Lexa has just endangered her own life and the coalition to keep Clarke safe and never have to choose between Clarke and her people. They’re all turning on her because of that move and will probably try to oust/kill her. Don’t tell me this woman doesn’t care about Clarke Griffin! She is literally in the process of destroying everything she’s ever known to keep Clarke safe.


IP_LPI_NAMIBIA_04 by Ignacio Palacios
Via Flickr:
Baby Caracal (African Lynx) in wildlife sanctuary in Namibia

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Maybe you or your followers could help me out with this? What's the problem with the wolf cull? Isn't population control good to keep everything in check? Like you wouldn't want overpopulation problems that would upset the balance of nature or whatever right? Idk my brothers family hunts a lot so I'm struggling to understand the other side of this argument.

Because Scientists say that it won’t save the caribou (that is the BC government’s justification for the cull)

Wolf cull will not save threatened Canadian caribou

This isn’t about overpopulation. The Wolves in BC are actually nearly endangered themselves. The BC government is saying its necessary to keep the BC Caribou alive (which are critically endangered), but they’re ignoring the fact that the wolves are not the cause of their decline. Things like loss of habitat due to resource development are. But The BC Liberals aren’t interested in actually getting to the root of the problem. Also we should never jump to killing things as a response to a problem.

From the article:

The Little Smoky caribou population, which had been crashing, stabilized — but did not grow. Yet Hervieux says that ending the wolf kills is not an option. “If predator management stopped, the caribou would be done,” even if industrial activity halted, he argues. He adds that it might take 30 years for the boreal forest to regrow to the point at which caribou would no longer be at a disadvantage.

The situation presents an ethical quandary, says Dan MacNulty, a wolf biologist at Utah State University in Logan. “What is better, killing off these wolves or watching these caribou blink out because of our appetite for cheap oil and gas?” he asks.

Conservationists in Alberta reluctantly supported the wolf kill programme when it began, says Carolyn Campbell, a conservation specialist at the Alberta Wilderness Association in Calgary. But her group later stopped its support for the programme because because drilling and logging continued, posing other threats to caribou. “It is a completely unethical approach to just declare a war on wolves when they are a symptom and not a root cause,” Campbell says.


Verelan’s grip tightened, the glass of the vials slipping against each other in her hand. This accompanied a glare that could have melted a bulkhead were it tangible. “Do not dare suggest that I would endanger my daughter, y’Rehl. That is a line you do not wish to cross.”

“I will say it, nevertheless,” y’Rehl said, face still pale as death. “And if you are taking that, you are putting Rai in danger. I will say it, even if no one else will—and even if you will not admit it even to yourself.”

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I know I shouldn't, but as someone who is Transfeminine I feel less valid and not real sometimes. Cause I'm not on hormones or anything like that. I would if I could be. At this point I'm not sure when that I'll be. Or If I can medically be able to get hormones or surgeries. Like What if it turns out for some reason they would endanger my own health. I feel/am a woman, but don't know how to get that across. (1/2)

(2/2) On top of that I identify as gender fluid between female and non-binary. So I feel it complicate things.  I don’t know how to get people to treat me seriously. And I feel a lot of the solutions I get are things I can’t do right now like HRT and the like.

I’m really sorry honey. But, remember, hrt doesn’t validate you. Surgeries don’t validate you. None of these kinds of things validate you. Because you were never invalid. Your identity is always valid. Don’t let other people to get you down, you are who you are and no one can change that.

Do you try dressing up? I don’t necessarily think it’ll make everyone see you as you really are, but it may help you feel better about yourself.

Does anyone have ideas or kind words for anon?

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to change your opinion and I thought it was a conversation open for analysis. I agree with you, and didn't mean to bother you. I hope your day goes well.

I believe you when you said you didn’t mean any harm, but you gotta think more carefully about the things you say and who you say them to. Trying to force a debate about racism on me is a callous thing to do. You have to understand that I can NEVER talk about anti black prejudice in the abstract because it affects my life every day. It endangers my life. It’s not a fun, interesting discussion topic. It means a whole lot to me, and trying to force me to treat it lightly is a cruel thing to do.

Also I understand why you’re trying to have this conversation anonymously, but it’s pretty selfish of you, considering that you are expecting me to respond to your attempts to make me look unreasonable publicly.

I still think you need to reread what I said about fandom hatred towards Sally and see if you can apply some of the principles of my remarks to the conversation that is happening here. I repeatedly and clearly gave you my honest assessment of this situation, but you badgered me to recant over two days.

Like I said, I don’t give a shit about ‘the other side of the story’ in this instance. I think it’s fucked up that you’re trying to commandeer my blog for a debate platform. If you disagree with me, write about it on your own damn blog. I don’t owe you 'a conversation.’ Not ever and especially not about this. Stop imposing on me. You are not entitled to my time, my emotional energy, or my sympathy. Stop imposing on me also means stop visiting your halfhearted apologies on me, too. They’re about your feelings, not mine. Leave me alone. I’m done with you.

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Hi, I recently found out one of my friends is a Republican (through FB). They said they're support Republicans, since they believe that ISIS is going to 'endanger our country' and that only a Republican can stop ISIS. She will not listen or care about all the bad things Republicans promote (like discriminating against gays, getting rid of affordable healthcare, shutting down women's healthcare, ect). Is there any proper way to educate this person? Thank you, I appreciate you reading this.

I’m so sorry for you.  First I would like to point out that Barack Obama was President when Osama Bin Laden was killed.  Does your friend believe in conspiracy theories?  Because if so, that theory goes right out the window.

Secondly, I would like to point out that re-directing bad behavior is better than punishing bad behavior.  I have a macaw, a pitbull mix, and a red-tailed boa and one thing animals (humans included) love is having their bad tendencies redirected to something positive.  I suggest that instead of approaching with the words or attitude of, “You’re wrong,” approach them with, “Well have you seen the article about [insert issue] by [insert author].”  Not only will they be more receptive because you’re telling them they’re not technically wrong according to them, but you’re presenting them with an alternative fact.

Or approach them with only one, or two, statistical facts that you can cite, and ask them if they have any basis for their opinions.  If they say something along the lines of, “Well its all over the media!” point out to them that that’s not specific and you would “appreciate” them sending you the direct source next time their on their computer.  And hold them to that.  If they don’t send you their source within a day or two, next time you see them ask if they got around to looking up that source they cited about [insert issue].

Not only will they be more receptive because you’re not telling them they’re wrong (which people hate), but you’re presenting them with an alternative fact and seem genuinely interested in their (wrong) view of the world.  Which you can then counter with your [insert issue] by [insert author].

I think you should definitely point out this link.  Also, this one that statistically states that there are more white-extremist terrorists in America than Muslim (of any race).


Cu Rua, the world’s most important turtle, has died

Cu Rua, a rare Yangtze giant softshell turtle living in Vietnam, was found dead Tuesday after its body floated up to the surface of Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem lake. Thought to be over 100, its death brings the worldwide population of the rare turtle to three. For locals, the turtle’s demise hit hard.

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Tuatara Hatchling at UK’s Chester Zoo


Our keepers have hatched the first ever tuatara outside of their native New Zealand - a successful breeding that has taken several decades to achieve.

The tuatara is one of the world’s oldest living species and is believed to have pre-dated the dinosaurs, having been on the planet for more than 225 million years.

Around 70 million years ago they became extinct everywhere except New Zealand, where it now has iconic status.

Our achievements in successfully hatching the tuatara - and all of the intricate skills developed along the way - give us confidence that we can help save highly threatened species such as mountain chicken frogs and Bermudan skinks from extinction in the wild.

(via: Chester Zoo)


The bumblebee bat seems to give birth to a single young in the spring, during the dry season.  The infant bats are so tiny that their mothers can fly and hunt with their babies clinging to their waists or the vestigial nipples in their pubic area (females have two sets of nipples; a functional pair on their chests and a vestigial pair on their pubic area).  

When the babies grow too heavy to carry, they are left roosting in the caves, or, some believe that the babies hide in the hollow stalks of bamboo, where the openings are so narrow that predators cannot enter.  

Despite a great deal of study, because of the bat’s small body size it is difficult for biologists to determine the difference between juvenile and adult individuals, making it hard to study their reproductive habits.

From extinct to 13,000 hatchlings
Once classified as extinct, the Lord Howe Island stick insect is now thriving in captive breeding – but more work is needed before they are no longer critically endangered...

NOT ONLY HAS the Lord Howe Island stick insect been brought back from the brink of extinction, there are now 13,000 new hatchlings at Melbourne Zoo – a significant milestone in the conservation of a species with a wild population of less than 40.

The stick insects are now being bred abroad to further secure their population, in the hope that one day they can be reintroduced into their native habitat on Lord Howe Island, 780km north-east of Sydney, without risking endangerment again…