ending life


After an exhausting first day at work, I’m chilling on my couch binging on enough food to feed three and four episodes deep into This Is Us, when my boyfriend calls me up and tells me to open my front door and has this bouquet in hand. I am so lucky 🙈💕


(Inktober #7)

Still no Sim posts because I’m really sick, sorry!

I caught the flu from some wonderful mouth breather at work and now I’m dying. Oh and I think we all need to laugh at this (if not I’ll cry): I had a super important interview yesterday that would have launched my lecturing career and halfway through the interview I had to quickly excuse myself (mid sprint to the door) so that I could go throw up lmao I think it’s safe to say I haven’t got the job.

Anyway my Simming computer is too far away from my deathbed and all my sick leave is being used on Stardew Valley and I blame @cookiemonsterrsims ;-;

  • <b>America:</b> I can't take these elections. Just end it already!
  • <b>Life:</b> How about clowns?
  • <b>America:</b> No, not like that!
  • <b>Life:</b> I'll just call up bubbles and peachy and-
  • <b>America:</b> NO! NO CLOWNS!
  • <b>Life:</b> Clowns are a great idea. Let's do clowns!