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Request: Hey! coould you plz do an imagine where the reader’s asshole ex comes back from the enchanted forest to take the reader back. But pan isnt having that and the lost boys play endless pranks on him

“Chin up, don’t slouch.” Your mother, the queen, says. As the kingdom’s princess, you’re the face of beauty and grace.
“Now, you’re meeting with a suitor this afternoon.”
“Mother, I don’t need a suitor.” You groan. It’s as if she doesn’t hear you. You walk behind her in a corridor of the palace.
“Please try to be decent, darling. He’s next in line for the throne. You could be queen.” You roll your eyes behind her back. It’s been like this for weeks now. Prince after Prince. Each one worse than the last. This afternoon, you’ll meet with yet another Prince.

“That’s wonderful.” You say dryly, taking a sip of your tea. The prince you’ve been having lunch with is by far the most arrogant you’ve met. The more he talks, the more you want to fling yourself off the balcony. He’s handsome, alright, but also snobby, rude, and vain.
Once you finish the sandwiches the servants prepared, he asks to take a walk in the garden.
“Of course.” You oblige and sigh to yourself. He takes your hand and you try your hardest not to pull away.
“You’re very beautiful, Princess.” He says and kisses your hand.
“Oh, thank you.” You make no effort to compliment him back. For the rest of the afternoon, he talks about himself and being the future king.

“Mother, he was awful.” You say, a few days later.
“Really, because he proposed.” She says nonchalantly. Your heart drops to your stomach. “And I said yes.”
“So you’re marrying him? Congrats, mother!” You try to make yourself laugh, but the knot in your stomach grows tighter.
“He adored you! Isn’t this fantastic news? The wedding is next week.” In a matter of seconds, your whole world came crashing down.

To your dismay, you see more and more of your fiancé as the week goes by. You’ll learn to love him, your mother had said. Now, you stand on your bedroom’s balcony, looking up at the stars. One night before the wedding.
“To have a different life.” You sigh to yourself. “I just wish I had a different life, where I can make my own decisions.” You hold back tears and trudge back into your room.
You slip on a silk nightgown and look at your reflection in the mirror. Your tiara glimmers as you stare. You reach up to take it off, but something catches your eye. You whip around once you realize what it is.
“Who are you?” You shout.
A boy comes in from the balcony and into your room. You glance up at the decorative sword on the wall, and the boy notices.
“I’m not here to harm you, princess.” He puts his hands up.
“Then what are you here for?” You try your best to sound intimidating.
“You.” He continues before you can interrupt “You said you’d like a different life, where you can make decisions for yourself.”
“How did you-”
“I can give you one, Princess.” He takes a step towards you.
A banging on the door makes you jump.
“Princess, are you alright?” The voice of your fiancé goes along with the banging. “Who are you talking to?”
“Come with me.” The boy says and holds out his hand.
The banging on the door doubles, you assume that guards have arrived.
“You wanted to make he wanted to make decisions for yourself? Well it’s now or never.”
The door bursts open and you quickly take the boy’s hand.

As soon as your feet touch the ground you smile. “I can’t believe I did that.” You say to yourself. You look around at the trees and sigh. A new life.
“I didn’t get to introduce myself. I’m Peter Pan. Welcome to Neverland, Princess.”

You wake up to the feeling of soft kisses on your shoulder.
“Morning, love.” Peter says when you turn around. You kiss his cheek in response. He smiles and very quickly it fades.
“Get dressed,” he says rather seriously “Tell Felix to gather the boys.” And just as quickly, he’s gone.

You stand with Felix once all of the Lost Boys are together. Peter has been gone for a while.
“Where do you think he is?” You ask nervously.
“Princess, this is the third time you’ve asked. He’s fine.” Felix and the other boys nicknamed you princess, for obvious reasons.
“There he is.” You sigh with relief when he walks into camp. He doesn’t look happy as he walks over to you.
“Peter-” He grabs you by the arm and away from Felix.
“He’s here.”
“Who’s here?” Your heart begins to race.
“Your fiancé- ex fiancé. He’s looking for you.”
Your heart drops as Peter says this.
“Don’t worry, love.” He says and kisses you quick before addressing the boys. He tells the boys his plan, and they’re sent into position.

You and Peter sit in a tree waiting out for the Prince.
“Peter, are you sure about this? What if someone gets hurt?” You chew on your lip from worry.
“I told you not to worry.” He takes your hand and gives it a small squeeze.
The two of you perk up at Felix’s signal. Peter helps you down the tree and you rush to your position.

“Princess!” A familiar voice says behind you. You shut your eyes once before turning around. Despite the harshness of Neverland, the Prince looks as polished as ever.
You smile just as a Lost Boy appears beside you. He looks exactly like you, thanks to Peter’s magic. The Prince has no time to process when another boy appears. He draws his sword and the boys step back as you step forward.
“Leave this island and never come back.” You say and hope he knows it’s you.
“I won’t go without the princess.”
“Sorry, your majesty.” Peter’s sarcastic tone rings out and he walks out from behind a tree. “She’s here to stay.”
“You.” The prince points his sword at Peter. “I’ve been looking for you, demon boy.”
“Now you’ve found me.” You try to hold him back but Peter steps towards him.
Without warning the prince flings his sword. Peter catches it by the hilt with ease.
“Get off my island, prince, or you’ll regret you ever came.” The prince looks shocked, and with a snap, Peter sends him back to his kingdom.

You look out the tree house’s window at Neverland’s night sky.
“What is it, love?” Peter comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist.
“I was just thinking.” You say softly. He nods and you continue, “Peter, he came here because of me. He knows where we are now, and next time he could bring a whole army.”
“Love-” You cut him off before he can start
“Any of the boys could have gotten hurt, you could have gotten hurt. I can’t lose you, Peter.” You feel a tear run down your face.
“I promise you, you’ll never lose me.” He wipes the tear from your cheek. “And whatever comes at us, we’ll figure it out together. Nothing will tear us apart, Princess.”


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I think this is true, I read it somewhere on MyAnimeList I think, but I heard Y!!OI is based off an indie Japanese short film.

Yes you’re right!!! :)) 

“ Yamamoto already directed an “Endless Night” short featuring figuring skating for the Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition (Japan Animator Expo) project from Studio Khara and Dwango last August. Atsushi Kamijo designed the characters for the short and Kenji Miyamoto handled choreography. Eiji Abiko served as key animation director. “