endearing idiots

do you ever think about how robert and aaron literally wiped the floor with everyone at a couples quiz because they can basically read each other’s brains but emotionally they’re still the worst communicators I’ve ever flipping seen with my own two eyeballs

like why are they like this but also i love them??????


raúl esparza via comic con (2014).

morgaana  asked:

ok but a merthur chopped au where merlin is the contestant and arthur is the celeb judge who can't figure out how merlin keeps making delicious food out of the exceedingly strange ingredients (hint: it's magic, shenanigans ensue)

I love this. 

all of the other contestants will appear calmer, more collected, and actually speak as if they know what they are talking about. merlin, on the other hand, buzzes around the pantry like a man possessed, and at the two minute warning, still appears as though he has no idea what he is doing.

the other two judges are immediately endeared by the idiot’s fluttering eyelashes and blinding, goofy smiles. but arthur won’t be won over so easily. this is a cooking competition, not a popularity contest. yet irritatingly, every single dish is outstanding. how on earth does he do it!?

arthur watches merlin like a hawk during the desert round. the contestant he is up against has her shit together and a batch of cookies already in the oven. merlin, predictably, is still floating around in the pantry, and hasn’t even touched any of the required ingredients yet. 

with less than ten minutes to go, merlin has managed to successfully butcher the mangoes from his basket, has left his puff pastry baking in the oven for so long it’s a wonder it’s anything other than charcoal at this stage, and is staring thoughtfully at a cooling mug of coffee. this was going to be a disaster. 

arthur watched as merlin began frantically whipping a bowl of cream, seemingly in a distressed panic. the butchered mango “slices” were thrown carelessly into a frying pan with far too much rose water, and he still hadn’t removed the puff pastry from the oven. the other judges were whipped up into a frenzy right along with him, but arthur relaxed into his seat, a sly smile creeping across his face as he enjoyed the spectacle a flustered merlin made. 

all too soon (for merlin), the two minute warning was announced, and miss cool-and-collected began plating her delicious-smelling creation. merlin reached for his tray of disintegrated ash from the oven, and pulled out a perfectly cooked tray of golden puff pastry. arthur’s jaw dropped. there was no way-

in a blur of hands and pirouettes and sinful finger-licking, merlin brought together his plate of food, the tower forming before their very eyes as if by magic.

it was near-impossible to believe that the plate sitting in front of arthur now was created by the wild-haired maniac standing two feet away, in nothing less than 10 minutes of chaotic luck. and it had to be luck. arthur didn’t understand how he’d done it, but done it again he had. merlin’s magic fingers had whipped together the most delightfully sinful dessert arthur could remember eating in a very long time. crisp puff pastry that melted in the mouth, smooth coffee-flavoured cream, sweet rose-water pan-seared mango, crunchy graham crackers (and where the hell had they even come from!?) all lovingly topped with dark chocolate arthur hadn’t even seen him melt. 

merlin’s kitchen station looked as though a tornado had whipped through it. arthur didn’t even know where all the flour had possibly come from!? horrendously messy, uncoordinated, maniacal whirlwind of a man he may be, but he was also a damn magician. arthur was willing to accept the existence of magic if it meant eating more of this man’s food. (he drew the line at cleaning up after him though).