From Thursday and Saturday!

First three bosses of Bastion of the Penitent down with the SLAM crew (including @the-salad who must now suffer and die with us repeatedly while we figure out what the hell is going on, and a thanks to @salvationpasses for coming along with us last minute for Saturday shenanigans).  

It was super fun learning new mechanics, even though comparatively speaking these ones weren’t too difficult once we figured it out and took a few extra precautions.  Cairn took a bit of time to parse out, while we vastly overthought the Mursaat Overseer and its mashy spike plates.  We had an oddly easy time with Samarog (I think it helped that we got hints about the add mechanic), then we found out that we’re all really bad at dodging once we got to the fourth boss.  

Super excited to have a new raid wing to run around in and learn!  Bastion is gritty and dark and has a very different feel to it from the previous wings, and it’s been fantastic to explore!  To Deimos \o/

Also holy shit dem spoilers

Oh, dig my shallow grave
It’s not me you’ll safe
Cause I’m a lost cause
A lost, lost cause.

(I love Tales of Xillia 2, but I hate Tales of Xillia 2.)


Following these two comics and @tratserenoyreve ‘s Underfell brainstorm post: If Sans shows up as the Underfell Pacifist Endboss, then who’s the boss when you kill everyone?

It’s me! Your best friend!

If you don’t care for the Fell stuff, just consider it an alternate scenario where Flowey is a little more


not determined enough.