I never thought our generation would see a WWIII. War is big business & America is headed in a barbaric direction. It’s the calm before the storm and everything that #ronpaul has said is coming true… From the endless war, inflation, drones, civil liberties, debt, oil, etc… With inflation all around us our dollar is beginning to be more and more powerless and the The United States Federal Reserve (The central back in which all our tax dollars go into) is keeping it a HUGE secret. Big government & crony capitalism is taking over and America is in tyranny. It’s time you take the time to read the news, research #NDAA #Patriotact #SOPA #NSA #NWO & what it means to be a peaceful nation. End the nation building, the notion that in order to help a country we must invade it and spread democracy. Ask yourself where your tax dollars are going? People don’t hate us because we’re free, they hate us because we’re arrogant and ignorant to the world outside of the US. Is the Holocaust really going to happen again? Are we really that small minded that we can’t see everything falling apart before our eyes? Is it really possible were going to head into yet another war with roaring applause? People by the masses all around the world are protesting and revolting against their governments, why aren’t we? #endthefed #endthewar #libertarian #freedom #peace #syria #middleeast #knowlegeispower #endcronycapitalism #war #obama #ronpaul #liberty #tyranny #SOS

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