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This is my younger cousin Jessica McCarthy, who has gone missing after arguing with her mother January 12. As far as we know, she has run away, but every attempt to contact her has come back with no results. She is a sixteen year old who has gone missing in a not-so-nice part of Germantown, and my entire family is desperate for some kind of help. At this point, the fears that she may have been hurt or taken is starting to get worse as time goes on.

Jessica is a sweet and artistic girl who has gotten into a bad crowd multiple times and has had thoughts of suicide in the past. We are terrified for her, but the police can do minimum with the amount of proof. Right now she is categorized as an endangered teen, but none of us know whether or not she’s staying away by choice at this point.

Please, I know about the fears of predators using this kind of thing to find someone in danger, but this beautiful girl is like a little sister to me. I can hardly sleep or eat right now I’m so scared, and no one seems to know where she is.

Please, I’m begging you. If you need a picture of me with her so you know I’m not some creep trying to find them, I’ve got plenty from over the years.

UPDATE: Jessica is home safe now, thank you to everyone who helped

This large male Green sea turtle came into the reef for a much needed clean. I took a couple photos and then just sat with it for ten minutes as it got cleaned. It must have been at sea for a long time to be this dirty, or maybe it keeps getting creeped out by people staring at him every time he tries to get cleaned. It was such an old turtle, I cried I was so happy to share a moment with such an amazing creature. Currently listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red list. 

i’m just as guilty of this as anyone but i think it is really important going forward to refrain from reblogging or sharing pictures of protests in which people’s faces are visible, especially when those pictures are coming from sources like mic.com. there’s a fine line between sharing an oppressed person’s message and endangering an oppressed person. 

Stop using endangered species in witchcraft!!!

Just!!! Stop!!! I don’t care if your entire spell is based around using white sage. It’s endangered. Don’t use it. Find something else. Stop using bloodroot. Stop using Venus fly traps. Stop using seahorses. Just stop!!! And if you’re not sure look it up. But honestly you all are so disrespectful towards this lovely earth.

Hogwarts houses when one of their friends is in danger
  • Hufflepuff: Will talk to the person who endangers their friend until they see no other option but to hex him
  • Ravenclaw: Looks at the most logical way to free their friend but will end up cursing whoever is attempting to hurt their friend because nobody messes with them
  • Gryffindor: The only thing they see is anger and will curse the person who is hurting their friend into oblivion
  • Slytherin: Their first thought is thinking rationally but at the end they will just hex and curse anyone who is attempting to hurt their friend
Poison Lips AU

Character A was born with the very unique curse of having poison lips – meaning that if they ever kiss another person on the lips, that person will die. For this reason, Character A has sworn off of all relationships so that they never endanger another person’s life.

Character B is very asexual, and after befriending Character A, they open up about their sexuality and how they’re not comfortable with anything involving kissing. Character A takes this opportunity to open up as well, telling Character B about their strange curse.

Look, to all the newbies that might be in the tag right now, there’s this person that keeps saying you don’t need a mask to spray MSC. Their reasoning is literally that ~nothing bad has ever happened to them~. Elementary logic, however, will tell you that this is an idiotic reason to avoid safety measures.

There are warnings on MSC (and similar spray cans) for a reason. There are heaps of anecdotal evidence supporting the fact that MSC can cause respiratory system damage. I myself developed a severe weeks-long cough following my first time spraying MSC, due to what was later found to be a default in my mask (I could smell the MSC while spraying but thought nothing of it).

This person is not just content with answering that masks are unnecessary when personally asked, but seeking out any statement re: masks and MSC to spew their idiotic and dangerous opinion, willfully endangering others.

TL;DR: Don’t listen to “nothing bad has ever happened to me” advice…take safety measures to protect your health, it’s not that hard. Wear a mask when you spray MSC.

Imagine Person A is having dreams about something that makes Person B endangered, but they have never met B their entire life (or so they think). Then A meets B and realizes that that’s the one in their dreams. And A does everything to protect them for the only reason that they’re scared of their dreams, but in the end realized they’re scared to lose B.

tbh while "depression/generalized anxiety privilege” is a bullshit concept, people who are only depressed/anxious should not be speaking for mental illness as if that’s ONLY what it is. There’s such a serious problem in the mental illness community about those two concepts being pushed forward as the most important things, and ignoring and endangering people who have personality disorders.

That also means, to people who are depressed/anxious, stopping claiming that particular mental illness means you can’t be ableist.

hey kids apparently we need to have a discussion about doxing and how it is illegal under federal and state crimes

revealing a name is not necessarily considered doxing, but you know what is? disseminating any other personal information of theirs, such as home address, phone number, mobile number, home email, etc, regardless of whether or not that information is available elsewhere such as phone books, facebook, or other social and non social websites for the purpose of humiliating, harassing, or endangering the person.

if you suspect that a person is doing/will do something illegal, then you can report it to the proper authorities. if you suspect the person is doing/will do something you consider immoral or wrong, but it is not illegal, you still do not have any authority to distribute this information regardless if it was obtained through public means on the internet.

ok I understand not liking some of your partner’s friends like you’re not gonna like everyone in the world but restricting their access to see people who they wanna see is bullshit? unless that person is endangering your partner in some way don’t fucking interfere with their friendships