It was the most bizzare thing she had ever encountered, and it changed her life forever.

Gail, was among some of the toughest guardians to set foot in the Tower. But she was a kind-hearted woman. Even if she was bound by rules but she didn’t mind them. They kept order. She kept order.

No, she was order.

But one being would change all of that. She had been scouting the moon, on a mission for the Vanguard to keep an eye on all activity in the Hellmouth. Hive, Fallen, didn’t matter. But what she did eventually see was odd indeed.

The Fallen and Hive were having yet another skirmish. The Fallen liked to send out a squad of five Dregs, three Vandals, and a captain to combat the Hive that were set out. Gail had never fought the Hive before on the moon. Here they were stronger. Here, the Hive called home. And the Fallen were most certainly not welcome in it.

She had to admire their tenacity, though. The House of Exile wasn’t the biggest, or the strongest, but they were able to hold their borders just fine most of the time. But it seemed the Hive were intent on pushing them out, and so this battle was turned in the undead’s favor. That was when she noticed it. The captain barked in his language to the surviving members of the squad- a vandal and two dregs. They lifted their heads and began to move away as the Captain made a mad sprint to the nearby caves. She thought she saw his eyes turn up to her as she sat, perched nearby. She thought he’d draw his weapon and shoot, but he just kept running.

The captain stopped at the cave entrance and-to Gail’s surprise- stopped and waited for the lesser ranked Fallen to run his way. The Hive were not going to make things easy, though, and both of the poor souls were cut down before they could make it. The captain could only stare and Gail thought she saw a saddened twinge in his eyes as he watched his comrades as their corpses were dragged away by the undead. There was nothing he could do to save them now, and so he forced himself into the cave where he would wait for the skiff to pick him up later.

The sounds of heavily armored footsteps was unmistakable, and he stood in the center of the small cavern as the Titan made its way into the entrance. Its scent was female, he could tell. He’d encountered plenty of guardians to know the difference. She smelled different, though. She didn’t smell like gunpowder and aggression. She smelled of curiosity, pure and true, and she smelled of something he’d never encountered before in his life. One would describe it as perhaps fresh rain, or a light ocean breeze.

But he would never know. He lived on a desolate rock where no ocean breezes blew, and it never rained. He had been born in the House of Exile, and he would die in the House of Exile. There was no other option for him, for no other house would take a captain as old as he.

He was Enderis. And he was old for a simple Captain. Most of his age would have either died, or have moved on to Baron status, but not him. He had a reputation for leading his troops to safety when things got to be too much to handle while most would have preferred to die in battle along with his deceased comrades. This was the reason as to why he lived so long. He ran away when he knew he was beat. Often, he was called ‘coward’ and 'weak’ but he stopped listening to those words many years ago.

The footsteps stopped and Enderis didn’t need to turn around to see who was there. He knew. The female titan from the ridge who had simply watched, observed. He could smell the void energy from her body. She was not a striker, but a defender.

How ironic.

There was a moment of silence, and she spoke, her voice soft and gentle, yet firm. He closed his eyes to listen. To… observe.

“Most Fallen don’t flee from battle…” She stated, and he understood most of her words.

His eyes opened again and he was quiet for a long moment.

“…Most of the Fallen are dead…” He managed from what English he knew and he could smell the surprise from the guardian behind him. She had not expected him to know.

But he knew. And she would learn too. She was a defender. And neither of them knew it, but she was to be their defender. She would grow to be his defender.

She would be Gail, Guardian of the Exiles.

ladylexluther asked:

What is your favourite food?

Mun: steak and sushi
Rose: I like steak!
Enderi: I like about anything really.
Deadeye: Huma- err I mean flesh… Damnit I like to eat humans.
Lily: I also don’t mind humans they taste good burnt.
Kyle: uh food. I don’t know.
Adrax: I haven’t tried any over world food yet. I’ve been stuck in the void for a long time.