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When did you design the new red Squib?

About two or so years ago before the initial end of the series pre-kickstarter! Everything is planned out pretty far in advance due to the serial nature of the show! Here’s the first drawing of Red I did ages ago:

The first design I did was a bit troublesome in animation; the round shape of the head a problem to turn around in space without some indicator of where they were looking. I ended up making some revisions years later now as we were working on “We Hab Da Problem”:

As you can see a bit of a cheek bump was added to help with Red’s gaze line. It made a big difference, since the cycloptic eye left it hard to tell what direction they were looking with the round face. Similarly I added the tentacle tuft in front to act almost as a “pupil”, generally pointing in the direction of where Red’s looking. I also ended up dropping longer, three fingered hands and cuted Red up a bit.

Red and Pumkin are meant to be visual foils/counterparts, so they share similar structures, though red is lankier, has semi-Gorrila arms to make them stand out separately.

Thanks for watching the show!!

Wonderland Part 4 (Dean)

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Ps. Gifs are not mine

Pairings: Punk! Dean Winchester x Reader (Eventual)

Warnings: TRIGGERS: Abuse, domestic violence, swearing, minor blood, crying
(I am not and Will not ever try and romanticise domestic violence)

Word Count: 2051

Summary: Dean’s a quiet boy at school you’ve barely ever spoken to but what happens when you accidentally grab his textbook instead of yours?

READ: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

I rolled my eyes as I saw Dean leaning against my locker, arms folded across his chest as usual. He was only wearing a tight black t-shirt and jeans today, the ink on his arms standing out on his white skin, the sight causing a small lump to lodge itself in my throat. I traced my eyes down his arms, noting that he was a lot more muscle than I had thought originally, the tops of his arms straining against the seams of his shirt. The blush quickly spread across my cheeks as I realized I had been staring; despite the irritation I had for him right now I wasn’t going to deny he looked good; I just wasn’t going to let him know that.
“What do you want?” I snapped. He nibbled on his bottom lip for a minute, bringing his lip ring between his teeth before speaking.
“Can we talk?”
I chanced a look at his face, seeing nothing but sincerity in his expression, his smirk absent. I felt my resolve crumble slightly, nodding my head.
“I guess we can”

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“In general, I come up with an idea of a girl in a specific situation. The next step is to choose what she is going to wear. That is where the Eggleston influence comes in: I’m obsessed with his colours. I wish we still had dye transfer because it just isn’t possible to get colours like that anymore. Today everything is grey, black and neutral tones, whereas the 1960s and 1970s there were brighter colours everywhere. I use elements from that era because I find them much more aesthetically interesting and beautiful.” - Alex Prager in Foam Magazine (Talent, #24) foamtalent.com 

Images from the series Week-end, 2009 © Alex Prager

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Could you recommend a good Sherlock fic about BDSM, particularly with a dominate John?


For more plot-oriented ones, there’s The Untranslatables Series, Command Structure, and there’s some bits near the end of The Paradox Series (though Sherlock is more dominate for most it if)

For just plan smut, there’s In the Trees and To Show You a Night.

Hope you find what you’re looking for!

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spoby is lit the only ship that makes sense to get back together. hanna is engaged and ridiculously happy and moved on. ezra is beyond messed up and aria would not be happy with him, and has moved on. alison has been involved in too much and hurt too many for emily to want her. spencer obviously didn't move on after Toby, and threw herself into her career, and he has picked up a shiny spencer-ite to try and move on. they are the only couple that still make sense in the foreseeable future.

I agree with you! But tbh I wouldn’t mind if Haleb were endgame as well as spoby, I’ve watched them together for years now and it would be a nice way to end the series.

You already know Doctor Who is rad, but here’s what the critics are saying about Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor from Titan Comics @titancomics

“contains one of the most suspenseful and horrific openings ever…The
Doctor is back and better than ever! If you’ve been going through Doctor
Who withdrawals since the end of Series Nine, this book is the cure. It is
a must-read for all Whovians, with a great story and amazing artwork.” –

“This is the type of story that one wishes would be made into an episode:
it’s funny, smart, scary, and absolutely entertaining. This is how the
Twelfth Doctor should always be written…This could be the most perfect
Doctor Who comic ever created” – SciFi Plus

“absolutely delightful…This is a great start for the second year of
Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor. If you’ve been on the fence about starting
this comic, start now!” – The Geek Girl Project

Issue #2 is new today!

Guys, what if in the long run, Lexa asks Clarke to vote for her to stop being the Commander?

She knows that she can never be fully happy while still being the Commander. So she asks Clarke to vote her out from her position seeing that that’s the only way she can stop being the Commander without dying.

Obviously she would only even consider doing this if her people were safe and the Coalition would be secure, so maybe this can happen towards the end of the series???

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Ok OK one of my first HP memories was reading The Sorcerer's Stone out loud as a class in 5th grade. And I liked it so much, that I read ahead, finished the book, and read the rest of the series before we even finished reading the first book in class

that EXACT experience happened with me and the hunger games series! i ended up finishing all three books before my class even got to chapter 7 of the first book hahaha! good books are the best things to ever happen

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(side note: having Dane DeHaan’s face stare at me while I scroll through your blog was truly an amazing experience. plus, being a photography major, I loved your photography tab!)

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Messrs Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail, and Prongs would like to comment:

Mr. Moony would like to comment on how the name Ishita is a lovely one he’s never heard of before, but quite likes.

Mr. Prongs would like to pinch both of your cheeks while nicknaming you Ishi the Fishy.

Mr. Padfoot will not be caught dead pinching any Slytherin’s cheeks.

Mr. Prongs would like to state that Mr. Padfoot is in fact changing his name to Mr. Grumpy Gills.

Mr. Wormtail will now pinch Mr. Grumpy Gills’ cheeks in Ishi’s honor.

Mr. Padfoot would like to give a friendly warning for all other Marauders to stay the hell back from Mr. Padfoot unless they’d like a knuckle sandwich.

Mr. Prongs would like to know how Mr. Padfoot plans on beating Mr. Prongs’ ass if Mr. Padfoot can’t even escape Mr. Prongs’ headlocks.

Mr. Wormtail is now craving a sandwich.

Mr. Moony would like to change the subject back onto Ishi’s blog and point out that Ishi’s icon looks similar to Mr. Prongs without his glasses on.

Mr. Padfoot agrees. But only when Mr. Prongs is zoned out thinking of a certain bossy red headed girl…

Mr. Prongs would enjoy it very much if you would all leave his identity a secret, along with the girl, for Ishi is a Slytherin and we aren’t sure if Ishi would keep our secrets.

Mr. Wormtail would like to point out that they are technically only Mr. Prongs’ secrets…

Mr. Prongs could kick Mr. Wormtail’s sandwich-loving ass.

Mr. Moony advises Ishi to put the Marauder’s blog rating parchment back now before any more fights break out.

Mr. Padfoot would like to blame all this on the one who howls…

Mr. Moony would like to know if Mr. Padfoot is sure he wants to go down that road…

Mr. Padfoot pleads the fifth.

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The whole maximum ride series is trash but not really because I really really really really enjoyed the first few books, I'm talking like writing fanfiction and obsessing over characters kind of good but I stopped reading sometime because the plot just jumped everywhere, there was no consistency, and the characters changed so much, not in the good"character development" way but in the "I totally forgot how my characters are" way. I hated what happened to the series I used to love.


Okay I was so deep into the fandom I wrote fanfiction and my friends made me Max Ride bday cards. I started a Max Ride fanclub at school. But the plot just went into the toilet somewhere after book 3? Like you can tell he had NO idea where he was going with the story. There were several instances where I thought he was ending the series and I truly believe he intended to, but someone waved money in his face and he tried to write himself out of the coffin he just nailed. 

That whole “Dylan is the perfect mate for you” thing was SO CONTRIVED like that was the most forced love triangle I’ve ever seen. Again, book 1 Max would see Dylan and be like lmao see ya. I’m def not against Fang and Max being together but WHY did Patterson think that loving Fang had to weaken Max to the point where she couldn’t lead anymore??? Like you said, it wasn’t character development, it was “Who is this character again???”

It’s clear James Patterson gave 0 shits about writing this series well. He literally describes the characters appearance in like 3 different ways throughout the series. Originally max was a brunette, than she was blonde. Iggy was a full on ginger, then suddenly blonde? He literally just did not care. It’s like a 5th grader wrote a story.

Boy Meets World - The Complete Collection hits stores Nov. 5th

The show that many grew up with is coming home in a complete set for the first time! The 22-disc DVD set contains all 7 seasons and all-new bonus features exclusive to the set. The specifics on the features have not been given, but several former cast members have let fans know of their involvement with them. There is currently no pre-order listing for it, but it is priced at $99.98 SRP.

Product synopsis:

Cory is your average guy (Ben Savage). He has a best friend named Shawn (Rider Strong) from the other side of the tracks, a teacher that constantly keeps him on his toes (William Daniels), and a friend named Topanga (Danielle Fishel) whom he has trouble understanding. With the support of his parents and his brother Eric (Will Friedle), Cory learns to cope with the roller coaster called growing up.

Watch as the gang go through the trials and tribulations of junior-high, high school, and finally college and the scary transition into adulthood. First time as a complete set featuring seasons 1-7, all new packaging, and bonus content! The new spin-off series “GIRL MEETS WORLD,” featuring Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) and Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence), is set to premier in 2014 on Disney!

Source: tvshowsondvd.com

I want Pretty Little Liars to end tragically

Listen… the final episode of the entire series, all the liars die (Alison, Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Aria).

We are at the cemetery, we see all the Liars tombs next to each other, the camera zooms out, we see a man standing in front of them, we just see his back, he wears a black suit.

Then, they show us the face of this man, he is JASON DILAURENTIS (Uber A), he puts his sunglasses on, he smiles and says…

- Rest in Peace, BITCHES.