A Dr.K Appreciation Post. 
(Info, once again, from the Morphin Grid wiki)

 At a young age Dr. K already showed signs of high intelligence, and at the age of 5, was whisked away by the staff members of a morally corrupt Top Secret Military Think Tank, code-named “Alphabet Soup”.  Once she arrived there, the people there addressed her by the letter “K” and she was confined to a white-walled room in order to work on new government technology. She was raised on the belief that she was ill and allergic to sunlight and thus was never let outside, despite her wish to do so. She was coerced into working constantly on various difficult tasks while in the facility, and as the years passed she eventually found that she could no longer remember her real name. 

Later on, while K was working on the Ranger Series, a butterfly somehow managed to make it into her workstation. When Dr. K went to follow the butterfly, she found a way out of the facility and subsequently, also discovered that she was not allergic at all to the sunlight and those in charge of Alphabet Soup had been lying to her, Gem & Gemma the entire time. This led to Doctor K’s greatest mistake. In hopes of blinding the Security Servers long enough for her, Gem & Gemma to escape, Dr. K uploaded a self aware, self generating computer virus; “Venjix”, for which she had written the base code for, to the database of Alphabet Soup. Before Dr. K could install the firewall to assure the virus would not escape beyond the walls of Alphabet Soup, the security men for the facility burst in and captured Dr. K, Gem & Gemma. Thus allowing the Venjix Virus to spread and soon take over the world

Due to her underdeveloped emotional state, her relationship with all the Rangers is somewhat awkward even though as time passes she begins to care about them. She finally begins to open up more to the others when Gem and Gemma re-enter her life, encouraging her to increase her bond with her team. Her relationship with Ziggy however is most distinctly complicated and strained, as from early on she displayed a very apparent lack of acknowledgement or respect towards him. She didn’t hug him as she did the other rangers after her attempt at showing her appreciation towards them, and tends to get easily exasperated by his personality.

It is eventually revealed that she in fact doesn’t hate Ziggy and seems to actually truly appreciate him when it is discovered that her computer password is his name, and also when she, to his surprise, allows him to take her outside. Their relationship finally begins to turn around after they get trapped in a cave together and he brings it upon himself to make her smile during their dire situation, which he ultimately succeeds at.

After Venjix is destroyed, Dr .K states that she and Ziggy are going to open a school for youngsters. Doctor K will teach them about bio field physics while Ziggy teaches them the art of shadow puppets and cooking. She then locks up the RPM morphers for good.

((This post has been for Ender))

That probably means hi!

1. First impression: Power Rangers yes good
2. Truth is: You kept me from falling into Sentai elitism
3. How old do you look: 20s (I’m bad at specifics)
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yessir
5. Have you ever made me mad: Not really
6. Best feature: Just the genuine fun I can tell you’re having with the things you love
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nope
8. You’re my: Favorite PR blogger
10. Should you post this too? SURE