Australian Mammals that you didn’t know existed

You hear a lot about Kangaroos and Koalas and such, so I thought I’d post some animals that are unknown to lots of people, even some Aussies don’t realise we have them. Sadly most of these are on the endagered species list.

Also some fun facts added so you can have an idea of how awesome they are.


Considered Australia’s ‘native cat’ these guys are carnivorous marsupials and have the ability to bite through bone. 4 species; Eastern Quoll, Spotted-Tailed Quoll (or Tiger Quoll), Western Quoll (or chuditch) and Northern Quoll. ranging in size from 25cm to 75 cm long.


Cute little insect eaters, again a marsupial. Can move at speeds of around 13km/hr. Only about 10cm long.


Marsupial. Of which there are 5 species (and at least another 2 extinct); Eastern Bettong, Boodie, Woylie, Northern Bettong and Rufous Rat-Kangaroo (or Rufous Bettong). They seem to get along well with wombats, where I work they enter the wombat exhibits of a night to share their food.


Marsupial. There was once 2 species of Bilby, sadly the Lesser Bilby became extinct in the 1950s and the Greater Bilby is greatly endangered. In the same family as Bandicoots. Omnivores with backwards facing pouches (as they dig a lot this stops dirt getting in their pouch) Australian’s know these guys through the story of the Easter Bilby. Rabbits are considered a major reason for their decrease in numbers as they eat all the food and out-breed the Bilbies.


Marsupial. Aka the banded anteater or Walpurti. Mainly eats termites. Emblem of Western Australia. Up to 45cm long. One of the few marsupials that are diurnal (active of a day). Eats up to 20,000 termites each day. Estimated population of less than 1000.

Grey-Headed Flying Fox

Aka Fruit Bat. Placental mammal. Called a flying fox because they have a fox-like face and can fly.
Babies are called pups. Megabat. Wingspan of about 1m. May travel 50kms in one night for food. Eats pollen, nectar, sap and fruit. Long distance seed distributors and plant pollenators. Each colony plants around 30,000 trees a night. Without these guys we don’t have any of our lovely bush and ecosystem that we all rely on. Have very good eyesight and no echolocation.

Greater Stick-Nest Rat

Placental mammal. Up to 26cm long. Don’t have a ratty face. Were extinct on the mainland but through breeding programs have been re-introduced. Herbivores. Chew branches to length and weave them together to make a nest which can be up to 1m high and 1.5m wide.

Other unknown Australian Mammals you can look up:
Pygmy Possum
Feathertail Glider (smallest glider in the world)
Southern Ningaui
Greater Glider
Eastern False Pipistrelle

Sadly lots of these could go extinct within the next 20 years, and people haven’t even had the chance to really get to appreciate them yet.
**PS the Koala is also in danger of becoming extinct in the wild in the next 20years**

Constantine endagering Batboys S/O Headcanons.

Request: @tomatojellyfish

Synopsis: Constantine’s dangerous methods endanger the batboys/bruce’s S/O, and their reaction.

Hope you like it!


-He hates that Constantine endangered you.
-(even if you’re a mage too, man he will be angry)
-He doesn’t like it when any hero endangers a life, yours takes the cake.
-“Lighten up will ye. She’s alive ain’t she?”
-“It was too close, I couldn’t loss her.”
-“She has bollocks the size of coconuts, she’s fine.”
-“Nearly leading someone to their death is not though!”
-Most likely fought the urge to punch John in the face.
-(But it was close.)
-Doesn’t trust John around you, or anyone else for that matter for a long time.

-Roof shaking yelling.
-Also fought the urge to hit him.
-“Tell him you’re fine luv, he won’t listen to me.”
-“I’m fine, Dick.”
-(mage or not, he was scared of losing you, especially at the hands of a hero.)
-Holds a grudge against John, but reluctantly can come to terms with it, because you’re still alive.

-Actually punches John.
-He doesn’t deal well with it at all.
-He gets rather aggressive, but calms down because he sees it scares you to see him so violent towards a “good guy”.
-He never lets it go.
-Doesn’t like the idea of working with him ever again.
-“You bring harm to her again, I’ll shoot you in the ‘bollocks’.”

-Silent anger.
-Scarily calm.
-But lectures John on safety.
-Clings to you a bit to be entirely sure you’re fine.
-Easier to forgive John, he did his job.
-“Be sure to check who’s in harms way before you ever do that again.”

-You have to calm him.
-“It’s okay Damian, I’m fine and the world is safe.” (“For now.”)
-“Listen to your lady, Kid.”
-Grudge. Definitely holds a grudge.
-Possibly against all magic users that remind him of John.

-He wouldn’t cope well if he nearly killed you.
-He doesn’t want to live with that guilt given his past with not being able to save someone.
-The wrath of the batboys or batman isn’t what scares him about it.
-He would be scared of sending you to hell.

Isnt it a huge dissent to the theory of Real Graves being a Grindelwald supporter when you consider Grindy had to hijack his identity to get him to do his bidding? If the real Graves would have been a supporter of Grindelwald all along, Grindelwald could have easily asked him to follow his instructions.

Either Graves was his supporter, but stopped as soon as he found out Credence was the Obscurial because he didnt want to endager the boy (would explain “The man I warned you about is getting closer”) or he never was a Grindelwald supporter all along.

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if ur still doing it pls google "saimaan norppa" they're these finnish animals that r endagered & the cutest!

this thing is like half cat half seal holy fuck i love it so much i want to hug it


Día de Muertos This is beauty and grace. Amazingly cute. This is the actual “day of the dead” movie I have been hoping for. Also. That white and pink cutie pie is an Ajolote. And endemic endagered specie.

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Congratulation on so many followers, hun! Your writing is cute and awesome, so you deserve every one of them! As for an imagine, what do you think would be UT, UF and MT skelebros' reaction, when their S/O admits that they belonged to an anti-monster group and were tasked with befriending them to use that later, but had fallen in love with them and decided to help monsters instead? The important thing is that the S/O tells them about it themselves, without anybody pushing them to do that.

(Ahhhhh, thank you <3 I always get so happy when I see your url in my notifications <3)

UT Sans: You have never seen him without a smile before. He was always smiling, in his sleep, while eating, while brushing his theet. Even whe you two fought, he still had that slight softness to his mouth. But hisface was blank an hard now, empty eyesockets fixed on you. He sighs loudly, his eyelights returning, small pinpricks loking you up and down.

He can’t believe it. He usually can read people very well, but he fell for you so hard, he…maybe he did see something wrong. Maybe he didn’t. He doesn’t know, and if he did he just ignored it. You tell him you really want to help monsters now, that you really changed, that you love him.

God, he loves you too. But why? Why did you have to do something like that. He will tell you calmly that if you really want to help monsters, do it. Prove to him you are better then you where before. That none of his friends and especially not his brother are in danger anymore. Karma is a bitch, and he is the dealer, so better make up for what you did.

He will stay in touch, only brief conversations. But if you can prove to him that you really changed, and nobody wil be harmed trough your fault, he will give you a second chance. He is to lazy to actually hold grudges.

UT Papyrus: “I know datefriend…”, his voice is quiet, non of its enthusiasti, booming quality present. You look at him in confusion, but he isn’t lying. He knew almsot from the start. He may be happy and sligthly naive, but he isn’t stupid. But he believed in you, he still does and he tried to help you to get onto the right path again. It was his duty after all, as the great Papyrus.

He is so happy you actually changed, but he is still sligthly disappointed that you did what you did. He will give you another chance though. He always will, he will never give you up. And now that you are a better person, and not endangering monsters anymore…maybe you two can actually be a couple.

Not a pretend couple. But an actual one, where there is love and trust on both sides.

UF Sans: “hahahaha, oh my god….of course you are. of course that’s the only reasone you…you would ever…hahahaha”, he just breaks down, laughing while tears stream down his face. Of course that’s the only reason you would ever start anything with him. Because you wanted to use him to hurt and betray his friends. He is a sobbing and laughing mess, breathing shallowly and almost fainting. After he at least somehow calmed down he teleports out of there, he’s done, he can’t, he needs to be somewhere else. Literally anywhere else.

He somehow lands back in the Underground, infront of his and Papyruses old house. He just sits there in the snow, staring blankly at the building, not actually seeing it. He want’s to hate you so badly, but he likes you, he really grew fond of you over the time. You told him you changed you mind and wanted to help monsters instead, he snorts as he remembers this. Why the fuck would you do that.

But then he thinks about it. He doesn’t want to, but it’s hard to not let your mind wander while sitting in the snow and doing absolutly nothing. He saw people change before. Monsters and humans alike. He saw you protect monsters from other humans and actually get into fights with some of your own kind. It couldn’t have been all an act. You never had to help any of them, but you did anyway.

He get’s up, brushing off the snow and teleports back home, a bit away from where he left you, walking the rest of the way. He will give you one more chance, but you will have to earn his trust back, and he won’t make that easy for you.

UF Papyrus: He throws you out right away, telling you, forcing his voice as quiet and calm as possible, to never step a foot near him again. He doesn’t want to hear your excuses, he doesn’t want to think about you anymore. He doesn’t want to do anythingthat has to do with you.

He rages trough he house, kicking over furniture, screaming at the top of his lungs. How dare you do something like that. How dare you make him fall in love with you. How dare you put so many monsters in possible harm. How dare you help all those monsters when they got attacked by other humans.

Papyrus stops. You did help so many monsters. He never asked you too, he always tried to keep you from helping to keep you safe. But everytiem he tried to resolve the situation himself you were suddenly there and risking your life for monsters you didn’t even know. Maybe…maybe oyu did change your mind?

He will clean up the house quietly, thinking about things he wishes he could just ignore and forgett. Afterwards he goes outside to search for you. He won’t ever trust you again, but if you show him that you truly changed you could maybe get on speaking terms again. You could maybe even be friends after some time. But whatever else you had was gone in the instant he closed the door after you.

MT Sans: He feels so stupid. He never really let anybody close to him, he had to much to lose if he le the wrong person in. He of course had his dames, but none were more then casual interactions. But then you came and…he just couldn’t keep himself away from you. And now it was all a farce. Haha….now there is one more mistake he really regret making.

He will grab your arm, while you are still trying to explain yourself, and drag you outside. He tells you that he will let you go. Just this once. He won’t help you out of town, won’t protect you from anybody there, will kill you if he sees you in this town tomorrow. But he will let you go.

After you are gone he grabs something from his secret stash of booze, just something for rainy days. The bad thing is, the drunker he gets, the more he hinks about what you said. You did protect monsters from humans. You did proof that you wanted to help them. He is good at reading people, he noticed the slight repulsion you had at the beginning. He actually smacks himself for thinking it was just because you’re not used to monsters, it was because you actually hated him and the others.

But he also noticed that that repulsion disappeared over time. Maybe you actually changed.

You are trying to sneak to the outskirts of town, without getting the attention of any of the local residents. The whole town was a bad neighborhood. Suddenly there is a popping and crackling behind you and Sans stumbles out of thin air, clearly more then just a bit tipsy. “ya…ya ‘now..ya shoudn be out ‘ere at’ight…” He won’t ever trust you again like he did before, always beeing wary when you are around his friends an brother. But maybe you can at least partly restore what is broken.

MT Papyrus: He doesn’t want to believe you at first. How could he have been so naive. He endagered so many people, just because he fell for you. He will walk away wordlessly and lock himself in his room. Sans will come home a bit later, noticing that something is…wrong. You are adviced to not tell him yet, he won’t be happy about you using his brother like that.

Papyrus will eventually come out of his room after hours and hours, and he will forgive you. Not completly, he stops you right away, not wanting to give you any false hope. You will have to show him that you actually want to help monsters. You can either work for the gang, or he will personally make you dissappear. He was always against it, but not that he knows that you and he endagered the entire gang and maybe even innocent bystanders, he isn’t as much anymore, you did something wrong, now you have to work of your wrong doings.

He will still make sure you won’t have to do anything to dangerous, and always have somebody accompany you. After he thinks you helped enough monsters he might be able to completly forgive you.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve zapped with a fireball?’ I asked.
‘That would be a tiger,'said Nightingale.
'Well don’t tell Greenpeace,’ I said. 'They’re an endagered species.’
'Not that sort of tiger,’ said Nightingale. 'A Panzer-kampfwagen sechs Ausf E.’
I stared at him. 'You knocked out a Tiger tank with a fireball?’
'Actually I knocked out two,’ said Nightingale. 'I have to admit that the first one took three shots, one to disable the tracks, one through the driver’s eye slot and one down the commander’s hatch - brewed up rather nicely.

Ben Aaronovitch, Moon Over Soho

~~~Thomas “Tiger Tank” Nightingale~~~

Haikyuu!! Characters in the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Gets eaten by zombies: Tanaka, Yamamoto, Shimada
  • Weapon specialist who can also manhandle you if need be: Aone, Nishinoya, Kiyoko, Iwaizumi
  • Doctor: Takeda
  • Gets bit and becomes a zombie: Yamaguchi, Kinoshita, Ennoshita
  • Tries to be the voice of reason in the group: Yaku, Sugawara
  • Leads the group: Daichi, Bokuto, Kuroo
  • Immune: Kenma
  • Gets killed by humans cause humans suck: Yachi
  • Smart smartass: Tsukishima
  • Lone wolf who joins the group: Kageyama
  • Bow and arrow badass: Akaashi, Oikawa
  • Too stubborn to die: Hinata
  • Endagers everyone by constantly freaking out: Yahaba
  • Wild child: Kyoutani
  • The one guy who tries to befriend the zombies: Lev
  • Zombie hunter: Ukai,
  • The invaluable scientist: Asahi
Can You Keep A Secret? - Sehun (Part 3)

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A/N: Third part is up, to be honest I had no idea this scenario would make you guys so happy, or me, I think I found that I like to write these kinda mystery scenarios more than fluffy ones? *my life has been a lie*, anyways, hope you guys like it

Part 1 / Part 2

He let go of you, just as fast as he had taken you in his arms. You were still shocked from the kiss and when you oppened your mouth to speak to him he cut you off “Don’t say anything”, he said as he started to back down and go back to climb down the window , you couldn’t just stay quiet and started saying “Sehun,wait, don’t you think we have to talk?” , “don’t tell anyone I was here, alright?, specially my mom”, “are you going back home?”, “i don’t know yet”

He looked to the sky through your window and turned back at you “I’ll see you around”, he could see the uncertainty in your eyes and to assure you he was serious he said “I promise”, he didn’t give you time to answer, as he started his way down to the ground, from there on, you lost the sight of him after he got into his car.

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You know what would be cute? At the end of Age of Extinction when Optimus makes his speech to everyone, and when Cade asks if they’ll ever see him again, and Optimus says that he doesn’t know. After Optimus says that Cade will say “Please don’t go. You can stay with us, we’ll keep you safe”, and Optimus will kneel down so his face meets Cade’s, and he’ll say “Cade, you are my family, all of you. But this planet’s and your safety are what matter the most, and i endanger you all if i stay”. And after that tears will start rolling down Cade’s face and then he’ll run up to Optimus and hug his face, and then Tessa and Shane will go over and hug him too. Then Optimus will wrap his hand around them and hug and nuzzle them, and then Cade will say “You gotta come back. Promise?” and Optimus will smile and say “I promise”.

  • Na community: NATURE FORCE!
  • Na community: WE WANT ADD!
  • Na community: UPDATES PLZ!
  • Tactical Troopers: Help.... plz.. heelp!
  • Na: Please be patient, we are trying.
  • Na community: NATURE FORCE!
  • Na community: WE WANT ADD!
  • Na community: UPDATES PLZ!
  • Tactical Troopers: Help.... plz.. heelp!
  • Na: OK FINE! One by one! *releases Add
  • Na community: Fuck yeah!
  • Na: okay now while giving LP some finishing touches we will... *releases NF system & Ereda island
  • Na community: Booo! Where is LP? We NEED LP!
  • Na: but you have 8 other characters with 3 classes each.. could you wai-
  • Na community: LP!
  • (Somwhere in the Sander deserts, a TT dies every third minute)
  • Na community: We NEED LP!

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I really liked your comment on the famle characters (and their physical appearances) in Noragami, can you maybe write something about Hiyori in spcific? I feel like we don't appreciate her enough.

Hmm, are there any people who are ‘Anti-Hiyori’ tho? So far I have only seen unreasonable hate towards Yukine, which is ridiculous considering that his character development is one of the best I’ve seen in any manga/anime.

(Here is the previous post for those who haven’t read it yet.)

Anyway, let’s appreciate our beautiful Hiyori Iki. (FYI: This post contains SPOILERS)


Personally, I view her as the glue that holds Yukine and Yato together. I mean, she is the female protagonist and somehow everything started with Yato meeting her. Without Hiyori, he would have never met Yukine in the first place, hence he would have never had a shinki like Yukine.

I see Hiyori as a key character who mostly observes and solves puzzles. Interesting is, that she, as a human, is the least likely character on the show to actually be able to do these things. She constantly surprises the audience with her (mental and physical) strength and I really love that she isn’t just Yato’s love interest.

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Can you please translate anything on Gundam

“After successfully breeding endagered species, he is titled as the SHSL Breeder for winning over animals. The Four Dark Devas of Destruction that he primarily raises are four hamsters. His real name is a forbidden holy name, no one should dare speak of it.”