endless celebrity crushes


Endless List of Favourites. Celebrity Crushes [1/…]→  Richard Madden 

Doing jobs that are completely different to the last thing I did pushes me as an actor to change as much as I can. It would be easy for me to stay in a similar vein of characters or jobs, but I’m drawn to challenging myself.


Endless List of Favourites. Celebrity Crushes [6/…]→  James Mcavoy

Earlier in my career, I used to look at other actors and maybe steal a move here or there, but as I have gotten older, I prefer releasing the idiosyncratic quality that every single person has. That is truly interesting. In the pursuit of pretending and making things seem real, what is really interesting is watching somebody on camera or on stage releasing things that only they could. That is really beautiful.


endless list of celebrity crushes  » frank iero

“I gotta say it’s kinda overwhelming. I wrote the songs and recorded them kinda just for myself, for my own sanity, trying to forget about the way I felt physically and when it came about time for me to look back I saw this collection of songs, was like, oh wow, this is kind of a record. Maybe I should think about putting this out into the world. And when I did… I’m proud of it but at the same time, while writing it and recording it, I never thought that anyone was going to hear it. ”


endless list of celebrity crushes (2/∞) ★ shay mitchell 

Take that one thing you don’t like about yourself and more often than not that’s the one thing that makes you more special. Whether it’s that gap in your teeth, or that mole you never liked, or your skin color.