3d glasses..’

‘you are the best person in the world’

and this was posted 2 hours before the tweet:

and thats it. as you can see everything phil mentioned on the video, happened.

if it was a prank why keep it up on phil’s side channel for a year and a half? and why freak out after it had leaked? they went directly to the fans that found it and asked them to keep it quiet, it just made it more obvious. they make everything they can to put down every vday video posted. phil cant act, so how did he manage to pull that love look? why so much work into a simple prank video? why include references that no one would have understood at the time? april fool’s day is on april 1 not on valentine’s day. and you can see the way they make pranks by watching danandphilcrafts.

Grace & Clumsiness ~ Fred Weasley

Requested by zapped-silly

Originally posted by ellenpl

There seems to be something magical, more so than usual, about winter at Hogwarts. Maybe it’s the reflecting of the shining sun on the snow, causing it to sparkle as if it is filled with tiny flecks of diamond throughout the whole day. Or maybe it’s the way the temperature inside the castle always seems to be perfect for each individual, cold enough that you need several layers, but warm enough that you won’t need to carry a coat around with you.

But for Y/N, as strange as it is, it’s how the Black Lake always freezes over each year the she has been there, without an exception. However, she has always wondered what happens to the giant squid when this happens. Does it go hide in the depth of the lake and spend it time with the merpeople?  Or does it hibernate? Do squids even hibernate? And wouldn’t it die from the cold?

“I reckon that Hagrid just keeps it in his bathtub during the winter. Merlin knows how lonely and sad it would get during that time of year without the company of the students, and its hobby of terrorizing the shit out of all of them.” Fred answers teasingly, mimicking the friendly half giant. Y/N lets out a soft chuckle as she leans against the bench, drinking in the view of the lake, the sunrise in the background of the scene. The surface of the body of water, as well as the snow, reflecting the different colours coming from the sky.

The pair of friends are seated on a bench, beneath a large tree, watching the sunrise. Normally Fred Weasley wouldn’t dare be awake at this ungodly hour, especially during the weekend. Unfortunately for him, Y/N had come barging to his dorm, forcibly shaking him awake before demanding that he joins her by the Black Lake to watch the sunrise. And luckily for her, he has never been able to say no to her. Not that he didn’t try, every time he would say no, she would look down at the floor, her features filled with disappointment and his heart would drop to his stomach once he sees her like this. And then he would immediately give in, making her face light up with delight. She has him wrapped around her fingers without even trying. And he is scared of what would happen if she realizes this.

But he doesn’t mind waking up this early for once. At least not if it means the two of them sitting next to each other, his arms draping gently around her shoulders and her slowly moving closer to him each time a gush of wind blows by their way, making his heart skip a beat. Looking down, he sees her head resting on his broad shoulder, her hands in the pockets of her coat, keeping them warm, and her nose is slightly pink from the cold outside. His red and gold scarf wrapped around her neck, even though it is literally freezing outside, Y/N, being the forgetful person she is, somehow manages to forget her scarf.

“Do you know that in the muggle world, we have this sort of sport called ice skating. I don’t know if you also have it in the wizarding world but it’s basically this thing where you, well, skate on ice.” Y/N quietly announced, her voice softly bringing Fred out of his daydream. “And the people who participate, ice skaters, wear costumes with a lot of sparkle and everything. I used to dream of becoming an ice skater when I was little.” She let out a small chuckle, looking at him as she lifted her head from his shoulder all the while, a small smirk etched across her face.

“Really? What brought that on?” Fred questioned, intrigued by this new piece of information on his muggle-born friend.

“I don’t really know. I think it might’ve been the way they always seem to be so graceful without trying. Well, I was extremely clumsy as a kid and the idea of being a graceful ice skater wearing sparkly dresses was quite appealing.” She shrugged, smiling fondly at the memory. “So I would always pester my parents to take me to the ice rink during the winter. You know the ones at muggle shopping centres, the ones with an enormous Christmas tree in the middle. There would be an endless playlist of Christmas songs playing and fairy lights all around.”

Fred got up abruptly, shaking of the snow off of his coat he reached out his right hand towards her as a silent invitation. A smirk was prominent on his angular features and it was accompanied by a challenging gleam in his eyes.

“Well? There might not be Christmas music playing nor are there any fairy lights but there are a few fairies lurking around but I think it’s not too shabby. Unless, of course, you’re scared that I will out perform you.” Fred raised his eyebrow, teasing her.

She shook her head, laughing as she grabbed his outstretched hand, helping her up. Letting go of his warm hand, Y/N made her way towards to edge of the frozen lake in front of the magical school. Fred stood there, admiring her silhouette as it got smaller, and the smirk was replaced by a small fond smile.

“Well? Are you coming? Or are you scared that I will outperform you.” She inquired, mimicking his earlier words as reached to edge. Stepping on to the ice, Y/N started to skate. At first, she stumbled a few times but soon began to skate skilfully. A grin was plastered across her face as her eyes twinkle with delight reliving her childhood memory.

Fred was entranced. The way she moved so gracefully as opposed to her usual clumsiness surprized him. And it wasn’t a bad thing either, Fred absolutely loved her clumsiness, he thought that it was adorable. But seeing her there, moving around the huge lake in a way that was so entrancing, he saw another side of her. A side that he never realized was there before, but somehow it made his heart flutter.

Y/N looked back at Fred, who is now making his way towards her, wobbling and barely keeping his balance. Her face lit up in amusement as she stopped moving for a moment, waiting for the ginger to catch up to her.

Unfortunately, Fred Weasley decided to lost his balance and fell over just as he reached her, resulting in him bringing her down as well. They were nose to nose, and if she wanted to, Y/N could’ve counted the numerous freckles across his rosy cheeks, his brilliant blue eyes piercing into hers. And for a moment, they were at loss of words until a laughter escaped her lips.

“Well, it looks like you’ve finally fallen for me Fred Weasley.” She grinned, her laughter dying down.

“Nah, I reckon it’s already been some time, I was just too blind to see it.” Fred smirked chuckling, slightly shaking his head, implying that he was fooling around. However, there was an edge to his voice that made the grin on her face disappear, replaced by a concerned look.

But before she could mutter out a word, Fred started to slowly lean in. She laid absolutely still, her heart pounding against her rib cage. Just as their lips were a mere centimetre apart, he stopped, scanned her eyes as if asking for permission.

And that was exactly was he got. Y/N closed the gap between them, her eyes fluttering shut. Her hands resting gently on his chest as both of his arms are still caging her in. Eventually, it kiss began to turn hungrier, as her hands automatically moved to his tie, successfully pulling him closer to her. And in that moment, the world only consisted of the two of them.

“I may have fallen for you first but at least I took you down with me.” Fred whispered smugly once they pulled away. That infuriatingly attractive smirk etched across his pink lips.

Y/N was about to reply when she felt something cold hitting the side of her head. Fred abruptly got up and began skating towards to edge of the Black Lake clutching his stomach as he continued laughing at her shocked expression.

“Oh you are dead, Weasley.” She quickly caught up to him and jumped on top of his tall frame.

Stumbling, they ended up in the same position as earlier. Except that she was now on top of him. Their laughter slowly died down as grazed in to each other’s eyes. Three small, soft spoken words forming on his lips.

“I love you, Y/L/N”

“I love you too, you annoying twat.” She grinned, as she once again connected their lips. But that was suddenly interrupted by a white ball made of snow hit Fred on the side of his face. Y/N got up, quickly running away, turning her head to give him a wink.

And as he watched her laughing in delight, the sun that has now fully risen behind her, he couldn’t help but let a giant smile form on his face. 

Merlin, I’m absolutely whipped.

But for some strange reason, he didn’t mind one bit.

Surprise, Surprise - Finn Bálor One-Shot

Request: I saw this really cute Christmas thing on pinterest earlier where it would be a gift a day up until Christmas. And I thought “Oh, that would be a real cute imagine idea!” But the last gift in the 25 day of gifts, obviously on Christmas morning, the reader would reveal that she’s pregnant to Finn/Fergal. I seriously can NOT get enough of that irish man and babies. :D

A/N: As I stated before, I love this! Eee! Him with kids makes me weak.


Originally posted by billiekaywwe


It started out as a suggestion which soon turned into a rather fun and appealing game for you. You had discovered something on the Internet regarding to Christmas, specifically where you gave a gift a day for 25 days up until Christmas. When you told Finn about the idea, he was on board completely. He loved the idea. That was towards the end of November.

Today marked December 1st, the first official day of the newest tradition inside your household. You and Finn kept yourselves a part of it, allowing it to be just a husband and wife ordeal. Ava’s gifts were neatly tucked under the tree as she would be celebrating her third Christmas on this earth.

December 1st was small, just as you had anticipated it to be. Day one, Finn gave you the first gift, it being the necklace you were dying to have each time you two passed it inside the jewelry store. Shocked, you immediately put it on. You truly didn’t know what to do, so you stuck out with Vans. You swore he bought a new pair each time they caught his eye. Happy as ever, it marked day one.

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endless list of favorite movies: a princess for christmas (2011)

Once upon a time, in a land called Buffalo, there lived a little girl named Jules Daly who dreamt of traveling to faraway places where the people sang for a lark and danced on a whim, where houses were filled with calliopes and music boxes, mechanical dolls and cuckoo clocks. But, alas, not all tales can have a happy ending. Jules grew up and still has her dreams. Unfortunately, she’s still in Buffalo.

Home for the Holidays (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Here’s the (second) to last Christmas fic! I honestly don’t think the other will be online tonight, and if it is, it’ll be really late. I hope you guys enjoy this and have a very Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate the holiday, I wish you a happy holiday!

Summary: You think you’re alone in the tower for Christmas, but it turns out Bucky’s there too. The next morning, Christmas morning, you find that he has a special gift for you.

Other Characters: The Avengers (even if they’re not all specifically mentioned, they’re all there :) )

Warnings: Crying, feeling of loneliness, and fluff

Word Count: 1K+

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Christmas had never been Sherlock’s favorite time of the year. Growing up with a brother like Mycroft and parents as intolerable as theirs made for endless, horrifically boring Christmas dinners which were torturous affairs for everyone but their mother, who insisted on all but glueing her husband and sons to a seat on the table for a civilized family meal. 

As an overcompensation of sorts, he had taken to treating Christmas as just another perfectly ordinary day. Things changed slightly to accommodate Mrs. Hudson, then John, but all in all, Sherlock viewed Christmas as an occasion that warranted no celebration or acknowledgment.

So the first time he had woken up on midnight of Christmas Eve to the sound of his bathroom window opening, the last thing he expected to see in the meager living room of the SRO he was renting while hiding from Moriarty’s network was The Woman. Not that her appearance in itself warranted any celebration or acknowledgement (or so he told himself), but he had to admit, it was a surprise. 

She was dressed in one of his shirts – what was her fascination with his clothes, anyway? – and sitting on the worn couch, her knees drawn up to her chest. Sitting on the table in front of her was one of the candles he had been saving for an experiment under the sink. She barely looked up at him when he entered the room, instead she addressed the candle’s flickering light.

“It’s Christmas.”

Sherlock’s eyes narrowed. “I’m aware.”

She still didn’t look at him. She seemed mesmerized by the candle’s flame. “I died for the first time last year. Remember?”

Remember? How could he forget?

When he woke up on Christmas Day, she was gone. He would think it was a dream, some kind of hallucination his half-drugged brain had created, except… except the candle was burnt down to a small waxy stub, and his shirt and his sheets smelled of Her.

And then there was nothing.

No sign of her, no news of her whereabouts. He didn’t actively seek her out, because he had no reason to, and also for fear of what would happen if he were to do so. What could they say to each other that wouldn’t make the situation worse between them?

He did keep an ear out for whispers from Moriarty’s slowly dwindling network… any rumours of a Woman arising from the bottomless pit that was the criminal underworld. 

But there was nothing.

Twelve months later, in a hotel in Montenegro – exactly a week before he had to leave for Serbia, and a month before his return to London – his window opened again.

This time, she wasn’t alone. 

The infant in her arms stirred and opened its blue eyes, which were the exact replica of his own.

“It’s Christmas,” she said, by way of explanation. And nothing else was said for the remainder of the night.

He held the baby – his baby, his brain automatically supplied, even if he was still having trouble processing it – once. Only once, while its mother was asleep. 

It was tiny… so tiny… and fragile. Why were human beings so easy to break? There were so many things that could break this impossibly tiny thing… Himself, included.

He wasn’t surprised to find both Woman and infant missing the next day.

It was for the best, he told himself as he eased awkwardly back into his old life in London. He could barely take care of himself, much less an infant. Such a thing would only weigh him down, would be another vulnerability. 

He didn’t know what had made the Woman bring it to term and actually keep it. Sentiment, perhaps… a chemical defect that had the audacity to grow into an actual human being.

Though he would admit, he did think about it sometimes. 

When the Woman appeared in his mind palace, she was still as unspoiled as ever… but this time, she would sometimes be accompanied by a baby’s thin cry, or the smell of the infant’s soft head trailing after her perfume.

Three weeks before Christmas, he and John passed by a certain store, and he spied it. 

He didn’t know what possessed him, but he returned to the shop later without his friend, made sure it was appropriate, and brought it home. His illicit purchase was hidden in 221C where he was sure neither John nor Mary would find it.

When the window opened this time, there was a bassinet waiting in the living room of 221B. And the Woman smiled at him knowingly before placing the sleeping baby – who was no longer an infant, but a year-old Child; no longer an it but another she – inside.

He shrugged. “It’s Christmas.”

Christmas Day found the bassinet empty except for the blanket the Child had been wrapped in. The soft, clearly expensive material carried the scent of the Woman’s perfume and strawberry-scented baby shampoo.

The bassinet would later make its way to the pile of baby shower gifts for Mary after he had deduced her pregnancy, but the blanket remained in his possession.

Mary… whose bullet had nearly killed him.

There was a rose at the foot of his hospital bed when he awoke, but there were no unexpected-yet-expected visitors the next Christmas.

This Christmas, he found himself standing beside his best friend with Magnussen’s lifeless body at his feet and his hands in the air, having just done what he had sworn he would never, ever do.

“Jesus, Sherlock…!”

“Give my love to Mary,” He turned to John. “… She’s safe now.”

Which she had he been referring to – Mary? The Woman? Or the Child? Did he even know…?

But the moment Magnussen had detected the scent of the Woman on his hand, he had known. From that moment on, he’d known exactly what had to be done.

And if it led to his exile or his certain death… well, wasn’t that a small price to pay?

He knelt on the floor and thought of John and Mary, who were safe now from the threat that had been Magnussen. He thought of The Woman, wherever she was, whose death would remain permanent in the eyes of the world. He thought of the Child, whose existence would remain a secret. She whom he had never known, had only held once – an experience that would never be repeated again.

“Oh, Sherlock… what have you done…?”

The game is never over, John

Did you miss me?

Sherlock, promise me?

Moriarty is dead. No question… more importantly, I know exactly what he’s going to do next…

It was New Year’s Eve. Exactly a week after Magnussen’s murder. Three days after his overdose on the plane.

The book had been waiting on the mantelpiece for exactly a week, but the window remained resolutely shut.

He had been doing his best to hide the residual effects of the overdose from John and Mary, and he had been doing a good job of it. Good enough that he had been allowed his first moment of privacy since the plane, while the good doctor tended to his pregnant wife.

But in his solitude, there was no denying that the effects of the drugs still lingered, and it was this residual toxicity that made him think he imagined the small, high laugh from the living room of 221B.

But when the laugh – a child’s laugh, he now registered – was followed by a familiar voice, he shot up immediately out of bed and lurched into the living room.

The Woman was sitting on John’s chair in front of the fire, with the Child in her lap. The Child was reading the book he had left for her, and she was pointing out something in the book for her mother to see.

He released the breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding for a whole week.

The Woman looked up at the sound of his shaky exhale. They looked at each other silently for a long time.

“It’s Christmas.”

His voice was hoarse from disuse and it rasped out of his throat with unexpected relief and anguish at the same time. The dim light softened the Woman’s features and reflected the unexpected moisture in her eyes. It cast a soft light on the Child sitting quietly in her lap.

“Christmas was a week ago.”

Her words were meant to be teasing – she loved to be contrary– but her voice was quiet. The Child stirred, her blue gaze moving from her mother to this stranger she only saw once a year.

“No, it wasn’t.” He dragged himself onto his chair opposite her. For a moment, he watched them both. Then he smiled, and it coaxed one out of her as well when she realized what he meant.

“It’s Christmas.”


By SorrowsFlower

Sorry for the long post. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and it’s almost here, so… suffer my Christmas Adlock feels. Ugh, I shouldn’t be allowed to write fluff at 1AM.