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McCree only wanted to get to know him.

He only wanted to see why this man had a face of a dark past and a baby in his arms.

Was it really trying to get to know the mysterious man?

Or for some unknown reason?


Hanzo didn’t want him in his life.

Just another person to endanger themselves for no reason.

And for what?

The child? For him? Or for their own stupid self?

Endangered language moodboard-Cypriot Arabic

Cypriot Arabic is a dialect of Arabic spoken only in Cyprus by the Maronite community that has existed on the island since the 10th century when people from modern-day Lebanon and Syria arrived on Cyprus. (This is a different community than modern-day Lebanese immigrants to Cyprus). Cypriot Arabic is an official minority language of Cyprus, along with Armenian. It is considered critically endangered as it only has a few thousand speakers and is expected to die out within the next one or two generations. Although efforts have been made to preserve the language, the community became fragmented after being displaced during the Turkish invasion of 1974. Prior to ‘74, there were four Maronite villages in North Cyprus, Kormakitis, Asomatos, Karpashia, and Ayia Marina. Today, these villages are mostly abandoned, although one holds a small number of enclaved persons. Despite past assassinations of enclaved persons, in January the Cypriot government approved the applications of 120 Maronites requesting to be resettled in their native villages. Members of the Maronite community hope for reunification of Cyprus in order to resolve the fragmentation that has endangered their language, and consider reestablishment of the four Maronite villages in occupied Cyprus to be essential to preserving Cypriot Arabic. @useless-lebanonfacts

Herbs and their (many) uses

For January, week 2 of the 2016 Grimoire Challenge - An alphabetical list of herbs I have on hand at the moment, as well as their practical and magical uses, and some warnings about certain herbs. (Please note that a lack of warnings on an herb doesn’t mean it’s perfectly safe to use! Check all the warnings before using any unfamiliar herbs.)

Common correspondences mostly compiled from Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs bc it’s awesome.


  • Allspice
    • personal - energetic, versatile, fiery
    • common - money, luck, healing, fiery
  • Astralagus
    • personal - soothing, focusing, airy
    • common - grounding, protective, airy
  • Basil
    • personal - luck, money, protection, earthy
    • common - love, purification, wealth, fiery
  • Bay Leaves
    • personal - protection, luck, fiery
    • common - blessings, exorcism, strength, fiery
  • Calendula
    • personal - soothing, healing, protective, watery
    • common - protection, psychic power, fiery
    • medical - anti-inflammatory, use for minor wounds, abrasions, rashes
  • Chamomile
    • personal - soothing, calming, watery
    • common - money, sleep, love, purification, watery
    • medical - anti-inflammatory, soothing, indigestion, anti-anxiety, cramps
  • Cinnamon
    • personal - energetic, luck, confidence, success, fiery
    • common - love, luck, happiness, spirituality, success, healing, psychic powers, protection
  • Clove
    • personal - energetic, protective, luck
    • common - luck, prosperity, friendship, love, fiery
    • medical - antiseptic, acne, toothaches (oil)
  • Eucalyptus
    • personal - cooling, calming, healing, watery
    • common - healing, protection, watery
    • warnings - essen. oil is very strong! dilute well
  • Fennel Seed
    • personal - luck
    • common - confidence, protection, healing, fiery
  • Feverfew
    • personal - calming, soothing 
    • common - protection, watery 
    • medical - cramps, inflammation & infection 
    • warnings - pregnant people should not take this! 
  • Hibiscus
    • personal - vibrant, energetic, love, fiery 
    • common - love, lust, divination 
  • Lavender 
    • personal - calming, soothing, purifying, cleansing, watery 
    • common - cleansing, sleep, protection, purification, happiness, peace, airy 
    • medical - antibacterial, bug bites 
  • Marshmallow Root
    • personal - steadying, smoothing earthy 
    • common - protection, psychic power, watery 
    • medical - antibacterial, lots of mucilage, good for bug bites 
  • Mugwort
    • personal - good for smoking! 
    • common - divination, astral travel 
    • warnings - psychoactive, contains thujone 
  • Nutmeg
    • personal - energetic, sturdy, earthy 
    • common - luck, money, health, fidelity, fiery 
  • Palo Santo
    • personal - sacred, consecrating 
    • common - cleansing, sanctifying, purifying, 
    • palo santo is endangered 
  • Passion Flower 
    • personal - love, lust 
    • common - peace, sleep, friendships, watery 
  • Peppermint
    • personal - soothing, calming, healing 
    • common - healing, prosperity, protection, consecrating, sleep, fiery 
  • Rosemary
    • personal - memory, focus, mental ability, cleansing, versatile
    • common - memory, purification, healing, ward off nightmares, fiery
    • medical - memory improvement 
  • White Sage
    • personal - cleansing 
    • common - cleansing, purifying, wisdom, airy 
    • white sage is endangered 
  • St. John’s Wort
    • personal - uplifting, lightening 
    • common - health, protection, strength, love, happiness, fiery 
    • warning - can increase serotonin levels; check for other interactions
  • Star Anise
    • personal - psychic development, luck, success 
    • common - protection, divination, lust, airy 
  • Thyme
    • personal - strength, courage, endurance, psychic development
    • common - strength, courage, ward off nightmares, luck, psychic development, watery 
  • Witch Hazel
    • personal - cleansing, clarifying 
    • common - protection, calming of passion, fiery 
    • medical - astringent (makes a great toner)

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zombie "apocalypse" au: matt was infected but everyone else in team theorist lets the infection spread on him for some reason; now he's a shy+possibly harmless zombie that likes to chew lightly on steph's ear, and now the group is wondering what to do with him (kill him, keep him, or let him go).

“I mean, he’s pretty harmless at the moment.” Chris whispered and gestured helplessly to the zombie currently standing in the corner of the dilapidated stream room and chewing on the foam padding. Jason and Stephanie exchanged a look and shrugged. “He hasn’t attacked us by now.” She agreed. The three peeked over the upturned table they were currently hiding behind to watch Matthew. He had abandoned his snack and was shuffling slowly around the room, groaning lowly. “That might be because he doesn’t know we’re here.” Jason pointed out.

He sighed and looked at the other two. “Look, I don’t want to be the one to say it, but… maybe we should…” Jason trailed off and adjusted his grip on the broken off table leg he was holding. “You just want an excuse to bludgeon Matt to death.” Chris accused him and peeked at the zombie once more. Now Matthew was standing in the middle of the room looking lost, like he was looking for something. “We should just let him go, he can go find a zombie herd and graze and frolic or whatever it is undead hellspawn do.”

Stephanie shook her head. “He seems docile. Maybe he’s still Matthew?” She suggested and, before the other two men could stop her, she stood and stepped out from behind the table. “Matthew? Matt honey, it’s Stephanie. Do you remember m-” Her gentle words were cut off by a loud, delighted sounding groan from Matthew as he shambled over to his wife (widow? Stephanie wasn’t sure exactly) and slumped his head on her shoulder.

“Woah, okay hey there!” She gasped and grabbed his arms. She could feel him… purring? Groaning? Humming? Against her neck as he shuffled even closer to her. “You’re affectionate, aren’t you? There’s my Matthew.” Steph soothed and let him wrap his arms around her. “I… I guess he’s friendly?” Chris asked as he and Jason popped out from behind their barricade. “Guess we’re keeping him then.” Steph agreed and tried not to laugh at the feeling of Matt’s lips tickling her throat. “Even when he’s fucking dead he’s still being a sappy little nerd.” Jason groaned, rolling his eyes.


guess i’m that super gross person.
i’m really glad someone called me out for this because now i’m gonna change my ways and bump up kana’s character to age 18 where it’s magically legal to enter her pussy.

NOT. i mean, i deliberately made kana’s age 17 because of the controversy it would create. so, i appreciate your concern for sexualizing minors. but, people have to understand a couple of things:

1) i have never portrayed my muse’s character in a POSITIVE light when she engages in sexual acts with older partners. she has irrefutable damage from things she’s done.
2) both muns are over the age of consent. while my muse my not be in line with the age of consent, I AM. I’m an ADULT. so what i choose to do/ write with another adult is my business.

teenagers have sex. teenagers talk about sex. and there’s nothing wrong with engaging in this topic. why is it okay for 18 &  19 y/o to have sex, but it’s not for a 17 and an 18 y/o? i was that girl. i was 17 and i had a 21 y/o boyfriend, and did i feel sexualized? no. because i knew what was doing.

and am i saying your opinion is wrong? no. i think it’s healthy to have different opinions on this subject, because it’s so ambiguous. who decides the age of consent? in 3rd world countries, the age of consent is much lower. in the U.S., we can’t even agree on the age of consent because people have different values and opinions.
and the fact that i have over 700+ followers, shows that a lot of people agree with me. that this is a subject to be discussed, and that kana is incredibly relatable because a lot of people feel what she is feeling. she’s real.

also, if you taken the time to get to know me, you would have seen that i’m actually not a super gross person and i don’t engage in these kinds of acts in real life. and everything i do is for a reason, not just because i’m sexualizing muses? i smut maybe like 10% of the time

i had to post this in another post, because you tagged me in a post, which had nothing to even do with me personally, and i went and asked the person if it was okay to reblog. they said no.

The Cost of Justice (Archie x Reader)

200 Writing Prompts: Number 15 with KJ or Archie? :) you are a great writer (Idk if you do KJ/Archie or if you just do Jughead/Cole so it’s ok if you do it with Jug or Cole instead) thank you ❤ –Anonymous

Imagine: In the hunt for his father’s killer, Archie takes the investigation too far, endangering the one person he had left.

Archie Andrews was never the same since his father’s murder in Pop’s that fateful morning. He cut off all connection with his friends (”possible suspects,” he muttered), quitting the football team and electing to finish his sophomore year online. He even forged documents to make it appear as though his mother took guardianship of him and was living in Riverdale. Nothing would stand in his way of finding the criminal who did this.

Nothing except you.

After the fiasco with Miss Grundy, and the fiasco with Valerie, Archie Andrews found himself without a musical partner. He sometimes observed you playing various instruments in a practice room, and asked if you would meet with him once a week to work on song ideas. You’d heard the rumors about him, but it seemed innocent enough. You knew he was borderline-dating Veronica Lodge, anyhow. Archie was nice and had very creative ideas, and your musical sessions quickly became one of the highlights of your boorish week.

After weeks of many unanswered phone calls and texts, you decided to visit his house to see if your partnership would continue. Walking into the Andrews residence to see Archie sitting on the floor of his hallway, surrounded by newspaper clippings and empty beer bottles was not what you expected.

“…Archie?“ You whispered, setting down your guitar in the entryway.

Archie looked up at you with the saddest eyes in the world. “Is it okay if we raincheck this week?”

Used to taking care of your drunken father, you went to work cleaning up the beer bottles and scooping Archie up off the floor. Damn, that boy was heavy. And smelly.

Guiding him to the kitchen table, you told him to explain everything. And explain everything, he did.

You went from being Archie’s harmonizing voice to being his deputy detective. You helped him collect articles, testimonies, photographs, and records (some illegally) and hung them in his living room a la Jughead’s “murder board”. You helped him interview suspects–no one batted an eye towards a high schooler with no big family connections, doing a slice of life essay for her Riverdale Town History class. You craved adventure, and found yourself becoming increasingly obsessed with the investigation.

Soon enough, you found your role in Archie’s investigation growing to more than that of a partner.

“Another dead end,” Archie said with an exasperated sigh. He buried his head in his hands, resting it on the diner table. You stared down at him in pity. After a particularly nasty argument, you’d confiscated all of the alcohol in his house, forcing him to vow not to drink if you were to continue being his partner. He was emotionally exhausted and physically withdrawing.

“Don’t worry, Archie,” you said with a smile. “I won’t give up until we find who did this.”

Archie took your hands in his, kissing your fingers. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”

 A blush heated your face, and you looked back and forth to see if anyone had caught the small display of affection.

Sitting across the restaurant, Veronica Lodge glared at you with a look that could kill.

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Stop using endangered species in witchcraft!!!

Just!!! Stop!!! I don’t care if your entire spell is based around using white sage. It’s endangered. Don’t use it. Find something else. Stop using bloodroot. Stop using Venus fly traps. Stop using seahorses. Just stop!!! And if you’re not sure look it up. But honestly you all are so disrespectful towards this lovely earth.

Jesus fucking Christ, I don’t care what side of the discourse you’re on can we all just take one massive step back and acknowledge the fact we have apparently reached a stage where “sex education is pedophillia” is a thing people are saying in all seriousness and that is, objectively terrifying.

Sex ed is /vital/ for kids/ teens, especially vulnerable kids/ teens and if you don’t understand why that’s the case then you need to take a huge step back and do some fucking research because Jesus fucking Christ what you’re advocating for, in ignorance is literally endangering children.

Michael Carneal’s Delusions

After the shooting at Heath High School, Carneal was diagnosied with paranoid schizophrenia.

His most prominent symptom was paranoia, which manifested itself in a variety of ways. A mild aspect was his frequent fear of being assaulted, For example, three days before he went on his rampage, Michael and his father were walking across a peaceful college campus and Michael said, ‘Boy, you could really get mugged out here.’ He was also afraid to go to restaurants because his fmaily might be robbed.

There were, however, more severe symptoms. At age 14, Michael was afraid to sleep in his room alone. He thought that strangers or monsters were hiding under his bed. He was afraid they might climb through a window in his room. He believed demons would hurt him. He was so afraid to be in his room that he often slept on a couch in the living room. He even smuggled kitchen knives into his room for protection.

Michael was not only afraid in his bedroom. When going to the bathroom, he would yell, ‘I know you’re in there!’ before entering; this was to let the monsters or demons know that he aware of their presence. When he took showers, he covered the vents in the bathroom to keep snakes from slithering in. When he finished showering, he covered his body with up to six towels, apparently as some form of protection. At times, he would manoeuvre across a room from one piece of furniture to another without letting his feet touch the floor to avoid the monsters.

Perhaps his most bizarre delusion was that someone was lurking under the house with a chainsaw to cut off his legs. After Michael’s arrest, his mother found metal objects under the mattress. Michael explained that he thought these would protect him from the chainsaw.

Making the situation even harder to bear, Michael believed that anyone who helped him would be targeted by the demons. Thus, he could not report his fear to someone without endangering that person. He was trapped with his own paranoid delusions.

Michael also had hallucinations - he heard voices talking to him. They threatened him, called him stupid, told him to do things. Before opening fire at school, he believed he heard people in the prayer group talking about him.

Adapted from ‘Why Kids Kill’ by Peter Langman

Cost of Freedom (24/52)

Summary: In which, with the help of Heiji, Kaito and Shinichi break into a police station to find Shinichi’s hidden case files. Prison!AU

If you want a song to listen to during this chapter, I’ve been listening to this while writing.

[Beginning]     [Previous Chapter]     [Next Chapter]

“I can’t believe I’m doin’ this,” Heiji mutters under his breath, pocketing his phone. It’s not even nine a.m. yet and he’s already stood in the middle of a police station, preparing to abet two criminals and add more broken laws to his ever growing list of faults.

If his father ever finds about this… Heiji shudders, decides that it’s best not to think about that, and looks in the bathroom’s mirror. He wonders, not for the first time, if he’ll be able to convincingly lie to those around him, asks himself whether his facial expressions will give him away.

It doesn’t matter, he tells himself, because it needs to be done.

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Can you please explain 'whump' for someone who just found this blog?

Sure- Whump is a subgenre that posits a simplified, romanticized and heroic portrayal of medicine and medical concepts in fiction. In “whumpy” works, these concepts are used less for their medical accuracy and more for their ability to illicit a feeling of wanting to care for an injured or endangered person.

Often, there are strong themes of friendship, vulnerability, trust and bravery in whumpy works, with one or more characters rallying around a fallen friend, providing aid/care to the best of their ability, and worrying that what they do may not be enough or will injure the person further.

“Victim” characters are usually traditionally strong, protective characters who would lay down their life defending another (Steve Rogers), used to being the caregiver (Carson Beckett), or are at least not used to having someone care for them (Gregory Parker). “Rescuer” characters, meanwhile, are usually highly competent in one field, but out of their depth when it comes to responding medically.

While often not considered an official subgenre, whump or threat of whump is oftentimes used as an advertising tactic in trailers and reviews, especially in action-oriented works.

The medical situations used in whumpy works tend to be ones that are life threatening and/or painful, but also reversible (or at least widely regarded as reversible) as long as the victim gets adequate help in time. Tension pneumothorax, broken bones, suffocation/drowning, venomous insect bites, toxins with antidotes, hypothermia, dehydration, heatstroke, severe bleeding, minor gunshot wounds, and fever are all popular topics for whump stories.

Some writers find that they are also inspired by interesting injuries (phosphorus burns), diseases (broken heart syndrome), or situations (someone with a spinal injury may become paralyzed if they move) and may write about something more complicated.


  • Stargate Atlantis’s “38 Minutes” “Sateda” “Search and Rescue” and “Conversion”
  • Arrow’s “The Odyssey” and “Three Ghosts”
  • Daredevil’s “Cut Man”
  • Criminal Minds’ “Derek”
  • Jericho’s “Heart of Winter”
  • The Walking Dead’s “Chupacabre”
  • Flashpoint’s “Priority of Life” “Shockwave” and “Personal Effects”
  • The Bourne Legacy
  • The Martian
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Lots and lots and lots of Fics

Many whump fans claim they have been whump fans since long before they knew what it was. A need for a strong character to show vulnerability and receive care within a fictional narrative is something a lot of people identify with. However, there are a number of people who just don’t “get it.”  Its one of those things that you either love or you’re repulsed by and there’s not a whole lot of in-between as far as I’ve noted.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Lucy Pevensie [ENFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Lucy is inquisitive about Narnia from the first moment she enters it. She judges Mr. Tumnus on what is apparent and obvious in his actions, while holding an idealistic view of him that helps him choose to do the right thing (she finds him a fine faun, is certain he’s good like his father, etc). Lucy quickly adopts and repeats other people’s ideas; she believes in the witch, because Tumnus told her about it, also that “some of the trees are on her side.” She’s delighted by the ideas that Narnia sparks in her (talking animals, magical worlds, the power of the deep magic, etc) and quicker to see the big picture than her siblings – when she realizes Narnia has changed, she mourns that now “all my friends are dead!” She’s quick to adapt, despite her initial disappointment, and takes an interest in impacting Narnia however she can, including assisting Caspian to victory. She has a witty, playful sense of timing and humor, often using it to poke fun at her siblings (“Before you got boring,” “Little CHILDREN don’t know when to stop pretending!”).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): “Aslan isn’t a tame lion,” Mr. Tumnus says, and Lucy adds, decisively, “But he is GOOD.” She judges people according to their inner goodness, and seeks to find the good in everyone, even Edmund after he upsets and betrays her. Lucy is concerned for those who help her, and often caught up in her own feelings and ideas. She’s upset her siblings don’t believe her, but more so because she cannot offer them “proof” at first by taking them through the wardrobe; she continues to believe in Narnia, without their approval, and to have faith in Aslan where others falter. Lucy admits her jealousy of Susan to no one, secretly trying to model herself on Susan’s behavior to appear more attractive to others.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She believes in what she sees: she entered Narnia, met a faun, saw a lamppost… and is distressed when she cannot prove it, and is written off as “imagining things.” Lucy believes in action; that they have a moral responsibility to help her friend, and to do something about the White Witch. She can sometimes be terse and accusatory under stress, but more often than not has a straightforward communicative style. She puts her heart into things (Fi) but also uses her head (Te).

Introverted Sensing (Si): It distresses her to find Narnia centuries older when they return, but Lucy doesn’t really try to recreate their former life, or claim her place as a queen. She bases many of her expectations on personal history, endangering herself by assuming a wild bear is a “tame, talking bear,” because she’s only ever known talking animals before. Lucy asks Aslan why he didn’t intervene “like last time,” and is surprised when he tells her things never happen the same way twice.


This is my younger cousin Jessica McCarthy, who has gone missing after arguing with her mother January 12. As far as we know, she has run away, but every attempt to contact her has come back with no results. She is a sixteen year old who has gone missing in a not-so-nice part of Germantown, and my entire family is desperate for some kind of help. At this point, the fears that she may have been hurt or taken is starting to get worse as time goes on.

Jessica is a sweet and artistic girl who has gotten into a bad crowd multiple times and has had thoughts of suicide in the past. We are terrified for her, but the police can do minimum with the amount of proof. Right now she is categorized as an endangered teen, but none of us know whether or not she’s staying away by choice at this point.

Please, I know about the fears of predators using this kind of thing to find someone in danger, but this beautiful girl is like a little sister to me. I can hardly sleep or eat right now I’m so scared, and no one seems to know where she is.

Please, I’m begging you. If you need a picture of me with her so you know I’m not some creep trying to find them, I’ve got plenty from over the years.

UPDATE: Jessica is home safe now, thank you to everyone who helped

When I was eighteen, I drove a friend of mine to another state for her abortion. A few months later, that clinic was burned to the ground.

When I was twenty, someone placed a live pipe bomb in front of the clinic I worked at. We evacuated our patients and staff in time. The perpetrator is now serving a forty-year prison sentence.

When I was twenty-one, my tires were slashed in my workplace parking spot, along with those of my colleagues.

When I was twenty-two, Dr. Tiller was murdered in his house of worship, and I could think of nothing but the patients who had appointments to see him the following day.

When I was twenty-five, someone called the abortion funding hotline I volunteered for under the guise of needing assistance. She was not who she claimed to be. My phone was traced, and I was soon barraged with anti-choice literature by mail and at my doorstep.

Now I am twenty-eight. I am a veteran in the field of abortion care. I am accustomed to being yelled at by protesters. I know all the tactics I’m supposed to employ to keep myself and my property under wraps and to protect the identity of my patients. I am intimately familiar with all aspects of this debate from all sides.

It does not make it any less shocking to me when anti-choice violence occurs. It does not make me any less angry to read about what’s happening in Colorado Springs.

Do me a favor. I don’t care where you sit on the issue of abortion, but please, please send up a prayer or a positive thought for the people in that clinic today. I have been in the shoes of my colleagues at PPRM before, in the position of having your personal safety endangered simply for offering help. There aren’t words to describe how terrible I feel for the clinicians, staff, and especially the patients there today. No matter how you feel about abortion, I hope we can all agree that they didn’t deserve to be victims of anti-choice terrorism.

This large male Green sea turtle came into the reef for a much needed clean. I took a couple photos and then just sat with it for ten minutes as it got cleaned. It must have been at sea for a long time to be this dirty, or maybe it keeps getting creeped out by people staring at him every time he tries to get cleaned. It was such an old turtle, I cried I was so happy to share a moment with such an amazing creature. Currently listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red list. 

Everyone assumes Alexei will be the one to propose. Kent’s got a long history of insecurity, and emotional baggage, and fear of rejection, and heartbreak. It’s ingrained in him, that debilitating sense of dread any time he has the chance to be happy. To have something worth having.

But you know what else Kent has? Alexei. And Alexei has made him better, stronger, less afraid. Not because Alexei made him feel like he needed to change, or should change, or would be more desirable if he changed. No, Alexei made it clear that he would always want Kent, no matter what, and that’s what made Kent feel safe; like even if he did try to be better and fucked it up, it would be okay. Alexei gave him room to grow.

So he did. He apologised to Jack, he apologised to his mom, he apologised to his team. He asked for forgiveness from those who he owed it to, and learned to forgive himself like he deserved. He learned to be more open, more trusting, more reliant on others. Not in a dependent way, but he learned that it’s okay to share your burdens sometimes. And that sometimes, that’s the only way you can carry them.

He learned to appreciate the little things; not to take for granted even the smallest of joys. He learned to appreciate every chance he got to tangle his cold feet in between Alexei’s ankles, every chance to teach Alexei whatever new shitty pop song was stuck in his head, every chance to lint roll the front of Alexei’s shirt before they went out because he just couldn’t resist snuggling with Kit. Every chance to laugh together, cry together, learn together, and everything in between. Even the more mundane things, like the time Alexei lost his contacts and had to wear glasses for a few days instead, or the time Kent accidentally turned the laundry pink.

He’s in a better place now, and he’s ready to do even better things. Maybe settle down, buy a house (he’s way past the age to ditch the bachelor apartment; he should’ve done it ages ago), and eventually, start a family. Maybe adopt another cat or two in the meantime. And he wants that with Alexei.

But Alexei, for all the beauty he brings to Kent’s life, is in a different state of mind. He comes from a different place; and yeah, Kent’s had his heart broken, he’s dealt with his share of assholes, but he’s never been beaten, or threatened with incrimination, or had to flee the country just to be himself. He’s never had to abandon everything he knows just to be true to who he is, and he can’t imagine what that would be like. What it would feel like to leave your widowed mother halfway around the world, because she assured you it was more important that your safety be guaranteed than for her to have her only son on the same continent. What it would feel like to constantly worry about someone finding out and endangering her, the only person who’s ever known your deepest darkest secret, and loved you anyway.

Until now, of course. Kent loves every last single solitary thing about Alexei, even if it drives him crazy when he forgets to shut the fridge door all the way or takes Kent’s headphones without asking or tries to kiss him right after he’s just woken up and has terrible morning breath. Kent still loves him, still loves it all, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything. So he Skypes Mama Mashkov, and asks her for her permission; not because he buys into the antiquated tradition or anything, but because he literally owes his happiness to this woman, who sacrificed everything to keep the man he loves safe and happy. And she deserves to have a say, since Alexei won’t ever get to visit her if he says yes.

She’s delighted; so much so, she teaches Kent how to say it in Russian. He practises for weeks, with her critiquing his pronunciation for what seems like forever till she finally says he’s got it. And Kent’s nervous, but not really, because he thinks he knows what Alexei will say. Mama Mashkov has reassured him, and so has his own mother, and so has Jack, who recently proposed to his boyfriend so he knows what it’s like.

So Kent takes Alexei to a nice dinner (after getting rid of all the cat hair on his blazer), and treats him to perfectly cooked steaks and just enough wine to make him feel warm, and gets down on one knee, and says it like he’s practised: “Ты выйдешь за меня?”

And Alexei’s eyes widen in surprise, and his eyes are a little wet but he’s smiling the biggest Kent has ever seen him, which is saying a lot because Alexei’s always smiling, and he’s cupping Kent’s cheeks in his hands like he’s the most precious thing to ever exist. And Kent realises, in that moment, that maybe to Alexei, he is.

And when Alexei whispers “Yes” against his lips, and he’s crying for real now because he never thought he would come this far, and Kent’s slipping the ring onto his finger with shaky hands, Kent knows.

Bratva Olicity Fanfics


Bratva Captain Oliver Queen has been looking for revenge his entire life. When he can’t trust his own family, the Bratva to get it, he finds the answer to all of his problems in Felicity Smoak; a genius hacker who is running for her life from the same object of Oliver’s hatred, The Triad. With an unlikely partnership, The Crow might just find out that light can shine in the darkest of places.


Felicity knows that the Bratva is dangerous. Her mother left that world for a reason, but when Felicity needs help she goes to her grandfather anyway.

Felicity thought she was smart enough to keep the Bratva from taking over her life. She never imagined that her grandfather’s help would mean five years later every Bratva captain, save one, would be trying to marry her so they can take her grandfather’s place. She never imagined that her boss at Queen Consolidated, playboy Oliver Queen, knew anything about the Bratva or that he was a captain in it.

Felicity never imagined that Oliver Queen would be the one thing standing between her and a forced marriage.


Felicity Smoak has been getting random scars for years–and although a psychic had told her they were linked to her soulmate, she never believed her. So imagine her surprise when she meets Oliver Queen, Bratva Captain, and sees he has all the same scars as she does.


Oliver is called into one of the most feared Brava leaders home. A leader who has many reasons to hate Oliver. Instead he offers him a deal he can’t refuse.

5.-  что-то плохое

Felicity had ran away from her husband’s life with their daughter and she ‘met’ Oliver Queen, the leader of Bratva and also the enemy of her husband.


Felicity needs protection and Oliver can give her that.


Oliver Queen’s life is irrevocably changed the day Felicity Smoak sets foot in his office. And it has surprisingly little to do with the fact that the first time they meet, she’s blackmailing him into a marriage.
The Bratva didn’t prepare him for this (and Digg is never going to let him forget it).


When new Bratva business comes to Starling City, it brings Oliver’s past with the brotherhood into sharp, ugly focus. But when it strikes too close to home, endangering the one person he never wanted that darkness to touch, he finds out his and Felicity’s pasts are more tangled than he could have ever imagined.


Oliver is a Bratva captain during a meeting in Russia he is given a gift, a gift he was not expecting. Felicity.


Working to pay off her mother’s debts, Felicity Smoak takes a job moonlighting as a dealer at an underground casino run by none other than Bratva captain Oliver Queen. It was supposed to be temporary, a way to get quick cash. She sure wasn’t supposed to fall for him. But then again, darkness has always haunted her.


Felicity Smoak likes the routine her life has become. She works for the IT Department of Queen Consolidated from Monday to Friday, after work she catches up on her favorite TV shows and she meets up with her best friend John on the weekends. But when The Chinese Triad forms a plan to destroy their biggest enemy, Russian mob – The Bratva, her best friend’s life is on the line and she’ll do anything to help him. Even if that means partnering up with the Bratva Captain and going on a date with him. To top it off, it looks like The Vigilante is stalking her and the Bratva Captain wants something more than a date from her. It seems that Felicity will have to forget about her old life and buckle up for a ride she’ll never forget.


“Do you feel better about following me to the house now?”

“No,” Felicity shook her head, “I really, really don’t.” I don’t trust the Bratva, so I don’t trust you, and I certainly don’t trust your boss.

“Ok,” Digg scooted out from his side of the booth, “How about I follow you home, make sure you get in alright, and tomorrow I’ll take you for breakfast and we’ll talk some more about it? You can sleep on it? Right?”

“Mr. Diggle, while I appreciate the offer I don’t think this is really nec-”

“Your mother thought it was,” Diggle tossed the last of their trash into a bin by the door. “She thought it was necessary enough to call in a favor.”


Felicity Smoak fell in love with the broody, intense Oliver Queen, Captain of the Russian Bratva, ages ago but he broke her heart. So, when the sudden marriage between them is arranged, she does not understand it and she does not want it. Except Oliver Queen is not only a harder man to live with than she realized, he also has no intention of letting her go.
Mature content. Mild swearing. A lot of sexual tension. And you will want to punch Oliver at times.


Oliver is now the leader. He knows very little about leading these men, he does know he can always trust John Diggle and that he will do anything to keep his wife and child safe.