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The fact that you discovered a new type of lizard is amazing!! I fell in love with the little guy when I saw pictures of him, thank you so much for bringing it to our attention. Let's hope they aren't endagered or anything

Again, I didn’t discover this one. I just named it. I have discovered new types of lizards; this is just not one of them. :P

I am glad that it came to your attention, and that of the world! It’s pretty great.

We know that G. megalepis is probably not endangered; we consider it Near Threatened. It is after all relatively resilient to habitat modification, and lives mostly inside a naturally and legally protected area :)


just a small something cause y not

ive been sooo ocupied lately

with school and final proyects and exams

and the demonstuck animation

ima leave this here for u guys

its based on reversed endagered an au of an au from @mortior and @jaboody

tbh at one point i had no idea who was who…

edit: im gonna make it look better tomorrow cause I’m to tired at the moment to make it look good…

edit:edit: God…its too shity I think I’ll end up erasing it…

This is Bad shit…. Please “SHARE” and fight to save our local Koalas which will send a message of protest to the State government.
The state government of Victoria may soon cull a colony of koalas living in a popular Australian tourist destination.
The Victorian government euthanised about 700 koalas at Cape Otway in the state’s south, in 2013 and 2014.
It said they were starving because of a population boom that could not be sustained by local woodland.
Bullshit, its because they cut down too much forest before hand!
“Development pressure” is to blame
Koalas live in tall open eucalypt (gum tree) forests and will only eat a few of the hundreds of species of eucalypts that grow in Australia.

This is not an overpopulation of koalas; its a under-population of trees!

On August 7, about twenty Tories and Indians barged into the Schuyler mansion, overpowered the sleeping guards, seized weapons in the cellar, and surrounded the house. […] General Schuyler retreated to an upstairs bedroom, where, using a prearranged signal, he fired his pistol out the window to summon help. […] Then the women remembered that Mrs. Schuyler’s infant daughter, Catherine, had been left in a cradle by the front door. Since both Eliza and Angelica were pregnant, sister Peggy crept downstairs to retrieve the endangered child. The leader of the raiding party barred her way with a musket.
“Wench, wench! Where is your master?” he demanded.
“Gone to alarm the town,” the coolheaded Peggy said.
The intruder, fearing that Schuyler would return with troops, fled in alarm.
Legend maintains that one Indian hurled a tomahawk at Peggy’s head as she trotted up the stairs with the baby in her arms; to this day the mahogany bannister bears what are thought to be scars from the blade.

Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow.

Guide to British politics
  • Labour Party: The socialist one. Wants a revolution but doesn't know how to start it. Led by a vegetarian, beige person. The lesser of two evils
  • Conservative Party: The evil one. Is actually in power. Probably planning to murder the poor. Led by a massive tit. Will steal ur tax money to do a rave if need be.
  • Liberal Democrats: Nobody knows who are these. Coalition? Centrist? Clegg but now no Clegg? No idea what's happening there.
  • SNP: The Scottish National Party. The ones who asked for independence. Pretty sure they start their meetings by watching Braveheart
  • The Green Party: Hippies. Pretty sure their leader is an endagered type of bird...