From Costumes to Sigils -  A meta about Jon’s future.

So I’ve been wondering about how Jon’s appearance will change once he finds out about his true heritage in the show, and that led me to tinfoil a lot.

Jon’s clothing concept is connected to his status as a bastard, so all his outfits resemble the Stark’s clothing in reversed colors, just like the bastards reverse the colors of their families sigils in the books. It’s a very nice concept to be honest, but the most important thing about Jon’s appearance is his hair.  
Since season 1, Jon’s hair is his trademark. As the seasons go, his hair grows until his resurrection when he changed his hairstyle for good.
So most likely his hair will have a change after he finds out about his true parents. Jon used to wear his hair loose at the first 5 seasons, and now he’s wearing a half up half down. So my prediction would be a full ponytail or a hairstyle more similar to Rhaegar’s after he finds out who his father was, because the show will not give him a hairstyle he already used before.
Targaryen men in the show have the same hairstyle, and if we look at Rhaegar’s hair I’d dare to say the wig was meant to mimic Kit’s hair not Viserys’s.
I’d love to see a man bun but that’s just me I guess. I think at episode 7x5 we have a glimpse of how his future hairstyle will be. I kinda like it.

His colors will certainly change as well. When asked about why Daenerys never weared black and red before, Clapton said “somethings need to wait until the proper moment”. I think the same is for Jon. Even though he’s (was) King in the North and weared the Stark sigil he doesn’t wear grey, the official Stark color.  I’ve always wondered why until I read this interview. Because he still sees himself as a bastard he never dared to wear the Stark color before. Clapton was waiting for Jon to finds out about his heritage to finally give him grey clothings.
As for the Targaryen colors I don’t think we’re going to see red on his outfits at all. Red is a color connected to the Targaryen madness. The more villainess Daenerys goes, more red she will wear. That’s why Viserys used to wear way more red than Dany.
If Jon would choose a Targaryen color it would be black indeed. Black was always his color. Of all Starks he was the one who weared black the most since the beginning, even outside the Night’s Watch.
My guess is that Jon will wear only grey and black after he finds out who his parents were.

The biggest problem about his heritage is that Jon will most likely not truly relate to any of his parent’s Houses.
His whole dream of being a Stark was related to Ned, finding out he’s actually Lyanna’s son will be problematic for his identity. After all his life as a bastard, Jon will find difficult to embrace the Stark name since is now related to Lyanna whom he have never met. Of course if it’s going to be difficult to embrace the name of the family he was raised with, there’s no need to say it will be even more difficult, if not impossible at all, for him to embrace the Targaryen name either.
Jon will probably siding to the Starks, and that’s when the grey color will show up finally, but just like Aragorn had to embrace his identity as Isildur’s heir to protect Gondor, Jon will have to embrace his identity as Rhaegar’s son in order to protect the North (or maybe the Seven Kingdoms, who knows where  Daenerys is going, right?).
That’s where his own sigil comes in.

I do believe ASOIAF’s bittersweet ending will relate somehow to the end of all noble houses, or at least ending the huge influence these families possess. I think GRRM is trying to tell the end of monarchy and the transition period to democracy somehow. For that the old structure of power needs to be destroyed. That’s probably where Daenerys’s speech of “breaking the wheel” comes from. If we notice houses Tyrell, Baratheon, Bolton and Martell are already gone in the show, and houses  Arryn, Lannister, Targaryen, Tully and Greyjoy are very close to their ends as well with only one member alive or with few chances of having a future heir.
House Stark depends on Sansa’s child or Jon’s to continue but if we’re right and Jonsa is endgame (AND IT IS) their children will receive the name Jon decides to take it. And I don’t think he’s going to choose neither Stark or Targaryen. So House Stark is going to die as well. It would be a dagger in my heart but it would fit the bittersweet ending GRRM promised.
And no, a Targaryen restoration is not an option, I’m not even going to talk about it, because is not going to happen at all. Stop it.

The thing about Jon’s future name connects to the historical inspiration for the ASOIF: the Wars of the Roses.
I’m not going to talk a lot about it because we’ll know how the Lancaster’s relate to the Lannisters and how the Yorks relate to the Starks because we’ve seen it a thousand times.
But the thing is, I believe at the beginning of the series the Lancaster’s were represented by the Lannisters, but at the end of the series, the Targaryens will take their place as the representation of House Lancaster .
If we think about it, Henry Tudor had a claim to the throne from the Lancaster side, and he ended up married to Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV, putting an end to the conflict.
Jon has a claim to the Iron Throne from the Targaryen side, and will ended up married to Sansa of House Stark, daughter of Eddard, putting an end to the conflict as well.
Just like Henry didn’t have the Lancaster or the York name but was sided with one of them (the Lancasters in this case) I think Jon will not adopt the Targaryen or the Stark name even though he’s sided with the Starks. It’s most likely he will create a “new house” for  himself and his children, and that’s how the Stark and Targaryen houses will die. If we look at the  Tudor’s rose, Henry fused the Lancaster and the York roses into a new one.
That’s exactly what I think Jon will do. To be comfortable to embrace his Targaryen side, Jon will probably embrace his Stark  heritage as well, and since he doesn’t truly connect to either of them he’ll create a new one that although resembles these families sigils is not quite them.  

The Dragon has only one head.

The Targaryen sigil comes from Aegon the Conqueror, and the three heads represents himself and his two sisters wives. Daenerys keeping this sigil makes a lot of sense, since she had three dragons as well. But just like many Targaryens created a personal sigil with only one dragon, I think Jon will do the same. A single red dragon is my bet. It would remind the people he is related to the Targaryens at same time it would send the message he’s different from Daenerys and her ancestors.

The White Wolf.

Jon’s speech to Theon at S7 was actually a speech for his future self. He doesn’t have to choose. He’s a Stark and a Targaryen. So when the time for a sigil comes he’ll keep the Stark sigil somehow as well. Jon’s direwolf is white with red eyes. That’s the sigil he’ll probably choose. It’s also ironic he was raised as a Stark bastard and the only sigil he could wear as a bastard was the Stark sigil in reversed colors (a white wolf in a grey field). Since in the show he was referred as “The White Wolf” during his coronation, it’s possible that Jon as KITN in the books choose a similar sigil for himself. That’s why I believe he’s going to keep it for his coat of arms.
If we look at Henry Tudor’s coat of arms it’s a white dog facing a red dragon. I think Jon’s new sigil will look similar: a red dragon with white eyes, and a white wolf with red eyes facing each other. It’s almost like a Yin/Yang between House Stark and House Targaryen. A fit choice for a sigil to end a war between these two houses.

Yep, I suck at editing LMAO

If we think about it, Joffrey used a  very similar coat of arms and that’s exactly why I think Jon will adopt this one.

The Joffrey Parallels.

Jon and Joffrey are characters that connect through Sansa. And it’s ironic to see how they are so opposite to each other that they almost look similar.

Joffrey was born a bastard but was raised as the future king. Jon was born as the future king but was raised as a bastard .

Joffrey and Sansa had a intimate relationship at the beginning but it became distant at the end. Jon and Sansa had a distant relationship at the beginning but it grew more intimate with time.

Joffrey grew up believing his father was his uncle. Jon grew up believing his uncle was his father.

Joffrey was meant to marry Sansa but the arrangement was unmade. Jon and Sansa were never meant to marry but will certainly marry.

Joffrey was supposed to have black hair but was born blonde as his father. Jon was supposed to have blonde silver hair but was born with black hair like his mother.

There’s a lot of those minors parallels between them. Jon is just the opposite of Joffrey at everything.
So it’s ironic but not surprisingly such different characters ended up with similar sigils.
Jon is the first character at ASOIAF to notice Joffrey was wearing his mother’s sigil as well.

“The Lannister’s are proud” Jon observed. “You’d think the royal sigil would be sufficient, but no. He makes his mother’s House equal in honor to the king’s.”

Arya I, A Game of Thrones

Maybe GRRM were foreshadowing Jon’s future sigil right there. That’s something he would do.
I guess all my questions and predictions will be answered or confirmed next season. I’m very excited to see it.

I support the Targaryen Restoration. I don’t think GRRM wrote all that detailed history about Targaryens (he didn’t do that for any other house) and chose the last remaining full-blooded Targ as a main character to let that house just die. I believe the house will continue with a Jonerys baby, not with Jon fathering his first child with someone else. I don’t believe Daenerys is going to take the Stark or Snow surname if she marries Jon. Lastly, I believe the last season will have House Targaryen (Daenerys, Jon and their child or children) at the heart of it and one of the series end goals will be their restoration.

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Not sure if you've already made one, but do you have a list of everyone that's chilling in Magic Hawaii?

I haven’t! But, here’s the list:

  • Natsu (legend says he’s been here since before the series started)
  • Short-haired Juvia (mysteriously dropped out sometime after the Edolas arc, and is now the single saviour of basically the entire cast)
  • Lisanna (escaped as soon as Mashima tried to revive her)
  • Acnologia (he spent most of the series here, and foolishly left to try and resolve the plot in the Alvarez arc. Realising his massive mistake, he escaped when Ichiya and Anna pushed him into the Timelapse, leaving Mashima’s cardboard cutout to take his place.)
  • Alzack, Bisca and Asuka!
  • Wendy actually came with Gray when the series ended. They’re there on extended holiday with Lyon, Chelia and Ultear.
  • Sho, Wally and Milliana
  • Literally all of Mermaid Heel, who are now the local guild 
  • The Star Mango Gelato shopowner whose stall the Alvarez soldiers destroyed (business is now booming)
  • The Thunder Tribe left after the series ended.
  • Quattro Cerberus and the Oracion Seis are hanging around somewhere…
  • Doranbolt left the series after the GMG.
  • Yukino’s been ducking in and out, and is trying to convince Sting to relocate the guild.
  • Zeref’s been here since Tenrou.
  • Cana and Gildarts, too.
  • And Loke.
  • Brandish and DiMaria escaped as soon as they could, and are currently working with the Spriggans to sort out a trade deal with Alvarez now that the series is over.

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Btw, I wonder if Sousuke and Kaname were mentioned in Another series. I tried to find the English-translated novel and manga, but there is almost nothing :')

From what we know, there’s only been very few mentions of Kaname and Sousuke in Another, but nothing really concrete like how they’ve been doing since the end of the series (ie. kids and shit XD).

The few points that we do get come from Ono-D at some point early in the series: “There’s a guy out there who wants to graduate but he can’t”

Kurz: “We do know someone we could call, but he’s done with this kind of life.” ( or something like that XDD I don’t remember the exact line)

And some students at Jindai high who were talking about how brutal the ‘legendary soccer team’ was, but it was supposed to be reference to the results of the training Sousuke gave to the school’s Rugby team.

So we know that Sousuke’s never been able to graduate since his credentials from Mithril were all faked, and it seems as though Kurz and Mao were trying to respect his wish to honor his promise to Kaname about being done with mercenary life. Other than that, we know pretty much a whole lot of nothing T^T

I wish we could have gotten a little *something*, like maybe just a blurb, or maybe only hearing one half of a phone conversation that was supposed to be with one of them, but right now we have no idea how those two are after the end of the original series

My top 10 yuri / shoujo ai anime series

(not including the current airing series from summer 2017 & upcoming yuri anime series) + this is entirely my personal opinion.

1. Yuri Kuma Arashi (2015)

Now this one was a masterpiece, the symbolism in this one was just wow; not only does it criticize the portrayal of lesbians in japanese media (sexualization and so), but it also portrays the way lesbians are seen in society, the struggles of coming out in a homophobic society, the struggles of purely loving a person of the same gender. As expected this is pure yuri, lots of yuri moments, and if you want to watch it, do not watch it literally, look up the meaning of the symbols if you can’t catch on it on your own (that’s what I did)


2. Strawberry Panic (2006)

Honestly, if you’ve never watched this (which would be impossible), WHAT are you doing? Two main yuri couples, one supporting… or shall I said “villain” yuri couple, not one man, pretty good and interesting plot that just keeps you watching, focused on the girls’ relationship, it’s a great series that I wish the anime industry would still make today.


3. Sakura Trick (2014)

Well… this one is this high on the list purely because of the amount of yuri this series delivered. We’ve got more kisses in this one series alone than the entire yuri anime industry has shown in YEARS. The plot is barely there, but it’s worth the watch for how cute and fun it is.


4. Flip Flappers (2016)

Oh yes, this anime. Just like Yuri Kuma Arashi, this one has a lot of symbolism, mostly revolving around one of the main characters’ sexuality and what she feels for this one girl she spends all of her time with. It is more than just obvious that by the end of the series she comes to realize what her feelings are and is finally able to embrace her true self. Don’t take the series literally! It will only seem childish and not worth the time if you do.


5. Shuumatsu no Izetta (2016)

The main plot isn’t the girls’ relationship, BUT their relationship, their feelings for each other is what directly supports the main plot. The series in general was extremely entertaining and the fact that we’ve got the main characters being all lovey dovey just made it twice as good. You’ve gotta be lying to yourself if by the end of the series you don’t think these two are dating (especially with THAT one scene, you know WHAT scene!!)


6. Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku (2007)

I’m not sure how many know of this, or how many watched it, or how many enjoyed it, but I was in tears by the end of this series. The story revolves around a bunch of lesbians basically… I don’t know how to explain the plot properly without spoiling anything, but this one sure left a huge mark on my soul.


7. Kannazuki no Miko (2004)

If you’ve watched this one, then you’ll understand why I’ll give it a slightly lower score than the others. This one sure has a lot of yuri and is obviously focused on the girls’ relationship. It had a lot of potential, it kinda slipped along the way tho. Still a nice series, either way.


8. Akuma no Riddle (2014)

The anime surely cut a lot of the yuri moments from the manga, but it was still pretty good. There’s a lot of shipping material and also two obvious canon ones, that only in the anime, the manga gives us a lot more yuri, a lot more canon material. My advice is to watch the anime, then read the manga to fill in the yuri gaps the anime left. As for the plot…? badass.

8/10 (for the anime)

9. Sasameki Koto (2009)

I get a headache whenever I think of this anime tbh, they barely animated half of the manga. The anime stops right where the true yuri starts coming out of this story. I’m adding this to the list just because, just like for Akuma no Riddle, you should first watch the anime, then read the entire manga. The yuri is very strong in the full series.

7/10 (for the anime)

10. Aoi Hana (2009)

Just like other anime yuri series out there, this one didn’t do much justice for the manga. As for yuri? there is yuri. Like I said before, it is wise to first watch the anime, then read the entire manga.



Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (2015)

A lesbian protagonist who flirts with any girl she finds cute and has a love interest?? plus, there’s a lot of funny moments?? yeah, worth the watch if you want to relax and enjoy yourself.


how it should have ended.

The ending of the whole series was a dissapointment. Basically it turned out that Naruto is not a story about a boy who wants to proove his value and become a Hokage. It’s a story about 2 girls who were stalking guys as long as they decided to marry them. Yes Sakura, Hinata, I’m talking about you.

PS. Dudes, it’s a joke. Don’t take so serious everything you find in the Internet.

It’s a boy at a grocery store that makes you want to change your life.

It’s shoulders seemingly free of burdens,

It’s the carelessness that you often dream but never can quite paint on your face, not even in your restless sleep,

It’s everything you want to be.

Then you see a razorsharp boy and you see that effortless swipe of a credit card all over again, supermarket lights like a halo.

But you find that this boy is like fire and he destroys, destroys, destroys everything in his path with a smile made for machine guns and it takes you a while to understand how his fire can warm the deepest part of your soul and make vines grow around your bones.

Maybe it’s the way he looks at you with eyes like the edge of a knife, 

And when you hear the sound of his laughter-

quiet, private, only for the ones he loves with his whole impossible and reckless heart-

you think

Lovely, beautiful boy.


The boy you love has beautiful hands and every finger is attached to the strings of your heart.

He doesn’t play with it,

But he sometimes moves those blessed parts and it feels like a caress between your lips.

You look at his straight back and the way he holds his head- high, high, high

And you wonder if you dreamt him,

If only you could dream life itself.

You look at the boy you love and you rediscover kindness,

You look at him in the universe of your childhood room and rediscover how your heart can beat not for panic, not for grief,

But for love.

I want to talk about Star Wars in the context of left-wing politics for a second. It’s actually really good, maybe even better than we realize. It might actually be the best massively popular mass media franchise of the modern era - not because it is undeniably really good entertainment, but because it actually attempts to say something meaningful and positive about rebellion and change.

Many left-wing writers and critical theorists have written about a general problem that plagues mass media. In many stories, the only real movers or changers to the status quo are the villains. In other words, the task of the hero is to merely uphold the status quo against some deviant force that wants to change it. You can see this in works like Harry Potter, where the ultimate goal is really just the defeat of Voldemort and the preservation of the way things are. People that want to change things drastically are either laughed at (like Hermione with the house-elves) or are themselves villainous. This same dynamic is also true in many comic books and comic book movies - The Avengers aren’t looking to fundamentally change the structure of society. That’s what the villains want. The Avengers are supposed to defend the earth from change, not instigate change themselves.

This dynamic points to a sort of end-of-history view of things, where liberal democracy is the best anybody can hope for, and anybody attempting to change it is either worthy of derision or villainous. It propagandizes the audience to be more happy with the way things are, because every possible alternative is worse.

The other side to this particular narrative is the straight dystopia, where liberal democracy has somehow been lost, and the hope of the hero is to restore it. Even though this narrative takes a different approach, it still points to the same thing. This narrative acts as a warning to a similar end - “imagine how bad things could be, you really ought to be happy with the way things are.”

But then there is Star Wars - a story that takes place in a galaxy far far away, but is perhaps more relevant to us on earth than any other mass media franchise. In Star Wars, the heroes are the Rebellion, a rag-tag group of people fighting against an evil Empire. Right from the beginning, the changers are the heroes, not the villains. It’s the heroes that shake things up, or in many cases blow things up, and the goal of the villains is the preservation of the status quo. That’s a huge flip to the problematic narrative right out of the gate.

An argument could be made that Star Wars falls into the dystopia trap, and that the end goal of the Rebellion is merely the restoration of liberal democracy - but two huge things challenge that narrative. In the first place, Star Wars is not presented as a dystopia. In most dystopias, the dystopian environment itself is the central narrative. We are told in great detail just how bad the government is, and how bad they have made the world. Star Wars doesn’t do that. In fact, the amount of time spent on the Empire and its inner workings is minimal. The central narrative to Star Wars is instead the rebels themselves - particularly the three central heroes - and their personal journey and interactions. Their personal acts of rebellion are explained in far greater detail than any Imperial actions. Star Wars could be seen to celebrate rebellion itself, in this way. We aren’t bogged down with an explanation for why opposing the Empire is the right course of action. We are simply made to believe that resisting power itself, in any capacity, is good and should be done.

In the second place, the prequel trilogy actually did a really good job of deconstructing the trappings of liberal democracy. In the prequel trilogy, it’s the Republic that grants emergency powers to the Supreme Chancellor, essentially creating the Empire. It’s the Republic that willingly sacrificed thousands of clone troopers to the scourges of war. It’s the Republic that financed both sides of the civil war. It’s the Republic that let liberty die with thunderous applause. After the prequel trilogy, if the end goal of the Rebellion is just the restoration of that same type of Republic, the audience would not be satisfied. We believe that the Rebellion is fighting for something greater. We have to.

For this reason, the current sequel trilogy actually plays a pretty central role in the interpretation of the series. Depending on what the Resistance ultimately ends up creating, the series could come to a fantastic and satisfying conclusion, or it could stumble into the same trappings of other mass media franchises. I’m not sure if I have total faith - but I honestly have more than I normally would, just because Star Wars has been so comparatively fantastic so far. And Rogue One kept with the tradition, portraying a firmly left-wing insurgency, willing to use whatever means necessary.

That’s the tradition of Star Wars - the heroes are the rebels, the changers, the movers. We’re actually here to create something radically better. Come join us in the galaxy far far away of our wildest dreams.

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