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writing the beginning of a story

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writing the middle of a story

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writing the end of a story

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What actually is a purpose of romance between Jon and Daenerys? I don't understand. They met, talked a couple of times, then fucked. Total mess. Do you think it will be in the books too?

I’m starting to feel very convinced that yes, something ‘like’ what we’ve seen in season seven will happen in the books too, and as the ending will be the same as the show (supposedly), I think it’s hard to deny Jon really is, unfortunately, going to bang his aunt. Ugh.

However, I think there can most definitely be a purpose behing a romance between Jon and Daenerys. It just wont end pretty, there’s no happy ending for that. The books are obviously going to be very different, and naturally, will actually make sense.

Hear me out: I think fAegon will defeat Cersei. I doubt book-Cersei is going to make it to the last book, I expect her to die soon, at Jaime’s golden hand of course, and Aegon wil conquer the Iron Throne. For so long as it lasts.

Then comes Daenerys to Westeros, finally, and she’ll start a second dance of dragons with fAegon (she’ll be black and he’ll be green) with Aegon having Dorne, the Reach and the Stormlands and Daenerys the Dothraki and Unsullied. aka Dany will be fully foreign and Aegon will actually be a proclaimed king, fighting with Westerosi soldiers. I think fAegon might actually get Dany’s green dragon (Viserion?) because greens, and eventually Daenerys will defeat him at great loss. fAegon is probably going to be very popular (the mummurs dragon is being cheered in Dany’s vision) and Daenerys will become a usurper herself (whether or not fAegon is fake or not is of no importance, because the whole world will call her usurper dog and that’s GRRM style irony). 

After that, Daenerys is going to look up and see what an absolute mess she made. She’s not actually going to feel at home in Westeros, she realizes she’ll have pushed the land into a senseless, useless war for arrogant selfish gain, and she’ll feel… bad about it. Cause it’s Daenerys, and no matter ho badly we try to paint her as a hardly cruel tyrant, she’s not. She’s a girl. A stupid girl… but only a girl.

Then comes along Jon, who will have probably been proclaimed King in the North by then, not because people randomly decided that’s a wonderful idea because an annoying girl started screaming, but because of Robb’s will. He’ll have defeated the Bolton’s by then, very likely with Sansa’s Vale army for help. Jon till that point has not actually gotten himself much involved in the stupid southron squabbles because he’s being trying to get everyone to realize there is an actual problem north of the wall. 

Dany is sort of queen but not really cause no one wants her and listens to her, but she’s still got two dragons, and, in a desperate attempt to redeem herself, she’ll help Jon out and fall hopelessly in love with him cause this is Daenerys. 

Daenerys is a child. She’s eager and desperate for love, for people she can trust, people who’ll love her. She’s horny, obsesses over her current male obsession and if anything sucks harder than hard at judgement. 

Then Jon, the first thing we learn of him is that he sees people, bastards have to learn to see people. Martin has not made Daenerys so extremely complicated for Jon to just see how well she means it all. He’ll see her for the disaster she is because book Jon is actually pretty smart. Jon’s face gives nothing away, he can play people, and I expect him to do just that. Same as Daenerys is no pure evil, Jon’s not pure hero. Jon has changed after returning from the dead. I don’t think he’s enjoying being alive at all. I doubt he’s even capable of loving someone ‘new’, same way Beric and Stoneheart seem stuck in the past. 

There’s no way Jon is ever going to fall in love with Book Dany because she has a good heart. Especially because undead Jon couldn’t give two shits about good hearts, nor is she… erm, his type

Then There’s Dany’s blue rose in a chink of ice that makes the air smell sweet, where Jon, couple of books later, meets Val, who’s hair looks silvery in the sun, in front of the wall, and she’s literally says the air smells sweet, but Jon ‘only felt numbness’.

So there you have it. Make of that what you will. 


Kiss Scenes (except like two cause they haven’t gotten that far in their story)😙
In order:
Raising A Bat
Always Raining Here
The Baker On The First Floor
Royal Servant and Royal Servant (different couples)
A Man Like You
Blood Bank
What Lies At The End/At The End of the Road
Killing Stalking

Joseph Christiansen Secret/Cult Ending Manuscript

I went digging through the Level 18 gibberish and sorted out all the dialogue into a manageable manuscript if anyone is interested in reading this secret wild ride. None of the dialogue is labeled so I did my best to interpret who was saying what so any mistakes are my bad. It took a few hours to put together but I felt like some people would like more than just a summary so here is the full text:

MC will be short for Main Character or your player.

** edit 07/26/17: minor text fixes, better formatting, the insertion of more images (courtesy of purpledragon42) , and insert of a working readmore **

Level 18- Joseph Bad Ending or True Ending ( Who knows? )

This appears to take place after MC and Joseph Christiansen engage in sex in the yacht, except you don’t wake up to what you expect. This takes place in Cult_Dungeon1.

(Photo Credits: Game Grumps)

START: You’re A Monster


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. What time is it? Must have been asleep for ages. I wonder what will happen now that Mary is gone? What about Joseph’s kids? And how will Amanda feel about all this? That’s what matters… . Well, we all have each other. I guess time will tell, right? Better get up and greet the day.

Am I tied up?! What the hell?! How did I get here? What’s going on?! Joseph? Anybody?

You’re probably just dreaming. Why would there be a… Don’t panic… . a dungeon. An evil dungeon. Why would there be an evil dungeon here? This can’t be real. Maybe I had too much Twilight Rouge. I’m dreaming, or something.


Oh, I guarantee this is real.

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protect ur smol ok



Have you ever...?

Looked at a bottle of pills and thought…

the world would be a better place if I took a fuck ton of these

Looked out a window and thought…

The world would be a better place if I jump out

Looked at a sharp object and thought…

The world would be a better place if I hurt myself with this

Just thought… 

The world would be a better place if I was never born

Or if I never stayed strong for this long