Has science gone too far? (closed rp w/ intelligenceisalock)

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When he heard the shrill noise of his phone ringing, the guitar solo piercing the silence that had taken over the Altar Room, Parv wasn’t sure what to make of it. The ringtone was set for one and only one person who rarely if ever called him due to the fact that they always saw each other at least a few good times during the day and even spent long periods of time together if their work allowed it.

Uncertainty ran through his mind, interrupting any and all thoughts that may had gone through his mind at that moment in favour of leaving him to stare blankly at his phone and wonder if he should pick it up or not. Picking it up would seem to be the most likely action. Why would he want to miss a message from William? It must be pretty urgent if he texted him instead of calling or coming over. Granted that the tower was quite a way away, but for crying out loud he had a jetpack he could use to fly over in minutes.

Brown-reddish orbs squinted at the brightly lit screen of his mobile phone before he changed the luminosity to a lower setting and let his eyes skim through the message, an eyebrow rising in confusion as he did so.

“He’s… calling me over to teach me about some stuff that arrived at the tower this morning. Lazy butt. Texting instead of calling. Hmph.”

Disregarding the fact that he was considerably lazier than the solutionist, Parvis threw his hoodie on, hid the dagger of sacrifice in his boot then threw a few more things in a spare enderpouch that wasn’t connected to an enderchest and left.

The trip to the Strife Solutions tower was short, the unbound orb carrying him over there in a few minutes. Not bothering to knock or anything, the bloodmage let himself in through one of the windows on a higher floor then started looking around for the blond.

“Wiiiiillll? Wiiiilllll, I’m heeerreee!”