Ferrety things are my favorite things! Got a postcard/envelope with the bio of a Black Footed Ferret and printed off some of my artwork for myself/ferret room (I was actually questioned for having “copy written” material being printed, and I’m all like “nope its mine I drawed it!”)  my nephew made that kickass frame fyi

I have other prints for sale at my society 6 for you to pimp out your house too, and the prices are pretty awesome if I do say so myself! 

I might be sending a print for my next giveaway!  


Help the Portuguese Wolves Keep Their Sanctuary

Don’t Let Our Wolves Become Homeless – Last Push is the final step to raise the money needed to buy the 42-acre site on which the Iberian Wolf Recovery Center (IWRC) stands. This is the only wolf sanctuary in Portugal, where only 300 of these endangered predators remain in the wild.

Three years ago, our Indiegogo campaign raised $71,300USD, with generous donations from over 1,700 people. This, along with national contributions, left the IWRC needing only $61,500 to meet the final installments for the land purchase.

Now, the Centre must call out one more time to all of you that love and admire the wolf: we mustn’t let this unique space disappear. If we do, “our” wolves will no longer be the much-needed ambassadors for their species. And they’ll be left without a home.

Please, act now. Before it’s too late for the Iberian Wolf.

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BIG NEWS: The Louisiana black bear is no longer at risk for extinction thanks to conservation efforts over the past 20 years. President Theodore Roosevelt made the Louisiana black bear famous in 1902 when he spared one from his trophy collection and it became the inspiration for the “Teddy Bear.” Learn more: http://on.doi.gov/1JAsBTS

Photo of a Louisiana black bear eating grass by Pam McIlhenny, USFWS.


Shoebill chicks are perhaps not the most attractive animals, but their parents seem to love them.  Nests are built on floating platforms that (in some cases) are strong enough to support the weight of an adult human.  Two or three chicks are born, but generally only one survives to adulthood.  If the chicks become overheated in the powerful African sunshine, their parents will splash them with water or cover them with wet weeds.


So this is a fun post for me.

We recently wrapped production on We’ve Met Before, a short film I directed that’s set in the Twilight Saga Universe and sponsored by Lionsgate and Women in Film. I’m going to make another photo post later with more behind-the-scenes, but this one is a bit specific - this one is a spotlight on all the incredible, hard-working women on our crew.

I’ve said this before - there have been a lot of times when I’ve felt self-conscious about calling myself a director. For a long while, I didn’t match the mental picture I had of a director - some grizzled, coffee-in-hand, headset-wearing cool guy who had inside jokes with all the bros in the camera department. Eventually I realized this was dumb, and the only way to become less self-conscious about the word was to keep directing, and earn the badge of calling myself a “director” through the work I was making.

To be honest, I’m not even sure where that mental picture came from. That image I had of the all-dudebro camera department? That’s so much less common on the indie film sets I’ve worked on than my imagination had led me to believe. I’ve worked on sets that are almost entirely male, but I’ve also worked on sets that are almost entirely female. My favorite sets are the ones which are far more balanced and the crew is made up almost entirely of my friends and I don’t have to waste time thinking about gender politics when I should be focusing on directing the actors and watching the shot.

While every new article on women in film boasts depressing new statistics, I feel there’s a need to also remind people that there are a lot of women working in film right now. Now more than ever. I think those articles are geared towards changing the minds of higher-level gatekeepers who may be less inclined to hire women, due to whatever unconscious biases they may hold. And that’s a good thing, it’s something that should be done, and Hollywood shouldn’t get a pass on the appalling numbers of women in this industry.

But as a young woman coming up in film inundated by these articles on a daily basis, am I meant to feel emboldened and forge on to spite those odds or would I feel disheartened and somewhat intimidated by them? I can only speak for myself, but it’s a mixture of both, depending upon my mood.

My point, I suppose, is that there should be a lot more visibility of the talented young women who are currently working in film and coming up through the ranks. Look at these photos. We aren’t ‘the future of film’, we’re the present day of film. Young girls who are considering a potential career in film should know that they aren’t arriving to a padlocked boys club where they’ll have to prove themselves constantly as ‘one of the guys’ to get taken seriously. That probably was a reality some years ago, but I’ve had the luxury of benefitting from the work of several decades of women who came before me. (Sidebar, this is a thought expressed much more eloquently and beautifully by Shonda Rhimes in her Glass Ceilings speech at The Hollywood Reporter, and I highly recommend watching it in full.)

So yeah. Take these photos as my pebble thrown at an outdated idea of the ‘all male film crew’. Shoutout to WIF/Lionsgate/Stephenie Meyer for giving us this incredible opportunity, and shoutout to all my ladies in film. We work hard, we love the work, and when we’re on set, we don’t have time to deal with the infinite odds they’re saying are stacked against us.

Photo credit: Valerie Chiang (@ninebagatelles)

The nonprofit WWF is running a fundraising campaign based around 17 animal emojis. Each digital creature has been designated to represent a real endangered species. So, the emoji turtle represents the green turtle species, which is threatened by the illegal trade of their meat, shells and eggs. 

Read more: http://bit.ly/1Gabfw6