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I just want the series to end with Dean and Sam having peace. True peace that won't be disturbed. They've been through so much horrible shit, they suffered so much, they messed up a lot but they tried so hard and saved so many people and the world. I just want their story to end in a way that lets them both be at peace and happy with what they accomplished and proud of the life they lived. Hopefully it's not too much to ask lol.

Yep, I feel the same way, after all itโ€™s in the theme song, and to my mind, thatโ€™s either two possibilities. End bloody and go have peace in heaven or all the monsters have to be laid to rest, without the possibility that they will ever return.ย 

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Tuffy or Tyrus ??!!

Please help. Just finished episode and why did it really seem like the look back was directed at Buffy more than Cyrus ??? (With the way she started blushing and seeing him in a different light or whatever) because I cannot take the mental instability that will happen in Tuffy happens.

Also..Joshua said that Muffy was a dead couple of Andi Mack ???? But Marty is rumored to be coming back ?? Wtf.

Muffy is endgame. Tyrus is engame. Jonah being a mentally stable, healthy, and fun little cinnamon bun is endgame. Couldn’t really care less what happens to Andi though… long as jandi dies.

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Tbh I want the series to end in the death of every character. At this point they're friends with god, they're getting into heaven, so if they all die (preferably not painfully) they get to be in heaven together.

Yep, I am with you on this one. My only stipulation is that heaven gets all fixed up because in the SPN verse death is not really the end since there is a heaven. And especially if they can be together, which is seems Sam and Dean can

and plus we know Ash can move about,ย 

and presumably Cas as an angel could drop by for a visit, so I donโ€™t really see the problem with it all ending bloody honestly. It would seem itโ€™s probably the only way they are truly going to lay their weary heads to rest.ย 


The Avatars’ Homes.

  • Tony: You know what I've always wondered? How do tall people like you actually sleep at night when the blanket can't possibly cover you from your shoulders to your toes?
  • Stephen: Tony. It's four o'clock in the fucking morning.
  • Tony: So you can't sleep, huh?
  • Tony: ...Is it because of the blanket?

me: now back to that story I was reading, can’t wait to see what happens next!!

me: *remebers it’s an outline*


me: *remembers I’m writing it*



me: fuck