You’re tall too, must be easy to see over trees and hills.

[[I hope this a. was the right enderman and b. I drew him and the scene correctly, sorry if I didn’t.. heh. I’ve been wanting to draw some of the other enderman around here, so if you leave a little scene ask and what character, I’ll try and do something like this ;u; ]]

Keyba decided to dye some chicken feathers and turn herself into a tropical ender! And played with some blue paints.. being inspired by Kira! ( http://ask-ender-kira.tumblr.com/ )

This is also to THANK EVERYONE FOR 200 FOLLOWERS!!! I love the community and the people who are my followers and all the lovely people I follow that inspire me to keep going! Thank you so much for two-ish years here! Here’s to many more!


Keyba: Greetings North, and do not worry, I have had strange greetings.. I am well, thank you for asking. Your body wear is very interesting! As well as your arrow skills, I’ve always been interested in the “Bow and Arrow”.

((Mod: Someone asked about the image behind Keyba in the last panel, so I shall refer you to the first post in the RP that took place where this reference came from http://enderkeyba.tumblr.com/post/71600130914/youre-tall-too-must-be-easy-to-see-over-trees  ))


((Mod: *explosive rage* Hahaha, get it? Because C4… and explosives.. The E4 aggro mode isn’t supposed to be clear but you can still kinda make it out vuv I’m sure someday you’ll see Keyba aggro fully, but not today!

Also these two were my last asks for the expression challenge! I hope you all enjoyed the ones I got to do! I had a TON of fun doing them!))


Keyba: Just a normal endermen!

[Mod: This was the last ask I had in my inbox, so I wanted to do a shaded picture of Keyba as a thank you for 68 followers!! Thank you all so, soo much ;u; As for asks, they are still allowed and will be answered, but now I will be focusing more on the story part for this blog, which I will be collaborating with, I think, 5 other of my friend’s blogs for this [all endermen]. Thanks again and I hope you guys like the story!]