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It’s the rain. It’s always the rain that reminds him of Tony nowadays. The sad feeling that comes with it, the dark sky, and the accompanying storm. It’s the lightning and thunder, it’s the clouds, hanging dark and heavy over his head.

It’s depressing.

It’s the way he should always be feeling after having subjected a good man to a cruel death. Tony might have saved the universe, but he has lost so much by doing so. He had a family. A wife. A daughter.

And Stephen feels guilty.

And helpless.


Dead inside.

But only when it rains. Because that’s when he allows himself to feel hollow and sad and guilty. And alone. That’s when he locks himself away and griefs for a man he has known through 14,000,605 futures. That’s when he cries in the silence of his bedroom for a love that will never be.

Only when it rains. Because he has a job to do.


They seriously need to make a Disney+ series with Betty Brant and Jason Ionello just doing school news stuff lol The intro for Spider-Man Far From Home really took us off guard but was downright hilarious albeit cringeworthy yet heartwrenching and totally accurate xD 

in the promo of the finale you can clearly hear TJ saying “you’re literally the only person I can talk to like this” THEY CUT THE SCENE IM CRYING or maybe I’m just too emotional this week bc of the end of the best show that Disney has ever produced. I’m just too sad.

tony stark has lost every. single. goddamn. thing. that ever meant anything to him

pepper. steve. peter. his parents. jarvis. AI jarvis. the avengers. rhodey. yinsen. his fucking house, his suits, his daughter, every single fucking thing that he ever loved.

Like the first time I saw ffh I was a little disappointed about the bridge scene and how Peter is wearing a nice outfit and so is MJ but then he changes out of it to a the telekinesis shirt and hoodie so MJs like maximum effort Macy’s chic and he looks like he’s on a Walmart run

But after some time I actually like it bc this is Peter saying ‘all those romantic plans and setup are not me I’m just going to be me for this girl I like and set that other stuff aside’ and I just really appreciate this subtle message about being who you are in front of the person you like with no shame


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Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 1768

Warnings: mentions of death, character deaths, ENDGAME SPOILERS

“Peter, I have to go,” You’d told him , the boy peering up at you from his twin mattress, shaggy brown curls hooding his eyes. 

You stood just inside his bedroom window, undetected by Aunt May. You were only there for him, to tell him. The pale light from the reflecting city pooled into the room, casting it in a soft night glow. 

“What do you mean?” Peter questioned, getting out of bed and coming to meet you, confusion painted on his face. “How did you even get out I-I thought they’d arrested you with the others, I-”

“Cap got me out,” you explained, putting your hands on your best friend’s shoulders, calming him before his rising voice awoke his aunt down the hall. “But I’m still a felon. I need to leave. I won’t be coming back.” Your eyes pleaded with his while you silently prayed to yourself that he would understand, that Ned and MJ would also understand. 

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I’m not quite sure, but I swear, in Far from home, when that Iron Man zombie comes out of the grave, for a moment I saw him wearing an Infinity Gauntlet on his right hand, which, just…. kill me.

Morgan-centric ficlet: Her Name

I knowwww I should be working on drpepperony prompts or the Water fic, but I woke up with this in my head yesterday and I just have to get it out.

Inspired by @amethyst-noir naming Morgan’s sister as “Hope.” Will keep this compact. Just need to get it out there.

There’s a short note at the end.


Morgan often did things that she couldn’t explain. At ten years old she still wasn’t quite able to say why she wouldn’t let people call her “Morgoona,” preferring to let that nickname be forgotten.

Uncle Rhodey and Uncle Happy still lapsed sometimes, and she hated that.

She could stand Mom’s “Goonie.” Or Dad’s “Mog.” As corny as both were…

But “Morgoona” was different. It was a baby name. It was a sacred name.

It was both, and neither.

Hearing it made her feel…she had no other word for it but “weird.” Like it belonged inside her, in the past, six feet underground - anywhere but on anyone else’s lips.

She had a thing about names. Her own was nice - it had a hundred nicknames, all valid. She loved it, and had been hoping her new baby sister’s name would be as cool as hers.

In fact, she’d been hoping she would be named Jordan. So they could be a “kickass name” tandem, when they grew up and fought evildoers together.

Morgan and Jordan. Mog and Jodie. Goonie and Jordie. There was no way their duo would not sound cool.

Instead, however, her sister’s name was Hope.

A single syllable. Which could not be conjugated. Could not be truncated. Could not be made to rhyme with her own.

At least it was gender-neutral as well? But that was a stretch. How many boys were named “Hope” in the world?

Auntie Hope, Cassie’s mom, was badass. She loved Cassie and she loved Auntie Hope. But she had wanted something unique for her sister. Something that would not remind her of other people.

(Which was a funny thing for Morgan to want, she was aware, because she herself had been named after a kooky uncle - someone who’d looked after her Mom through childhood, when her family was going through some rough straits. She sometimes heard relatives on her Mom’s side draw comparisons, but she always felt like she was a distant creature from her namesake.

(With luck, little Hope - who was most definitely not named after Cassie’s-mom-Auntie-Hope, she was assured - could be the same.)

So now she had a little sister named Hope. Hope Strange. For some reason, her parents agreed that the baby should take Dad’s name.

She wasn’t exactly happy about not being consulted. She deserved to have a say in her little sister’s future. But grown-ups kept deciding on things without her.

Well, whatever. Their next baby better be a Jordan Potts.

She was resigned to the thought that this new thing, this addition to their household, was going to grow up completely separate from her. Her parents decided on her name, her very existence, without consulting Morgan - she was theirs. Not hers.

This was fine.

But then she laid eyes on Hope for the first time. They’d said Morgan’s eyes were open as soon as she came out of the womb. It seemed as if Hope was the same.

Dad’s eyes. Strange eyes. Blue-green-gray-something else, something wonderful.

Their gazes met and she fell in love.

“Hi, Hope,” Morgan softly greeted, “I’m Morgan, your big sister. You can call me Morgoona.”


End note: Gosh, 10yo Morgan is so bitter here. And in case it wasn’t clear: this presumes Tony died, and Pepper and Stephen married many years after. Which is why I couldn’t tag it “drpepperony” even if it MIGHT have been.

Also, did Tony really call his daughter “Morgan H. Stark” in Endgame? Quora tells me so. What are the odds that “H” actually stands for “Hope”? 😺

So I looked into Deep Dive, and other stuff, and dear god, what did I get myself into? Tons of things I’m still making sense of, so I apologize if this is disjointed or unclear. Gonna be more, it’s just a lot of thangs XP It doesn’t exactly change a whole lot per se, but my perspective has shifted greatly, and now I have to look at things differently. It mostly just adds… more levels to what’s going on. Pretty sure I killed my own MoM theory XD But I do like where this is going even better.

The scene in Days/KH2 and the scene in Deep Dive aren’t the same scene. 1) The conversation is different 2) In KH2/Days, Roxas appears through a dark portal, this doesn’t happen in Deep Dive, and 3) again, Roxas doesn’t have yellow eyes. The differences and similarities are intentional however.

Before going into yellow-eyed “Sora” in Deep Dive, I have to talk about the other buddy. This is something I had never considered being… a thing, but I’m pretty sure, he’s Riku’s Nobody.

… I know right? I suppose I should start with logistics and why exactly I think so.

I believe he was created right after Sora defeated Ansem-possessed Riku. There were two hearts in Riku’s body until this moment, signified by their overlapping voices. This is when they separated. Riku’s body seems to just sink into the ground, and his [extremely bright white] heart vanishes.

Sora then stabs himself with the Keyblade of Heart that Riku forged, creating Naminé, Roxas, and his Heartless.

Ansem then manifests from a Dark Portal as his physical self, completed by Riku’s darkness (since all a Heartless’s body is, is the darkness of the heart made physical), and Riku’s heart momentarily manifests to prevent him from pursuing Kairi and the others. After they escape, Riku’s heart then goes to “a place of darkness where hearts are gathered.” And Mickey tells him it was “too late for his body." 

By this point Riku’s body and soul had already become his Nobody, and his heart couldn’t return to it, even though his heart had overpowered Ansem’s. Riku’s heart "won the battle against darkness”, so he wasn’t taken over permanently by Xehanort like Terra was, which is why Terra never created a Heartless or a Nobody. His heart remained in the Guardian, enslaved by Xehanort, and his body was taken over. His spirit went into Lingering Will.

So then, the nature of Riku’s Nobody’s birth, and that of Ansem SoD, is unique. Riku and Xehanort’s hearts were merged, and Riku’s body held both of them simultaneously. After Sora defeated his body, Riku forced Ansem from his heart, succeeding in taking it back, but his body was already occupied. Not by Ansem though, because his body is Riku’s darkness made physical, wrapped around Xehanort’s heart. [So like Riku asks in his Kingstagram post, he is indeed the reason Ansem looks the way he does.] This is where Terra failed, his heart couldn’t overpower Xehanort’s. 

This “place of darkness where hearts are gathered” is Kingdom Hearts. The Door to Darkness was the door to Kingdom Hearts. Everything Ansem said about Kingdom Hearts in KH1 was true. He just doesn’t understand the other side of it, what it is that creates light in the heart. KH3 immediately references KH1 because it turns out KH1 is like… everything.

Kingdom Hearts is the conglomerate of all hearts, and is therefore connected to all hearts. The darkness in every single heart, is the realm of Kingdom Hearts. “All hearts begin in darkness, and all so end.” Truth bro.

The light doesn’t come from Kingdom Hearts, the light comes from us and our bonds to the things we cherish.

When the Door to Darkness opens, you can see darkness start flooding from it. But when Sora states his belief that Kingdom Hearts is light, light floods from the door. Not because this was really the Door to Light, but because that light behind the door was created by Sora’s belief in the light. His belief in Riku. Their bond.

When Sora believed in the light, and it consumed Ansem, it returned Riku’s physical body back to him, like Kairi’s belief in Sora returned his body when he became a Shadow [“Consume the darkness, return it to light.”]. And like Sora and Kairi, Riku returned to his human form without destroying his Nobody. This is also exactly how Riku got his body back from “Ansem” in KH2. Being bathed in the light of Kingdom Hearts, after protecting the others.

From Ansem/Riku’s KH2 journal entry:

“Riku began calling himself “Ansem”, perhaps as a sign of resolve. He would live in darkness if that’s what it took to wake Sora.”

“He had clad himself in darkness in order to wield it, and had even changed in appearance. But when the real Ansem’s Kingdom Hearts Encoder exploded, Riku returned to his old form. You could say it was a miracle – worked by a heart no darkness could eclipse.”

Ansem was shocked to see light flood from the DtD, because he was not expecting Sora and Riku’s bond to create such light, given what had just happened between them. He knows the darkness in Riku’s heart, it’s what he’s made from. And he knows exactly where it comes from. The desire to possess Sora’s heart, and his fears about telling him so.

Riku admitted on two occasions after this, to feeling like a “nobody.” (ie: Like he had no heart, no emotion, no purpose. As if he didn’t matter.) First to Xion, and then to Sora and Kairi during the Reunion.

Castaway - Lost or unclaimed person or thing; Person who is unwanted, not accepted; Thrown away; Abandoned

Out of all the characters, I think Riku’s situation embodies most what it means to feel like a nobody. He gave up everything, including his own emotions [his heart], even his form, so that Sora could be happy, which he believes Sora will be, with Kairi. So he hides his own feelings for Sora, resolving instead to keep him safe. “He would live in darkness if that’s what it took to wake Sora.” Literal and proverbial darkness.

Xehanort’s heart was within Riku’s body when his Nobody was created, like Ventus was within Sora when Roxas was created. So I think he looks exactly like Young Master Xehanort, but his skin, hair, and eyes are the same colour as Riku’s. The body and soul he was made from however, are Riku’s, and he would therefore identify with Riku. Even though I believe he looks just like YMX. This is why both Terra and Sora have had visions of Riku becoming young Xehanort and vice versa. Not Ansem, YMX specifically.

In DDD, YMX straight up told Riku that he wanted him as a vessel. So, in the added scene with Xemnas in KH1.5FM, I don’t think he was comparing Sora to Roxas. He was comparing him to Riku’s Nobody. Whom I believe he fought and attempted to recruit into the Organization, but failed. Sora was later their target as one of Xehanort’s vessels, because, like YMX said, they moved down the list. Riku’s Nobody doesn’t have the air of hopelessness that Roxas did when he was created, because he knows that his “heart”, his purpose, is the same as his Somebody’s: protecting Sora.

In -Another Side, Another Story-, a heart appears around Roxas, seemingly at Riku’s whim, creating a barrier between him and the Neoshadows. This is the same heart from his Dark Mode, the Heartless symbol without the X inside. This is the symbol used on his chess piece in KH3, and it’s also Way to the Dawn’s token. The symbol we most associate with Riku. Granted, you cant see the bottom three points, but you can tell its elongated at the bottom, and therefore must make the symbol. This isn’t associated with Roxas, it’s associated with Riku, so he must have made it appear.

In Deep Dive, this symbol also appears. In light, of all things. Riku made the symbol appear around Roxas, Sora’s Nobody, and he made it appear here too, on… yellow-eyed “Sora”.

“Even in the deepest darkness, a light always shines through.” A connection.

Then there’s the framing of this shot. The light. There’s a similar shot in Yozora. [Almost looks like the bright white light of his heart]

He also sits at the Dark Margin, the shores of which touch that of the Destiny Islands. Even though hes a Nobody, rejected by the RoD and the RoL, he sits right in the center. Twilight and dawn, the middle road.

Riku was pretty down to chill at the Dark Margin in KH2 too, and this is where he and Sora saw the door to light.

Gotta stop here though cuz no more room for pics and I neeeeed them XD