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I hope they rushed this beginning of Eleanour 2.0 because they have plans to end babygate as soon as possible. So they had to set up this super quickly, and now it looks even faker than usual, and they can soon END IT

Same. They need her settled in her role as a steady loved-up-girlfriend STAT, so they can finally get this fucking show on the road.

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i'm 98% sure about our theory but the only thing that makes me think that tnt are really over that line on his interview when he says "i only know the woman i met" this past tense makes nervous but at the same time it has other interpretation. That whole interview has many interpretations. Damn, i just hope March ends soon so we will know something.


as complete larry trash but not a larrie anymore, y’all really are waiting on something that IS NOT going to happen, like ever. louis has a son. deal with it. i can just envision 79 year old larries in the nursing home insisting that this is all part of the narrative and it’s ending soon. they are not boys. they do not need protecting from the ‘big bad industry’ by you.

I can’t stop thinking about those two poor men, separated, alone, so in love with each other it physically hurts to be apart. What has this soap done to me?
Aaron is in his cel, scared and alone and Robert does the only thing he knows: fighting what happened with everything he has. No time to just stop and think about all the things that happened to them in the last days, but to keep going in order to fix it and not fall apart in the process.
It feels so real to me, and my rational side tells me to get a grip, they’re fictional characters ffs. But I can’t help it, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I really wish this storyline would end very soon. Although I’m a sucker for angst, this is just too much.

Digimon Adventure Tri has surprised me quite a bit over the past couple years.

From the plot twists to the new ultimate evolutions, the series has messed up my feelings so many times,

But, There was one thing it did that completely caught me off guard that I was not expecting in any shape or form, And that is how much I loved Meicoomon.

Honestly, My favourite Digimon has been Guilmon and his evolution line for years, But suddenly BAM Meicoomon the new Cat Digimon appears in tri and I love her instantly, And over the movies shes just become my favourite, I will be really sad when tri ends soon and we have no more Meicoomon ;-;

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If the writers were going to give Klaus a new LI why bring Cami back? That reaffirms klamille's connection. Even if they have Cami say some bs about Klaus letting her go &moving on w/ X the audience seeing her again will just refresh the feelings &make it obvious what a downgrade it is

I agree, Kay. It doesn’t make sense for them to bring Cami back if they intend Klaus to move on in the short term. I don’t think at the moment the writers have plans for him to have a new LI. I think they want to concentrate on the family. I think they want to respect their own canon as far as Klaus’ feelings for Cami goes. And if the show ends soon, there won’t be time for a new LI anyway.

But–and it’s a big but–I don’t trust them anymore. I’ve watched shows where the writers built up a love story then trashed it for drama and a few episodes later the characters acted as if it never existed. This is Julie Plec we’re talking about. If she gets more seasons of TO, she’s going to get more and more desperate for storylines. And it would be rare for the main character on a CW show to go without a LI for 2+ seasons. 

So I really wouldn’t be shocked if Cami appears to give Klaus a motivational speech about getting to know his daughter and tells him that he’s now ready to move on and be happy without her–just in case the writers want to leave their options open.

On the other hand, I think Plec realizes she may have made a miscalculation by killing Cami and alienating part of the (dwindling) fanbase and she will probably try to keep stringing us along with the occasional scene or reference. 

Maybe I’m being too negative, but I don’t have very high expectations and I don’t want to be disappointed again.

  • <p> <b>me watching the first hour and a half of dead poets society:</b> im having the best time of my life im so happy<p/><b>me watching the last 30 minutes of dead poets society:</b> im having the worst time of my life im fucking crying<p/></p>