Dismaland face characters just announced

belle, but with plastic surgery sharpie lines on her face

gaston, but with endagered animal pelts

alice, but constantly smoking controlled substances

aurora, but stoned

jessica rabbit

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Thank you for your beautiful long post about fans, fame, and coping. Besides all of the things you covered so well, I'm sure there are other behind-the-scenes incidents we don't know about that may have been very distressing or even scary. I feel sorry to some degree for people who have to be in the public eye in order to have the type of career they desire. Great blog! You have a wonderful way with words.

Aww thank you! And yes. I know of things that have happened BTS, but I can’t tell you, for that’d endager someone I know. But it’s more than just the public events.

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Love Ellen! Why do trophy hunters always looks like psychopaths, smiling with cold and empty eyes, posing with dead animals? I will never understand what you get out of posing with a defensless, often endagered, animal on social media. Similarities Between Trophy Hunters And Serial Killers:
1. Compelled to keep a trophy souvenir from their victims
2. The killing is addictive and leads to more killings
3. They seek fame, attention, and notoriety
4.The kills are premeditated (who, what, wherere)
5. Stalking the victim gives a feeling of excitement. Gives the killer a feeling of power, dominance, and control over their victim
6. They are titillated by “the hunt” and fantasize about the kill
7. Many document their kills via photos and/or videos to gratify themselves later #AnimalFriendsSweden #quoteoftheday #ellenquote #ellendegeneres #animallover #iloveanimals

Headcanon #002


Dr. Fuji is: 

obessive: Be it in his job, his habits or in family matters, he tends to overdo it and focuses too strongly on one thing. When working on Projects, this trait often helps him to succeed. On the other hand, it impaires him greatly. as this trait makes him unable to let go of his deceased daughter, even going so far as to ruin his psyche.

protective: He is very protective of the things and people he holds dear, trying to avert any harm from them. Yet, thus it is very hard for him to accept someone’s independence. This trait got worse after the death of his daughter and the departure of his wife.

passionate: Whatever Dr. Fuji does, he is passionate about it. This especially shows in his works as a scientist. It is also what helped him to gain the reputation he has. However this behaviour is endagered of changing into obsession quickly.

loving: One might not expect this from a man, who worked for Team Rocket and tried to toy with the creation of life, but Dr. Fuji is actually a loving person to those close to him. He is ready to give is all for the ones he holds dear and wishes for them to be happy and well.

irrational: Despite being a scientist, Dr. Fuji tends to act irrationally and often follows an impulse instead of pure logical reasoning. 

analytical: Dr. Fuji is an analytical thinker, even though he doesn’t always act on the analysis he just made, emotions and other traits often getting in the way of his analytical decision making. Still, this trait enables him to solve problems quickly and precisely.

self-confident: Dr. Fuji is - or was - very confident about himself, not shying away from any task no matter the scale. This self-confidence however is in danger of turning into arrogance and recklessness. 

reckless: Despite knowing better, Dr. Fuji will often take part in projects and endeavours that are risky. This is mostly because of his self-confidence as well as his tendency to act irrationally, but also because of his eagerness to achieve great things. Following the saying: no pain no gain

eager: From the very beginning Dr. Fuji was driven by the vision of achieving something great. Combined with his other traits this made it possible for him to become the great scientist he is, and in consequence, to fulfill his dream of being the first to successfully clone a Pokémon. 

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