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Between the Pages

Pairing: Ten x Rose (implied), Tentoo x Rose 
Rose Tyler, The Tenth Doctor (duplicate), Pete Tyler, Jackie Tyler
hurt/comfort, romance 
Rating: All Ages
Summary: The Doctor holds up the first of the New Dickens, a soft smile on his face. “I knew my tastes were rubbing off on you.” Stuck in a parallel universe, Rose finds solace in the little things that remind her of home. 
Word count: ~ 4,900
Chapters: 1/1

Beta: tkross
Endless thanks to tk for encouraging me to write for months and then providing invaluable feedback and support. I would have given up on this long ago without her. ♥

ao3 | teaspoon

For days after her arrival in Pete’s World, Rose can’t sleep.

When she closes her eyes, she finds herself falling, further and further, everything but the Doctor’s horrified expression a blur.

Much like the rest of the house, the guest room Pete has given her is modern and impersonal, and the stark, white surfaces that surround her serve as constant reminders that she is far away from home.

Far away from the Doctor.

She misses feeling warm and safe, even in the midst of running for her life, long, reassuring fingers wrapped around her own. She misses the coral hues of the TARDIS, the soft sounds of the ship, the messy comforts of her room, the fraying threads of the jumpseat where she spent hours watching the Doctor work.

Most of all, she misses their endless nights in the library.

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Until Last I See You

@13callieb Hello, it is I, your Rumbelle Revelry pinch hitter! 

I was given the honor of filling your prompt: Shroud, Seance, Not of This World. 
This will be posted in two parts, so what is below is Part One. I hope to have Part Two complete in the next couple of weeks! 

Rated: Explicit for upcoming smut in Part Two. Part One would be Teen and Up on it’s own.

Thank you to @mariequitecontrarie for her endless support and amazing beta skills. xoxo

Also on AO3 here.

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