Dragon Age Origins Fictional End Credits Sequence

This is gorgeous. 

The right sequence of the Zeki history (UPDATED!)

Our “dear” Hino sensei mixed events of her story in the extra chapters of Vampire Knight.

The real sequence of events should be like this:

Zero asks Yuuki to stay with him, but she is torturing herself for the guilt against her brother.

…then Yuuki learns she is pregnant

…so, Zero feeds her and Ai which is in her womb…then…Ai was born.

Zero and Yuki continue their relationship as lovers and Zero helps Yuuki to grow Ai which recognizes him as her father.

Ai grows and Yuuki and Zero still being lovers secretly.

Time passes. Yori dies, but Yuuki and Zero continue being very close.

Even if they are a family already, Zero incites Yuuki to live her life, in the way she wants because he knows that she loves him.


…so…they decided to make things official, to start being together properly. 

They have a long and happy life together. They have a son.

 Then … Zero passes away and Yuuki says he gave her a lot of happiness …


At last… shortly after Zero’s death, Yuuki goes and dies.


Now that the story is really over, I decided to update this post. I hope you like it :)

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Seriously? People are flipping shit because steve doesn’t “run to bucky”? Umm what? This makes NO fucking sense to me for several reasons.

-For one thing, we’re obviously coming into the middle of something, we have no idea how anyone got there or the events leading up to it. We’ve got no idea if steve has already tried doing something himself( likely, given the grease on his face/clothes and that his comment is to call someone else. Since when has steve rogers ever called anyone to do a job before he did it himself honestly?) 

-If you were paying attention to Sam( which it seems like no one complaining was. Big Fucking Surprise.), he walks into that room with a plan of action. He’s thought about this. He knows they can’t call Stark and why. He is the voice of reason. Contextually, this tells the audience he’s had time to think about this, weigh the options. Sam is taking the helm on this one which, when you consider his behavior towards finding Bucky in WS and AOU, is telling in and of itself. Sam has always been following Steve’s lead on this, even when Steve was off doing avengers stuff, but now he’s the one telling Steve, in no uncertain terms, what does and does not need to happen here. It seems like, what we are seeing, is Sam making the calls Steve is not equipped to make in that moment and they both know it. That fact that is doesn’t cross Steve’s mind that Stark might not be the safest option for Bucky tells where his head is at. He wants his friend out of there, what happens after has come up in his brain yet. Sam is the one thinking three moves ahead here. Sam is the one actively dealing with the situation( but given how often some sections of this fandom consider sam at all, I am not surprised. Still a salty sam fan, in case you were wondering)

-We have no context for where Bucky is at, he looks sad and terrified in that moment, but we have seen in Winter soldier, just how fast he lashes out when he feels cornered, by Steve in particular. This is a person who has been programmed, painfully and violently, and he is trying to deal with that programming. He’s in a stressful and frightening situation, chances are the first thing he isn’t going to want is a bear hug. He’s not a teddy bear, a brainwashed ex assassin they used to strap to a chair and wipe his brain. He’s been shown, over and over again, to be dangerous. And honestly, there is something very basic in the human brain to lash out when we feel trapped and afraid. Imagine that instinct in someone literally designed to be a killer. Yeah, cuddles don’t seem like the best first option. 

-Okay so benefit of the doubt here, maybe these people have never been in this situation, but honestly, if someone is in a stressful situation and feels trapped, either physically or mentally, there is a real chance that touching them, hugging them, is going to add to that stress. Now think about that in terms or what we know about Bucky’s programming, being trapped in cryo, being trapped into a chair. Hugging it out when his arm is stuck already, probably not the best choice for anyone involved. And from experience, and as someone who does just want to hold people when they are hurting, sometimes not touching someone is the most difficult thing in the world for an observer but you make yourself not do it because even though it’s comforting to you, it’s not for the person suffering. 

-Honestly, I can’t even really see how Steve how was read as aloof or uncaring. What I saw was a man who is fucking exhausted. It’s hard to see a person you care about in pain and not be able to do anything to help them. And in the MCU canon we have seen Steve deal with that over and over and over again. That’s not the face of someone being a “shitlord”, that’s the face of someone who doesn’t have anything else, emotionally, to give anymore. Bucky is looking at him, appears to be pleading with him, and he can’t do shit about it. Like, if you have watched ANY of the marvel movies up to this point, Evans has always played Steve this way, that you can tell whats going on with him more in his face and posture than the things that come out of his mouth. Steve looks resigned, he looks defeated. That’s not the same thing as not caring. 

And like, honestly, I am sorry the reunion didn’t go the way fanfiction said it would but this scene was flawlessly in character for everyone involved, when you consider what they have been through up to this point. I am sorry this wasn’t a glorious moment for your ship, but calling Steve a shit lord and uncaring totally misses the point of the character that Evans has created up to this point and completely ignoring the context of what we’re seeing. Bucky Barnes is not a lost puppy or an infant. Jeez. 





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