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“I’m sick of living like this,” Jack whispered as he gripped Gabriel’s hand. Their eyes met, and he felt his heart flip. He always knew Gabriel was handsome, but times like this forces him to look deeper. “I hate only getting to see you a few minutes every day.”

Sighing, Gabriel nodded and kissed Jack’s forehead, his eyes closed. He would have to leave soon, but he didn’t want to see the sad look his love gave him every time.

“It’s too dangerous right now, Jack. I’m with Talon right now, and you know how Overwatch would react. God, this has to end soon.” He brushed back the stray hairs that swept across Jack’s forehead, leaning down to gently kiss him.

“I love you, Gabi,” Jack whispered, his voice broken.

“And I love you, Jack.”

It all happened at once. One second, they were on two sides of the battlefield, guns raised and ready. A few soldiers had fallen already, but neither side backed down.

Gabriel glanced at the golden-haired man he loved, and he frowned. He was sick of hiding, especially from the people that knew them best.

His heart stopped when he saw the sniper on the roof, and he knew who they were aiming for. Moving quickly, he darted across the field, ignoring the strange looks the Talon agents gave him.

Gabriel’s arms were around Jack as the bullet sliced through the air, barely missing either of them. For a moment, the space was still as he stared down at Jack, their lips so close.

“Gabriel?” He asked, his voice shaking.

“What is going on?” A Talon agent asked, glaring at the two men.

Gabriel rose to his feet, helping Jack stand. He had moved without thinking, and he knew he had exposed the two truths.

The first one being that he was undercover, his true affiliation for Overwatch.

The second one being that he was in love with Jack Morrison, and he refused to let anyone take him away.

“Go!” Jack yelled, and the Overwatch agents continued their attack, bringing down the enemy. He turned his head and stared up at Gabriel, smiling softly. “Thank you for saving me.”

“Anytime, farm boy.”

It’s nearly ten and I am BLINDED BY LEG, so I’ll actually stop the liveblog there and grab some of these Asks instead. We’ll resume (and likely finish) tomorrow, starting around 1 or 2pm US Pacific. I’ll try to give at least half an hour heads up for when!

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with all the ffxv content coming out recently

how about some ravus nox fleuret huh square enix

As I grew into my new city, money began getting tight. The frogs and critters I found the past few weeks weren’t enough to make ends meet and soon I found myself running out of money to live off of. I called up Summer to ask if she’s heard anything and annoyingly enough she had but forgot to notify me… She apologized and hooked me up with an interview with this big shot rich guy at one of his many businesses downtown. 

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Sometimes arzaylea makes me so stressed™ but then I remember that her and Luke won't last forever because anything started by hurting another person NEVER lasts. Literally even brangelina didn't last and I feel like it's karma for their love starting as an affair. Arz left he bf for Luke. I truly believe that when your relationship starts by being shitty to another human being, karma is gonna eventually bite you in the ass. Hopefully karma hurrys up a bit though.

u make a good point!! i do hope this shitstorm ends soon tho x


Two things:

1. I’m finishing the Middle School AU. It’s ending soon anyway, and as much as I liked it there’s not much more I can get out of it, so please don’t send any more asks for it.

2. After the next Foo Lives chapter is posted, which should be either tonight or sometime tomorrow, I’m going to be taking a short break, for two reasons. First is because I’ve hit a bit of an art block, and I’m just otherwise not really feeling it. Second is that I have nearly 50 asks in my inbox, and I need time to deal with that, so if you’re preparing to send me an ask, could you hold off until I’ve finished with the back inventory? Please understand.

-Mod Pasta

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Barba thinks he's getting friendzoned. Sonny thinks he's giving subtle hints. Both are obviously wrong.

We all know that that is the situation currently unfolding in canon.

Like Sonny thought him sitting with Rafael at the bar was hint enough, but then he went and yelled at Rafi and Rafi definitely thought that that was like, the ultimate friendzone. 

But Sonny knows he has to fix that, so it’s back to subtle flirting that he goes.

Hopefully this torturous cycle will end soon. 

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Do you want to know when I lost all my hope this shitfest would end soon? When they did the papwalk in NYC, I think Disney/Marvel allowed it to happen, or even pushed for the happy married man image. I think he'll keep lying about his imaginary family for at leat 3 o 4 years more, a good amount of time until everyone forgets who he is and no one cares about some Brit's divorce. I'm very sad he ruined his life and career, I really care about him, but I think is time to move on. 1/2 (BEL anon)

I’m going to watch Dr. Strange because I’m a hardcore Marvel’s fan and I still think he is a very talented actor (but I know the movie has many issues) and of course I’m going to watch Sherlock because this show is my life!! But after that I don’t know if I’ll continue to support his career. although there aren’t many projects in his future… if you delete your blog, please let us know so I can drop a goodbye ask! 2/2 (BEL anon)


Just enough time to completely ruin his career then…

BEL Anon, like I’ve said in the past, I am one of those people who can very easily distinguish the artist from the person.

Having said that, I am most definitely not going to watch Doctor Strange because of the whitewashing, but I will watch (and buy) Sherlock.  As far as his upcoming projects are concerned, I will watch provided there’s something that piques my interest.  I’m not in the habit of punishing myself by missing out on interesting films because the actor is a duffus.

As to the blog?  It is never going to get deleted.  I might stop blogging about the showmance, I might stop blogging altogether, but the blog will be here until Tumblr goes out of business  ;o)

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How I found you? I was rolling in the batfam tag and wow did i see a load of your fics up there. And i just. can't. stop. reading. them.

There are indeed a lot of them now. I don’t think I’ve ever written for any other fandom as much as I have for this one. I’m not complaining it’s just looking back at my master list now I realize I’ve written a shit ton of fics since July and it’s not about to end any time too soon. 


get to know me meme: [4/5] favorite tv shows » parks and recreation

↳ Somewhere, in some town, there really are the best waffles in the world. So delicious and rich and golden brown that anyone who tasted them would decide never to leave that town. Somewhere, those waffles exist. Why can’t it be here?

  • me watching the first hour and a half of dead poets society:im having the best time of my life im so happy
  • me watching the last 30 minutes of dead poets society:im having the worst time of my life im fucking crying