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“I hate witches,” you grumbled while trying to wipe the purple muck off your favourite shirt. Sam and Dean’s laughter had bubbled down to quiet chuckles as the three of you walked back into your motel room 

“and I hate you guys!” you glared at the brothers, the youngest your best friend and the eldest your boyfriend. They only kept laughing at you and you couldn’t help but crack and giggle a little too.

“Ah, we’re gonna miss you,” Sam said and your giggles died down a little. So did Dean’s, but Sam was oblivious to it and made his way into the bathroom. The summer was coming to an end, meaning that soon you’d have to return to college. 

“Hey,” you whispered and walked over to Dean with a small smile. He wrapped his arms around your waist and let his head fall in between your shoulder and neck. Holding him tight, you closed your eyes and placed your head gingerly on top of his. You were smaller than him, so Dean had to drop down quite a distance and it made him feel small and vulnerable.

“It’s just a couple of months,” you whispered into his hair. Dean only groaned in disagreement and walked backwards before falling down on the bed and pulling you down with him. You giggled at him when Dean looked up at you with a pout and sad puppy eyes. 

“You’re adorable,” you murmured and ran a hand over his jaw, not looking away from his eyes. He leaned up and planted a soft kiss on your lips which quickly turned into something else. The kiss slowed down and Dean’s arms around you tightened while one of his hands sneaked his way under your shirt and drew random patterns over your bare back.

“I’ll miss you,” he murmured between kisses.

“Me too, but that doesn’t give you permission to bring monsters to campus, alright?”

“Can’t promise that, sweetheart.”.

“Have fun Y/n,” Sam pulled you into a hug, “and call us if anything seems off, okay?’ You pulled back and rolled your eyes at him,

"Seriously? I’m a hunter that’s studying Mythology and Folklore in college and you think I can’t handle some puny monster all by my lonesome?” He raised his eyebrows for a moment and then laughed under his breath before pulling you close and hugging you one last time. 

“Just be careful,” he whispered and you nodded into his chest. When you pulled back, you turned to Dean. He was a sight to behold and you had to stifle a small laugh.

He was leaning against the Impala, his arm crossed and his jaw set with his lips pressed tight together. You could see he was obviously having a difficult time with this. You walked away from Sam and over to him, placing your arms on his shoulder. He looked down at you and his eyes were shining, but he was not crying. He knew you’d never let him live it down if he cried.

“Dean, it’s just a couple of months,” you argued with a grin on your lips. 

“I don’t care, I’ll miss you either way,” he grumbled and just stayed exactly how he was, 

“Call me when you need anything,” you sighed and rolled your eyes again as he launched into his speech once again, 

“If you smell any sulfur or feel any cold spots, you call. If dead bodies start turning up, you call. If the freaking weather changes abruptly, you call.”.

“Dean,” you cut him off and he looked down at you with a frown, 

“I love you,” A small smirk broke through the frown and he leaned down to kiss you while finally wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his palms on your lower back.

“I love you too sweetheart, but promise you’ll call,” he muttered against your lips. 

“Can’t promise that, sweetheart,” you threw his own words at him, making him roll his eyes and pull you into another kiss.



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(Iwaaka anon) Akaashi and Iwaizumi sitting on a porch while listening to the rain, snuggling under a blanket and drinking some tea.They sit there enjoying each others presence while sharing a few sweet kisses.

hElp anon are you trying to kill me i mean first of all this headcanon made me think of my favorite song 

second! iwaizumi and akaashi with their fingers intertwined, and it’s so quiet out besides the soft sound of their breathing, the gentle trickle of rain and the occasional clap of thunder. the two of them looking out at the sky and talking in hushed tones about how summer’s ending soon. akaashi’s lips warm against iwaizumi’s neck IM A MESS WHAT HAVE U DONE 

Louis Tomlinson needs a real hiatus

Unpopular Opinion- He looks exhausted and under weight. I want to wrap him up in a blanket, make him sleep for ten hours then feed him. I keep seeing posts describing him as an ‘Angel’ and 'handsome’ and 'those cheekbones’. Yeah yeah while he will never not be handsome, I see the symptoms of stress taking a physical toll on his body. I hope these stupid stunts end soon.

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Bulletproof coffee for a rescue!

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I’ve discovered something amazing! Bulletproof coffee! Sounds dangerous, works amazing. Last weekend my friend came over to Berlin and after a very intensive “welcome” night, we were sitting in my kitchen and I told her how tired I was lately. That’s when she told me about this miracle drink. I have no idea how it works, but it gives you loads of energy.

Ok, to be frank, I do know now, as I googled it. The truth is that it gave me energy I needed to function, I felt fresh and ready for action. I’m not going to drink it on every day basis, but will treat it as a kind of an “emergency” drink. Sometimes it’s just difficult. Like today, when Mia has decided to cry for 2/3rd of our time together. Everything made her cry. We were at a playground and I didn’t stand close enough, her snack ended too soon, I turned on breaks in the stroller, she could not unscrew a bottle, her shoes were on and then her shoes were off. Wow.

That was a day when I came back home in the evening and told Tomasz to take her over, because if I hear her moaning again I may start crying. The secret of this misbehaving lies in growing teeth. This lady is in pain, and my heart is in pain, and my ears as well. Being a mom is not easy, but pretty awesome at the same time. To all the mothers and other tired people, this is the “emergency” drink for you.

Oh and Molly made a cake with a bulletproof frosting, so if you’re not into coffee, at least try the cake :D

You will for 1 cup:

  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbso coconut oil
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • few seeds ofcardamon

Make a glass of a good coffee, add butter, oil, spices, mix and create something amazing with all the energy.

Enjoy, Marta

We were going to watch no home movie together and i dont want to watch it alone. I dont want to be this heartbroken. I wish i could get angry instead, but theres just love, sadness, and disappointment. Ive never felt this way about anyone, and i might never feel this again. Sometimes id just lie in ber and cry from the intensity of love i felt. I had a gut feeling there was something wrong, that it will end soon, this month. I broke up with him, but in a way he abandoned me.

The Bad Batch
A young girl wanders a savage desert wasteland in a dystopian future United States, in Ana Lily Amirpour’s highly anticipated follow-up to A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.

A girl walks across a cannibal-infested desert at midday…. Ana Lily Amirpour’s highly anticipated follow-up to A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night feints in the direction of sensationalistic horror — and, be forewarned, blood is spilled and limbs are hacked — but The Bad Batch, like Amirpour’s deliciously low-key debut, uses genre as a springboard for high style and social commentary.

The aforementioned girl (Suki Waterhouse) is one of thousands of Americans deemed unacceptable to civilized society. While wandering in her desert exile, she is captured by a community of cannibals. She loses an arm and a leg but manages to escape, soon ending up at a place called Comfort, a very different enclave of outcasts lorded over by a groovy cult leader (Keanu Reeves) with a heavily armed and pregnant harem. Our amputee heroine is safe at Comfort but still does not quite feel that she has found her tribe.

On an excursion beyond Comfort’s gates, she encounters one of her former cannibal captors (Jason Momoa), who’s in search of his young daughter. She can help him find the girl. But can she do it without one of them getting slaughtered in the human-eat-human world where savagery is considered central to survival?

Many of the film’s pleasures are in its details, like a boombox-shaped DJ booth and a cannibal camp in an airplane cemetery. But what makes The Bad Batch meaty is the way Amirpour subtly steeps her premise in politics. There’s no mistaking the exclusionary policies of this imagined America for anything less than a cautionary vision of where the real America could go if left unchecked.

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If a service offers 100 bookmarks (1 design only) for $9 or 250 for $12, should a person new to cons just grab the 250 or would that likely be an overwhelming number to keep stocked in a closet? How many of each design should be brought to a con for bookmarks? I know prints are 5 or so of each design, but never seen anything about how many bookmarks/charms/etc.

Kiriska: $3 more for 150 more bookmarks is a pretty damn great deal, but depending on how popular the design is, how frequently you do conventions, and the longevity of the subject matter (if it’s for a fandom that may slow or end soon, for example) you might be stuck with it for years.

~200 copies of one bookmark probably doesn’t take up much room, but if bookmarks are going to be a regular product for you, those designs add up fast. Are you going to order 250 of each design? Even 100 of each design adds up if you have 10 designs. How many total bookmarks are you going to need to store? 1000? 2000? I think that factors into the decision as well. 

For one design though, even if you don’t sell them all, $3 is barely a cup of coffee, so if you end up tossing them or giving them away at some point in the future, I guess that’s no big loss?

5 of each design is my suggested baseline for everything, regardless of type of product. As always, adjust for your confidence in the item, the current fandom popularity (if applicable), and how much stock and space you have. If you’re going to have 250 bookmarks and you have room to bring like 100 of them, I don’t see the harm in bringing 100 of them. Bookmarks are small and easy to store; it may actually be easier to bring a lot than a little.

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Hii just wanna say you better be good to Kels! She deserves the best and since you're getting her I guess you do too because she's amazing person and I don't want her getting hurt again. Promise to take care of her, okay?

Hi i realize how beyond lucky i am to have her and i don’t plan on doing anything other than loving her to the greatest of my capability!! Thank you for watching out for her but i am immensely happy with her and don’t see us ending anytime soon, or ever for the matter being.


FREE SQUARE VINYL COVER ART DECALS for everyone at the $25 dollar reward level and above! 

Yay! We’re getting stickers!

Thank you so much, new chums! You’ve made this project such a joy, which seems crazy, given the subject matter. But hearing your stories and how mine has helped you and your loved ones is making has made my heart shine brighter than the bat-signal. I can’t tell you how happy I feel to have made something special, something useful, for those whose pain I know so well.

The timing of everything with this has also been so special. Celebrating Grant Morrison’s birthday yesterday seemed so very appropriate, and with one day left to pledge, this campaign is at over 650% of the original goal, and I’m heading today to the screening of Legends of the Knight, Brett Culp’s documentary on the power of Batman to inspire hope, empathy, and determination in the lives of people from all around the country! Anyone in the Athens, Georgia area, feel free to come join us!

One short day left, super friends! Keep the signal on. <3



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Hi hello I'm sorry I know you have many things to write but what do you think of Spidey's social media accounts? Does he post a lot, how famous is he, what things does he post, what rumours he started accidentally by an unfortunate tweet, etc?

Social media stuff are my favourite, anon. 

  • The Spidey comics confirm that Peter - as Spider-Man - has an Instagram account because he’s 15yo. And his publicity is shit. Peter confirms that they’re SUPER popular.
  • It’s also been confirmed that people ask heroes for selfies and that Peter says yes. In Spidey he’s often seen in the background taking selfies with people. In TASM, while Peter is screaming at Gwen on the phone, you can hear people losing their shit in the background and wondering if they should go ask the hero for a photo or not. Peter Parker can and will take photos with you. He’s a tourist attraction smh
  • Tourist, casually: “So here’s a photo of me in front of the Statue of Liberty, here’s me in Times Square, here’s me with Spider-Man-”
  • He also ends up with a twitter account. He kept stealing Tony’s phone - because he’s a 15 year old shit - and logging into the billionaire’s twitter account and posting random shit (the tweet: “spider-man is so handsome!!!! and cool!!!! and the best hero in nyc!!!!!!” and the subsequent tweet, minutes later: “No, he’s not.” is reposted on a bunch of sites. Everyone thinks its super cute). So Tony gets fed up and just makes the teenager his own account. He gets him verified and everything.
  • Peter’s account is REALLY popular, not just because he’s a hero (and all heroes have stupidly popular accounts) but because he’s witty and cute and everyone kind of loves him?
  • Yes, his bio is “your friendly neighbourhood well crawler”, he is proud and not taking that down
  • As I mentioned in this post, Johnny and Peter are Menances online. Johnny live-tweets and snapchats their shenanigans (everything from pranking Ben, to the time they were almost killed by pirate-ninjas, to photos of a masked Peter fast asleep in front of gaming consoles, surrounded by junk food, mid-sleepover). They’re everyone’s favourite goobers. Buzzfeed makes an article about them - “Ten Times Human Torch and Spider-Man Were Our Favourite Super-Friends” - and call them ‘too cute to handle’ at one point.
  • He once got into a twitter argument with Jameson that lasted hours. There were caps and emojis and Peter rickrolled him at one stage. It was performative art
  • Listen, the Daily Bugle has no creditability online. Everyone hates Fox News on here. The Bugle is pretty much the same. Its slanderous garbage get made fun of a lot. There’s a lot of posts with the front pages of the Bugle about the ‘’’’Spider-Menace’’’’’’ and how ‘threatening and dangerous’ he is posted side-by-side with a photo of Spider-Man smooching a puppy. Spider-Man high-fiving kids. Spider-Man helping an old lady across the street. The internet is (mostly) on Peter’s side.
  • That being said there are a lot of posts like, “Is… Spider-Man okay? This is awful and he works so hard and I’m worried about this guy.”
  • Listen, Peter’s tweets do not always make sense. He gets tired. He forgets people need context. He posts things such as, “you win this round, tree” and, “clothes not gender. i’m going to fight Gender for you internet. i’m gonna” and, “why are things so Much” 
  • On a related note: Peter should not be allowed to tweet while concussed.
  • Tony tweets, “Are you okay? Are you concussed? You sound concussed. I’ll be right there. Stay put.” And #IronDad trends for the rest of the day
Ending Soon—Jenny Saville at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, UK

“Jenny Saville Drawing,” at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England is closing this Sunday, January 10th. Saville will present a body of drawings, including several new and unseen works in a dedicated exhibition space that accompanies “Titian to Canaletto: Drawing in Venice.” The rich material and gestural qualities of Venetian drawings have been an inspiration for the thoughtful yet visceral works on paper and canvas that will be on view.
Image: Pastel Bodies, 2014, pastel onpaper, 59 13/16 × 48 ¼ inches (152 × 122.5 cm) © Jenny Saville 2015