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Slow 2 miles in the golden light tonight. Ending February with 24 miles, which I know is practically nothing to most of you, but I’m so happy that I’m staying consistent! Also I discovered that I really, really love listening to podcasts while hitting the pavement. If anyone has any recommendations pls send them my way! ☺️

At least there is a Kubo that is able to do proper endings
—  Bleach saltiness vs yoi happiness

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He saw her, in the soft glow of the festival lights, and he realized she was undeniably, absolutely, and perfectly beautiful. 


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I thought [River’s story] was properly over with The Name of the Doctor. I mean, I wasn’t sure, but I thought she had to have a farewell scene with Matt Smith, because they’ve had so many stories together, so I wrote that big ending for the two of them. But I knew we hadn’t done River’s real ending. It didn’t even bother me that we might never see it. There’s a whole load of stuff that the Doctor and River get up to that we never, ever see and never, ever should. There are adventures we’ve never seen, and there are rows in restaurants. They’re probably king and queen of some island somewhere. We’re not going to join all the dots, because it loses all the fun if you do. You’ve got to think, ‘That stuff’s been going on, but that’s their business.’ The Doctor hasn’t deigned to tell his BBC biographers any of that story because I think he’s faintly embarrassed by it.
—  Steven Moffat on River and the Doctor (DWM 494)

On this day in ‘Doctor Who’ history:

1851 - The Doctor meets a man he believes to be his next incarnation

1869 - The Doctor and Rose meet Charles Dickens in Cardiff and help a maid as she deals with her lifelong internal battle with the deceitful Gelth

1892 - The Doctor and friends face the Great Intelligence head on

1938 - The Doctor narrowly escapes from a hostile spaceship and is recovered by Madge Arwell

1941 - Madge Arwell and her children travel to a distant planet in 5345 through a present given to them by the Doctor

2006 - The newly-regenerated Doctor rests in bed in the Powell Estate as Earth is contacted by the Sycorax

2007 - Donna Noble is transported aboard the TARDIS by the excitation of an ancient particle. Diane Holmes leaves Owen Harper behind as she flies through the Cardiff rift with hopes of returning to 1953.

2008 - The TARDIS crashes into a replica of the Titanic in space

2009 - The Master is resurrected by the warriors of Saxon and the Doctor is reunited with Wilfred Mott


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