endless beta


Spent a week camping out in Michigan, happened to have a pen and notebook on hand. These were the pointless little drawings I created in that week. I believe that there are references to warhammer 40k, dark souls, skullgirls, big hero 6, adventure time, and I believe there is even a little drawing of artbyequinox own character Azdalin, alongside a lot of other shit that I made up in the course of a week.

alright so i was tagged again

tagged by ratcosmos

1-name: nah
2-nicknames: zoe, z, dinglenut, starrypoop, starrypoodle  idk
3-birthday: june 4
4- sign: gemini
5-height: 5'4" im rly tiny sorry
6- sexuality: aroace
7- fave colour(s): a mix of pink n peach, dark blue, and dark red
8- time rn: 8:45 am
9- average hours of sleep: 6-9, it varies
10- lucky number: nah
11- last thing i googled: skullgirls endless beta
12- words that come in my mind: i want to scream for all eternity an d zombie vampires whta
13- happy place: idk man i just want to chill in a cemetery at nighttime
14- number of blankets: 1 but it’s rly thick
15- celebrity crushes: me
16- fave book: since jae put down into the wild and i’ve read that book too then i’ll just say that?? hp and chronicles of narnia are good too //huffs
17- fave music/band: aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
19- dream trip: france
18- last movie i saw: jurassic world or was it mad max??? i guess we’ll never know
20- dream job: i want to be a vet and also work part time as an artist

im not gonna tag anyone b/c im too tired an d idk anyone that wants to be tagged so you can do it if u want

Also I swear on the forums I heard about a testing server that they soft launch everything onto for testing and shit

like the skullgirls endless beta or something?? Anyway from the way the person worded it (or my shitty memory remembers it) is that they had “beta” players for it?

Like, none of this is obviously true but i really wonder like

if something like that would help immensely