endi poskovic


Anatomy of a print: applying a tusche-wash sky image onto a large lime-stone, lithograph from two stones, produced at NSCAD print studios

Test Stone with a Rock III study (Distant View after H. Seghers) film still XX 

Many of my recent lithographic images utilize freehand tusche-wash applications in the areas of sky, an approach quite different from the treatment of the lower part of the image, which is usually a combination of careful design consisting of digital bit-mapping, transferring, effacing as well as various other additive and subtractive drawing methods. In many ways, the amalgamation of the two has allowed for a range of dichotomous representations to form: those that depicts composite narratives, appropriated and invented  terrains coupled with various structural forms, and the other that are suggestive of open spaces, such as skies, clouds, rain, water. Both are, in fact, pure inventions.