Sea otters have a hunting style unique among marine mammals.  Most marine mammals such as seals and dolphins will catch fish in their jaws; only the sea otter catches fish in its forepaws.  In addition, it is the only marine mammal able to lift and turn over rocks on the sea floor in search of crabs and shellfish.  When one is found, it will be tucked into a pouch of loose skin on the otter’s chest and carried up to the surface to be eaten.

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Did Mad Sweeney put the coin back in Laura because she didn't give it over willingly?

I’M GOING TO ANSWER THIS REAL QUICK BECAUSE THE LAST EPISODE OF AMERICAN GODS MEANT A LOT TO ME. it’s probably one of my favorite episodes of television that exists.


what has happened in the show WAS NOT REVEALED IN THE BOOK

so we find out sweeney is the reason laura died. everything has been a setup for shadow up to this point. but this entire episode followed the old tale of a woman who he showed great mercy, and wild peril, towards. but in the end, he showed her the softest, kindest part of a leprechaun and saw her to the afterlife with a gentle hand. she was devoted until the end, and he recognized that with everything he was.

so finding out what wednesday had him do, the coin resonated and screamed to him, and while he could’ve taken it, he then yells to the skies in Old Irish:

Créd as co tarlaid an cac-sa dam? Nach lór rofhulangas? Is lór chena, ní am olc! Ní am!

which translates to:

What is it that has brought this shit to me? Is it not enough that I have suffered? It is enough indeed, I’m not evil! I’m not!

he brought laura back to life because he couldn’t give up who he is, which is, in the end

an inherently good being that gives back tenfold of what he receives, which is more often than not a few breadcrumbs from those who still believe in his magic ;n;

—  sunset was my favourite time of the day
to watch the sun play with clouds
searching for the moon
while creating beautiful hues in the sky
it always seemed to make me bear
a sad smile on my face
but you never liked it,
for you sunset was an end
an end to a time, an end to a day,
you were more of a sunrise person
but for me sunset was calm,
a calm not before or after a storm,
just calm, serenity
because it meant an end to a day,
a day full of chaos and worrying,
it meant start of a night
start of dark that was full
of stars and surprises
sunset to me was a time 
where i didn’t have to worry about my day
it made me hopeful fool who stared 
at the sky that wasn’t a canvas,
but a watercolour mixing plate  
it was a sigh after a long tiring day,
aesthetically pleasing to the eyes
and to the heart and to the soul
How To Stress An Emotion In Japanese -- なんて

I’m thinking perhaps this one will be short, however, an indispensable piece of knowledge! (update: it’s not short.)

なんて=nante= way to stress emotions, especially surprise, but not always.

You can use nante at the beginning of a sentence, for instance, if it’s before an adjective, to stress it:

なんて美味しいんだろう!Nante oishii ndarou!
How delicious it is! (lit. perhaps/i wonder(ish) DELICIOUS!!!)

You can also use nante after a phrase to stress the part after it:

そんな役に立たない教科書にお金を払うなんて馬鹿げている。 Sonna yaku ni tatanai kyoukasho ni okane o harau nante bakagete iru.
Paying that much money for such a useless textbook is absolutely absurd. (lit. such a useless textbook to pay money for is being moronic.)

If you could notice above, the popular phrase “baka” has been used in verb form to basically say that the person being addressed would be doing a foolish action to pay for the textbook.

Nante can be used at the end of a sentence just to show surprise instead of using a similar adjective like:

彼の縁談を断ったなんて!Kare no endan o kotowatta nante!
I can’t believe you refused his marriage proposal! (lit. refused his marriage proposal?!)

Lastly, you can put nante after a noun, but this usually to stress the noun in a negative manner:

文法なんて嫌いだ。 Bunpou nante kirai da. 
I really hate grammar. (lit. HATE grammar.)
If you imagine a schoolkid saying it in a really long dragged out voice while putting their head down on their desk, I think it gets the idea across a lot better. 

Here’s one more:

雲丹なんて食べたくない。Uni nante tabetakunai.
I really don’t want to eat sea urchin. (lit. I don’t want to eat sea urchin.)

So, this ended up being longer than I estimated, oops! Be free, and use nante as you please (but don’t be rude)!

For the Love of the Club

Requested by an Anon: Love love loved ‘I’ve Got You’!!! I was wondering if you could do and imagine where reader and Opie twins who both prospected and later got patched into the club together with Jax. Where eventually reader becomes Sgt. At Arms instead of Tig and she does the unspeakable by accidentally killing Donna?

It took me twice as long to become a member of the club, because I was the first female. I worked my ass off, but when Clay finally gave me my top rocker, it was the happiest day of my life. 

My dad wasn’t thrilled about it, but eventually he was proud of me. Opie and Jax, had been my personally cheerleaders and support through the entire prospecting process. We started at the same time, they became members, six months before I did.

I probably would still be prospecting if it wasn’t for the two of them fighting for me. Five years later, became Sgt. At Arms, I held the title proud.


I didn’t want to believe my brother was a rat, I knew him better then anyone else. I didn’t care what Juice had found, or where Opie was reported to be, he was no rat. My brother wouldn’t do that, he loved his club.

I sat and listened to his explanation, feeling relieved; I knew there was an explanation. After Clay adjourned the meeting, I hugged him, glad it was over. Ready to go out, and drink a beer, with him and relax, I started to walk out, when Clay called me back to the table.

I sat down, Tig joined use, throwing a smashed bug on the table. I closed my eyes, not wanting to believe it. “Where did that come from?”

“Opie’s truck, there was one in his phone too. Ope is a rat….I know he’s your brother.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose, exhaling slowly. “Are you prepared to do your job (Y/N)?” Clay asked.


“It’s your job to take care of rats, can you do your job?” I opened my mouth to protest. “Maybe you’re not cut out to be our Sgt. At Arms, and maybe you don’t love the club like you say!” Clay smirked at me as he puffed on his cigar.

“I’ll take care of it!”


I watched as Opie and his family got ready to leave Jax’s house. Clay nodded at me, I felt my stomach lurch, as I followed them out. I hugged my brother, tightly, trying to hold back my tears.

“I love you!”

“I love you too sis! Everything okay?” I nodded my head.


Clay pulled Tig to one side, as soon as the Winston’s leave. “I want the job done!”

Tig nodded his head, leaving the party, he had already made plans to take Opie out. He had wanted  SAA, but he couldn’t believe his brothers voted for some bitch to get it over him. He was going to show then she was weak, and can’t be trusted to do her job.

She’s lose her officer’s flash, then he’d move to get her kicked out of the club. Bitches didn’t belong in the club anyway, it turned his stomach. He parked his bike, jumping into the SUV he’d stolen.

He saw Opie’s truck parked at the light, no big surprise, no (Y/N). He pulled out his gun, shooting the truck full of holes. Pulling up to the side, he saw the dead woman. slumped over the wheel.

“Oh shit….” He took off towards his bike.


Opie came screeching to a stop, jumping out of the car. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” He fell to his knees finding his sister’s body on the tarp. “Oh baby sis….” He gathered her in his arms, cradling her, sobbing.

The rest of the club came riding up, Jax stared at his best friend holding his sister. He and Chibs helped Opie up from the ground. “It should have been me….but she needed to borrow my truck….”


AN: Sorry, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t have his twin sister say she’d kill him, then kill Donna. I hope you liked my little plot twist!

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A Man Worth Fighting For- 14

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2112
Warnings: Language, as always. references to nightmares.
Tags at the end

AN: There’s a bit of something different in this chapter towards the end, something I’ve never done before. Hopefully you guys aren’t too put off by it.
Part 13    Masterlist

Originally posted by flyngdream

The first night was the worst.

The moonlight drifted through the slats in the blinds, illuminating specks of dust. You counted them, laying on your side facing the window and listening for the sound of Bucky sleeping. He laid in that bed for hours without so much as moving, still refusing to get under the blankets despite the fact that the heater was broken.

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My muse gets a call mid-date/while hanging out with yours.

Send a 📱 + a number for, or just  📱 for a randomly generated starter.

  1. a call telling my muse has forgotten something important
  2. silence with a friend/family member on the other end
  3. an urgent call from a family member/friend
  4. bad news
  5. good/long awaited news
  6. a demand to go to work/home
  7. repeated prank calls
  8. a threatening call
  9. a wrong number-call (but the person on the other side is convinced otherwise)
  10. a call from the worst enemy gloating of their latest success
  11. a call from a panicked stranger telling something bad is about to happen in the area
Paper Trail

My father enjoys  
Paying bills
As he listens
To music
Each morning
Since the times
That I can remember
His footsteps
So early

And it’s frightening
Just how appropriate
This scene
In my head
Which keeps playing  
For reasons
I long feared
Were evidence
For me
As his son  

As an image
With relevant
Of a life
That is given
New meaning
By the glory days
Of his successes
He attempts
To reclaim
By each check

While melodies
Ring true
On the radio
As he works
To make up
The lost chances
Of a dream
He’s longed to
Or define outside
Of such lines

These limits
And fees
Of his ledgers
Or the sums
And balance
Which finance
A misery
He keeps entertaining
As he hums
To the tune
Of his end

An obsession
Over every detail
In the riches
He’s argued
Are worth it
Unlike my mother
Who raised me
To feel
And make songs
Of my own

Far from
The sadness
Which haunts us
As it hangs
On those sounds
In our kitchen
When hearing him
His own happiness
Like a legacy
Left only
In cash.

We are not
Very different.

In a way
We both worship
With paper.

- J. Pigno

Night and Day

Requested by Anon

AN: Finishing off my requests from two weeks ago.

Happy had always took care of his family, from a very early age he became the man of the house. He hadn’t made the best life choices, but he did what he had to do, to support his mother, and little brother Xavier.

He’d worked hard to make enough money, to send Xavier to college. His hope was that his little brother would stay the hell away from his life, but sitting here in the clubhouse, five years after Xavier graduated from college with honors; he realized things rarely turn out the way you want.

It was a joke with his brothers, that if it wasn’t for the fact that Xavier didn’t look exactly like Happy, you would never know they were related, much less brothers.  The Lowman brothers were polar opposites, in attitude, and in lifestyle choices, but Xavier never forgot where he came from, 

He never forgot how much he owed his brother, and he always respected Happy.


“Xavier, you need to get some rest! You’ve been going non-stop for over twenty-four hours!” Happy placed his hand on his little brother’s shoulder.

Xavier shrugged it off. “Not until we find Juice…” He continued working on his laptop, taking a drink of his energy drink. He looked up at his brother. “He’s my best friend next to you…”

“I will pick your scrawny little ass up and throw it into a bed!” Happy glared at his brother before stomping across the room to sit at a table to keep watch. He was giving him another hour, then he was forcing Xavier to rest.

Happy must have dozed off, he snapped awake when he heard his brother call out. He stood up from his chair, watching the activity in the room. He caught a prospect by the arm. “What’s going on?”

“Xavier found Juice.” Happy glanced around the room looking for his brother, not seeing him, he walked outside. Xavier was in the van, with one of the prospects.

The van was heading out of the parking lot, Happy was pissed. He hopped on his bike, following the van, knowing exactly where it was going. Xavier was going after Juice.


Xavier crept into the building, he was going to save hos best friend. Juice was the first true best friend he’d ever had, other then Happy. In high school he was considered an outcast for more then one reason.

At college, he was a loner, it wasn’t until he got to know Happy’s other family that he found acceptance. He and Juice hit it off, they were both computer nerds and gaming geeks.

Happy was going to be pissed at him for going off to get Juice, with just the prospect, but Xavier needed to prove himself. Months ago, he’d learned how to shoot a gun, Tig and Juice had taught him.

He’d been a natural, Tig and Chibs taught him how to fight. That took a little more training. He heard the roar of bikes, and knew the rest of the club was here.

This was a new club trying to show that they had balls, by kidnapping one of the Sons. There was only one guard, on Juice, and Xavier already took him out, had him tied up and in the van.

Xavier kicked in the door, and found Juice tied to a chair. He shook his friend awake, and quickly untied him. “What the hell are you doing here Xavier? You’re going to get yourself killed!”

He roiled his eyes. “The club is behind me, they only had one guy guarding you. Let’s go.”

He handed Juice a gun as they started to walk out of the building.  “I can’t believe you’re the same quiet dude I met five years ago. The difference is…”

“I know, but don’t get use to it. Now I have to go find my pissed off brother.”


AN: Sorry, this is so bad. I have a horrible sinus infection! Missouri weather is crazy, one week we have the heat on because it’s cold as a witch’s tit in a brass bra, then two days later the AC is back on because it’s as hot as balls.

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A Man Worth Fighting For- 19

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1392
Warnings: Language, super sadness exrraordinairre. 
Tags at the end

AN: ONE CHAPTER LEFT OH MAN. Also, don’t hate me. Or do? I probably would.

Part 18  Masterlist

Originally posted by nicelilmoment

You were under water. That much you were certain of, the way the images beneath you shifted with the light from above piercing the surface. You tried to swim upward, your lungs constricting, but it was so far away and no matter how hard you kick, you can’t reach the top. Shapes move above the water, flickers of orange that you think are fire. A sudden, sharp pain shoots through your side and you look down, trying to see the wound. Blood flows from it like smoke, tainting the water as you try to yank the metal out of you. A scream tears from your throat and you kick again, desperate as it becomes harder and harder to breathe.

A figure appears above you in the water, and you’re both relieved and afraid when you see the black vest and the glint of a metal arm as it wraps around your waist. Bucky pulls you up toward the surface, and the pain in your side goes away. Air enters your lungs as you break through the other side, finally dry heaving the water.

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43 rusame pls

43: Dying.

(Just remember you asked for this.)

They had first met in the rain.

Life had not been kind to Alfred that day, at least not until that point. One of his professors had sprung an exam on his class that had supposedly been announced weeks ago- though all of his fellow classmates swore they had never been informed- and it was his tirade after the test that was overheard by said professor. Sure his grade was ruined, Alfred had been in a slump for the next hour, which unfortunately required him to make an important presentation. A group presentation. His partners had not been thrilled.

Now he was seeking comfort in the bottom of a Styrofoam cup, his morose figure reflected back at him in the piping hot brown liquid. The heat from the drink fought off some of the cold from the rain- he had not thought to bring an umbrella- but it did little to shake the chills from his spirit. Glasses fogged from something other than heat from the coffee, Alfred decided to move to where the weather reflected his mood; he marched outside. Shivering against the wet bullets peppering his face, he was fully prepared for a slow trek back to his dorm.

But then the rain stopped.

No…no, that was not quite right; the rain had not stopped. Rather, it was blocked. Alfred blinked, blue eyes darting around. Beside him stood one of the largest humans he had ever encountered. A shock of beige hair framed a handsome rounded face atop broad shoulders and massive chest, standing almost a foot taller than Alfred. Violet eyes sparkled like gems beneath the bangs clinging to his forehead, dampened from the humidity.

“That is how you catch cold,” the stranger said thickly, adjusting his umbrella to better cover Alfred.

“Ah, dude, man, put it back over yourself, I’m fine-”

“This is nothing,” the stranger cut in, a small smile playing across his features. Alfred thought it impossible for him to be anymore handsome, but the presence of that smile proved him wrong. “And I dress warmer,” he added, tugging at his own thick coat.

“Ah. Right.”

Silence followed, perhaps for only a minute, or perhaps for a day, as the rain hounded at them relentlessly.

“Is that good?” the young man asked, pointing a long thick finger at Alfred’s forgotten coffee.

“What? Oh! Eh, not the worst thing ever.” He chuckled. So did the stranger. It was a nice sound, hearty and deep, something one could never tire of hearing. It forged lovely little crinkles in the corner of the man’s eyes and set his cheek bones into further focus. His nose also scrunched rather cutely; it was a nice nose. Large. It was around then that Alfred realized he was staring. Heat rising in his cheeks, he quickly looked away, focused on the drenched campus around them, at his shoes, at the puddles forming, anything to not get lost in those violet stars.

“Ivan Braginsky,” the man introduced, extending his free hand. Alfred shook it promptly.

“Alfred F. Jones at your service!” Apparently something in his toothy grin pleased Ivan, for his smile became more bashful and color rose in his cheeks Alfred was sure was not from the chilly air nipping at them.

No, one easy conversation on the way back to the dorms later, Alfred and Ivan found themselves quite enchanted. Alfred learned that Ivan was relatively new to the state, almost as new as he was to the country.  He was enrolled in an astronomy class, a different time than Alfred’s, but with the same professor. Having recognized Ivan’s enthusiasm for the subject, the professor had suggested he join the astronomy club, for which Alfred happened to be in charge of advertising.

“I see the posters everywhere with your email but wanted to talk in person,” Ivan informed him as they got themselves comfortable on one of the couches of the student lounge. “Only today did one of my friends mention they know you.” That had been a rather surprising conversation, actually. Toris had been concerned that one of his partners for a group presentation had been rather down. When asked, he explained how he was working with Alfred.

“Oh, god, that nightmare.” A roll of the eyes. “I’m glad that’s behind me.”

Hours passed with them just making conversation, broken only as the other averted their gaze, losing themselves in seas of sapphire or violet. They had not even realized they had been inching slowly closer and closer until their knees were bumping and fingertips brushing. Awkward touches and nervous laughter turned into an equally awkward invitation to meet up again after classes tomorrow, or anytime in between. An agreement was happily arranged, and both went to their dorms with butterflies.

Alfred became more aware of Ivan’s presence as time went on. Looking back, he figured he should have realized how often they crossed paths before then, but now suddenly it was truly dawning on him just how often they saw each other. It almost frightened him how easily they could have never interacted. Ivan began attending astronomy club, helping with ideas for field trips or events, and just generally renewing Alfred’s excitement and faith that maybe not all interest in space was lost forever. Ivan even talked Alfred into choosing Russian as his foreign language requirement- a choice he had put off too long already. Next semester, he would be taking Russian with one of the best tutors available.

Next semester, Ivan would not be there.

It started with sad looks, sad smiles, and sad farewells. Their first kiss, Ivan had looked at him with such tenderness Alfred was sure his heart would burst from his chest. But his eyes had held the kind of longing a man bears only when he knows how futile his want is. It was the kind of knowledge that made everything seem in vain.

Nevertheless, Ivan still looked, still smiled, still said farewell. It was his thinness that next caught Alfred’s attention. Once a hulking bear of a man, Ivan almost seemed to be wilting. His lovely platinum locks seemed dull, drooping, less pronounced. He was winded easier, needing to pause after climbing the stairs to Alfred’s floor, almost gasping for air after a prolonged kiss as a drowning man might fight to fill his lungs just one more time. Alfred asked about it. Oh, Alfred asked about it. Eventually, Ivan’s looks of guilt and despair yielded to a steady flow of tears. A moment later they were wrapped in each other’s arms as Ivan confessed to him the news.

Ivan was dying.

Oh, it would have been so easy to lose himself to his grief. So easy to hone in on the horrid emotions just yearning to burst through, to stain his face with salty rain, carving out his heart and leaving it to rot, beyond emotion. It would have been so easy…

But it was Ivan who needed him, needed his positivity, his love. And so Alfred meticulously kissed away every accursed tear that fell from those beautiful violet pools, ran his fingers through his platinum hair, trying to imagine them again as the fluffy locks they had been, and smiled when Ivan could not. This was something he couldn’t stop; for all his notions of heroics and good triumphing in the end, there was no villain to beat up and lock away. There were only Ivan’s cells multiplying and destroying him from within. How, how could such a gorgeous being be plagued by his own self, haunted by what had been the shell of a beautiful human?

Ivan apologized again and again for having become so involved with Alfred- not out of regret for himself, but for Alfred. It was not until recently that he had discovered his ailment, and being with Alfred had been his greatest taste of life’s wonders. Alfred had merely nipped at his earlobe and muttered “Next time you say sorry it’s gonna be your nose.” He had made good on his promise, causing Ivan to stare wide-eyed at him, eventually letting out a nervous chuckle that morphed into a tearful bout of laughter.

That had been their last date together before Ivan needed to be hospitalized. Then, all talk was done from his bedside, Alfred shuffling in and out as Ivan’s parents and sisters came and went, sometimes sitting with them or else bowing out so as not to crowd Ivan.

Alfred had not been there when Ivan flatlined. He only needed to answer his phone and hear Ivan’s sister’s painful sobbing to know what had happened. He had gone to the hospital anyway, and sat beside Ivan’s bed cradling the bony hand, rubbing reassuring circles into it and telling the empty shell how grateful he was to know him. All the while, his heart was flooded with regret and longing…the kind of longing a man bears only when he knows how futile his want is. It was the kind of knowledge that made everything seem in vain…

They could have been so much more.

How much time had been wasted…

His bangs are all messed up, Alfred thought in alarm, gently brushing them back to how Ivan always wore them. There. Better. “That’s right, yeah?” Alfred’s last day of winter break was spent telling Ivan that all would be okay, that Alfred was here, he would never leave, that they would work things out, don’t you dare apologize.

His language lessons had gone on just long enough for Alfred to make his final statement to Ivan at the funeral. With the eyes of Ivan’s family boring into his back, Alfred laid a bouquet of twelve sunflowers down and muttered:

Do svidanya, Vanya. Ya ochen tebya lyublyu.


AN: *realizes halfway through I could have gone with a punny response to the prompt like “dying to meet you”* *realizes this is not drabble length*

anonymous asked:

Do you have some Jehanparnasse fic recs? ^_^

Okay so first things first: Jehanparnasse only or almost only have rather short fics. And I’m  talking s.h.o.r.t. Which is good for me because I’m a slow reader, but which is also not good because I consistantly want M.O.R.E. So this is going to be a long list, but the works are rather short
(Hopefully one day I’ll publish full fledged 40k Jehanparnasse fics, fingers crossed, I’m not lacking ideas, I’m just lacking t.i.m.e)

All of these are zero abusive!Montparnasse guaranteed, fear not, I’ve got your back, none of that on my lawn

The short ones:

The less short ones:

The long one:

  • The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffee Shop Employee by @vintage-jehan: Coffee Shop AU. Montparnasse plays reluctant matchmaker for his colleagues because they can’t seem to sort their shit out. The story isn’t Jehanparnasse centered but you get little bits and pieces until it comes HARD. Really funny and wholesome. Rare gem to have a Montparnasse centric fic while all of les Amis are around.

My works:

I’m kinda uncomfortable doing this because I’m like ugh, but let’s be real, Jehanparnasse fics are rare so I’m not going to withhold any:

  • Trouble: Modern AU. Montparnasse takes refuge in a nightclub to lose the cops that are running after him, but it doesn’t work as planned. Luckily, a beautiful dancer gives him a way out
  • You’re in my Arms Just like the Wind: Canon era. Jehan and Montparnasse’s goodbyes on barricade day. Angst overload
I’ve Got You

Can you do an imagine where reader has a PTSD episode at the clubhouse (she was in the Army). The guys walks in and sees reader having an episode and everyone is frozen in fear not knowing what to, Chibs is the one that goes to reader and tries helping her.

Trigger Warning: See above description, language

“Get back!” I lunged forward with the broken beer bottle, I could hear the squeal of fear. I saw a man lunge for me, I grabbed his wrist, twisting his arm behind his back, slamming him against the wall. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

My body started to shake, I started my sniper breathing to calm my nerves. The room was full of enemies, I had to remain calm, if I was going to get out alive. Another man approached me, his hands up in the air, I studied him.

He was bigger then me, but that didn’t mean anything. I was trained to take out men three times my size. I could easily take him out, I was going through, every possible scenario, and which technique would be the best.

I see him look over his shoulder, and give a command. Everyone starts moving, I feel myself start to panic. Backing up against the wall, I feel like a caged animal. The lights dim, it’s not totally dark, so I can still see.

“(Y/N), it’s alright, love. It’s me Filip….you’re safe, you’re in the clubhouse in Charming.” Mind games, the oldest game in the book, I knew it wasn’t true, I was still in Kandahar. 

I shook my head, holding the broken bottle in front of me. “Don’t come any closer….stay back!”

“I’m going to stay right here where you can see me.  It’s just you and me, everyone else left. Why don’t you sit down with me?” I watched him sit down on the floor in front of me.

I didn’t want to give in, I needed to stay standing, so he couldn’t over take me. My body started to betray me, I felt exhausted, I slid to the floor. I cried out as I I fell to the floor, dropping the bottle, I drop my head in my hands.  I let out a few ragged sobs, looking up, I see him, and I know what happened. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed. “Filip….”

“That’s right sweetheart, I’m right here…..” He smiled at me. “Can I come over to you?”

I nodded my head, he crawled over sitting  beside me, taking the bottle from my hands, throwing it in the trash. “I’m so sorry…..” 

“Can I touch you?” I nodded my head, he pulled me onto his lap, wrapping his arms around me. “None of this is your fault. You went through hell over there, it’s going to take time to get over it. Dr. Carter said there would be rough days.”

He rocked back and forth, his hands rubbing circles on my back. “Thank you…”

“I’ve got you sweetheart….we all do. You don’t have to face this alone.” He kissed the top of my head. I felt myself getting sleepy. “Let me take  you home.”

“Okay.” We stood up, and walked towards the door. Once outside, the rest of the club was waiting for us, making sure that I was alright. They wanted to let me know, that they were there for me, always.


AN: I have no idea if I handled PTSD correctly, I just went with my gut instinct.

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A Man Worth Fighting For-15

Summary: Seventy years has passed and the world has changed. You thought you were moving on until Steve Rogers asks you for a favor which leads to a discovery that will change everything. So much for retirement. Sequel to “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2757
Warnings: Language, graphic depictions of violence, blood and gore
Tags at the end

AN: Please let me know if you’re not being tagged and you’ve asked me to, ‘cause I’m a giant mess and I’ve been cleaning up my tags. Also, I apologize for this chapter. You’ll see why.

Part 14   Masterlist

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Cold air crept up the back of your neck, wrapping around you like an unwelcome blanket. The stars above twinkled against the ocean of black sky, the gentle trickle of water from an earlier rain draining down the gutters below you. The roof was slick and you nearly slipped, but settled easily with your legs dangling over the side as you pulled a cigarette to your lips. The nicotine did little to calm your nerves as you leaned back, shivering as the water seeped into the back of your shirt.

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A Slight Chill (Akiyoshi One-shot) SMUT

This was requested by @h4rvh1​ I hope it is to your liking, I tried channeling my first time while writing this and it made me feel really nostalgic.

How did I get here? I’m usually good about my laundry and do it every weekend. This weekend however Akiyoshi used the machine all weekend because he had a bunch of dirty clothes from his most recent business trip.

I’m not gonna lie, I missed him a lot while he was gone, we had just started going out and it was new and interesting. Sometimes though I think he gets bored.

Back to the laundry problem at hand, all of my bras are in the washing machine since I couldn’t do it this weekend. All of my sports bras are sweaty and stinky so wearing one of those to work is out of the question.

I can’t believe it has to come down to this but I have to go to work today commando from the waist up.

“______, are you ready?” Akiyoshi called from downstairs.

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute!” I shout back. Here I go…


We got to work together and today was a particularly chilly day, I was thankful for my coat today since everybody probably could have seen my nipples through my shirt without it. Today I wore my usual pencil skirt but with a darker blouse so hopefully and shadows that might appear will be less noticeable.

When we get to our floor I quickly and quietly go to my desk and shrug off my coat. I casually take a glance down to make sure everything looks good and it does, for now at least.

“_______, can I see you in my office for a moment?”

“Sure thing, I’ll be right in chief.” Maybe today won’t be so bad if I just relax.

I walk over to Akiyoshi’s office and knock on the door, once I hear his muffled ‘Come in’ I open the door and close it behind me. When I walk to the chair in front of his desk I notice it’s really cold in here.

“Akiyoshi why is it so cold in here?”

“The pipe that leads to my heater is being replaced today, but the rest of the building should be fine. I want to talk to you about your article, it seems a little one sided, I need you to do more research on the topic.”

“Oh, really? I’ll be sure to do that, you’ll have it by tomorrow.” While I’m saying this I can feel my nipples harden. I quickly cross my arms over my chest to try and cover it up. I think Akiyoshi took it the wrong way however because now he looks really confused.

“I didn’t say it was a bad piece _______, it just needs some work.”

“Okay, I understand, I should go now and work on it.”

I quickly exit before he can reply and sit back at my desk. The Seasonelle guys tease me about how quiet I was today, I just laughed along and worked hoping no one would notice, but he did. I felt Akiyoshi’s eyes on me all day.

Work went by slowly but I finished my article and handed it in, I had to avoid Aki all day because it would be so embarrassing if he found out I don’t have a bra on, I mean we just started going out.

We end up going home together and I’m thankful again for my coat but I’m still cold so as soon as we get home I quickly try and my way up to my room but something stops me.

Akiyoshi grabs my arm and turns me around.

“_______, you’ve been avoiding me all day what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong, you’re just imagining things.” I try to shake him off but he’s persistent.

“Do you not want to be with me? It’s alright if you want to end things, just don’t shut me out.”

“Akiyoshi, it’s not like that I, um… it’s really embarrassing…”

“_______. just tell me what’s going on.”

“Fine.” Hesitantly I let my arms drop to my sides revealing my perky nipples to my new boyfriend. “I didn’t get a chance to do laundry this weekend so I didn’t have a bra to wear today. I was hoping I could get today over with without anyone noticing.”

Akiyoshi doesn’t say anything he just looks at me with this new fire behind his eyes.

“______.” He says in a husky voice before he starts kissing me.

I’m surprised but soon I’m kissing him back with equal fervor. I have one hand on his chest and the other around his neck. He has a tight grip on my hips pulling me flush against his body. I can feel the growing bulge in his pants and I get nervous, I’ve never done this before I don’t know what to do.

He stops kissing me and walks over to the staircase he turns around and hold his hand out as if asking for permission to continue this upstairs. I slowly reach out and place my hand in his larger one. He smiles down at me and we walk upstairs. Once we are in his bedroom he starts kissing me again with more passion.

He bites at my lower lip to see if I’m comfortable with going farther. I slowly open my mouth and he slips his tongue inside my mouth, we’ve done this before but somehow it’s different now, like it has more purpose.

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He backs me up until we fall together on his bed. We lightly giggle and resume kissing. I feel his hand slowly move up my belly underneath my blouse. Since I’m not wearing a bra he easily accesses my breast and begins to lightly massage it. When he begins playing with my nipples I moan into the kiss. I can feel him smile into the kiss.

We part and he starts to undo the buttons on my blouse, once they are all undone I shrug it off and he throws it into some corner of the room. He looks down admiring my now bare chest and I begin to feel embarrassed so grab the lapels of his suit jacket and drag his lips onto mine.

My effort to distract him worked. I pull at his jacket and he shrugs it off and throws it away like my shirt. I now start unbuttoning his shirt but my hands are shaking with nervousness so it takes a bit longer. When he removes his shirt my hands roam his toned chest. His hands move up my thighs bringing my skirt up. I quickly remove it so I’m left in my lacy panties, they’re nothing special just a red lace that shows off a little bit of my bum but nothing else.

Akiyoshi however is very pleased with my lace. He removes his pants a bit awkwardly because he is still on top of me. I giggle a little bit and he gives me a sheepish smile. I feel all the tension and nervousness leave my body when I’m with him. However, being here now in nothing but our underwear is really intimidating. What if he doesn’t like me? What if I’m bad at sex?

He begins kissing me again but stops when I slightly push against his chest.

“Akiyoshi, I’ve never done this before.” I say quietly.

At first he looks surprised but then he smiles. “Do you trust me ________?”

“Of course.”

“Then let me take care of you tonight.”

He smiles adoringly at me and I begin to smile up at him. He leans in and plants a chaste kiss on my lips. Then he removes my lace panties down to my ankles and I kick them off. Next he pulls down his boxers and his hard member springs free.

Let me tell you this man is very well endowed but it makes me worry some more, is it going to hurt more? I quickly quiet these thoughts and remind myself to trust Akiyoshi. I look back at him and he seems a bit red probably because he noticed me staring….oops.

I smile up at him and lean up and kiss him again, he lines his hips up with mine and looks at me one more time as if asking for permission. I smile at him and nod.

With one hand steadying himself next to my head and the other slowly guiding his throbbing member he slowly enters me.

It stings and burns when he goes in but I clench my jaw shut so no cries of pain can leave my mouth. Akiyoshi is being very gentle but I can tell he hates that he is hurting me. He kisses my neck, cheek, chin, forehead, everywhere as a silent apology. Once every inch of his member in inside of me he stills so I can get used to his impressive size.

I kiss him as a sign to start moving and he does, slowly. It starts burning again and I try to hide the pain in my face by kissing his neck. After a few more thrusts the pain dulls. Feeling more comfortable doing this I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him closer.

Now that he knows the pain is over he begins going a little faster. During one of his thrusts he hit that spot inside of me that made me feel a pleasure I have never felt before. Akiyoshi sensing this hit that spot again and again and again.

Eventually I was a moaning mess beneath him and I could tell it made him really happy that he was giving me pleasure. When I feel a coil start to build up in my lower stomach I drag my nails down his back and he grunts and starts going harder and faster. I can tell he’s close by his sparatic movements. I tighten my legs around him to pull him closer and that’s when it happens. The coil in my stomach released and I felt the most intense sensation I have ever felt in my life. I was a warm tingling feeling but there was something else I can only describe as pure pleasure.

“Oh, Akiyoshi!” I moan/scream in pleasure.

His thrust become harder and fast and eventually he releases his load in me. It was a strange feeling being filled but not unpleasant. He rolls off of me and pulls me into a tight embrace.

“I love you ______.” he says while breathing heavily

I put my chin on his chest to look up at him and he looks down on me,

“I love you too.”

He smiles at me and kisses my forehead. We fall asleep in our loving embrace and I have never slept better.

The End


Welp, I did it guys, I wrote a smut… it was strange but I enjoyed trying something new. I would love advice for how to be a better smut writer cuz this was pretty hard for me.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed!

Narnia: Edmund/Reader

Could you do a Edmund imagine where Peter doesn’t trust the reader and doesn’t want them to be together you can make up the end

(Narnia) Edmund fighting for you, Edmund falling in love with you, Being Lucy’s best friend

 Oeehh could you possibly do one where Peter hates the reader and wants to protect Edmund but Edmund doesn’t want him to. You can make up the end

An Edmund imagine where he teaches you how to sword fight please

 Author: Queen of Ghosts

 (Hope you like it!)

Several daggers flew through the air however, none of them reached the targets before my arrows. Each dagger came from Lucy who was showing me her skills. I was doing the same. I just happened to be more successful.

With a small smile, Lucy turned to me.

“Your bow makes them go faster.” She claimed.

“Perhaps. Or perhaps I’m better.” I grinned.

“With a bow, yes. Not so much with blades.” Lucy pointed out before walking to the targets to retrieve her weapons. I followed and pulled each arrow out the targets.

“Speaking of, aren’t you meant to be meeting my brother?” She questioned.

“If you mean Edmund, then yes. Peter doesn’t like me.”

“I’m sure she does.” Lucy assured me. Then she grinned. “Although, we all know Edmund likes you much more than anyone else.” She raised her eyebrows.

“Okay, well, I must leave.” I announced making Lucy laugh. With another goodbye, I left her for the grounds I was to meet Edmund.

Edmund was waiting for me when I got there. There was a sword in his hand that he was swinging around. There was an air of grace around him and I watched for a few seconds. As I watched, I noticed a sword sitting on a stand, probably for me. Finally, I cleared my throat. Edmund turned around and a smile grew on his face.

“Hi,” Edmund said as I walked up to him. “Glad you could make it.”

“I need to learn.” I told him. “Is that for me?” I nodded to the sword.

“Ah, yes.” Edmund moved to the side and I pulled the sword up. It was heavy enough for me to have a good grip on it. I gripped the handle and Edmund noticed. He walked around and stood behind me.

“Your grip is too tight.” Edmund explained putting his hand over mine. His lips were very close to my cheek. I turned my head to look at him. Our faces were close enough that I could easily kiss him. Edmund smiled.

“You’re doing that on purpose.” I nudged him with my elbow and he kissed my cheek with a laugh.

“Maybe, but you are holding it too tight.” Edmund explained moving so that he stood in front of me at sword’s length. “Ready?” He asked raising his sword. I nodded and copied his technique.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know how to use a sword. It was more like I didn’t know how to fight with it. Edmund had been helping me with that. Despite what Edmund thinks of me, his brother had other opinions. For some reason, the oldest Pevensie child despised me with all his might. It probably didn’t help with the fact Edmund and I had open feelings about each other.

“Your footing is off. Your feet need to be firmly planted on the ground.” Edmund instructed after I tripped over my feet for the tenth time. The third time I fell into his arms. I did as he said and parried his strike as I learned.

“Ed!” The two of us continued to practice when peter called for his brother.

“What?” Edmund called blocking my swing.

“We need to talk.”

“Fine.” Edmund took a step away from me and lowered his sword. Both of us were out of breath and we stood still for a second. I held my hand out and Edmund passed me the hilt of his sword. Our hands brushed and I gave him a small smile before he went to speak to his brother.

Someone touched my back and I jumped, dropping the swords. I quickly picked them up and turned to see Lucy.

“That was a short practice.” Lucy stated. “Usually you practiced for longer. Mainly because you kiss.” She smirked.

‘Yeah, your other brother is the reason for that.” I explained.

“Come on,” Lucy took my arm and pulled me into the castle. I questioned her, but Lucy ignored me.

Instead, she dragged me around until she stopped. I nearly bumped into her. There were two voices and I recognised them as Edmund and Peter’s.

“I don’t care if you don’t trust (Y/N)! I do.” Edmund told his brother.

“You’re not good at that. Remember the White Witch?”

“Fine, but Lucy and Susan trust (Y/N). You don’t know how to trust people at all.”

Peter sighed and I looked at Lucy who was smiling.

“I just want you to be safe.” Peter added.

“I’ll be fine. I love (Y/N), Peter.” Edmund told his brother. While I was listening to her brothers, Lucy left me in the corridor. There were footsteps coming towards me and I froze. As Edmund came around the corridor, I relaxed a little.

“What’re you doing here?” He asked.

“Lucy dragged me here.” I explained. “And before you ask, I heard everything.” I held out my hand and Edmund took it. He kissed my cheek and grinned.

“All of it was true.”

“I love you too.”