What Is Killing Off Kazakhstan’s Rare Antelope?        

by Mark Baker and Merhat Sharipzhan

Herds of one of Central Asia’s most iconic animals, Kazakhstan’s saiga antelope, are dwindling rapidly and no one seems to know why.

The Kazakh Department for Emergency Situations says more than 19,000 saiga carcasses have now been buried in the country’s Qostanai region, though unofficial reports on May 20 suggested the number of dead animals may already exceed 30,000.

“It’s shaping up to be a complete catastrophe,” says E.J. Milner-Gulland, a U.K.-based academic who heads the Saiga Conservation Alliance, a network of conservationists working to study and protect the antelope.

“I’m afraid the animals are still dying and we are not actually getting a final number yet,” she adds. “I’m expecting that number to go up quite substantially in the coming days”…

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Save the Sharks because they’re endangered. I’m kind of scared of sharks, and I was scared to look up sharks on Google to help me draw. But I knew that I would be more scared if sharks became extinct.

This picture is dedicated to: lxkb, because he was probably one of the best teachers I’ve ever had tbh and I drew this shark he inspired me :)

I wish I could make the text vibrate back and forth to show you how exciting this is.

Adopting them helps their recovery efforts. Kakapos are critically endangered!
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(this photo is not mine and belongs to the Kakapo Recovery group!)



Myanmar roofed turtles reintroduced to the wild

Species believed extinct until rediscovery in 2001

Congratulations to the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Turtle Survival Alliance in Myanmar for the recent release of 60 captive-raised Myanmar roofed turtles (Batagur trivittata) - a species believed to be extinct until 2001. We’re pleased to see the world’s second most endangered turtle on the road to recovery in its native habitat, and happy that funds from our Critically Endangered Animals Fund have helped support this effort!

Additional information on this particular project can be found at:

Wildlife Conservation Society - Roof Turtles

(via: USFWS_International Affairs)

photographs by Wildlife Conservation Society

Can you spot the snow leopard?

Click here to find out if you were right!

Inger Vandyke and her team sat for six hours watching the snow leopard that’s camouflaged in the photo above. Known as the “ghosts of the mountains,” snow leopards are super stealth, but they’re also endangered—there are only about 1,000 of these amazing animals left in the wild. Check out the source article on Earth Touch News Network to find out if you spotted the leopard correctly, and to learn more about how they camouflage themselves. 

BIG NEWS: The Louisiana black bear is no longer at risk for extinction thanks to conservation efforts over the past 20 years. President Theodore Roosevelt made the Louisiana black bear famous in 1902 when he spared one from his trophy collection and it became the inspiration for the “Teddy Bear.” Learn more: http://on.doi.gov/1JAsBTS

Photo of a Louisiana black bear eating grass by Pam McIlhenny, USFWS.