enderman adventurer


Society6 is having a ridiculously awesome site-wide 20% off sale on select stuff, including cases, pillows and tote bags!

If you want to grab some things with my art on them during the sale, here are the links:

Cases: http://society6.com/kaydee/cases

Pillows: http://society6.com/kaydee/pillows

Totes: http://society6.com/kaydee/bags

Ends midnight Saturday, April 14!


So a new snapshot for mc came out today! Included in it is a NEW PLAY MODE!

Spectator mode is a no-clip, non-interacting mode where you can’t place, destroy, or interact with objects. You can left-click on a mob or a player to jack in to their camera (and see their inventory).

However, creepers, spiders, and enderman have visual filters when you jack in! (all of these shots were taken at night) Creepers turn into this interesting night vision thing, spiders get segmented vision, and endermen vision inverts (so it’d be pretty dark in the daytime).

(spectator mode will be SO USEFUL in pvp maps, oh my gosh) (screw having everyone trapped in the cornucopia, let them roam around!!)

((also they added in Invisible Blocks, which are HELL to place down haha)) ((get them with ’/give [playername] barrier’))