ended up not getting any of them

A 2-For-One Deal

This happened to me in the early 1990’s, and I ended up with revenge I really didn’t deserve. Most good revenge stories are about an a-hole getting what he deserves. In this case, I was the a-hole. LONG STORY!

I was working in a large union manufacturer, and I was the shop’s problem child. At the time, I was a raging alcoholic/addict, and you could fit the fucks I gave into a matchbox and still have room for the matches. I had a big mouth, and a bad attitude, and naturally, management was somewhat less than fond of me.

Of course, being an asshole, I thought I was the persecuted one. It was all about me, don’t you know. My problems with authority was all because of the authorities, and I couldn’t see that my problems were of my own making.

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   The TIME OF SNOWDOWN is arguably the most significant Runeterran 
holiday since it’s the only occasion wherein citizens of Valoran have
historically agreed to put aside their differences for a short time.

in the spirit of Snowdown, reblog this post before December 13th to receive an ask with a URL on, or some time just before, that date. You will become the Secret Santa for the blog you receive, and it’s up to you to send them a nice message or two… or twelve.

For example, send the blog you receive some nice anons for the 12 Days of Snowdown, or have your muse anonymously write letters to their muse. It’s up to you how you conduct your Secret Santa-ing, whether IC or OOC. The only rule is to make sure you spread some Snowdown cheer, and that you reveal yourself on Christmas Day!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate shoot secret-snowdown a message. or check out the FAQ page under the read more for some help. Follow this blog too for any updates concerning the event in real time~

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Lucien AKA Azriel (Inner Circle)

Anonymous requested: “ Inner Circle night out where Elain accidently calls Lucien Azriel two or three times. Cassian overhears and goes to the bar to tell Azriel but his shadows have already told him and Nesta cant stop laughing”


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Elain squinted at the figure sitting next to her in the booth. “Azriel, tha’ you?” The Fae she referred to groaned, shaking his head. Cassian, who had been sitting across from the budding couple, threw his head back and laughed.

“That’s the third time she’s called you that,” he observed, raising a brow at the scarred male. Lucien gave him an exasperated look, throwing Cassian into another fit of laughter.

“She seriously thinks you’re Az,” he gasped out between fits of laughter. He swiped at the moisture that escaped his eyes and clutched his stomach.

“For the third time, Elain, I’m Lucien.” He waved a strand of his fiery hair in her face. “Doesn’t this give that away?” Elain frowned, taking the silky hair between her fingers.

“I could braid this,” she remarked, beginning to separate the strands. Lucien only sighed, and Cassian laughed harder as he scooted out of the booth. “When did your hair get so long, Azriel?” Lucien groaned, letting his head fall forward into his hands.

“I’ve gotta tell Az,” he said, still chuckling as he made his way to where the Shadowsinger sat at the bar.

Signaling for another round of drinks, Cassian clapped his brother’s shoulder. “You’re never going to believe this,” he started, fighting back his laughter. “Elain is convinced that Lucien is you-“

“I know,” Azriel murmured, and Cassian noticed the shadows curling behind his ears. “They told me.”

Cassian sighed irritably, crossing his arms over his chest. “ I never get to have any fun with them around.” He stalked over to Nesta, who sat at the other end of the bar.

“Did Azriel’s shadows tell you about Elain and Lucien?”

Nesta’s head whipped around to where her sister and her mate sat in their booth, scanning for any signs of scandalous behavior. Narrowing her eyes at Cassian, she said: “What of them?”

The corners of his mouth quirked up in a grin, and he dropped his voice to a conspiratory whisper. “She keeps calling Lucien ‘Azriel.’ I think she’s genuinely so drunk that she can’t tell the difference!” Cassian struggled to contain his laughter, while Nesta only blinked.

“Honestly, Cass,” she started, a tiny laugh bubbling past her lips, “You should know that my sister doesn’t drink.” Cassian gave her a confused look, then stared pointedly at the mug of ale in Elain’s shaky grasp.

“But when she does,” Nesta said, tapping on his hand to draw his attention, “She can outdrink any of you bat boys. She’s playing with him.”

“It’s still hilarious,” he countered, grinning as Lucien shook his head and Elain giggled. “Think he’ll ever figure it out?”

“Not likely.” Cassian’s roaring laughter filled the hall, mixing in with Nesta’s lighthearted giggles.

Why am I single?

Someone asked me this and I want to ponder it. Here are reasons I can think of:

Because I don’t know anyone I want to be in a relationship with. I don’t want to date any of the people I know.

Because I’m a bit closed off.

Because I don’t get out enough. As my dad says, “you’re probably not gonna meet your husband in your living room”.

Because I get preoccupied with exciting people who aren’t actually the types of people I want to end up with, but I like them enough to let them take up space in my world, space that could be filled by people who are actually what I’m looking for.

Because love is scary.

Because I feel unworthy and I let that stop me from venturing out into the great unknown.

Because ????¿??¿?¿???

Because everyone I fall for is as out of their mind as I am and neither of us want to commit to the foolishness we cultivate with one another.

Because I’m lazy.

Because I’m used to being single.

Because I don’t believe it could be any other way. I can’t actually envision another option.

Because Justin Bieber isn’t married to Selena Gomez yet which means I still have a chance HAHA

Because that’s how my life has happened so far.

Mirror of the Soul: Part 11 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Buckle down everyone, we’re about to fall down the rabbit hole and it’s only going to get worse over the next few chapters :D As always please let me know what you think or if you want to be added to the tag list. I think I’ve got everyone on there that wants to be tagged but I might have missed a few - just drop me a message if I’ve missed you off!

Also, 400 followers! You are all amazing! As a thank you to you all, here is the next chapter early and the next part will be posted on Wednesday as usual!

Words: 1902

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist 

               "You look dreadful,“ Tony pointed out as you walked into the lab. Eyeing the cup of fresh coffee in your hands, he suddenly seemed to change his mind. "I’m kidding. You look great. Better than ever. Please say that’s for me.”

Without a word, you shoved the mug in his chest before flopping onto the sofa. Your face buried in the cushions, you mumbled, “I feel like crap.”

               "My scans show no signs of illness,“ JARVIS piped in, much to your annoyance. The last thing you needed was to be told that this was a figment of your imagination. "Physically, you are in peak condition, miss.”

               "Awesome.“ You rolled over onto your back and let your arms hang off the edge of the sofa, slowly drawing circles on the lab floor with your fingertips. Your head felt like it was being crushed  and, not from lack of trying, you couldn’t shake the pins and needles in your right leg.

Turning your head towards Tony, watching intently as he tampered with the wires inside his latest suit, you said, "Tell me you’re planning on blowing stuff up today? I need a laugh and this is bound to go wrong.”

               "That wasn’t the plan for this morning, actually.“

You could practically hear the machines around the lab sigh in relief. Testing days never seemed to end too well for them - especially for Dum-E who, whilst always prepared for a fire, was rarely ready for any other disaster.

Crumpling your face up as the pins and needles worsened in your leg, you mumbled, "Well, what are you doing this morning? If it’s nothing interesting, I’ll just go find someone else to annoy.”

Tony looked up from the half deconstructed metal arm and rolled his eyes. “How dare you suggest that I’d waste my time on something boring. Get over here and I’ll show you what I’ve been working on; just don’t tell the others or they’ll claim favouritism.”

Curious and honoured that he’d chosen to share a new prototype with you, you crossed the lab - or more accurately limped across, as the blood rushed back into your prickly leg -  and sat on the edge of his work table. “Everyone already knows I’m your favourite.”

               "That’s true,“ he mused, pulling a box from under the desk. It appeared be full of scrap parts but, hidden away at the bottom, were two thin metal bands. Trust your uncle to hide his brand new, experimental equipment in a pile of crap. Actually, you had to concede it was a very good hiding place since no one would go looking there.

               "Have you had any more luck sleeping?” Tony asked, despite the answer being obvious. No one had bags as dark as your if they were getting a reasonable amount of rest. “What about that feeling of something not being right? How’s that?”

               "Getting worse,“ you groaned, forcing a light tone. Whilst you knew it was healthy to share your problems with someone else, there was no way that you’d let Tony see the true extent of your negative intuition.

What you weren’t telling him was that every time you went anywhere near people your adrenaline spiked, pushing you to flee before things got dangerous. It was hard to even be around the Avengers, and these were friends you knew would protect you against anything.

Yesterday, you’d been so on edge that you’d almost accidently killed one of Tony’s assistants. All she’d done was come into the kitchen to deliver a package to you but something in the air had felt off and, without thinking, you threw a chopping knife at her. You’d never been so grateful to miss a target.

Whatever was filling the Tower with this dark energy seemed to be getting stronger. Every day, the darkness seemed to draw nearer. It called out to you like the most powerful of souls, whispering your name. You weren’t sure how much longer you could manage without breaking. If Loki and Tony weren’t around, keeping you rooted in the light…

               "Arm out,” Tony ordered, pulling you out from your internal struggle. Rolling the sleeve of your jumper up, he clipped the thin metal bands around your wrists. Mumbling something about how tiny your arms were, he threw his hands in the air and proudly proclaimed, “Tada!”

               "Um, thank you…?“

Tony gave you a dazzling grin, the kind he usually reserved for the reporters when he forgot what he was supposed to be saying. He suddenly became a lot more serious, though. "Kiddo, I can’t bear to see you suffer. There might not be anything I can do to help but I hope that this makes you feel a little bit safer.”

His smirk returned at your complete and utterly stunned expression. “Don’t you want to know what it does?”

               "Yes!“ you squealed, overcome by excitement. "Show me!”

Jumping to his feet, Tony pulled you to the centre of the testing area. He straightened your body, kicked your legs apart for extra balance, and then practically ran for cover. From the corner of the lab, hiding behind his computer screens, he shouted, “Are you ready? Keep your arms out and don’t move!”

Your heart was thumping so hard that you could feel it in your throat. For the first time in months, though, it didn’t scare you. Adrenaline was flooding your system but instead of preparing to flee you found yourself ready to fight.

The sound of rattling metal filled the lab as two gloves flew your way. They wrapped themselves perfectly around your hands, clicking on to the bracelets on the first go, but the impact sent you flying backwards. A pair of strong arms stopped you from hitting the ground and helped you back onto your feet.

               "Thank you,“ you whispered, glancing up at Loki. As much as you hated the fact the glasses were seemingly draining you of your powers, you would be forever grateful that they let you look into the god’s beautiful eyes. He looked on you in awe, as if he’d never seen anything so stunning in his life.

               "You’re supposed to be protecting her, Stark, not attacking her with your tin cans,” Loki chastised. You could feel the challenge in the god’s voice, but there was a clearly playful tone behind his words.

               "Shut up, reindeer games,“ your uncle retaliated, falling back on old insults.

Before the exchange got any weirder, you turned to Tony to shut him up. "How do I make them work? Do I just…”

You pulled your arm back, imitating an action that you’d seen your uncle perform multiple times, but before you could destroy half the building, Tony ran over to you and held you still. “Not… Not like that, Y/N.”

Two hours later and many, many apologies to Loki for missing the target and hitting him instead, it seemed you’d finally got the hang of the gloves. Your arms ached unbearably but the joy you felt almost completely blocked out that pain. Even so, tiredness was beginning to take its toll.

               "I need to rest,“ you groaned, letting your legs buckle beneath you. Loki caught you - of course, you knew he would - and carried you over to the sofa. Placing a kiss on his lips as a thank you, you turned to Tony and asked, "How do you even move in a full suit? They must weigh a tonne and you can barely make it up a flight of stairs without moaning.”

               "You were never this rude before you started dating Loki,“ Tony scowled. He knelt down on the ground and pushed a few buttons to unclip the gloves from the metal bracelets. "They’ll only work in the building for now but give me a few days to finish tweaking and you’ll be able to call them from anywhere.”

You wanted to tell him that he was the best person in the world, but knew it would only inflate his ego to an immeasurable size if you did. Not that it wasn’t already that size. Instead, you simply settled on a hug. “Thank you so much.”

               "I’ll always be here for you, Y/N,“ he told you for the nth time. "Now go and relax. Have a bath. It’ll help with the aching.” His eyes flickered over to Loki and he added, “Alone.”

Rolling your eyes, you let Loki escort you back up to your room. As you were walking through the hallway, your head began to spin. Resting against the wall, you took a deep breath and prayed that the dark spots clouding your vision would fade away.

               "Y/N?“ Loki’s panicked voice echoed in your ears but you could hardly hear over the pounding inside your skull. "Y/N, it’s alright. You’re going to be fine.”

You were vaguely aware of the hand on your shoulder but it did little to ground you. The darkness was closing in from every angle and the air felt like molten lava sliding into your lungs until it became impossible to breathe.

               "Go and get Mr Stark,“ a man ordered. You vaguely recognised it but you couldn’t focus enough to place it. His words rolled over you like a thick sludge, coating you in a slimy darkness. It felt like you would suffocate under the weight of them.

Unable to think straight, you stumbled along the corridor until your balance failed you completely. You hit the floor, landing awkwardly on your wrists, and your glasses went flying. Flailing your arms around in front of you, you muttered, "God, where are they?”

Bright red streaks filled your vision, tearing at the darkness around you like tiny knives. Slowly, through the cracks, sunlight began to stream in and the world almost snapped back into place. Ignoring the fact that something didn’t seem right, you opened your eyes to the bright afternoon sun and there, a few feet in front of you, you could see your glasses.

As you reached out to grab them, the silhouette of a man appeared. He was the one who had sent Loki away. “You won’t be needing these, anymore.”

               "Move out the way,“ you hissed, dragging yourself along the floor with your nails towards them. You were so close, just another inch or two and everything would return to normal. You’d be safe.

               "I don’t think so.”

A silent scream escaped your lips when the lenses cracked beneath his shoe. The fear that had been threatening to eat you from the inside for months returned. This was it, you realised. The darkness was finally going to take you.

In a last attempt at defiance, you raised your arm up ever so slightly, calling on the gloves from the lab. However, they were too slow. He’d already crouched down beside you, injecting you in the arm with a serum that made your body go completely limp within seconds.

On the very edge of consciousness, you suddenly registered the bright green ribbons of light that you loved so dearly. They danced in the distance with that oh-so-familiar yellow mist. You wanted to reach out to touch them but were too far away.

They’d promised never to leave you. To always be there to face the darkness with you; to drag you kicking and screaming back to the light, where you belonged. With your family. But they couldn’t save you from this.

You were on your own.

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why do you think bio gets a bad rep as a memorization major when i imagine it isn’t so

pre meds

simply put, undergraduate bio programs bear the burden of being the major the pre professional students (pre med/dent/etc) are most often found in. the pre meds almost always vastly outnumber any pre research students so the departments end up teaching to them out of necessity, which means teaching to the MCAT. Teaching to the MCAT often means focusing on a lot of the memorization and trivia that it emphasizes rather than actually teaching method or scientific thinking. 

there are also issues with bio being a field that you can’t simply teach from first principles like physics, and in some cases chem. “bio” is a huge field that ranges from what is essentially chemistry to like, ecology and zoology. at some point you’re gonna have to do some memorization. The same is true of chem, for what it’s worth. 

semi-polite-anti-christ  asked:

My grades have fallen recently, and I was wondering if you have any tips to get them up for the end of the semester?

Hi there lovely! Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that your grades have been lower than you wanted, that sucks :( Here are some things you can do to try and perk them up before the end of the semester rolls around:

  1. Set realistic expectations. Before you do anything else, start by being honest with yourself when it comes to your grades. For example, if your average for a course is currently 65/100 and all that’s left before the end of the semester is a small assignment that makes up 10% of your grade, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get the 90/100 that you were wanting. So set realistic expectations!
  2. Check the outlines for each subject/course you’re taking to see which assignments are still coming up. Whether you’re in high school or at university, checking your course/subject outlines is the best place to start. For example, if there’s an essay deadline coming up, and the grade for it makes up 50% of your overall grade, you’ll want to do well on it! So, going per course/subject, make note of any assignments or homework that’s still due that can bump up your grade.
  3. Mark those assignments that will crank up your grades the most. Grab a highlighter and make sure those assignments that can really crank up your grade for a subject/course are marked. For example, that essay that counts for 50% of your final grade, which might be due in two weeks, is something you should be spending more time on than a small assignment that’s worth only 15% of your final grade!
  4. Plan your time so you use it effectively and efficiently. Now that you’ve set realistic expectations, made a list of all the assignments that are still due, and marked those assignments that are worth the most, it’s time to plan and schedule your time. There are a few different ways you can plan, and it really depends on your preference. For example, you could start by doing all of the smaller assignments that are still due, so you have more time to spend later on the larger assignments. Alternatively, you could start with whatever’s due first, whether that’s small or large, and complete that to the best of your ability before moving onto the next assignment.

I hope that helps - good luck! xxx

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Headcannon patton is the one who sees the affections Roman and Virgil have for eachother those 2 just don't realize it. So he tries to convince them but they keep denying it because while they know they like the other they don't think the other likes them


He’d try so many silly things for them. Like notes or just like, shoving them in the same room. “Go on kiddo!”  

But they just get so nervous and just bicker instead to stop the confessions happening.

Poor dudes.

(Imagine if it ends up being Logan. He asks both of them separately (if they have crushes and on whom), without any knowledge that the other has told Logan. And Then he just announces it.  And they cant deny it because duh, its logan, hes blunt like that. Patton is so impressed and clapping his hands and is all like “ I told you! I knew it!”  And he just wraps the pair in a hug.) 

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#LetFushimiRest Just Fushimi napping on Munakata while Munakata works. Reisaru obv

Maybe this happens some time in between the end of S1 and MK, when Scepter 4 was super slammed with work. Fushimi’s been out constantly on missions, when he’s not in the field he’s back at headquarters writing a million reports and doing a bunch of stuff that isn’t technically his job. Any attempts at helping him are blown off, like the alphabet squad keeps offering and Fushimi just clicks his tongue and tells them to get some sleep, not caring that he’s got these huge obvious bags under his own eyes. Munakata’s been working a lot too and as he’s typing Fushimi always finds his gaze moving towards Munakata’s office, thinking about Munakata saying stupid things like ‘Kings don’t sleep.’ Them Fushimi looks back down and starts typing again, working on twice as many things and if some of those things are reports that Munakata should technically be doing, well, he’s just trying to get things done more efficiently.

Eventually Munakata comes out of his office and expresses surprise as seeing Fushimi there. Fushimi half ignores him, muttering that he’s working and doesn’t have time to chat. Munakata notes that Fushimi’s been in the office very often lately and that he requires rest, Fushimi gives Munakata this twisted smile as he’s like ‘clansmen don’t sleep, Captain.’ Munakata chuckles a little at that and is like nevertheless, your body requires rest or it may break down. Fushimi clicks his tongue and says he has to finish this first. To his surprise, Munakata promptly sits down next to him and takes one of the reports, working on it. Fushimi stares at him and Munakata smiles back at him, noting that in this case if Fushimi will not rest until the work is done than the least Munakata can do is help him. Fushimi stares at him for a moment and then clicks his tongue and looks away, muttering 'do what you want’ even as his face feels a little hot. As he types his eyelids keep drooping, he’s exhausted but determined to stay awake. He can hear Munakata typing beside him, this steady clack of fingers on keys and there’s something lulling about it. Fushimi eyes droop closed again and soon he’s fast asleep, half-falling over to slump against Munakata. Munakata notices and shifts Fushimi a little so that Fushimi’s resting comfortably with his head on Munakata’s shoulder. Munakata tsks quietly like what will I do with you Fushimi-kun, continuing his typing and sopping every now and again to smooth Fushimi’s bangs or run his fingers through Fushimi’s hair as Fushimi sleeps peacefully against him.

semi-polite-anti-christ  asked:

My grades have fallen recently, and I was wondering if you have any tips to get them up for the end of the semester?

I think the best way to raise your grades is to study, study and study. There might be a problem with your studying method if your grades are falling. I suggest that you test different methods, like watching youtube videos, making flashcards, drawing pictures and charts about your topic, instead of just reading and making notes. 

I also personally think that the best way to learn something completely is to teach it to someone else. This works for me very well, so I suggest that you give it a go. If you’re feeling unmotivated to study, write down a list of things that make studying worth it. Think about how good you would feel when you get better grades, think about how you could get into any school you want if your grades are good enough. 

I hope this helps. <3


Update, and an announcement...

Alright, folks, this is gonna be a big’un, so strap in.

First off, the update, because it’s much lighter and positive! I’m happy to say that soon I’ll be ready to open up prompts again! I have about four fics left from the last batch, but if all goes well, I should be able to get ahead enough that I feel up to taking some new fic requests for the next batch! I’ll probably open my inbox again on Friday or Saturday, so if you want something written, get your ideas ready for the end of the week and you’ll be able to send them my way! And since by the time I start writing and posting those fics, it’ll be December, and this batch will likely take me into January, I’ll be down for any Christmas/New Years themed ideas that you may have!

Now, onto the less fun news. Basically…this next time I open up prompts will be the last time I take requests for a while.

There’s a ton of reasons why I’ve decided to take a little break from taking prompts, but I’ll try to explain the main two without rambling too much. The first is that I’ve been doing this for a while now - this blog is over a year old and I’ve been posting 2-3 fics a week as part of my schedule for about that long too. That’s…a long time and a lot of fics. And it’s been a ton of fun - really, I can’t describe how much running this blog and writing fics for all of you has enriched my life. But it is starting to weigh on me a bit. Having to always have fics ready to post every week can be a lot of work, especially when I’m not feeling 100% and sometimes it’s been stressful to keep up. Hell, I barely have time to read other people’s fics as much as I used to! I feel like I ought to take a little break, just to recharge my batteries and make sure I don’t burn myself out.

The second reason is more personal. I don’t go into a lot of detail about my personal life on here, but to be vague about it - there’s some adult-ing that I’ve needed to do for a long time now and I can’t allow myself to ignore it anymore. As much as I genuinely love writing fics, I think I’ve been using prompts as an excuse/distraction to keep me from focusing on important IRL stuff. And I can’t afford to keep doing that. So, I think a break is in order to get to me to concentrate on Really Real Life.

I want to make one thing clear though - I am NOT abandoning this blog. Not by a long shot! While I won’t be taking requests after this next week, I will still likely be writing some original fics and putting them up here. Additionally, since I love getting ideas from you guys, I might try and do more shorter/tsfs or ask memes that allow me to take smaller requests from you all! I don’t want to stop writing completely and that might be a good way for me to keep active and not neglect you lovely followers out there! And I’m sure I’ll still find the time to post random rambles about my various faves (COUGH COUGH Dan the DM COUGH COUGH). You have been warned…

So yeah. TLDR - I’m opening up prompts later this week, but it’ll be the last time I do that for a while. I can’t say how long it’ll be before I do decide to take prompts from you guys again, but I guarantee you that I will be back to taking requests at some point. I cannot overstate how much I enjoy getting to hear from folks and write them the fics they wanna read. It is so much fun and it’s helped me get through some tough times in the past year or so. I am incredibly thankful to all of you out there who follow this blog and read my fics, and I wanna reassure you again that this is not the end and that I’m still gonna be around and doing my best to improve as a writer and enterain you folks!

OK, OK, that’s enough giant blocks of text. I’ll update y’all again soon - if you have any questions, shoot them my way and I’ll answer. In the mean time, get your ideas ready for Friday/Saturday if you want a fic written and, more importantly, make sure you have a wonderful day!

i’ve been really productive the past few months, which is actually quite rare for me bc i’m a slave to procrastination i get burnt out v easily. this time was a little different, i managed to keep my productivity levels really high for a whole 2 months all the way until exams ended, studying every single day without fail, around 10 hours a day, when i used to only do an average of 3 or 4. so here’s what worked for me and what didn’t!

what works: schedule your day

what happens when ur a virgo studyblr? u plan. i would write out everything i needed to accomplish for the day, the night before, and be really specific about it. i would then plug in the timings, this works for me, but u can choose to put the time in first and plan what u want to do around the time. 

a structured time plan pressures me and i end up getting everything done, especially when i set an alarm on my phone for all the timings!

what does not: cramming a lot of hours into a day

12+ hour work days are ideal, especially when u watch all the ‘study with me: 14 hour work day!’ youtube videos, but they are just tedious and unreasonable. 

let’s face it, even if u do complete one or two long study days, ur just gonna get bored and tired and have no mood to continuing this for a week or more. slow and steady wins the race!

what works: tweaking the pomodoro technique

i hate the pomodoro method. at the 25 minute mark, i’m normally on a roll and super focused on the task; and the 5 minute breaks were too short for me to actually take a break. 

that’s why i tweaked it to 45-minute study sessions with 10-minute breaks, and after 3 study sessions, a 30-minute break. longer study sessions meant i get a break when i really start to get restless, and longer breaks gave me more time to recharge. i suggest tweaking this to match what works for you.

what does not work; doing too many / too little subjects a day

1. u don’t want to cram all the same topics and subjects into one day. ultimately, it’s a choice of spending 8 hours solely on a subject / topic and not touching it for the next few days / weeks, OR doing just 2 or 3 hours of one subject / topic each day over a few days / week

2. just thinking about doing only one subject for a whole day already tires me out. i have tried it, but normally i get so sick and tired of it that after a few hours, i can’t bring myself to focus on it any longer. on the contrary, if i keep switching between subjects, i get super confused because i have to remember too much of very different info. 

what works: leaving the last portion of your day ambiguous 

i like to start and end my days early. but in the process, i found a benefit of ending them early: i end up w a chunk of time at the end where there are two scenarios:

  1. i’m super motivated and want to continue studying
  2. i’m rly tired and cannot bring myself to continue bc i need a break !1!!

surprisingly, option 1 does happen a lot. and i think this is a rly good work-life balance. u don’t get burnt out easily, but from time to time, u get a bonus extra few hours of work done! 

what does not work: forgoing sleep

sleep is so important omg. 3 hours of studying while sleepy = 1 hour of studying when ur refreshed and ur brain’s working. a tired mind is a slow mind, and an awake mind is a fast mind!

do not worry about that rly hard chapter that u must understand and complete! ur mind continue to works even when ur sleeping, i assume bc it’s rewiring and sorting through new information. after waking up, i find myself being able to better remember and understand information that i struggled on the night before!

what works: finding out ur energy levels and use it to ur advantage

some people work best at 6am and can’t focus after 9pm, some people can’t focus before 11am and work best at midnight. take note of and chart ur energy levels throughout the day for about a week or so, are u particularly refreshed in the morning? do u feel urself always dozing off at 4? are u the most productive at night? 

work ur body clock out and work around it! every body functions differently! like in the last point, 3 hours of studying at ur worst energy levels = 1 hour of studying at ur peak energy level! forcing urself to work when ur body refuses to do so will only lead to procrastination. 

i sincerely hope these few tips can help u out w being productive! what are some of the things u do to get shit done? 

anonymous asked:

I would've liked Riposte more if it weren't for the fact that Marinette now caused THREE AKUMAS IN A ROW. Seriously, if she keeps this up, she may as well become the new Chloe.

Okay I’m going to stop you right there Anon. I understand what you’re trying to get at, but I just don’t agree with it at all. Not with Marinette being the cause for Riposte, or any of the akumas we’ve had thus far. In some way, I can see how you came to that conclusion, but I honestly feel like you and a lot of other fans who have made claims like yours, are too eager to persecute Marinette, too much to the point of actually deeming her the “new Chloe,” when there’s a world of difference between them.

To clarify, these are the reasons why Nadja, Gina, and Kagami became akumatized:

Why Nadja became Prime Queen

Nadja had an agenda that she did not relay to Ladybug or Chat. She was primarily concerned with getting ratings and she continued to push Ladybug to admit that she had a relationship with Chat Noir, even when she repeatedly denied it and appeared very uncomfortable with it.

Ladybug saw through Nadja’s intentions and that she would not stop until she forced her to give her the answer she wanted. And primarily she came to the interview and left it because she was wholly and completely focused on her responsibility as a hero and only wanted to reassure Paris that she and Chat will continue to keep them safe.

And what’s more, was she supposed to give into pressure and lie about having a relationship with Chat Noir???

Why Gina became Befana

She was disconnected from the fact that her granddaughter is not a young child anymore, but a teenager with a life and friends of her own. At the end of the episode, she’s come to accept that Marinette had grown up.

Even when Marinette asked her if it was okay to leave for the party, Gina encourages her TWICE that she should go.

And is it really that wrong for a girl who JUST turned 14 years-old to want to go her own surprise party that her friends worked hard to plan for???

Why Kagami became Riposte

She lost to Adrien. That’s it. That’s why.

Maybe Marinette made the wrong call, but it was literally her very first day in a sport that she barely knows and in spite of that she was still put on the spot to make the final judgement. She admits upfront that she’s not sure, but she thinks that Adrien won, but D’Argencourt accepted her answer without question, only happy that his student won over the “insolent” girl. Even when Adrien tried to clarify Marinette’s answer and it’s very clear that she’s uncertain when she talked to him, D’Argencourt remains firm that her call was final.

source for translations on the scene of Marinette making the call

And in any case that still doesn’t make her responsible for Kagami’s reaction to losing. While it’s understandable why she took it hard (she felt that she let down her family) that’s an issue that’s completely separate from Marinette.

Plus towards the very end, none of the characters really learn who truly won. Adrien might’ve thought that Kagami got the point, but neither of them really know for sure. And ultimately let’s say that Marinette was correct all along, Adrien did win.

We would end up with the same results of Kagami getting akumatized, so would you STILL honestly pin the blame on her then???? And if you do, doesn’t that make Adrien just as responsible if not more than Marinette for akumatizing Kagami with him beating her???

Conclusion: all of the reasons for these characters’ akumatizations were due to their own pre-existing issues that they already had before Marinette came onto the scene.

  • Nadja was under the threat of having her show cancelled.
  • Gina hadn’t been involved for most of Marinette’s life and she was lamenting over it.
  • Kagami has a hard time accepting losing because there’s pressure in her family to always win.

TL;DR Marinette did nothing wrong in any of these episodes.

I can’t stop thinking about the parallels between obscurials and lgbtq kids. When they explained the concept I immediately thought “Okay, so like being closeted.” And then we see Grindelwald and Credence interacting. My first thought was “That dude is taking advantage of the sad gay child, what am I watching right now? Oh dear god now he’s sexually grooming him what is this movie rated??” 

I know I’m not the only one who sees this. Credence growing up in a Church, forced to hide who he really is. Struggling everyday in a society that cannot accept his magic (i.e. homosexuality). Surprise, yer a Gay Wizard Credence!!!

I feel like there will be a huge focus on relating love to magic and vice versa. I can’t get it out of my head that Credence will be really worried about his magic/sexuality and Dumbledore will talk to him about it because he knows exactly what’s going on. He’s attuned to outsiders, people who don’t quite fit in. He’ll explain how love is the greatest magic and if you’re afraid to love yourself and/or others, it will hinder your magic. And he’s gay himself. So there’s that. I’m sure he will also be sympathetic to Credence because of what happened to Ariana. It makes sense he would want to protect Credence. 

Please let there be a nuanced portrayal of casual queer wizards and witches but also two prominent characters (Dumbledore and Credence) who will have a frank discussion that is not coded in any way. Let the subtext become text!

*whispers* obsqueerus 

My least favorite ADHD trait is the quick to rage. I genuinely love everything else as crazy as it gets because it keeps life interesting and fun and I’d rather look at the good sides rather than bad. But the intense anger that happens and the fucking mountain you have to climb to calm down is definitely my absolute least favorite part of it all. 

ladybug and chat noir: representation matters
  • It starts with a stupid photographer who is desperate for the latest scoop. He doesn’t care what happens or who he hurts, he just needs a juicy bit of news to sell to the highest buyer. In the end, the idea practically drops in his lap: expose Ladybug and Chat Noir.
  • He knows Paris’s famed duo are like celebrities, and everyone is scrambling to figure who they are or more about them. Since no one knows anything about the heroes, it’s not like he’ll need to collaborate his story. So he picks up a camera and goes to work.
  • He follows Ladybug and Chat Noir around for months. Stalking them from rooftops, once he even scales the Eiffel Tower, and hides behind buildings to get a right shot. It’s weeks before his patience finally pays off. One time he catches sight of Ladybug jumping off the balcony of a bakery in the heart of the city, and snaps a shot of Chat Noir sitting on the window sill of Adrien Agreste’s bedroom.
  • When the story hits the papers, it’s official. Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating civilians. Ladybug is dating Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and Chat Noir is dating Adrien Agreste. Chaos ensues.
  • Flustered and panicked, Marinette and Adrien are freaking out. Even though they already know each other’s secret identities, it’s not like they can set the record straight without revealing them to others. So they’re forced to go along with it.
  • Classmates won’t stop asking questions, parents are shocked, and the media won’t stop camping out on their street corners. The whole thing really blows on the secret identity front too as they can’t sneak out of their houses like they normally do. Adrien and Marinette spend days dodging paparazzi and try to figure out how they can fix this.
  • Marinette designs a plan to break up have their superhero selves break up with their civilian selves. It involves lots of arguments, tears, and maybe a smoke screen or two. Ready to initiate Operation: Break-Up, Marinette and Adrien are stopped when they realized just what the fictional relationship has done.
  • With Ladybug dating Marinette, and Chat Noir dating Adrien, they have become the epitome of gay representation in the media and everything else that matters. Knowing that the same superheroes that protect them and their city support them and find their sexuality valid, girls and boys have role models to look up to. Marinette and Adrien have a dilemma: if they saying anything about it or correct the misassumptions, so many people will be disappointed.
  • They decide to roll with it. If their superhero selves dating their civilian selves helps so many people, who are they to stop it?
  • Their parents are startled by the news but go along with it anyway. Sabine and Tom keep telling Marinette to invite her girlfriend, Ladybug, over for dinner. Adrien has to deal with a two-hour sex talk with Gabriel complete with diagrams.
  • Girls love girls, and boys love boys. Everyone’s in high spirits. The media and general public want to hear and see so much more about Marinette and Ladybug’s relationship and Adrien and Chat Noir’s relationship. So Adrien helps Marinette photoshop Ladybug into date pictures, and Marinette runs Adrien’s fake Instagram account where she gushes about Chat Noir daily.
  • Thousands of blogs are popping up, and the amount of MariBug and Adrinoir shippers skyrockets. Marinette and Adrien just laugh about it.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are welcomed into the LGBT+ community with open arms and embrace it. Their presence is helping a lot of people, so why not reach out more? They become involved in outreach, sign petitions, and speak at LGBT+ organizations and events. Chat Noir is even seen marching in the Pride Parade through the Paris streets while Ladybug zips overhead with her yo-yo and a rainbow flag tied around her neck as a cape.
  • Everyone’s happy, their heroes are in love, and things couldn’t be more perfect.
  • Except then Hawkmoth gets an idea that he needs to simply get his hands on Adrien and Marinette in order to beat Ladybug and Chat Noir. This complicates things. Suddenly transforming to fight the akumas is increasingly more difficult since the akuma is always after them. Eventually, things reach a point where Marientte and Adrien really do need to interrupt their fictional relationships.
  • They end up breaking up anyway. Ladybug and Chat Noir mumble something about “keeping their loved ones safe from harm”, and the media and public buys it. No one wants anyone to get hurt, and they certainly don’t want these kids to have to deal with any more shit than they already do.
  • Marinette and Adrien pretend to be upset and inconsolable. Sabine and Tom are very concerned and treat Marinette to chocolate and cuddles because it’s their baby girl’s first heartbreak; she pretends to cry and feels sort of bad about it. Gabriel Agreste hugs his son for the first time in a long while; Adrien is suitably terrified.
  • For the next few weeks, the akumas are all suddenly gunning for Chat Noir especially. Ladybug and Chat Noir can’t figure out why.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are still involved in the LGBT+ community. Just because their relationships aren’t at the front of the public eye anymore, they’re still role models for many people who need them, and who are they to argue? This stuff matters. 
  • Besides they were both hella bi to begin with, so honestly it’s nothing new.

Why does everyone forget that Steve Rogers can draw?


Why is this fact so neglected like think about the possibilities??

  • Natasha peeking over his shoulder and then begging for days on end to see his sketchbook after he gets embarrassed and slams it shut
  • Nostalgic drawings of that carnival booth that Bucky spent a bunch of money on to attempt impressing a girl
  • Also drawings of the first time he saw Bucky in uniform, all happy and proud
  • He has definitely gotten angry/annoyed with people and drawn out his frustrations via making them silly animals or giving them caricature-like features
  • Typically he throws them out after he cools down
  • Doodles of places he finds peaceful, like Clint’s farm or the woods surrounding the compound
  • This is the same little book that holds lists and lists of things people tell him to try, so he carries it with him everywhere
  • He goes through a phase where he can’t stop drawing the infinity stones he has seen thus far, and the objects that held them, in hopes that it’d give him some sort of epiphany
  • Tony mentioning being stumped on designs for his new suit, and by the time he’s done talking, Steve is already handing him a rough sketch with some ideas
  • He has definitely drawn each Avenger at least once
  • And Coulson 
  • He has also drawn some of his favorite memories of everyone together. The shawarma restaurant. The time they sat around, laughing as everyone tried to lift Thor’s hammer. Tony proudly handing each of them their new uniforms
  • Sometimes he likes to go to restaurants or parks on his own and just doodle his surroundings
  • Eventually everyone manages to get a peek at his book, but Wanda is the only one to ask why he never includes himself in his drawings of the group
  • Everyone gets emotional af over the way he draws them, because he either perfectly captures the way they feel on the inside (and think they do a good job of hiding) or he interprets them in a positive light, which is oftentimes the exact opposite of how they see themselves
  • Except Thor because one of Thor’s god-powers is self confidence, but even so, he still gets super lit at his drawing
  • Vision is especially shook since he’s still trying to figure out what he is, and this gives him a bit more clarity
  • Naturally they all ask to keep their respective sketches and Steve has a small guilt crisis because he always uses both sides of the page and doesn’t want to lose any notes he’s taken/not everyone could get the their original drawing
  • Tony comes to the rescue and makes high quality copies which all end up being hung in their rooms or being carried with them wherever they go


‘  i never gave up on you.  ’
‘  i called you every night.  ’
‘  what the hell is this? where have you been?  ’
‘  let’s talk. alone.  ’
‘  so i should be thanking you then?  ’
‘  no, nothing about this is okay! nothing about this is okay!  ’
‘  you stupid, disgusting, lying piece of shit!  ’
‘  oh, you like these pearls?  ’
‘  you’re a real lifesaver, you know that?  ’
‘  how is this important right now?  ’
‘  it’s not important. i’m sorry.  ’
‘  you should go with him.  ’
‘  no one’s leaving anyone.  ’
‘  i may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out i’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter.  ’
‘  turns out i’m a pretty damn good babysitter.  ’
‘  just be careful, alright?  ’
‘  i can’t lose you again.  ’
‘  you won’t lose me.  ’
‘  you promise?  ’
‘  promise.  ’
‘  so what, we’re just not gonna talk about it, huh?  ’
‘  i’m just curious, you know, why all the sudden you look like some kind of mtv punk.  ’
‘  i’m not mad, i just wanna know where you’ve been. that’s all.  ’
‘  i… i shouldn’t have left.  ’
‘  no, this isn’t on you. i should’ve been there.  ’
‘  sometimes i feel like i’m just some kind of black hole or something.  ’
‘  the blackhole got her. and somehow, i’ve just been scared, you know? i’ve just been scared that it’d take you too.  ’
‘  i’m so sorry. for everything.  ’
‘  i can be so… so… stupid. just really stupid.  ’
‘  i don’t hate it, by the way.  ’
‘  bitchin’.  ’
‘  okay… sure. bitchin’.  ’
‘  is this really necessary?  ’
‘  this is a ground-breaking scientific discovery. we can’t just bury it like some common mammal, okay? it’s not a dog.  ’
‘  okay, first of all, this is not some stupid sports game. and second, we’re not even in the game. we’re on the bench.   ’
‘  right– so my point is… right, yeah.  ’
‘  we’re on the bench so, uh, there’s nothing we can do.  ’
‘  yeah, and then we all die!  ’
‘  no, that’s not a point of view, man. that’s a fact.  ’
‘  oh yeah? that’s a no.  ’
‘  hey! hey! hey! this is not happening.  ’
‘  no, no, no, no, no. no buts.  ’
‘  i promised i’d keep you shitheads safe and that’s exactly what i plan on doing.  ’
‘  we’re staying here. on the bench. and we’re waiting for the starting team to do their job.  ’
‘  i said does everybody understand that? i need a yes.  ’
‘  he can’t know i’m here. he’ll kill me. he’ll kill us.  ’
‘  am i dreaming or is that you?  ’
‘  yeah, it’s me. don’t cream your pants.  ’
‘  what are you doing here, amigo?  ’
‘  doesn’t ring a bell. sorry, buddy.  ’
‘  you know, i don’t know, this whole situation here is giving me the heebie-jeebies.  ’
‘  man, were you dropped too much as a child or what?  ’
‘  i don’t know what you don’t understand about what i just said.  ’
‘  looks like you got some fire in you after all!  ’
‘  yes, kick his ass! murder that son of a bitch!  ’
‘  you little shit, what did you do?  ’
‘  are you sure this is a good idea?  ’
‘  let’s kill this son of a bitch.  ’
‘  it’s okay, you put up a good fight. he kicked your ass, but you put up a good fight.  ’
‘  they were gonna leave you behind, but i promised you’d be cool, okay?  ’
‘  everybody shut up! i’m trying to focus!  ’
‘  what’s happening? it hurts!  ’
‘  let me go!  ’
‘  oh, no… you guys.   ’
‘  hey, where do you think you’re going.  ’
‘  what are you, deaf? hello!  ’
‘  we are not going down there right now, i made myself clear!  ’
‘  this ends right now!  ’
‘  you’re upset, i get it.  ’
‘  the bottom line is, a party member requires assistance and it is our duty to provide that assistance.  ’
‘  i know you promised them that you’d keep us safe, so keep us safe.  ’
‘  whoa, whoa, whoa. hey, hey, hey, hey! i don’t think so.  ’
‘  any of you shits die down here, i’m getting the blame.  ’
‘  got it, dipshit?  ’
‘  from here on out, i’m leading the way.  ’
‘  those suckers got you pretty good, huh?  ’
‘  it’s not working. it’s not working! are you listening to me?  ’
‘  you’re killing him!  ’
‘  you remember me?  ’
‘  that was a pretty douchey thing to do.  ’
‘  you did good. you did so good.  ’
‘  sometimes i impress even myself.  ’
‘  what’s so important about one night?  ’
‘  do you always have to be filming everything?  ’
‘  you look so handsome!  ’
‘  we should, you know, get out there… like, do our thing.  ’
‘  yeah, i love it, but not as much as i love you.  ’
‘  get out of my room!  ’
‘  see? pretty.  ’
‘  you don’t care.  ’
‘  i don’t care.  ’
‘  there you go. you’re learning, my friend.  ’
‘  hey, come on. you look great, okay? you look great!  ’
‘  you’re gonna go in there, look like a million bucks, and you’re gonna slay ‘em dead.  ’
‘  yeah, uh… don’t do that, okay?  ’
‘  holy shit! what happened to you?  ’
‘  are you trying to ask me to dance, stalker?  ’
‘  wanna dance?  ’
‘  you’re my favorite.  ’
‘  you’ve always been my favorite.  ’
‘  girls this age are dumb.  ’
‘  how are you holding up?  ’
‘  yeah, that feeling never goes away.  ’
‘  it is true what they say, you know. every day it does get a little easier.  ’