Dragon Age Origins Fictional End Credits Sequence

This is gorgeous. 

wait wait wait…hold up okay look at this pic right here

Look st what gamagori is wearing. A nice white suit. His hair did. Flowers. and mako about to come up around the corner. 


ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh dam look at him all nervouse

and the other guys there to help him out.

love this ending. 

D.Gray-Man Hallow [Sinner In Despair]
Even if this would is dark and it's hard to breathe keep on walking with me . EGOIST Project Sinner In Despair Idea & scenario Misaki Sai & Hibari Rin Cast A...

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Sinner In Despair 

Idea & scenario Misaki Sai & Hibari Rin

Allen Walker Misaki Sai
Kanda Yu Hibari Rin
Alma Karma Misaki Sai
Timcanpy Timcanpy

Misaki Sai
Hibari Rin

Edited by Misaki Sai
Assistant Takedamonstar & Makusha

Music Ruelle Deep End
Credits Music

Everything You’ve Come To Expect

An era came to an end the night of the 26th of August, 2016 and the early morning hours of the 27th. However, this is not just the time to mourn, but to look back in retrospect and recall the best parts of that era. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  1. The Beginning Of A New Era:

Now we’re going back, about 9 months ago, when it all officially started. You know what I’m talking about: the TLSP2 video, which came out on the 3rd of December, 2015. That’s when we knew something good was coming.

Without being quite able to wrap our heads around what had happened, about a month later (on the 10th of January, 2016) the first new single was released, it was the all time favourite ‘‘Bad Habits’‘.

Exactly three months later, on the 10th of March, 2016, the single ‘‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’‘ was out. It’s video confused us, not only with it’s nine different versions, but also with the story behind it. A woman, most likely a bride, was dancing on a coast around Alex and Miles, who were buried in the sand at the time of the tide. That said, only six days later (on the 16th of March,2016), the third single, -the all too familiar and reminder of the first album- ‘’Aviation’’, was out. The video that accompanies the song, is a prequel to the ‘‘EYCTE’‘ one and elaborates the story further.

The last, but not least single to be released was ‘‘Miracle Aligner’‘. This time, the pattern was broken, as the song was introduced during an interview for Beats1 (on the 28th of March, 2016) and didn’t come with a video. Nevertheless, two months later, the video came out, on the 17th of May, 2016. Shot in ‘‘Cafe Royal’‘ in London, the video shows a very tanned Alex Turner, showing off his ”dance moves” along with Miles Kane.

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are you the vore man slorp slorp

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Imagine: Watching Disney movies with Dean.

“What’s wrong with that aladdin kid, everyone knows you can’t trust a genie.”: Dean’s voice sounded genuin concerned. “Honey it’s just a movie for kids.” : you looked amused at your boyfriend, his eyes not leaving the screen.

Dean was quiet al trough the rest of the movie and only when the endcredits appeared he spoke again:” well i don’t need a flying rugg or a monkey to get an incredibly beautiful girl.” His eyes locked with yours and you couldn’t hold back a smile. “But i still don’t trust that genie!”


  • makes really squeaky likes noises whenever he is startled
  • “Wow, how do they make this? Silicon? Rubber?” 
  • “Omo omo omo!! It moves!!!!”
  • then grabs your arm before running to the exit once the ghost moves & chases the both of you

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  • you will be clinging onto him just like how jun did
  • “Omo, th-that scared me…ha ha ha”
  • whenever you scream he will pull you closer but you know how tense he is as well but tries to keep calm cuz he needs to protect ya guuurl
  • “Lets find the exit…” /heavy breathing

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  • “Don’t worry, just hold onto me wait- Did you hear that?” 
  • squeezes your hand whenever he is startled
  • “OH MAI GAWD MWOYAAA!” /screams 
  • Very touchy throughout the whole experience & looks like he survived a zombie apocalypse at the end

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