endgame ra

Oliver said it on the plane to Felicity…the thought that Ra’s would kill his sister to get to him never even occurred to him.  I think at that moment, staring at his sister on her deathbed, realising that he had failed to protect her….he understood.  He understood that Ra’s is a man who only deals in extremes…and only the most extreme measures must be taken to stop him.  

“There are people in the world who deal only in extremes, and it would be naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.  Sometimes bravery isn’t enough.  Sometimes the world requires us to be bold…whatever the personal cost.” (3x08 Brave and the Bold)… 

He is more dangerous than Slade in all his mirakuru craziness because Ra’s is strategic, he’s patient, he’s calculative and there is no limit to what he will do to achieve his endgame. The war with Ra’s is not a war of violence and who is the strongest.  It’s a mind game, a battle of strategy….basically it’s a chess game.


shipper-heart1207‘s “Thoughts on 3x22

It’s a really great read. This was my favorite part. 


I’ve never seen Felicity crushed and weak and heart broken like this, even when she found out he was “dead” she didn’t break down like this. In my opinion I think it’s hard for her to see him standing in front of her and not feel his love and affection towards her,and to look into his eyes and see the person who “opened her heart for in ways she didn’t know it was possible”. Is simply gone! It’s hard for her to see “Darth Oliver”. I honestly hope he’ll have a moments of weakness in front of her in the next ep, And I absolutely hope that she’s the one who’ll bring him back again. #Olicity #Arrow