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Moira's SO has abandonment issues and Moira leaves them alone at home a lot. Sombra calls her heartless and Moira tries to make things right by her SO.

I can totes do this.

Right now Moira was sitting at her table in her lap, little trays on either side of her with utensils and tools. In front of her was one of her newest projects, and her eyes gleamed as she worked delicately, making sure not to be too rough, should she accidentally bump the device and find it explosive or worse.

Today she was wearing a deep red dress shirt and a black tie, along with white pants and her lab coat over it. Although she was tired, the project was surely very near completion and like many of her other projects, it had easy taken all of her attention and time. At this point it was like she was living in the office, and she had forgotten how many days she had been here.

The door opened to her lab without even a knock, and Moira mused which of her comrades were stupid enough to just barge in while she was in the middle of her work. Since the door had been locked though, the guess was easy and hit right on the nail.


The Mexican strolled over without a care, her purple hair swishing back as she perched herself in Moira’s lab chair. She was inspecting her purple nails, ones that she had Moira help her to style. The two had a thing for long, painted nails and Moira was unashamed by that truth.

“You didn’t knock,” Moira said, not bothering to give her more then a glance before focusing fully on the job at hand. Sombra could not sway her from her task, her goal.

The woman didn’t look concerned. “I didn’t think you’d bother to open it,” Sombra said smoothly, before slowly leaning forward on Moira’s desk, resting her elbows on it.

There was something in the gaze that was fixed on Moira…she couldn’t see it but she could feel it. Sombra had come here for a reason, had something that she wanted to say to the scientist.

Finally Moira growled, “What do you want? I’m a little busy here,” she growled roughly, her Irish accent more pronounced then it was before. While the accent was there, it always became heavier when she was angered or annoyed. 

Picking up a paper to delicately scan the contents, Sombra said casually, “So, y/n gave me a call.”

Moira felt a prick in her chest at the mention of your name, realizing she hadn’t seen you in a couple days. Guilt sparked in her chest, but she knew you would understand how important this was to her. Knew you would wait without a doubt. 

“Are they okay?” Moira asked, and wondered when the two of you had become so chummy. The thought turned her stomach over, having someone as pretty as Sombra near you, knowing that Moira was little in comparison. 

“Y/n is lonely, Moira,” Sombra said, her voice quiet and serious for once. “They miss you, a lot.” Moira didn’t know that after the project she’d been built seven months ago, Sombra had felt pity when remembering the lover the scientist had. So Sombra had decided to check on you herself…

Not liking what she’d found, Sombra had spent time there trying to fill the loneliness of the house, and the two of you had become friends. Sombra had begun to love you like a sibling, and you in turn had loved her. But there was that void…Sombra had rarely seen Moira home. And there was always a shadow in your eyes that told her it cut you deeply. 

After a moment, Moira sighed. “It’ll only be another day. Y/n is used to me not being home. They can wait,” Moira said simply, continuing her work. It was difficult though, as thoughts of you filled her head. They were ones that always distracted her, ones she had to push to the side because it was worth it for science.

“Are you kidding me?” Sombra asked, her voice low and angry. “Y/n has been waiting a week for you to come home! You leave them over and over again, alone in that house, just for these stupid projects-”

“They are not stupid,” Moira snapped. “These projects help carve my foundation and future. The more I build, the more I can provide for y/n. The more I can do for them-”

Sombra stood up suddenly, the chair crashing back as she slammed her hands flat down onto the desk. “Don’t you dare tell me that this is for y/n!” Sombra snarls. “You are doing this for yourself, because you are selfish and heartless!”

Moira flinched, the utensils dropping on the table with a loud clang. Standing, she towered over Sombra, anger filling her blood. What would Sombra know of anything? Of any of the feelings Moira had?

“Back off now, little girl, before I make you back off,” Moira says icily, eyes fixated on Sombra and her lip curled.

Sombra didn’t seem scared at all, as she straightened her back and looked up at Moira. “You don’t scare me, Bruja,” Sombra growled, eyes locked with the other woman’s.

“Watch your tongue. You know nothing of us or our relationship-” Moira said angrily, hands clenched into fists. Long nails bit into her skin, nearly causing them to bleed. What did Sombra know, how could she possibly understand anything between the two of you.

“You’re destroying y/n!” Sombra yells, tears in her eyes and Moira flinches back a step. “All y/n wants is for you to be in their life, right now, as much as you possibly can… what are you going to do when they finally give up on the hope for such a dream? When they decide to walk away, knowing you abandoned them like their family did?”

Moira stared at her, lips parted in shocked silence. You’d once told Moira about how your family had left you….at first they had all been there, drifting in and out the door like the seasons…but they had been there. And then…they suddenly weren’t, and no one walked through the door ever again.

Abandonment issues had grown from this, and Moira had known about it. Had told herself that you would be fine as she tinkered away here. Part of her said that she was doing this all for you, to provide for you…but in the end…perhaps Sombra was right. Moira was still selfish, and wanted the success and fame that came with these great discoveries and projects.

Slowly Moira sat down, staring at the ground. “….did….did y/n say they were thinking of leaving me?” Moira said, and her voice sounded vulnerable, even to herself.

The very thought of you leaving…it sent a shiver down her, and something in her chest ached fiercely. Tears like no other pressed at her eyelids, and she forced herself to stay calm. If Moira gave way to the fear, it would ruin her. Because in the end, she could not live without you. 

“….It has crossed their mind, but they can’t. They love you, Moira, with all their heart. But they don’t feel like you can say the same…not when your here, always here with your science and your projects…,” Sombra said quietly, realizing that perhaps that had finally gotten through to Moira, that something needed to be done.

“You need to make a choice,” Sombra murmured. “Its this…the projects, the money and the science…or…or y/n. And if you really love them, you’ll know which one to choose and which one to let go…”

Choose…? Moira thought, swallowing hard.

Heart racing in her chest, Moira looked around slowly. Her lab, masterfully laid out with so many kinds of liquids and ingredients on the shelves of the walls. So many tools and pieces, and three neat work tables and a desk for her to work at on her paperwork and projects. This place was her home, everything she had wanted in life….

No, Moira realized. It wasn’t home…home…was where you were. Without you, there would be no home to get back to. And in the end…you were the one thing she needed in life. 

“….And I still have time?” Moira said after a moment, pushing the stray strands of red hair from her forehead.

Sombras eyes met hers, full of understanding and relief. “If you don’t waste it,” she said, slowly leaning on the desk. It was like her whole body just relaxed, like she had been utterly afraid that Moira would indeed choose work instead.

Moira gathered her bag, leaving all of her work supplies to be dealt with later. Leaving the nearly finished project, and everything else she had worked on. “Good bye,” Moira said quietly, before walking out the door with Sombra.

I love you, Moira thought about you, and I will make you realize that someday.


Peter Hayes

Worry, angst, mild guilt, fluff, smut, relief

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “ Hi, this is the anon that asked about Peter giving the reader her first time. I was thinking when he’s still in Candor, before he’s a Dauntless, they’re friends and they’ve always flirted but nothing serious and the night before the ceremony, they know they’re not going to see each other again, so they decide to have sex as a parting gift for each other or something?”

Word count: 933

gif is not mine.

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Yeah, I know. There’s enough gifs of this moment already. But I just needed a way to get back on the Antisepticeye hype train >:D

I rewatched the game’s end dialogue and I wanted to add them because it kinda relates to the concept of him in a way…

This one right here especially ^^

I always thought when you see Anti it’s like he’s “started over” in a new body and he’s finally free from Jack. And it all lead up to him gone and taken over completely in the “SAY GOODBYE” video.

And at that point he’s no longer the Jack we all know, he’s a stranger to us.

Then this here follows up.. the way he said these lines gave me a shiver down my fucking spine.

Of course, one does not simply  f̷̶̪̜̤̺̘̜͔͟ơ̺̜͖̟̫̲̳̖r̴̨͚̫̥̣̯̦g̸̴͉̫̣͎̻ȩ͔͙͞t͈̪̲̥̜̣ͅ Anti so easily…

We just gotta see what happens next. ;)

Working Class

Prompt:  ‘I can feel you silently judging me as you ring up my purchases I swear I’m not using these for there intended purposes’ AU

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Chapter 4: Latex Junkie

Description: Hinata’s misconception of Naruto was something he was more than happy to fix.

AN: A collection of one-shot’s featuring NaruHina in the workforce; inspired by cup-of-hot-coffee’s Job AUs on Tumblr. In collaboration with Kae (she wrote the first half.) 

“Why do you always buy this many? It’s not very realistic.”

Tugging at the collar of his shirt Naruto tried to hide the blush that adorned his whiskered cheeks to no avail. He was at the convenience store across the street from his university’s campus and was currently being questioned by the (cute) cashier on why he always needed so many boxes of condoms.

It wasn’t like he was using them or anything! Well not technically that is…

He was currently an RA for Konoha University and one of the things he was expected to do was promote safe sex among the students. The whiskered blond loved his job; he got to communicate with all his fellow students and was also able to help anybody who needed it, what he didn’t like however was having to do all of those boring (and in this case embarrassing) PSA’s.

It was unbelievable how fast the students would go through each box of condoms, and every-time they needed to stock up Sasuke (that bastard!) always sent him to get the damn things. And every-time he would go to buy them, the cute cashier with the pretty eyes would always be working the cash.

The last time he came to the convenience store he made sure to buy four extra boxes so he wouldn’t have to go back for a while, but then while setting up the safe-sex bulletin board, Sasuke - who he swears did it on purpose - stapled the damn things onto the board, making them defective and ordered him to get some more. If it wasn’t for Sakura threatening to beat them both to a pulp if they didn’t stop arguing Naruto swore he would’ve killed him.

Sometimes he really hated that guy!

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Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 39

TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: Since I didn’t update much on this blog because of lack of feeling for anything, I thought I would write the next chapter simply because I wanted some slow tender loving. This fic is coming to a wrap soon. I can feel it. I just need to tie up loose ends now. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated! 

Chapter 1 |  Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 |Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 |  Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | chapter 12 | Chapter 13  | Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16  | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19 | Chapter 20 |Chapter 21 |Chapter 22 | Chapter 23 | Chapter 24   | Chapter 25  | Chapter 26  | Chapter 27  | Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 | Chapter 31 | Chapter 32 | Chapter 33 | Chapter 34 | Chapter 35  | Chapter 36 | Chapter 37| Chapter 38

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Preference: You were a bet (Final Part) 4/4

A/N: Ayyyye it’s been awhile. How are you guys doing? Anyways I apologize for being inactive, I’ve been busy with work and I was sick for a week. But here’s an imagine! I hope you guys like it :)

“OH MY GOD THERE WILL BE A PART 4 RIGHT? There has to be a part 4. Please write a part 4. I need a part 4″

“Hi!! Can you please do a part 4 for the bets??!?”

“Part 4 for bet?”

“A part 4 to you were a bet? 😊😊 it’s amazing!”

Requested: Yes

For: left-bexhind, skycase003, minion-lover13 and 5sosandotherimagines  

Smut: No

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

It has been months since Y/N and him broke up. She was devastated. Everyone tried cheering her up just to get the old cheerful, bubbly and positive Y/N.

Finding out she was a bet, broke her. But she took small steps into recovery forgetting everything that happened with her and their relationship. She was getting better and her heart was finally healing form the nasty wound.

Now it was just another beautiful day. Y/N was taking a stroll around the town she recently moved. Moving to this new town definitely helped her move on from her heart break. New town, meant new life for Y/N.

After she moved she told her friends and family that she’s going to be fine living in a new town, and they had to promise her not to tell him where she was.

Y/N adored the beautiful and peaceful town that she now calls home. The people were very friendly and approachable.

Just as she was walking a dog came up to her. “Can I pet your dog?” She asked the owner. The owner let her and it seemed like the dog was very fond of Y/N.

“Wow she really likes you.” Smiled the owner. “I’m Max by the way.”

“I’m -”

“Y/N!” Yelled someone she knew very well.

Calum: Y/N stood up and turned around as quickly as possible. She knew that voice belonged to Calum, and she was right.

“Calum” she said in a cold tone. Max asked if Y/N knew the guy who just called out to her and she said she does. “He’s my ex-boyfriend. Come on Max lets go.” Y/N and Max were about to leave when Calum grabbed her arm and dragged her away from Max.

No matter how much she told him to let her go he wouldn’t listen. Once Calum finally let her go she started to walk back in order to apologize to Max but she was stopped by Calum. He hugged her tight from behind. “Y/N please listen, about the bet.”

“There’s nothing to talk about Calum” Y/N tried to get away but Calum tighten his grip, making sure she’s still able to breathe.

“I know I made a mistake of not telling you soon enough. I know hurt you real bad. I know you hate me but please let me tell you I really did fall for you. I’m still in love with you Y/N. You don’t know how long it took my to find you. You don’t know how many nights I stayed up just to find you. I knew I’d find you some day.” Y/N sighed. “Calum that’s really sweet and nice of you but I’m still hurt and I’m trying to heal. I think it’s time for both of us to move on.”

Calum was now crying. His heart was breaking but it’s probably not the same as Y/N’s when she found out about the bet. “No! Y/N I need you. I don’t know what I’ll do without you. Please don’t do this. Give me another chance, give us another chance and more importantly give yourself another chance.”

Y/N chuckled, “Give myself another chance? Another chance to suffer a terrible heartache? No thanks, I’d rather be single than get hurt”

“Y/N please stop being stubborn. I know deep down you don’t want to give up on us” Calum’s right. Y/N didn’t want to give up on their relationship. However she’s not sure if she’s will to take another risk but she still loves Calum.

“All right Hood, I’ll give you another chance. But I swear if you blow this aw-” Y/N wasn’t able to finished her sentence because Calum kissed her. “Thank you Y/N! I promise you won’t regret this”

Ashton: Y/N ignored the voice who called out to her. “Y/N. Nice to meet you Max.” Ashton called your name once again. “Sorry mate but I’m gonna have to steal her away from you.” He dragged her away from Max and led her into a café. Lucky for them it wasn’t very busy inside therefore the two can have a chat.

Ashton’s the first to break the silence, “Y/N I’m really sorry.” He cried covering his face. Y/N was shocked to see Ashton like this. Never in their relationship has she seen this side of Ashton. “I know that no matter how many times I apologize to you about the whole bet you’ll never forgive me. Yes, I was scared that you’d find out but I swear I was going to tell you. I just didn’t know how to tell you and I didn’t have the right time. I didn’t want you to find out the way you did though.”

Y/N stared at Ashton, still processing everything. She knew how sincere he was but she wasn’t sure if it’s okay to just forgive him like that. “Say something…” said Ashton.

“I… Ashton I know how sincere you are and all that but… don’t you think it’s too late for all that?”

“It’s never too late to fix things between us Y/N. I know the bet must’ve hurt you and like I said, I know you hate me right now. But please understand that you’re the only one for me. I mean sure you’ll probably get over me someday but you’re the only one I’ll love. Sure it’ll hurt me to see you with someone else but I’m the one whose at fault for hurting you.. I really want to start all over Y/N but… seeing you now maybe it’s better for you to be with someone else.”

Y/N couldn’t see the shine in Ashton’s eyes anymore and this hurt her. Yes he made a bet with his friends but seeing Ashton like this… she could take it.

“I’m really sorry Y/N but I hope you find your happiness.” Ashton faked smiled and stood up from his seat.

“Ashton wait.” Y/N grabbed his arm before he could leave her.

“Why don’t we start over. Everything started off as a bet between us, so maybe this time we can start without it. Hi, nice too meet you I’m Y/N.” She held her hand out.

Ashton was taken aback from the situation but smiled at her, thanking her mentally as he shook her hand, “I’m Ashton. It’s my pleasure to meet you Y/N.”

Luke: When Y/N heard his voice call out her name. She immediately excused herself from Max saying she’s late for an appointment. She ran away from the park. Once she thought it was a good distance away from the park she stopped running and walked towards an alley. When she was about to exit to the other end, Luke appeared.

“Y/N we need to talk.”

Y/N sighed in defeat and allowed Luke to lead the way. He led her to the apartment he’s currently staying for his new job located nearby.

“Nice place.” Y/N looked around and tried to ease off the awkward aura surrounding them.

Luke led her to the living room where they talked. “Y/N… Why’d you leave?” Well that was a stupid question, Luke thought to himself and facepalming himself mentally.

Y/N scoffed, “You know damn well why I left Luke.” The glare she gave Luke sent shivers down his spine.

He gulped. “Y/N… I know I’m such an idiot. Agreeing to them with that stupid bet was such an idiotic move even for me. I didn’t want to hurt you cause you’re my best friend. It’s funny actually.” He chuckled and looked up to meet Y/N eyes. “It’s funny because I remember telling your past boy friends never to make you cry and I ended up doing the exact thing to you.”

She averted her eyes. She didn’t want to see Luke like this. She’s seen him sad throughout their friendship and she’d always cheer him up but now, she doesn’t know how to cheer him up.  After all she’s involve in his sorrow.

“I just want to know why you agreed to the bet Luke.”

“I… The reason why I agreed was because I’m a coward. I’m a coward Y/N. I thought that because of the bet I can finally ask you out, I thought it’ll give me the chance to finally ask you as my girlfriend. But of course I was wrong. I should’ve done it the proper way where no bet was involved.” He reached out to hold Y/N hands. “I know you’ll never give me another chance but if you do give me one, I promise to do everything to make you happy. I promise to protect the smile I fell in love with in the first place.”

“I’ll be honest, I was really hurt finding out I was a bet. I know this is very stupid of me but… Who said I wasn’t going to give you another chance? I’m willing to give it another shot if you are but I hope you wont make me regret my decision.”

Luke looked up and his smile reached his eyes. “You mean…” Once he confirmed he’s given another chance he hugged her. He was about to kiss her when she put her hand on his face pushing it away from her. “Not so fast Hemmings. You’re starting from the bottom, meaning you’ll have to court me before I give you your big fat yes as your girlfriend, no bets attached.”

And in that moment Luke told Y/N to get ready tomorrow at 7pm for his upcoming plans to win her back.

Michael: He ran towards Y/N and the guy she was with as soon as he spotted them. “You!” Michael said as he pointed at the guy. “Stay away from Y/N.” He glared at him.

“Woah mate chill. I’m just being friendly.” Said Max.

Michael knew that wasn’t the case, he knew that he was trying to make a move on Y/N, which made him upset. He was about to throw a punch but Y/N stopped him. “Anyway it was nice meeting you Max! Now if you’ll excuse us.” Y/N dragged Michael towards her new apartment.

Once the two of them were in the living room Y/N spoke furiously at Michael. “What the hell was that about Michael!”

Michael on the other hand didn’t know what to say. Max was a nice guy and he would be perfect for Y/N, but seeing Max with her made him very jealous. However he didn’t want to tell Y/N he was jealous of Max, she’ll think he’s acting childish and that’s one thing he didn’t want her to think of him. “I just… I…” He was struggling to find the words.

“Oh so you’re struggling for words now? Did you struggle for an answer when you and friends made the bet too?”

“Y/N… I meant to tell you about the bet that day. I didn’t want you to find out like that, I swear I wanted to tell you about it to lessen the pain you’re feeling now. But now that I think of it, it probably wouldn’t make a difference if I told you myself, cause you’ll be angry with me no matter what. But I just want to tell you, I’m really sorry. I know how much I’ve hurt you and I need to find you for my stupid mistake and apologize. I promised myself that I’ll find you no matter where you are even if it took me years. The pain I felt is nothing compared to what you felt and what you’re feeling but I just want to say I’m really really sorry Y/N” Both Michael and Y/N were now crying.

Y/N sat down beside him and hugged him. “My brother was mad at you for hurting me that’s for sure. He told me that if you didn’t find me in a month time, we weren’t meant to be. He said that it meant you never loved me. But if you found me within two weeks or less, he said you really cared for me because you’re willing to fix your mistakes. But it’s going to take awhile for me to fully heal from what you’ve done.”

“I promise I’ll wait until that moment, I’m just glad I finally found you and hopefully when you’re ready, we can start all over without a bet in our way.” He kissed the top of Y/N forehead and started their friendship from there.

TW Preference: First Date with Liam

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the gifs and images used, they belong to their respected owners

It took a little bit of begging and the puppy dog eyes until you had finally agreed to go on a date with Liam. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him, you really liked him, your parents were just on your ass about getting into a good college so dating wasn’t as big of a priority as studying was. 

“I’m really happy you finally agreed to go out with me (Y/N). I don’t put my dignity on the line for anyone.” Liam laughed as you walked side by side.

You were admiring the colorful lights and attractions you gave him a small nod to show you were listening without a verbal response. 

“Looks like the fair was a good choice.” He mused.

“Great choice! I haven’t been in years.” You smiled, it was true you hadn’t been in a long time. The fair was a yearly occurrence on the boardwalk not from Beacon Hills. You would always gone as a child but as soon as you entered middle school it was all strictly work for you. 

Liam smiled as he looked at your face feeling quite proud of himself, “How about we go on a couple rides?” He asked.

You nodded happily, grabbing his hand and walking towards the first ride you saw. Which happened to be one of the water roller coasters. The line was short so you guys were seated quickly and it the very front of the ride. 

“Oh god, this is like the ultimate splash zone.” You laughed.

“Looks like I’ll be getting you pretty wet on our first date.” Liam winked at you mischievously. 

You playfully but also forcefully slapped his arm, “Oh my god, don’t make me regret saying yes.”

He laughed as he rubbed his shoulder, you felt just slightly proud you caused him a little bit of pain. 

After the ride you both were completely soaked, “How about we go on a few fast dry coasters to dry ourselves off and then get something to eat?” Liam suggested.

“That sounds great.” You smiled and made your way to the next ride.

About four more rides later you both were dry enough and decided to get some cotton candy and corn dogs to eat.

“Thank you for taking me out, I’m having a really great time.” You smiled at him, taking a piece of cotton candy.

“Thanks for saying yes, I was kind of worried you’d reject me.” He laughed.

“Sorry, my parents are all over me about getting good grades and going to a good college and everything.”

“We are only sophomores, we’ve got lots of time to figure college out.”

“Times goes by so fast though, soon we will be in college, getting a career, starting a family. It’s all so stressful.”

“That’s way you have to cherish the special times.” Liam smiled at you.

“Yeah, I’m realizing that tonight.” You smiled back.

Your guys food was long gone and you started making your way towards the game booths.

“Step right up! knock the pins down three times in a row! Win a special prize for your lady friend!” The vendor enthused sending a quick wink to you as you giggled.

“Rack ‘em up.” Liam stated as he put the money on the counter. The vendor placed four balls in front of him and the game began.

You gave a small laugh at the look of complete concentration on Liam’s face.

‘He has never been this concentrated in class.’ You thought to yourself. 

Four pins knocked down later and the vendor was handing the biggest teddy bear you had seen in your life to Liam. You covered your mouth with your hand to hide the huge ass smile on your face, the bear was almost as big as him.

“Liam is happy your’re having a good time (Y/N).” Liam manipulated the bear so it seemed to be talking to you, before handing the large stuffed bear to you.

“You’re kind of a dork.” You laughed at him and he gave a small laugh back.

Your date was coming to an end, you and Liam decided to take a small walk on the beach to admire the waves at night. 

“Thanks again, I really needed this.” You smiled at him then shivering a little bit.

Liam noticed you getting colder so he slung his arm around your shoulder drawing you in closer to him, you could see a faint blush on his cheeks. You smiled up at him.

“Everyone needs a break once in a while.” He said to you, “you can always call me for a good time.” He winked at you.

You let out a small laugh before shoving him slightly, but not enough to separate the two of you,”You really are a dork.” 

“Hopefully I can be your dork. Wow that sounded horrible. What I mean is I would really like to take you out again.”

“I’d love that.”

You guys shared a quick peck before making your way back towards the fair grounds and then home.

The first of many fun dates with your dork.