There’s no reason to think WTNV is ending.

The writers have never indicated that they want to end it anytime soon. I’m pretty sure they’d tell us.

Off the top of my head, here’s a quote from Meg Bashwiner (proverb lady, Deb) from a recent interview:

She thinks the Night Vale train will keep rolling.

“I think the soil is so fertile with ideas,” Bashwiner said. “Joseph and [co-creator] Jeffrey Cranor are really creative storytellers and in the world of the supernatural, there are less limits you can put on things. Something that is true one day can be false another day and it will still work in the show.”

Meg is going to marry Joseph Fink soon, so if he had any plans to quit, she’d probably be the first to know. 

Let’s all just relax and trust that Finknor is just fucking with us, like always. 

I feel like there are three sides to the welcome to night vale fandom right now. 1) The “is it ending soon!?”  2) the “Guys its not ending!” 3) and the “I need fan art stat of cecil with the Hawaiian shirt, leather pants,and the honey comb hat”

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All these new ways of marketing and PR are getting me excited. Not only are they positive changes, they also seem like they will be long lasting. After Zayn left, I was worried 1D would be coming to an end soon. Now I feel like we've got at least 2 more years.


For a guy who had experienced his fair share of mysteries, one mystery I still can’t figure out is why some people come into our lives. Why some people go. And others become a part of you. Some friendships feel like they’ll last forever. And others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime. What does last forever is the pain, when that person is gone.
—  The Flash

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Hello friend! I'm sorry to hear that the cornerstone diary feels like a chore, but it's ending soon anyway. I for one will not be unfollowing your blog when this happens, your other art is awesome!!! (And the cornerstone diary may be bad to you, but it's better than I can do)

yeah well, personally i think sjin was joking about it ending soon lmao

yeah it really has felt  like a chore every now and then in the past week or 4-5? i dont know why, maybe im just a little bored of it?

and thank you, that is really reassuring <3 

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I just want to know why they're ending the comics so soon...I actually kinda enjoyed them ;_; (And I really really love the way they draw the characters, especially Knuckles)

I wish I knew…But don’t fret my frined, Archie said “The SONIC BOOM comic series will end after #WorldsUnite with #11. Fear not – the stories and characters will continue in our other books”. I don’t know how this is gonna be done but….*gives you a hug* I’ll suffer tears with you ;_;

@havingconversations maaaaayyyybbeeee??? i wasn’t always like this like when i first started dating i would be devastated for E V E R when i would break up with someone but as time went on i like just trained myself to stop caring and accept the end of things as soon as humanly possible or even before lmao but it definitely came more naturally to me than for other people i know so maybe it is a gemini thing? but i think most of it is lived experience for me

[  immcne  ]

                             ———  『   ℒ.  ℳ.   』  ;;

          ❝  —hush,  sis.   this  might  end  soon,
               that’s                    your                choice.
               we’re  gonna   have  fun   meanwhile.  ❞

                     a  small  dagger  into  his  hand                  &                 a  dark  smirk
                     playing  on  his  features.     his  PREY  is  tied  up,     and  anyways,
                     if  she  tries  to  escape,  he’ll  kill  her.  it’ll  feel  so  good  to  blame
                     her  brother  for  murder.     his  poor  dull.    it’ll  make  it  much  fun.

The massive destruction portrayed in the film, Tomczak said in a video commentary for Charisma Magazine today, is just a taste of what the world can expect when the End Times arrive soon.

“Jesus gave warning also about pestilence and diseases,” Tomczak said. “Think about airborne Ebola and the porous southern border. Is it going to take another stock market crash, global economic collapse? All of these things are present day realities. Do we see the handwriting on the wall that we are at an apocalyptic unprecedented tipping point? ”

*computer generated imagery 

so word has that some fear the podcast might end? i can assure you IT WONT

night vale is literally Joseph and Co’s income, its their permanent job. its a hobby that happened to get so popular they had the luck of making it their job. 

and if you know about Josephs pre-night vale jobs you know that the guy is happy he has a steady income now.

cecil may be leaving night vale (cecil isnt LEAVING leaving, cecil is the essence of the show) but do not get anxious about it ending. it wont anytime soon, i assure you.